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  • the public, with the correction of the erroneous views circulated concerning it. This is the 41st day of the Melbourne session , and, as one who has been an eye-witness of the proceedings at almost every moment of their currency, I should like to

    session:3 third:1
    Date: 17/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1130 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • law for the appropriation of revenue or moneys shall not be passed unless the purpose of the appropriation has in the same session been recommended by message of the Governor-General to the House in which the proposal originated. Mr. KINGSTON (South Australia).-I would like to ask

    session:5 third:1
    Date: 16/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1129 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • MARCH, 1898. Days of Sitting-Commonwealth of Australia Bill: Consideration of Bill as reported a Third Time. The PRESIDENT took the chair at two minutes past eleven o'clock a.m. DAYS OF SITTING. Mr. BARTON (New South Wales).-In order to

    Date: 12/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1128 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • appeal to the Privy Council was affirmed by a majority of ten. Again, only a few weeks ago, during the session upon which we are now engaged, this right of appeal to the Privy Council was taken away, and the decision at Adelaide was

    session:5 third:6
    Date: 11/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1127 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • forced to ask ourselves of what effect will the dissolution be? Just imagine a case that may arise within the third year of the Federation, and perhaps earlier? After uniform duties have been established this contest, this scramble, for the surplus will commence. It

    session:8 third:10
    Date: 10/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1126 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • matters of internal procedure, and not for the review of the court. Now, the whole of clause 54 and the third sub-section of clause 55 are covered by that promise, so that we have simply left us staring in the face this position: That,

    session:60 third:6
    Date: 09/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1125 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • the Federal Parliament, in perfectly good faith, accepted a Tax Bill as complying with the Constitution, and after Parliament rose from its session , some individual proposed to be taxed went to the Supreme Court and complained that the law imposing such taxation was unconstitutional, the

    session:5 third:11
    Date: 08/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1124 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • the opinion that the state should vote as one electorate. However, in its wisdom the Convention decided at a previous session to insert the words "until the Parliament otherwise determines." I would suggest that that amendment takes the matter far enough. To my thinking,

    session:3 third:3
    Date: 07/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1123 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • follows:- To the Right Honorable the President and the Members of the Australasian Federal Convention, in session assembled. The petition of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works humbly sheweth-That your petitioner is a body corporate created by Act of

    session:3 third:5
    Date: 04/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1122 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • should be omitted. Then the whole question can be raised again. The CHAIRMAN.-I understand that the third paragraph of the clause stands in. Mr. HOLDER.-That paragraph is contained in clause 24A. The clause, as amended, was agreed to. Clause 25

    session:2 third:4
    Date: 03/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1121 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • as an amendment upon that? Then the Chairman could again put the question that the Bill be reported, and a third clause could be recommitted. Is not that possible? The CHAIRMAN.-I am afraid that the procedure suggested by Mr. Holder is not possible unless

    session:1 third:1
    Date: 02/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1120 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • the consent of the Commonwealth or the state. That was eliminated in the Judiciary Committee. That was confirmed at the session in Adelaide, because it was thought inadvisable to introduce what was really procedure, and that the state should declare whether the particular suit

    Date: 01/03/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1119 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • beyond the date I have mentioned. I think most honorable members are getting somewhat wearied of the length of this session , and the difficulty we have had this morning in getting a quorum emphasizes that view. I think that, if a little more

    session:3 third:6
    Date: 28/02/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1118 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • be removed by the Governor-General by such advice, but only upon an address from both Houses of Parliament in the same session praying for such removal; shall receive such remuneration as Parliament may from time to time determine, but such remuneration shall not be diminished

    session:2 third:2
    Date: 25/02/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1117 - Source: Parliamentary Library

  • follows:- To the Right Honorable the President and the Members of the Australian Federal Convention, in session assembled. The Petition of the undersigned Banking Companies, trading in Victoria, humbly sheweth- 1. That your petitioners have had under consideration that clause

    Date: 24/02/1898 - Collection: Constitution - ID: constitution/conventions/1898-1115 - Source: Parliamentary Library

Summary results: 1-15 of 93 matches.
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