• Research Note 22 1999-2000 Salt of the Basin-'Business as Usual' is not a Viable Option Bill McCormick Science, Technology, Environment and Resources Group 14 December 1999 Salinisation of the land and water resources of the Murray-Darling Basin can be the result of salt stored in soils and/or groundwater being mobilised
    Date: 14/12/1999 - Collection: Publications - ID: library/prspub/GRN06 - Source: RESEARCH NOTES (INFORMATI... - Author: MCCORMICK, Bill

  • CONTENTS Major Issues Glossary of Terms Introduction The Water Resource Surface Water Groundwater Principles of Irrigation Reducing Groundwater Recharge Irrigation Waste Water Disposal Irrigation Water Use Managing the Water Resource Managing Water Supply Managing Water Quality Managing the River Environment The Irrigation Industry Dilemma The Government Dilemma Government Initiatives Determining Irrigation Policy The Present Approach Possible Future
    Date: 15/06/1995 - Collection: Publications - ID: library/prspub/V6B20 - Source: RESEARCH PAPERS (SCIENCE,... - Author: WILLIAMS, Baden