Thursday, 25 May 1972
Database Senate Hansard
Date 24-05-1972
Source Senate
Parl No. 27
Electorate Victoria
Page 2039
Status Final
Speaker POYSER, Arthur
Stage Thursday, 25 May 1972
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1972-05-24/0074

ADJOURNMENT - Thursday, 25 May 1972

Senator POYSER (Victoria) (12:17 PM) - The implication that has been made in the moving of this motion asking for these papers to be tabled is an implication that the documents from which Senator McAuliffe read are false and this implication is something I resent very much in view of the fact that Senator McAuliffe sought to have these documents incorporated in Hansard on several occasions. After there was refusal of leave to do this time and time again we now have Senator Rae saying that these documents must be tabled so that we can determine their authenticity. I believe the implication is very strong. Senator McAuliffe is a man of great integrity and honour and is not a person who would read from documents or attempt to have incorporated in Hansard documents that are false, lt is a direct insult to this honourable man for this motion to be moved by a Government senator after the number of refusals that Senator McAuliffe had when he sought leave to have the documents incorporated.

I think it is worth repeating the point that has been made. All the information that is contained in those documents will be available at an early hour today. The information will be available for every person to read. I deplore the behaviour of 2 Ministers who have taken a very petulant attitude towards these matters and I hope we never have to see this type of petulant behaviour repeated in this place. At the risk of being pulled up let me say that the pip-squeaks are not on this side of the Senate, they are sitting on the front benches on the opposite side of this chamber. This motion should be voted against by all fair minded senators who believe in the integrity and honesty of Senator McAuliffe.

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