Title Education news - a special issue
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Date 05-09-1975
Source Minister for Education
Author BEAZLEY, Kim
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Education news - a special issue

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8 September 1975



In recent weeks there have been signs of a hotting up of the perennial argument about literacy among Australian school children,,

The battle has been joined at all levels of education,, Professor James McAuley, one of Australia's most prominent poets, and Professor Leonie Kramer have clashed in the Sydney Morning Herald with the Chairman of the Schools Commission, Dr Ken McKinnon, Dr John Vaughan, of the N.S.W, Education Department, and various school

principals and teachers oyer the· fundamental educational philosophy of our schools, colleges and universities·,, ■

Traditionalists blame innovative methods in English· teaching for a decline in " literacy and innovators and progressives say traditional teaching methods and schools' organisation fail large sections of school populations, particularly· migrant and other underprivileged groupSo . v

Education News, which is published six times a year as a service to teachers and those in the education field, has published a special Literacy and Bilingualism issue, drawing on a range of contributors to present both sides of the debate and to suggest constructive solutions for the literacy problem. Of special significanc and interest: -

Thea Astlev. senior tutor in English at Macquarie University, makes some abrasi . . Λ '.criticisms j'of the language abilities of university undergraduates, using exampl from essays by her students ;

Barry Caromzi criticises the stance of the Australian Council for Educational Standards - of which Professors McAuley and Kramer are members - on language education. He says an 'organic' approach to language is needed rather than a reversion to traditional disciplines and external examinations

Monsignor D J Duffy, whose pioneer efforts in remedial reading have attracted t widespread interest lately, writes a personal account of his philosophy and " methods ·

Dr D T Try on. of the Australian National University, takes a critical look at t bilingual education program in the Northern Territory. (Education News believe this is the first evaluation of the program published so far). ’

The cover of the special double issue is an artistfe impression of the subject matte

The journal is available· now from Australian Government Publications and Enquiry Centres in all States. It is to be sent to all primary and secondary schools in Australia with a covering letter from the Minister for Education, Mr Kim Beasley,

INQUIRIES: COLIN BRAMMALL 062-897306 (w) 887519 (h) PAUL SLOCUM 062-897337 (w) 581872 (h) .