• Now what for Southern Ocean whaling? Posted 10/06/2014 by Emily Hanna NOAA/Wikimedia Commons The International Court of Justice recently ruled that Japan stop its scientific whaling program in the Antarctic. The Court found that the whale killing undertaken by Japan was not “for purposes of scientific research” as defined by
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  • 92 Parliamentary Library Briefing Book: Key Issues for the 44th Parliament Oceans Bill McCormick, Science, Technology, Environment and Resources KEY ISSUE Over the coming years Australian governments are likely to face increasing challenges in balancing conflicting interests when managing marine resources. Australia has a vast marine jurisdiction - the third
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  • Parliamentary library briefing book: Key Issues for the 43rd Parliament Page | 64 Page | 65 environment and energy background to the whaling issue since 1986 whaling has polarised the international community. this followed the i nternational Whaling Commission ( iWC) ‘moratorium’ on commercial whaling—a response to the global over-exploitation
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