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Australia leads the medal count on Day 3 of the Commonwealth Games with high hopes for more this evening.

The Australian Tax Office accused of targeting struggling individuals and small business as the extent of its powers comes under scrutiny. Israeli troops accused of killing 10 more Palestinians during protests on the Gaza border. And Prince Harry and Meghan Markle give a PR boost to the Invictus Games in the lead-up to the competition in Sydney.

Hello and welcome to ABC News. I'm Miriam Corowa. First, a check of the weather around the capital cities for tomorrow:

Australia leads the medal tally on Day 3 of the competition. Kyle Chalmers spearheaded a strong night in the pool last night with two golds in the 200 metre freestyle and anchoring the men as 4x100 metre relay, but it is the unexpected wins that have people talking. For more, year' joined by reporter Leonie Mellor on the Gold Coast. Leonie, Tia-Clair Toomey, she won her way into Australia's hearts last night. Just tell us about her path to gold. Yes, she sure did, Miriam. . In the 28 kilogram weightlifting category. What category.. A pocket rocket she is. She is the world CrossFit champion. You could say she is the world's fittest woman. She wouldn't expected to win last night, but, gee, when she walked out on the stage for the final lift, the look on her face, the focus, the determination, there was never any doubt that she wouldn't make that lift. The crowd was right behind her, they were really raucous and supportive crowd, just cheering her onto victory, and it was just an amazing lift. We got an indication of some of the motivation behind her this week. It has been a dreadful week for her. Her 17-year-old cousin was killed in a car accident on Tuesday night and Tia-Clair has said how the family is very close, her cousin would have been down there watching her last night and that was certainly playing on her mind after her lift. She dead date Kated the with into her cousin. This is what Tia-Clair Toomey had to say afterwards.As much as Jade was on my mind and the emotion was rolling, I knew that I needed to still stay focused, to represent Australia to the best of my ability, and I made the decision on not to see family prior to the Games so that I could just solely focus on the Games, and as soon as I seen my uncle and aunty and cousins and Mum and Dad, grandparents, aunty, I just - as soon as I seen everyone, I think the emotions kind of just hit hard.Such an emotional time there for Tia-Clair Toomey. Now, Leonie, Australia dominating in the pool there last night, and Clyde Lewis, another unexpected win?Yes, for sure, a truly courageous swim in the 400 metre individual med Lin there. He shaved nearly 4 seconds off his personal best, at one stage he wasn't even going to swim this race, but, gee, he certainly pulled out something special last night and you could see that he couldn't possibly give any more by the end, struggled to get out of the pool, couldn't complete the post-swim interview afterwards, looked a deathly white. They pulled a chair for him to sit down, he could barely manage a few words out of his mouth. I think "obliterated" was the only word he could get out. They had to get medical assistance for him, but Dean Boxall, his coach, was very proud of him, describing him as a warrior. This is what he had to say.He actually wasn't going to be swimming this 400 medley after trials but we decided we had a spot, we would go for it, and boy, did he go for T he is a warrior, I knew he would. I've seen him go and being completely committed before and push himself to the absolute limit and I knew he would go beyond. That's why he won gold, won a 3 second PB, just pushed himself, gave it all for Australia. And for the first time, the para Olympics are part of the main stage. How have our par are Olympians gone so far?Really well. Great to see a fully integrated program at these Games. You get a real sense of how unbelievable these athletes are. We saw Tim Disco Dis ken win the 100 metre S9 last night Lands won the para fright both men's and women's vent for that, but Australia picked up silver and bronze with Nick Beveridge and Bill chafe claiming silver and bronze in the men's, and in the women's Emily Tapp and Lauren Parker coming second and third. Sheer is what Parker and Tapp had to say after their race.I couldn't ask for anything more than to come away with the bronze medal today. It has been a long journey, a long past 11.5 months since my accident, so a bronze medal just top it is off and just being here, competing at the Commonwealth Games is an achievement in itself, and, yeah, icing on the to get the bronze medal.Lawyer -- It is icing on the cake to get a bronze medal.Lauren is a weapon the bike, she just drills it into me hard I just had to hold in. A Ive he got a fantastic athletics coach who works closely with me to make sure I can run, and I'm just so grateful for his expertise today.So, Leonie, looking ahead to tonight, what can we expect?Well, there is a lot more action in the pool. 8 gold medals up for grabs there. Kate and Bronte Campbell will go head to head in the 50 metres freestyle. Emily Seebohm will have a chance to defend her tile tell -- title in the 100 metres backstroke, the women's 200 metres breast stroke with defending champion tail la McKeon is the fastest in her heat, and the women's 2 x 400 metres relay, Australia looking to continue its stranglehold on the relays. David Mulligan has did, d Morgan has qualified fastest and Kyle Chalmers who won two gold medals last night, he has qualified fastest in his pest event, the 100 metre freestyle. The final for that isn't until tomorrow night, but certainly a good result there in the heats. Over at the Velodrome as well, Stephanie Morton going for her third gold in as many days in the 500 metres time trials, so there are six gold medals up for grabs at the Velodrome, lots to watch tonight. Indeed, it is. Our reporter Leonie Mellor on the Gold Coast. The key watchdog of the Australian Taxation Office estimates that the ATO makes mistakes in roughly 5% of cases. A joint Four Corners and Fairfax investigation has revealed mistakes are being made by the Tax Office which leave individuals and small businesses in emotional and financial difficulty. Advocates are pushing for increased scrutiny of the ATO to keep its powers in check. This is an organisation that all wrapped up in one is effectively the investigator, the prosecutor, the judge, the jury, and the financial hangman. You would have to describe this as an institution in Australia that has powers beyond any other institution.The Federal agriculture department may block a live export ship leaving Fremantle port on Monday, after it was revealed almost 2,500 sheep died on board it last year. The ship, operated by Emanuel Exports, won't be allowed to leave unless there are enough vets, feed and water on board. Fiona Simson, President of the National Farmers Federation says it must be investigated why masses of animals have died while transported on ships, and to stop it happening againWe need to have that investigated, it is unacceptable, totally unacceptable, and we can't see those sorts of instances occur and we need everybody to be working together to find out why those things happen and shouldn't be happening again.Joel Fitzgibbon says he is encouraged by the Government's initial response but stresses more needs to be done.We welcome what David Littleproud is dog with respect to this company, I welcome his acknowledgement that the standards need to be are he viewed but we went to the last election with Labor, promising an independent person focused on the industry, and an independent officer of animal welfare. Now, sadly I actually appointed a person to that position as minister before we lost the 2013 election. Sadly Barnaby Joyce abolished the position, so we've gone backwards. A complex and expensive underground expansion of the Australian War Memorial is being considered which, if approved, could take almost a decade to complete. The memorial's director won't say what the project will cost, but believes the country owes it to the memory of fallen diggers to build it. Defence reporter Andrew Greene has more.The Australian War Memorial is one of this country's most popular institutions, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year, but the 76-year-old building is starting to show her age, and running out of space for the exhibits of Australia's most recent military conflicts. So, planning is well under way for an ambitious extension to the building, and the Australian War Memorial says that it doesn't want to change the facade of the building, so that will mean a rather complex renovation.This redevelopment will largely be an underground redevelopment which necessarily means that we will have a period of disruption, but one that will be well worth it.With the amount of equipment and memorabilia that the War Memorial have in storage, the stories of the people who have served our country needs to be told and for future generations, it is a step in the right direction. A very powerful illustration of the constraints that we're operating under, here are 42 carved funeral shrouds. Each of them has the name of an Australian killed in Afghanistan. We're in the exit corridor on the way to the shop. We are proud of the display, Ellie-low Diddams, when she touched her father's shroud she said," It reminds me of touching Dad's coffin." That's the emotion here, but the only place we have to display them currently is here. And as a nation, we have a responsibility, perhaps to do better, and in this regard we've received very strong support from our Government, supported by our Opposition.I think having our own dedicated areas with the resources to do that and the stories being shown so well as always is the case over here at the War Memorial, it will be just fantastic.It is still not known what the expansion of the War Memorial will cost, but the ABC has spoken to senior government figures that estimate anywhere up to $500 million.Whatever the cost is, as one man said to me, "We've already paid. We've paid in blood, and whatever the Government spends on the Australian War Memorial, in my opinion, will never be enough," he said.The memorial, though, is confident it has the support of all sides of politics to proceed with this development which could take the best part of a decade. Overseas now, and Palestinian medical officials say Israeli soldiers have killed 10 people, including a 16-year-old boy during ongoing protests on the Gaza border. The UN Human Rights Commissioner says there are strong indications Israeli soldiers used excessive force when they killed 16 people during protests last week, and has warned Israel's policy of shooting unarmed protesters may break the laws of war. Middle East correspondent Matt Brown reports from the Gaza Strip. Gaza's protesters burned tyres in the hope of blinding Israeli snipers, but it didn't work. Israeli soldiers responded with tear gas, rubber-coated bullets and live fire. The protesters insist they have the right to return to ancestral homes and land in what is now Israel. TRANSLATION: This is our right, our country. They have taken over my home, so I'm entering my home and I'm not afraid of anything, not death or anything else.First, they would have to cross the Israeli's military's fence around Gaza and soldiers haves to shoot anyone who gets too close, whether they're carrying weapons or not. The UN Human Rights Commissioner warns that may breach laws of warFirearms may only be used as a last resort and in response to imminent threat of death or serious risk of injury.Shooting unarmed protesters who are not posing threats to anyone, using lethal force against them is unacceptable, it's not moral, and it is against Israeli law. It is the duty of the soldiers actually to refuse doing those commands.For most, this is a symbolic protest, but the military says they are being used as a sort of Trojan horse for militants who want to breakthrough the fence and attack Israelis. It released this surveillance video show is says was an attempted infiltration and defended the rules of engagement.It is using the least amount of lethal force that can be used in order to mitigate a threat, that is what we are using. We are defending our civilians, we are defending our border, and our communities here, and I think we are very much in the right to do so. While the death toll was much lower than protests last week, their -- there remains a real fear the violence less Cal late. These protests are scheduled to run to the middle of next month when Israelis celebrate their 70th independence day and Palestinians mark what they call The Catastrophe. Heavy hair strikes on the last rebel-held town in Syria's Eastern Ghouta region have killed at least 30 people. Women and children were reportedly among those who died. State media says the strikes were in retaliation for the shelling of nearby government-held areas by rebels, from Jaish al-Islam which controls Douma. They also say an evacuation agreement with the group had been put on hold. UK doctors have confirmed former Russian spy Sergei Skripal is no longer in a critical condition after being poisoned by a nerve agent. 66-year-old Mr Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, have been in hospital for more than a month after being found unconscious on a bench in Salisbury. Miss Skripal regained consciousness last week and is also in a stable condition. The Trump Administration has announced sanctions against several Russian oligarchs with links to President Vladimir Putin. The list includes seven oligarchs in Mr Putin's inner circle and a dozen companies they control or own, as well as 17 senior officials. Any of their assets under US jurisdiction can be frozen. Washington says the sanctions are a response to a range of malign activity, including meddling in the US democracy.As the President has said, he wants to have a good relationship with Russia, but that's going to depend on some of the actions by the Russians. However, at the same time, the President is going to continue to be tough until we see that change take place, and we're going to continue working forward and what we can to have that meeting and have a meeting with Vladimir Putin at some point. China say it is will respond in kind if Donald Trump's threat to impose $100 billion US of additional tariffs on Chinese exports goes ahead. The instability has seen the New York stock market decline yet again. Chief Foreign Correspondent Philip Williams has more from Washington. Let's have a look at the Dow Jones. It has gone down 573. It's 2.3% down, that's on top of other declines over the last few days. Every time there is talk of instability, every time there is talk of mortar riffs, we get these market jitters and understandably so, because many products will change in the cost on both sides if these actual tariffs go ahead. It's going to have huge implications for not just these two economies but the rest of the world as well So is it a bluff? Well, it is certainly an accelerating one, if it is. We had the aluminium and steel, first of all - those were the first mention of tariffs. Then we had the 50 billion implied by the US. That was matched by the Chinese. Now other 100 billion - we're up to 150-plus, the steel and the aluminium tariffs, and who knows where it will end. It is almost like a bidding war and every time it comes out, every time it goes further up, the markets go further down, so there is correlation, it does seem, a nexus, doesn't seem to be stopped at the moment by either side. Donald Trump has made a lot on the campaign trail and since he has become President of saying enough is enough and we're going to confront this and end this." Does he have the firepower to do that? That's the big question. . Let's listen to the White House economic adviser, this is what he had to say a short time about it. And I'm amused when people ask, "Why is President Trump starting a trade war? Why is he putting up tariffs,"?" -By-the way we haven't so far. How about this: Why has China gone two decades without making the changes that the entire world and the governing organisation knows they have been breaking? Why do they continue that? Blame China, don't blame the administration. There is certainly no indication that they are going to back down. I don't think either country benefits from a trade war, although Mr Trump has said previously that the US would benefit from that because they essentially have such a massive deficit with the Chinese, that they would come out on top, but is it winnable by either side? So it just remains to be seen who blinks first, and of course you could argue the Chinese do have more to lose, but we all have something to lose if there is a trade war that develops into a global trade war, and that, of course, is what's got everyone scared and what is spooking the markets worldwide. Australia would do very wadly in that. In effect, if China slows down, we really slow down, because we are so dependent on our exports to China, so we have a huge stake in this But it may just be the bluff, it may be about pressuring China to come to the table and offering some concessions at least. As royal wedding fever begins to grip Britain, Prince Harry and his American fiance Meghan Markle have used their considerable star power to promote the Invictus Games. The Games which will be held in Sydney this years the only international sporting event for wounded war veterans and members of the military. Europe correspondent James Glenday reports from the English city of Bath.With just a month and a bit to go until the royal wedding of the year, the royal couple is followed everyone by a fawning media pack, who scrutinise everything from their body language to the clothes that they're wearing Mile some people think the wedding fuss is a bit silly or overdone, the mere presence of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is a priceless opportunity for whoever they come to visit, and today it is the Invictus Games trials where hundreds are competing for a sport on the British team which will travel to Sydney this October. The Games were of course set up by Prince Harry to help wounded war heroes that had mental and physical scars, that they had suffered on the battlefield, and while it is fair to say that not everyone has caught royal wedding fever here, there is enormous widespread respect for the Prince's work with the military and veterans - and there is also hope, too, hope that he and his American pride-to-be will keep promoting and supporting this unique event long after the intense pre-wedding media spotlight has faded. And the ABC will be broadcasting the Invictus Games this October. Now, with the rest of the day's sport, here is Frank Ienco.

In the day's other sports news, Australian golfer Marc Leishman is in second place two shots off the lead at the halfway mark of the Masters tournament at Augusta. Leishman made a scorching start to his second round, sinking birdies on each of his opening three holes. The highlight came on the par-515th with Leishman's approach shot setting up an eagle. He would finish the round with a 5-under par 67 and is an eagle. He would finish the round
with a 5-under par 67 and is on with a 5-under par 67 and is 7-under overall. American Patrick Reid leads on 9-under after making 6 by -- birdies on the front Roy. Henrik Stenson is third, and Jordan Speith recovered from a poor start to be one shot back. Another former world No. 1 Rory Roy is alongside Speith on 4 hundred war, Jason Day is 2 over and Tiger Woods is two shots further back, but narrowly made the cut in his Masters return. My iron play has been pretty good and then the putter - I've been putting really well, so that's really important around this place. I probably put about 40 yards of hook on it and then it rolled down to the hole, so at some point during the week you are going to have to take a chance and I felt like that that was the time where I had the opportunity, a pretty hard wedge shot there, so I gave it a go and it came off and I was able shot there, so I gave it a go and it
came off and I was able to make eagle. came off and I was able Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley was unimpressed with his side's performance despite winning against Carlton last night. The Magpies overcame a slow start to kick 10 unanswered goals against their old foes at the MCG. That run included a 0-0 second quarter with left Collingwood with a 36-point lead at half-time. Carlton won both of the final two terms but it wasn't enough. The Magpies held on for a 24-point victory with Josh Thomas kicking five goals.We weren't happy with our effort in Round 1, the effort in Round 2 was better and today was patchy in that regard As I said, the scoreboard looked pretty good for us and potentially we got carried away with that, and we lost some of the and we didn't play with great conviction in the second half, but we'll take the win.St George-Illawarra coach Paul McGregor say as last night's win over Sydney was a game his side would have lost last year as they continue their unbeaten start to this season. The Dragons extended their lead when they pounced on a mistake from a runaway try. Souths didn't cross the line themselves until the final 10 minutes, but two quick tries by the Rabbitohs set up a thrilling finish. However, the Dragons held on to win their fifth straight game in Jason Nightingale's 250th match.We had a 5-day Turner, and we had no possession, and the opposition after the second half to defend our line courageously set after set after set. So to come away with a win, it's outstanding. It is not ease is I to win games of footy consecutively. And tourists have flocked to Washington DC in the United States to see the cherry blossoms in peak bloom. Thousands head to the Tidal Basin every year to see the Po attraction. The National Parkes service says the Yoshino cherry trees reach their peak this week, which means 70% of their blossoms are out. The floral phenomenon lasts for up to a week.

Taking a look at the satellite image - a trough over the western Top End and northern Western Australia is triggering showers and thunderstorms. Ex-Tropical Cyclone Iris is triggering showers along the Queensland coastline. Hot conditions are continuing in the west and across the interior due to a trough and clear skies. Looking ahead to tomorrow's weather and

That's the latest from ABC News. I'm Miriam Corowa. Stay with us, Close of Business is just ahead.

This program is not captioned.

This program is not captioned.