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(generated from captions) Good on you, guys.
Thank you.

You look pretty happy there, Rhonda.
I'm very happy!

Yeah. Why are you so happy?

Oh, 'cause he won.

And 'cause you're gonna go berserk
at the shops, aren't you?


What are you gonna do with that,

I told my daughter
I'd buy her a sausage dog.

She wants a sausage dog.
Right, she gets a sausage dog.

What else?
Oh, just holidays.

Just doing it...

Just go and enjoy yourself. $10,000.

Italo Raspa won ten grand!

Catch you next time in the Hot Seat.
Goodnight, everyone.

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Tonight - an ice addicts getaway
never before seen dashcam of in a backyard.
after he ran down a toddler Rescuers race against more rain the bizarre ritual
as new details emerge of being trapped in the first place.
which led to the soccer team that ended 40 years of marriage
The execution murder of a wife spend the rest of his life
and why the husband will now in jail. a newlywed Canberra couple
The lucky escape for through their home.
after a car smashes by England's goalie
And the incredible save and then the kick World Cup penalty curse.
that broke the country's

Good evening. close to seven months
Nine News has fought for to bring you this story. an ice addict,
The sentence handed to as she played in her backyard,
who mowed down a toddler has been kept secret until now. Tonight, we can show you reckless rampage
Christopher Chandler's he killed the little girl.
in the seconds after

Desperate and on the run. Christopher Chandler's escape
Police record from Constitution Hill a 17-month-old girl.
moments after he hit of up to 140km/h.
He then reaches speeds about the road rules,
He doesn't care

or the safety of others, ..to his passenger.

the officers right in the face
The then-22-year-old even stares before he makes good his escape, a trail of destruction
leaving behind Tateolena Tauaifaga.
which included toddler on that summer evening in 2015
She was playing in a backyard ploughed through the fence
when Chandler while on the run from officers. into the property.
Those police cars followed him across the oval
I just seen cars flying and running.
and just seen all kids screaming Tragic.
And it was just terrible. telling the Supreme Court:
Her mother

On the pursuit, she said: Today, we can finally reveal for a maximum 19 years
Chandler was jailed for manslaughter. a little girl was dead
Justice Peter Johnson finding and ice user
because the career criminal while hell bent on escape.
used his car as a battering ram on those details was lifted
A non-publication order to robberies
because Chandler pleaded guilty committed before that tragic day. in custody than out,
A man who has spent more time to his sentence in coming months.
and he will have more years added

of finding them alive,
After the initial joy for authorities
reality has now set in and their coach,
trying to rescue 12 boys trapped in a cave in Thailand. do they need to get them out,
The question now is how quickly to flood the cave even more.
as forecast rain threatens

they are in good health...
They tell their families (SPEAKING THAI)

..and in good spirits. (LAUGHTER)

were beamed around the world,
A day after their startled faces 12 boys and their soccer coach they're getting.
are also thankful for the support by 10 navy seals
The boys have now been joined their mental and physical health.
along with medics assessing intently,
Family members watch these images to hold their boys again.
still desperately waiting (SPEAKS IN THAI)

this mother says.
"I will hug him," "I miss him so much." the activity is constant.
Above ground, Teams with equipment, of pork and sticky rice
waterproof packs to build their strength. is just up that path
The entrance to the cave run deep inside it,
and these pipes of water,
pumping out huge volumes 1.6 million litres an hour
at some stages up to down as quickly as possible
to try and get that water level before more rains come. And more rain is certain - it's monsoon season, could take months to recede.
and any severe flooding The other fear - that is now their sanctuary
that the cave could also flood. between 11 and 16.
The boys are aged Even their coach is just 26. their faces,
And it's when you see they are.
you realise just how young It's believed most can't swim, on diving masks small enough
and rescuers are waiting the boys' faces.
to ensure they won't come off to dive and then do it.
They talk about teaching them a long shot to be honest,
That's a bit of I would have thought, before the cave floods again.
within the time scale Once they flood, a treacherous mix
the caves become and poor visibility,
of strong currents for experienced divers.
confronting even

he couldn't answer.
It was a question and soldiers
But today, medical teams have been conducting drills does take place
for when a rescue supplies into the caves
practising taking medical potentially injured patients out.
and how they would carry that they have been found?
How do you feel

as part of an initiation rite -
The soccer team entered the caves

at the end of the tunnel.
to scrawl their names on a wall They could never have known forever etched in its history.
how their names will now be

"We need to do more". from a Sydney judge,
That was the stern message for murdering his wife.
as she jailed a man examples of domestic violence,
In one of the most disturbing the mother of his children
Keith Goodbun's execution of earned him 41 years behind bars. when he is eligible for parole.
Keith Goodbun will be 91 his estranged wife, Molly,
His decision to shoot described by the judge as:

for the sentence.
Ms Goodbun's cousin was in court old.
I've known him since I was 13 years anymore?
old. It's like, who do we trust

Goodbun ignored an AVO in 2016
and barged into the family home with a .22 rifle. He shot Ms Goodbun in the chest. She gasped to her daughter: saying:
He then shot her in the head,

As her daughter told her mother:

at close range.
Goodbun shot her again Justice Helen Wilson said:

I... So hard without her stop

one woman a week in Australia
The judge noted that or former partner,
is killed by a current the relationship.
usually as they tried to leave Justice Wilson said should be ashamed,
all of us in the community to address the issue.
and the courts should play a role

made a surprise appearance
Oscar winning actor Geoffrey Rush at court in Sydney, for defamation.
as he sues 'The Daily Telegraph' the paper to court
The 66-year-old took over the 'King Lear' front page he had behaved inappropriately
which claimed in 2015.
towards a female cast member he attended court today
It's understood ahead of a hearing in September.
for mediation talks

Luc Longley has lashed out
Australian basketball legend of the Philippines,
at the head coach players to on-court violence.
accusing him of inciting his battered and bruised
The Boomers have returned home that's made headlines worldwide.
after the ugly brawl

just a sombre walk of shame.
No victorious homecoming - It was Daniel Kickert's elbow sparked the brawl,
that many believed Chris Goulding
as he rushed to defend teammate who'd been pushed to the ground. I think I've overstepped a bit to the escalation in the game
with my response and I regret those things. but not badly injured.
Goulding is bruised, He copped the worst of it stepped in.
until assistant coach Luc Longley Neither has slept since. 48 hours.
It's been an interesting My main priority now spend some time with my family.
is just to get home, isn't hiding his anger.
Luc Longley The NBA legend says he's ever seen in the game -
the brawl is the worst thing for the Philippines' coach.
saving his fiercest criticism like that, not even on Youtube,
I've never seen anything their coach Chot Reyes
but I do believe that and thug us.
incited them to come out the team's restraint,
Basketball Australia is praising the bench wanted to join in.
when it's clear those on Australian embassy staff
The team needed to help them out of the country, in the dead of night.
even moving hotels We were genuinely scared. at the end of the day,
The players, to get out of there.
feared for how we were going As this vision shows, between the teams,
there was tension even during the warm-up. The Filipinos, stickers from the court,
angry the Australians had removed and worse.
claiming they were unsafe, They deserved to win, to get that disrespect
but we didn't deserve or that bullying from them. Federation is investigating
The International Basketball and heavy sanctions are expected.

under a proposed shake-up
NSW would be the big winner carve up.
of the goods and services tax showing
But with the leaked report losing billions,
most state and territories to rule out government support
the Prime Minister was quick for the plan. Kangaroo Island...
A chill wind buffeted (WIND SWIRLING)

braces for a gale
..as the Prime Minister from the states,
that's about to start blowing will respond to a review
because tomorrow the government on how the 10% tax levied is divided.
on most goods and services every state happy.
You can't make are on a sweet deal
Basically the small states that mean on average to kingdom come.
they'll be subsidised from here the charge in demanding a review,
Western Australia led that state during the mining boom
because as cash poured into plummeted.
its share of the tax take 30 cents in the dollar.
It was down to getting back his state counterparts
The Federal Treasurer briefed on the review's finding at 10am had been leaked.
and by noon some recommendations

of GST cash over four years
Changing the distribution and Western Australia
would see NSW much better off by 2027 and territory loses.
but every other state over eight years
The second option is spread and lessens the blow, but the winners are the same, are the biggest losers.
and Queensland and Victoria We have rejected that. Labor already has a plan. Western Australia's GST payments
We would top up from the Commonwealth.
with payments a broken formula,
That doesn't fix re-election
and a Government facing there are no losers.
will also be desperate to ensure If we're stuck that, unhappy with this,"
"No state can ever be a better way of doing it.
we will never get the wind is blowing.
Tomorrow will see which way

are drowning in credit card debt,
Almost two million Australians they may never pay it back.
with the warning The corporate cop credit card companies on notice,
has put major banks and customers on unsuitable cards.
accusing them of trapping The crippling statistic, with a credit card
one in every six people is in financial distress, is a wake-up call. Laws will change. a tougher assessment
Banks will have to undertake can pay back.
of whether the customer a bank must be certain
From January 1 next year, a credit card debt
a person can repay within three years before issuing any new card. about it
Banks haven't done anything because it's highly profitable. and just milking Australians
They have been sitting back for all they are worth. Also going, to increase your card limit
unsolicited offers from, say, $10,000 to $20,000. going forward.
Those will now be banned at a weak moment.
They can often hit people the credit card debt trap works.
So here's how on your card.
Say you have $5,000 outstanding The interest rate is 18%. in three years,
Then to pay it back it'll cost $181 a month. is just $20 a month.
But the banks' minimum repayment At that rate, for the next 33 years.
you're trapped paying 18% Because it's so expensive, to catch up.
then you're just never able And in turn, on households.
that causes enormous stress Many people, to our financial counsellors
when they come at Wesley Mission, a bag of envelopes.
they arrive with of these red envelopes
And they have many, many that they don't even open. if people or their banks
ASIC says to the correct low-rate card,
actively changed $620 million a year.
the savings would be lending money at 18-21% a year,
But if you're a bank why would you change? And that's what ASIC wants fixed. Too many players in this market in the interests
have not been acting of their customers.

racing identity John Nikolic
The wife of controversial has fronted court in Fiji, serious drug offences.
charged with onboard their luxury yacht
The $20 million cocaine bust rest of their lives in prison.
could see the couple spend the

In a cramped Fijian court room, further from the ocean life
Yvette Nikolic couldn't be lapping up for months.
she and her husband John had been a lifetime from South America
The couples' trip of in the South Pacific.
coming to an abrupt halt finding cash, guns, ammunition
Customs officials allegedly worth of cocaine
and close to $20 million their luxury yacht 'Shenanigans'.
onboard send a very clear message
I think you know, this should syndicates out there.
to the organised crime realised customs officials
This is the moment John Nikolic late last month,
were about to board their vessel the desperate attempts
and here are to try and resuscitate him a cocktail of illicit drugs.
after he'd swallowed trainer is now fighting for life.
The disgraced former horse banned jockey Danny Nikolic,
His brother, supporting his family.
has been in Fiji something to say to us.
Surely you have Hey, don't touch the camera! Don't touch the camera.
Can you just give me some space? Nine News has been told switched off its radio signal
that 'Shenanigans' had before turning it back on
on approach to Fiji at Port Denarau marina.
once it had moored here officials suspicious
That's what made Australian Fijian authorities.
and they in turn, tipped off appeared relaxed in court,
Yvette Nikolic speaking to fellow prisoners. she would be applying for bail -
Her legal team indicated on July 18.
a decision on that will be made

to walk away unharmed
A family have been lucky through their home
after a car crashed in Canberra's south.
early this morning of dollars worth of damage,
But with tens of thousands to clean up the mess,
the driver didn't stick around or pick up the bill. the remains of his home office,
A father looks through a play room for his son.
which often doubles as Luckily for him, he wasn't here. or traumatised.
He would be distraught into this Richardson home
A Ford Falcon sedan smashing or this morning,
in the early hours left in ruins.
the front of their house shaken but unharmed.
Colin, his wife and his father just heard this almighty noise,
We were sound asleep and a little while for your brain
and yeah, it just takes the mind figure out what's going on.
to sort of wake up and was in there at the time."
I said, "Thank God no-one to see what happened,
And by the time they got outside in the car either -
there was no-one the driver fleeing the scene, but not surprised.
the tuckers insulted that happens
This is the sort of thing when this sort of thing occurs. stick around, are they?
They're not going to really, isn't it?
It's a bit...it's a bit Pete It's believed the neighbour's driveway here,
the vehicle came and crossed before slamming into the home. together exactly what happened
Police are still trying to piece the damage.
while the owners assess they're counting the cost,
And though the Tuckers are optomistic. all of this morning,
I kept saying to myself lost material damage there,
you know, we might've nobody was killed,
but nobody was hurt, that's the most important thing. for the driver
Police are on the hunt to come forward.
and urge anyone with information for a man in Belconnen,
Meanwhile, it was a close call Nettlefold Street this morning
who was parked on slammed into him.
when another car struck a building nearby.
The out of control car had also the cause of the crash.
Police are investigating out of the ACT,
A 26-year-old man has been booted he produced and traded
amid allegations a commercial amount of cannabis in the capital. an elaborate drug house
It comes after police uncovered in Canberra's north. hydroponic set-up.
An intricately woven as part of
Hundreds of wires filling a room drug production trade
an alleged elaborate in Canberra. 100kgs of cannabis leaf,
260 cannabis plants, of drug equipment seized
and a large amount in Macgregor yesterday.
at a Cumpston Place home a 26-year-old man,
ACT Policing arresting a commercial quantity
charging him with cultivating of a controlled plant, someone else intended to sell it.
under the belief that in the ACT Magistrates Court
The Sydney man appeared where no plea was entered.
briefly today, will
To have any indication of how he --
will plead? The Mac know, I don't. -- Know, I don't.

and it was granted
Trong Tan Ho applied for bail, under strict conditions. immediately
He's to leave Canberra in Cabramatta.
to return and reside at a home must also surrender his passports
The Magistrate ruling Mr Ho and steer clear of the airport. is part of ongoing work
Police say the seizure and distribution of drugs
to disrupt the production in the Capital. next month.
Mr Ho will face court again Canberra's cancer patients.
Finally some relief for a chemotherapy co-payment.
They'll no longer be slugged with announced today
The ACT Government $1 million per year in bills
it will foot around on behalf of sufferers. with a life-threatening illness,
When you're already dealing to take time off from work
you're already having and accessing the treatment to live can
that you so desperately need for some people to bare.
be a little bit too difficult the announcement,
Many have welcomed saying it's long overdue. horror stories will emerge
There are concerns Airbnb in the Capital, without restrictions.
if it continues to operate to look at applying rules
With calls for the Government across the border.
already in force for somewhere to stay,
Navigating the social marketplace and legal choice in Canberra,
Airbnb is a popular don't exist.
but sharing economy regulations to make it a real issue.
We don't have enough people here to discuss the grey areas
Experts have been called in Property Council forum this week,
at an Australian plagued other cities.
to address concerns that have as they're known,
Noise, party houses what give Airbnb the bad name.
those sort of things are on the service,
Sydney already cracking down the number of days
introducing rules to cap as an Airbnb.
apartments can operate it's important
Lawyer Jennifer Jeske says in the ACT.
to consider regulations to come down heavy-handed,
We don't necessarily need a balanced approach.
we want to have it will keep a close eye
The ACT government says by other jurisdictions,
on reforms made they would work
and look at whether or not in Canberra's sharing economy. are being encouraged to
In the meantime, property owners to boost the local
look at it as a way and their wallets.
tourism economy, who have that spare bedroom,
It allows the mum and pop to go,
who live in the inner north, rent it out,"
"actually, I'm going to to meet people.
and it's a really great way Still ahead - than we should for fresh food.
why we could be paying 60% more as his western Sydney home
forced to shelter in a back room turned death trap with a ferocious fire closing in. In a remarkable rescue, was pulled from the property
the Seven Hills man burst through the door.
just seconds before flames Firies! from heavy smoke,
With burns, and barely conscious 41-year-old Daniel Lyons his burning Seven Hills home.
is carried from just in time.
Fire crews reached him Very, very intense heat. situation.
This was a very, very close He was rescued within seconds of very serious peril.
of being in a situation With zero visibility, shattering the front windows,
and intense heat crews search the burning home. search and rescue done
Make sure there's a complete of the entire house. stuck inside.
Daniel was on his own, who uses a wheelchair,
The 41-year-old, couldn't get out just after 6:00 this morning.
when the huge fire erupted followed by strong red flames.
Multiple pops It was pretty big. the power lines over there.
It was going up towards with burns and smoke inhalation
He was taken to Concord Hospital condition.
in a critical but stable who were first on the scene.
It was two local council workers trying to get in -
Without hesitation, to break down the fence
using their truck to gain access to the home. by the council workers,
It's outstanding work about the two gentleman.
and I'll be talking to the mayor They've done the right thing. Police now considering council workers
recommending the Blacktown City for a bravery award. two gentlemen driving past,
If it wasn't for those a totally different scenario.
we might have been talking about

To the World Cup now, and a thrilling day in Russia through to the quarterfinals.
has seen England and Sweden For England fans, of the biggest curses
they put to bed one in football history - a World Cup penalty shootout.
having never won which made England erupt.
It was the moment And England win on penalties!
COMMENTATOR: Pubs went off... (CHEERING)

..streets were filled, even buses became blocked. they'd won the World Cup.
You'd think (CHEERING)

and ill-tempered match...
After a scrappy England's priceless gem!
COMMENTATOR: Harry Kane is just seconds away from victory.
..England was on track But in this World Cup, just keep on thrilling.
the final moments save themselves at the last!
COMMENTATOR : Colombia Extra time came and went. England fan would have wanted.
It's the scenario that no swung in all directions.
The shootout England fans feared the worst. And then this... Pickford stops it! A nation held its breath... ..and unleashed. (CHEERING)

in a World Cup.
We won a penalty shootout win a penalty shootout.
I have never seen England Ridiculous. Horribly tense. my heart could take it.
I didn't think Really, it was just too much. shootouts at World Cup finals
England had been in four penalty they had lost them all
and up until tonight, the curse.
but now, they have banished # It's coming home! # a long way to go before it can.
But there's still Next up for England, Sweden - who knocked out Switzerland. And another win there to match.
will surely have the celebrations

driving dangerously
He is accused of a mother of six.
when he hit and killed told officers
But what this truck driver might surprise you.
in his police interview We'll play you that next. thrown into the water
The race to find survivors from a capsized ferry. David Klemmer is prepared to make
And the extreme sacrifice to help the battling Bulldogs.

A police interview has given driver
insight into the mind of a truck

and killed a mother of six
when he sideswiped a car on a busy Bexley road last year. This is the moment is shown footage of a crash
truck driver Ben Paiti of a mother of six.
which claimed the life Oh no, oh no... It happened so quick. I looked in the rear view mirror
I heard the bang, and that's when I saw her. I remember seeing her
That's the first time was when she was flipping. The police interview was played for dangerous driving.
during Paiti's trial drifted out of his lane
The 31-year-old Jennifer Azizi
and hit 51-year-old on Stoney Creek Road at Bexley
as she walked off a footpath in January last year. being behind the wheel,
While he doesn't deny he wasn't driving dangerously.
he claims on the road.
I don't remember seeing the lady on the road before
I've seen people and I don't swerve towards them. During the police interview, what happened on that day,
as Paiti tries to recall he tells officers on his right,
he thinks he saw something to his left,
which causes him to swerve and that's when he heard a bang. He's then shown CCTV footage from his own dash camera
and vision which contradicts this.

Did you see any vehicles travelling didn't
east two in this footage, no I didn't see anything

Paiti's lawyer argued his driving was without fault -
his client is not saying wasn't under the influence
but he wasn't speeding, his driving was dangerous
and he wasn't distracted. Whether is now for a jury to decide.

is underway for survivors
A desperate search effort off the coast of Thailand.
after a ferry capsized or missing,
Some 70 people are confirmed dead after the ferry ran aground.
including many children, about 140 passengers
The vessel was carrying and dozens of vehicles. clinging to the side
Phone vision shows passengers waiting for help.
while others float in the water, battled a media scrum
Malaysia's former Prime Minister charged with corruption.
as he arrived at court, syphoning off billions of dollars
Najib Razak is accused of from a state investment fund. He denies the charges. a speeding bullet,
It may not be faster than used a Superman-shaped drone
but Greenpeace activists have to prove an important point - a nuclear facility in France
flying it straight into security flaws.
to highlight the site's by staff,
The object went unnoticed of the plant to aerial attacks.
demonstrating the vulnerability unthinkable crime -
It's the most accused of murdering
a neo-natal nurse eight babies in her care. That story is next. that could save you hundreds
The simple change at the supermarket. Paul McGregor's angry defence
And Dragons coach of halfback Ben Hunt.

Prices are down, down
across the store at Coles. Stock up your fridge with Mount Franklin water 500ml 20 packs, down,
down to just $9.70. That's right,
just $9.70. Good things are happening
to prices at Coles.




your indulgence further with new Moccona Barista Reserve.

of newborns,
Her job was to take care in north-west London
and a community loved her for it. But tonight, it's reeling - after a year-long investigation,
the popular nurse arrested eight babies
accused of murdering and trying to kill six others. wanted to look after their child.
Lucy Letby was the nurse everyone devoted to her job -
28 years old, for a new baby unit
she even raised funds Hospital.
at the Countess of Chester a haven for new lives.
And it should have been Instead, the neonatal ward upon unexplained death -
suffered death 17 newborns in total and recovered.
while 15 more collapsed in this inquiry
There is still a long way to go we are able
and a lot of work before what happened to these 32 babies
to fully ascertain exactly subject to this investigation. and other suspicious incidents
The deaths between 2015 and 2016,
took place which led to today's arrest.
sparking an investigation once an honours student
Lucy Letby, in her child nursing course, at her Chester home.
taken into custody concern and shock
Obviously this will cause throughout the Chester area that this hospital served.
and of course the wider area as a particularly complex
Police describing it and sensitive investigation. Today's developments on the grieving families,
will have a huge impact who have so many questions happened to their children,
about how this could have supposed to be protected,
in a place where they were and nurtured. by the most unlikely suspect.
And, has reassured the community
The hospital meantime and their precious newborns.
the unit is safe for mothers

in supermarkets has begun,
The war on plastic bags to launch an assault
but it might be time and vegetables.
on pre-packaged fruit the numbers,
Nine News has crunched more convenient,
and while it may be your bank balance will suffer. To package or not to package - that is the question. there is a cost of convenience
Quite simply, around fruit and vegetables,
and the more packaging there is for it.
the more you're likely to pay where time is the essence,
In an age are paying the price.
even our grocery bills in our major supermarkets
Fruit and vegetables now costing up to 60% more that we don't even want.
with packaging By buying loose, unnecessarily
the consumer doesn't spend money and there's not waste. And really, for consumers.
its waste that's a big drama throwing things away.
They don't like is 15 cents per plastic bag
What we are throwing away Woolworths and Coles
as supermarket giants cash in on the new ban - in profit.
making around $71 million to the already pricey process
It adds an extra sting the best quality fruit and veg.
of searching for you're paying more
If you're think of packaging,
for the convenience you are right. Take green beans. you're paying $3 a kilo.
Buy them loose, you're paying $12.50.
Buy them packaged, Mushrooms aren't much better. White cup are $11 a kilo loose. About $20 a kilogram packaged. We even found truss tomatoes packaged
to be $3.30 more per kilogram than loose. more than a few seconds
It doesn't take to the packaged items.
to compare the fresh as opposed The savings can often be there, and, more important, you get to touch it and smell it a lot less boring.
and make shopping Now that sounds good. Coming up in Nine News - a turning point in the Great War. Battle of Hamel 100 years on.
Remembering the Every dog has its day - as he heads into retirement.
the special treat for Granite

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in everyone's career,
It's a big moment you've been working like a dog.
especially when of our police force
One of the most loyal members is calling it a day. Granite has worked his last shift
General-purpose police dog the Tweed and Byron District.
after seven years in the long leash of the law,
Another pup will soon be serving his retirement
while Granite enjoys on the North Coast. is underway in France tonight.
A special commemoration the great Australian victories,
Marking a century since one of the First World War.
and a turning point in The Battle of Hamel signalled with the US,
the start of Australia's alliance those who fought and died
and now descendants of a pilgrimage of remembrance.
have made a special bond.
It's the battle that helped forge (MUSIC) Hamel on July 4, 1918. The first time fought side by side.
Australian and American troops the sky was ablaze,
This land shook, the noise thunderous. carefully choreographed
The new allies used tactics Sir John Monash.
by Australian General and masked the noise of tanks
Aircraft dropped bombs which advanced with infantry. A new way of warfare that worked. Monash, the maestro, 90 minutes.
planned the attack to last We won't hold that against him.
It took 93. and 180 Americans
About 1,200 Australians were killed or wounded. Thomas Axam,
Des Carvell's grandfather, for his bravery.
was awarded a Victoria Cross if they could return for one day
It would be good to see what it's like today. Right across the Western Front, of the Australian soldiers
there are reminders who fought here a century ago, like here in the Naours caves, wrote their names on the walls -
where diggers on R&R diggers like Alfred Henry Clegg, was killed at Pozieres
who at 22 years old, he inscribed his name in pencil.
just a few days after 46,000 Australians
Memories of some of the more than on the Western Front.
who will forever lie for the Bulldogs?
Mike, is it more bad news

for the Bulldogs?
Mike, is it more bad news When will it end, Vanessa? Coming up - what he's willing to do
a selfless David Klemmer reveals if he gets a tap on the shoulder. Defending Ben Hunt - to say about his Origin benching?
what does his Dragons coach have is on.
And the Aussie Wimbledon charge the first round.
We'll tell you who's through


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you could do for your club
What if the greatest thing was to leave it? Bulldog David Klemmer addressed
That's the scenario at NSW Origin training today. the selfless qualities
Showing many of to foster in his players.
Brad Fittler is determined in game three
The Blues are up for a fight in their corner -
and they have 'The Man' against his cousin
James Roberts shaped up and 'The Fox' showed some form. the Blues
Dave Klemmer has provided with their on field punch, but in the background his club crumbling.
he's been dealing with is gone because of the cap.
His best mate Aaron Woods the ultimate sacrifice
Klemmer says he'd make if the club came to him. It would be hard for me and, you know,
but if it was to help the club but, I couldn't...
if they needed help I would for me to do mate, but...
it would be very hard It would be your choice. Nah. I wouldn't, mate. It would be a tough time for me now,
but mate, that's rugby league it'll be tough, mate.
it's a business and yeah, biggest star.
Klemmer is the Bulldogs' by their fans
The Dogs would be crucified of setting him free.
if there was even a thought tough times
I want to stay through these as well as a club you know,
and I wanna get through it of the tunnel on the weekend
there's some light at the end got to stick through it
and mate, we've just and we'll get through it, mate.
and stick solid there,
We've got a good bunch of blokes with what he's got.
Deano's doing a great job as a club again,
We've just got to build I wanna be part of that. the tough times with the Blues
Klemmer has ridden through especially in Brisbane - hard to discuss to this day.
he finds those losses at Suncorp.
Talk to me about the pain Oh mate, listen, been in some tough losses there. Awful... Yeah, awful mate. Does that pain from those losses like this?
drive you in preparation our own history
Ah mate, we wanna make and our own sort of... yeah, our own history. and obviously,
So we sort of keep turning up it hurts from previous years. when you are 2-0 up -
There is some fun goal keeper at training.
Klemmer likes to turn I'm just like a big kid. getting warm,
I love mucking around, before training
so it's a bit of fun festive season.
and just a World Cup in the future maybe?
Are you a goalkeeper I bloody...
No way, mate. when they come flying so,
I reckon I'll just headbutt it a bit of fun, mate. I loved it.

his fourth club next season,
Blake Ferguson will join with Parramatta.
signing a three-year deal today strongly defended
And Dragons coach Paul McGregor Ben Hunt, to axe the halfback,
claiming Queensland's decision of 'pick and stick'.
goes against their policy of Paul McGregor,
Under the guidence to a new level.
Ben Hunt has taken his game to drop the halfback
So Queensland's decision with the Dragons coach.
doesn't sit well would I have made the change?
You ask me a question, No, definitely not. didn't do enough wrong,
I still feel that Benny and not a Queenslander.
but I'm not a selector with the criticism
McGregor cleary upset for his Game 2 performance.
Hunt has received youse need to just relax.
You keep going back to Ben, for our club,
He's had some very good games which will be after this game,
and when he comes back, to finish the season
he's got eight weeks the first two thirds of it.
how he's played So just relax. very much on the Dragons radar,
With finals he's a big-game player.
his coach has no doubt that can rattle his confidence?
Do you fear that No, not really.

After making his debut last week, has opened up
Wally Lewis's nephew Lachlan about his famous family. he gets asked about most.
But it's not the King when I was in Brisbane,
It was more Lincoln Lewis because it was more rise to fame there,
the 'Home and Away' so I copped that during school.

left at Wimbledon
Seven of the nine Aussies have moved into the second round. Nick Kyrgios leading the charge, in four sets.
defeating Denis Istomin 10th seed David Goffin,
Matt Ebden shocked Alex de Minaur also progressed.
while Bernard Tomic and In the women's draw, and Daria Gavrilova
Sam Stosur, Ash Barty all had first up wins.

the Top Eight,
Sitting just outside ahead of them
the Raiders have a hard road

to make it to the finals. the starting side
Sam Williams back in against the Bulldogs, a long term option for the club.
determined to show he's and lows of the game,
Josh Hodgson knows the highs a reality check.
the Raiders hooker issuing all of our last games,
Realistically we're going to win a real push for the eight.
if we're going to make at Belmore,
Up against the Bulldogs a tough match.
the Green Machine are expecting they run hard and tackle hard
They're a very physical team and a game of footy.
and you know you're in Sam Williams making a return their last clash with the Dogs
after being injured in in Round 5. a really composed head
I think Sammy's just and I think he's very talkative our defensive systems.
and I think that'll really help of Blake Austin
A question mark over the future for a starring role next season,
putting Williams in the spotlight moving forward.
hoping to be a key player I do my job and we win the game,
If we go out there and you can have.
well that's the best audition Austin relegated to the bench, he'll come into the match
but the players think with plenty of energy. you know.
It'll be a tough wait for Blake, dropped back to the bench,
Obviously no-one wants to be I know he'll come out
but at the same time, and try and do a good job. this Saturday night.
The Raiders take on the Bulldogs in New Zealand
Beating a Kiwi team for the Brumbies,
will be make or break last training session
who've had their tomorrow morning.
before flying out the first time this season.
They'll face the Chiefs for the unexpected against them,
I think it's just expecting the biggest thing.
I think that's they're going to present
We're wary of a few things to keep trying, you know,
and obviously we're just going we've been enjoying lately
play the footy well for us.
and it's been working pretty in a row,
Despite coming off three wins of a finals berth.
the Brumbies have a slim chance

Aaron Finch,
The king of T20 cricket, of batting against Zimbabwe.
has put on a remarkable display in Australia's total of 229,
Finch belted 172 from 76 balls of 156.
breaking his own world record hit wicket.
He was then bizarrely dismissed Australian won by 100 runs.

Stay with us. Gavin Morris with the weather.
Coming up -

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To finance - gave back yesterday's gains,
and the share market

The All Ords down 29 points. 74.04 US cents,
And one Aussie dollar is buying and 81.75 Japanese Yen.

the weather now with Paul Lobb.
Let's get a check of Good evening, Paul.

Thanks. Certainly a chilly start in Canberra. -3.6

Canberra. -3.6 to a top of 15. a
Goldberg got down to almost -4 with coast.
a top of 17. It is pleasant on the start,
coast. Down at bigger a chilly Rainfall
start, at a pleasant top of 19. part
Rainfall overnight has been in our along
part of the world, it has been coast
along the north coast and north for
coast of user files. Generally dry moment.
for host of the country at the this
moment. Taking a look at the cloud, with
this large sweep is moving through likely
with the next cold front stop it is activity
likely to bring a bit of shower days.
activity to ask over the coming A
days. We will keep an eye on that. and
A bit of cloud on the north coast There
and for the Gold Coast as well. the
There is that trough moving in with Tasman
the cold front, a large high in the bringing
Tasman Sea is influencing our other, throughout
bringing us northerly winds view
throughout the day tomorrow and a Gold
view showers on the north coast and forecast
Gold Coast. Taking a look at our tomorrow.
forecast around Australia for Springs,
tomorrow. Mostly fine in Alice and
Springs, sunny and hot in Darwin Brisbane,
and Broome. If you showers for Canberra,
Brisbane, sunny in Sydney, 17 in is
Canberra, Melbourne 15 and Hobart is 16 with a shower as well or cool
tomorrow. It will remain fairly northerly
cool throughout the day. There is a between
northerly airflow that will switch throughout
between the North and north-west out
throughout the day. It is stronger Rainfall,
out to sea along the south coast. get
Rainfall, not much in it. When we a
get to late tomorrow night there is starting
a chance of a view isolated showers part
starting to move on the western for
part of the region. The forecast and
for tomorrow, 3 to 17 in Canberra in
and early fog affected. Early fog parish,
in Yass. It is -1 It is -128 in possible.
parish, with some precipitation Batemans
possible. It is partly cloudy in :
Batemans Bay and it 22. zooming in will
: the cells are around 1 m. There tomorrow.
will be northerly winds up to 25 kn tomorrow. A low tide at at 7:07 AM The
will stop the sun rises at 4:59 PM. chance
The outlook for the week ahead. A Friday,
chance of isolated showers on Canberra.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday in shower
Canberra. For Goulburn, a bit of generally
shower activity. For Wollongong, chance
generally fine conditions and no Saturday.
chance of rain and a top of 17 on Saturday. In

for this Wednesday.
And that's Nine News Enjoy your evening, goodnight.
I'm Vanessa O'Hanlon. ai-media.tv
Live captioning by Ai-Media

live by Ai-Media
This program will be captioned

Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. small business owner Peter
It was a mistake

ever make once.
will probably only lesson to learn.
But it's been an expensive it could happen to any of us.
And in this digital age,

with my fat fingers.
It was a simple mistake

a bank transfer
How often do you do

and hope it goes through?

This BSB is incorrect. One incorrect digit small business operators...
has cost these Almost $25,000.

mistakenly typed a zero
All because fat fingered Peter instead of a one. A warning tonight who use electronic banking.
for all of us

internet banking these days,
We are forced to use and things like that anymore.
people don't want cheques these methods of banking.
So we're forced to use

a little bit of asbestos
We actually found up there that we got rid of. this site
Peter Muraway needed to get and it wasn't easy.
cleared for development over a number of weeks,
So a number of guys to clear, isn't it?
it was a costly exercise Yeah. business 'Whole Landscapes'
He subcontracted the small Tina and Stephen.
run by husband and wife team They did a terrific job for nearly $25,000
and duly sent out a bill

for which Peter promptly paid. Or rather, clumsily paid. Whole Landscapes' BSB number -
You see instead of typing starting with 112,
that's their branch number

Peter accidentally typed 012. And the money went... well, who knows where?

frantically called him,
When Tina and Steve contacted his bank, NAB.
Peter immediately wrote back saying
They eventually anymore for him"
they "couldn't do "I hope this has helped".
and signed off Nah, it didn't. the receiving bank, ANZ, but...
So they got on to they can't reverse the funds
The bank has said that agrees to that.
unless the customer And the bank in contacting the customer.
has been unsuccessful and there was a process.
They have sent letters wait ten days.
They had to send a letter, Send another letter, for a response.
wait another ten days calling or texting.
And then they started But there was no response.

prohibited the bank
And the privacy laws who received it.
from disclosing the ANZ customer land in your bank account,
If you suddenly had $25,000

for no reason, to give it back that quickly?
would you be all that keen Depends on who you are. finance expert Ross Greenwood.
Interesting point from So where did the money go? Woolgoolga. We believe it is Woolgoolga. That's correct.
In northern NSW? by one of the banks.
That information was given to us

Not me, I wish it was.
Not you, is it? of Woolgoolga
The pretty seaside town number of people
had an awfully high on the day we visited.
using automatic teller machines a bit wealthy of late?No.
You haven't seen anybody looking No.
Not around here? No, I haven't, actually. Not us. I wish it was me.
You sure? You look well off to me. Wasn't me.

Oh, I'll check the bank.
Was it you? when the bank makes a mistake
Now we all know and you receive it,
with their money