Title Local veterans duped over Gold Card.
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Date 07-07-1998
Author PRICE, Roger
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Cover date 7 July 1998
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Local veterans duped over Gold Card.




Federal Member for Chifley

PO Box 259 Mt Druitt NSW 2770


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7 July 1998


The Coalition is wasting taxpayer funds to mislead local veterans about entitlement to the Gold Card, Roger Price MP, Federal Member for Chifley, said today.


“The Howard Government wrongly claims that the Cold Card is being provided to” all Australian World War II veterans aged seventy years and over with qualifying service from that conflict” according to the front page of the latest edition of the taxpayer funded Age Pension News”, said Mr Price.


“The fact is some 193,000 Australian World War II veterans do not qualify for the latest extension of the Gold Card”.


“Only service with the Australian Defence Force qualifies, thus excluding 100,000 veterans who served in British and Allied forces and later migrated to Australia. This fact is not mentioned in the Government’s taxpayer funded newspapers”.


“A further 93,000 veterans miss out because they did not incur danger from hostile forces of the enemy”, said Mr Price.


“These veterans enlisted during the War but were not sent to a war zone. This fact is also not mentioned in the front page article but hidden on page 6 of the taxpayer funded Age Pension News is the proviso that veterans need to have 1aced hostile enemy forces during that conflict”.


It is bad enough that the Coalition Members like Jackie Kelly in Lindsay, Kerry Bartlett in Macquarie, and Ross Cameron in Parramatta, are using taxpayer funded Social Security and Veterans’ Affairs publications as propaganda mouthpieces for the Howard Government”.


“But its even worse that Age Pension News contains inaccurate information about veterans’ entitlements”, said Mr Price.


“This latest blunder is especially appalling given the confusion surrounding the Prime Minister’s original announcement on the Gold Card, which lead many veterans to wrongly think they would be eligible”.


“Jackie Kelly, Ross Cameron, and Kerry Bartlett must immediately set the record straight and apologise to the local ex-service community for this misinformation dished out by the Coalition”, concluded Mr Price.


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