Database Senate Hansard
Date 22-10-1964
Parl No. 25
Party LP
Speaker GORTON, John
System Id hansard80/hansards80/1964-10-22/0085


Senator GORTON - On the 2nd September, Senator Wright addressed a question to me concerning a scheme for the exchange of Australian and Russian professors. I said at the time that I thought there was an arrangement between the Australian National University and a Russian institution for this purpose and that I would obtain further details for him.

The Australian National University has now provided me with such information. The University has a formal agreement with the Moscow State University which provides for the exchange of up to three senior post-graduate students per year. This exchange scheme was inaugurated in 1961. Difficulty was experienced in getting the scheme under way because of the lack of knowledge in each University of the active lines of research and facilities in the other. Only two students from the Australian National University have been accredited to the Moscow State University under the scheme plus a research student from the University of Sydney who was included in the quota at the request of that University. Three research students from Moscow State University have come to the Australian National University.

In order to create better understanding of the facilities of each University, two professors are now being exchanged each year on an informal basis. These professors visit for one month, giving lectures and taking seminars with advanced students. The first two professors to come from Moscow State University were Professors Sokolov and Kurosh, a theoretical physicist and a mathematician respectively. From the Australian National University Professor Fenner (Microbiology) has visited Moscow State University, Professor David Brown (Geology) and Professor Neumann (Mathematics) are also visiting Moscow this year. The University is considering the exchange of junior staff for limited periods and is also considering secondment of teachers of the Russian language from Moscow State University for periods of a year or two.

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