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(generated from captions) It's the fourth gibbon born
at Adelaide Zoo in over a century. The species is
critically endangered - there are only a few thousand left
in its homeland of South-East Asia.

That is very cute. They look like little pipe cleaners, those arms. They are adorable. That's Ten Eyewitness News for now,
this Monday, December 12. We'll be back with updates
throughout the evening. Regional viewers, stay tuned
for your local news. Everyone else, standby
for Family Feud. Goodnight. The
available for this story Tonight, j
The family of an inmate who died in in
jail fights to have details of the Governm
incident made public. The ACT So
Government in discussions with New s
South Wales to shift the Territory' Northbourne
s borders.And trees come down on cons
Northbourne Avenue as light rail
construction ramps up. Good evening, tonight.
I' m Geoff Phillips... Also tonight.... Motorcycles hit the f
country took part . Lawyers for the his
family of an inmate found dead in ar
his cell at Canberra' s jail, have publicatio
argued restrictions on the procedur
publication of the prison' s in
procedures should be lifted in the af
interest of transparency. It comes n
after an independent inquiry made a h
number of recommendations about the at
handling of prisoners and security Indigen
at the facility. A warning to islander
Indigenous and Torres Strait contain
islander viewers: this report person.
contains images of a deceased person. Steven Freeman died at
the Alexander Maconochie

Centre in May this year.

Around thirteen
months earlier the

twenty-four-year-old spent
a week in an induced coma

after he was bashed
by fellow inmates.

An inquest into his death
is not set to begin until

next year - but today
lawyers for his family

argued that the
publication of procedures

at the prison should
not be restricted.

Lawyers representing the
government applied to have

certain parts of the
statements made by

corrective services
officers about the

incident subject to
non-publication orders - a

restriction they argued is
in line with ministerial


But the family's counsel
argued most of those

procedures are already
common knowledge, telling

the court in the interest
of transparency :

"We need to do what we
can to make these public."

Steven Freeman's death
prompted the government to

launch an independent
inquiry which last month

released a number of
recommendations about the

handling of prisoners
in remand and security

protocols at the jail.

The details of Freeman's
death have not yet been

made public, but today the
court heard the inquest

would examine procedures
around the administration

of methadone at the jail
as well as whether Freeman

was given adequate
treatment for the brain

injuries sustained when
he was assaulted in 2015.

The coroner granted the
government's application

to suppress some of the
statements on an interim

basis pending written
submissions by the

family's lawyers.

Hearings are set to
begin in February 2017.

Harry Frost, WIN News.

busy today after a fire which Rural after
fire crews were kept busy today at
after a fire which began yesterday ap
at Lake George re-ignited. Ten RFS ca
appliances and a water bomber were hecta
called to help bring the eighty hectare fire under control. A total
fire ban has been declared for parts includi
of New South Wales tomorrow, Sou
including the Far South Coast and South
Southern Slopes. The ACT and New memorandum
South Wales have renewed a
memorandum of understanding on cross ben
border issues. The agreement has co
benefits for Canberra seniors, and t
commits both governments to discuss b
the possibility of shifting the ACT border in West It's the West Beleconnen
suburb which straddles the


But in coming years, Chief
Minister Andrew Barr hopes

the entire Ginninderry
development will be

encompassed in the ACT.

If you go to the area, the
border just doesn't make

sense in terms of the
topography of the area so

we think there's a very
strong case for the border

to be shifted.

Others, however, are a
little more sceptical.

The Yass Council of
course would like to see

Ginninderry remain in
the Yass Council area.

In the meantime, we just
have to get on with it.

There's no development
planned there till 2023 so

we have a reasonable
amount of time to resolve

the issues.

The issue is one of many
both governments committed

to working together on
in a new Memorandum of


I think this MOU is the
best one I've seen and

it's the most mature
absolutely reflects that

we know in NSW that our
future in this region

depends on a good working
relationship with the ACT


Information will be shared
between emergency, health

and education authorities.

And ACT seniors will be
able to get concessional

rates on New South
Wales transport.

There was a lot of
administration for NSW and

this constant filling
out of forms for 6 week

concession cards through
the Opal system in NSW.

The MOU covers the
next three years,

ACT's opposition hopes
it'll lead to tangible


Every few years we see the
same aspirations, we just

hope that this time round,
we get a few more rungs on

the board.

Rosanna Kingsun, WIN News.

border in West Belconnen. Women' s Canb
rights advocates are urging more fa
Canberra based businesses to offer T
family violence leave to employees. Dire
Today YWCA Canberra' s Executive
Director hit back at comments by the Minist
Federal Government' s Finance pa
Minister about the negative effect economy.
paid leave could have on the your
economy. If you are cut off from s
your income, or not able to get the ca
supports in place that you need it
can make leaving a violent situation t
for both those experiencing it and challenging.
their children extremely would
challenging. Advocates say they would like to see the Federal Public leav
Service offer domestic violence all
leave. We' ve actually written to to
all of Canberra' s large employers o
to encourage them, with a framework domestic
on how do you implement paid workp
domestic violence leave in your based
workplace. A number of Canberra ACT
based organisations including the domestic
ACT Government already offer le
domestic violence leave. The ninth fi
legislative assembly will hold its tomorrow
first full sitting week from ta
tomorrow. Most of the week will be elect
taken up by speeches from newly ministers
elected MLAs, as well as by the
ministers outlining priorities in rang
their portfolio areas, however a
range of bills will be introduced on Thursday. One in my area will go to o
streamline stamp duty process. Not we
only are we cutting stamp duty but the
we' re also looking to streamline Information
the administration of it. ass
Information on matters before the parl
assembly can be found on the ACT Government
parliament website. The ACT elec
Government today re- affirmed an nine-poi
election commitment to spend over
nine-point-eight million dollars nurs
over four years on the region' s loca
nurse practitioners. It comes as Grif
local nurses took to Lake Burley rol
Griffin to raise awareness of the role they play on Nurse Nurse Practitioners
pounding the pavement

around Lake
Burley Griffin -

To raise awareness of what
they do and their roles

within the community.

When you're seeing a
nurse practitioner, you're

getting that full complex
health planning, there's a

lot more time that a nurse
practitioner can usually

put in to seeing
a patient.

Nurse practitioners sit
between a Registered Nurse

and a Doctor in terms
of skill and training.

They're able to
independently diagnose,

prescribe medications and
treat health conditions

within their
scope of practice.

We're able to do a few
things that those doctor's

do but also be able to
provide the time that the

patient needs to express
what they're going through

in their journey.

The ACT has over forty
nurse practitioners in

both public and private
sectors but the Government

plans to increase
that number -

Today re-affirming an
election commitment of

9.8million dollars over
four years to fund 39 more

nurse practitioners as
well as a training course

at University of Canberra.

What we see occasionally
is that a nurse

practitioner may have up
skilled but we don't yet

have the role within the
health system to allow

them to practice to
their full scope.

But the ACT Liberal's say
the focus should be on the

current nurses in the
ACT and their resources.

So it's not just an issue
of how many nurses we've

got but how we value the
ones that we do have.

Today marks the sixteenth
anniversary of the

endorsement of Australia's
first ever nurse


Abbey Donaldson, WIN News.

Day. The removal of trees along controversial
Northbourne Avenue for Canberra' s n
controversial Light Rail project is the
now underway. The government says t
the removal operation will occur in track
three stages, to allow room for
track laying and the construction of is
light rail stops. The first stage af
is expected to finish next Friday, after the removal of about a hundred an
and twenty trees, with the second and third stages to get underway in planted
the New Year. More trees will be u
planted in twenty-seventeen to make warne
up for the loss. Road users are the
warned to expect delays on parts of re
the corridor to allow for the safe removal of trees.

removal of trees. The Southcare interim
Helicopter Trust has named an transiti
interim board to oversee the helicopte
transition of the emergency naming
helicopter rescue service. A new remains
naming rights sponsorship deal or
remains under negotiation, but the er
organisation insists despite a new servic
era, there will be an improved service for the region. The Snowy Hydro Southcare
chopper has been a

familiar sight in our
skies for the past

eighteen years.

But come April, the
35-year-old chopper will

no longer be part of the
aero-medical service as

new contractors, Toll
Helicopters prepare to

take over.

Planning to replace it
with an Augusta Westland

139 helicopter.

Those helicopters will be
bigger, better, faster,

the technology is better
so increased power and

performance and
essentially that means

we'll have a
better service.

It's not the only
change for the service.

With the previous
Southcare helicopter board

stepping down after
sixteen years.

Toll will have different
ideas on how the trust may

run and how the service
will be operated and they

have eight helicopters in
their fleet and so it's a

start of a new era, a new
board and I think it will

be a very exciting period
for the the trust moving


It could also see the
end of the Snowy Hydro's

15-year naming
rights sponsorship.

But Trust Chief Executive
Carol Bennett says

negotiations with
potential sponsors are

still underway.

We are still talking to
Snowy Hydro, we are still

talking to other sponsors
and we hope to have a

decision on that well
before the new chopper

comes online on
the 2nd of April.

Despite the changes -
SnowyHydro South Care

insists the future is
bright for the service.

People want to know that
they or a friend or a

family member become ill
or have an accident that

that chopper will pick
them up and so this is

going to be a better
arrangement that will

enable us to provide an
improved service for a

bigger, growing region.

The new Snowy Hydro
SouthCare interim board

will meet for the first
time this Thursday.

Abbey Donaldson, WIN News.

with a bang. 2 CC1 3 B15 When WIN launches
News continues: The Smith Family ..
launches its Christmas appeal. And for
.... Bikies gather in the Capital for a ride with a difference.

we know you've lived more, you've seen more
and made more memories, you've driven more cars
and owned more homes, so we think
you deserve more value. At Apia, we'll give you a discount when you combine your new car
and home insurance with us, giving you more to spend
on the things you love

for a ride with a difference. A new the
mural can now be seen adjacent to
the Kippax Shops. The artwork is the partnersh
culmination of a year long School
partnership between Kingsford Smith School and the Tuggeranong A new piece of art in
the heart of Kippax.

If you can leave your mark
positively, and if you

actually get taught the
skills, then that's you

know, another benefit,
so, art is a therapy.

The Tuggeranong Arts
Centre, offers a program

to school students in
collaboration with some of

Australia's street
artists, to help inspire

them to express themselves
in different ways.

It's called the
Messengers Program,

and is specifically for
young people who are

experiencing issues
in their adolescence.

So whether that's
disengaging from school,

or having mental health
problems, just general

problems growing up,
relating to your family.

The minister for children
and youth launched the


and says its programs like
this that are vital for

our community.

Show our young people that
there's an opportunity

beyond just the academic
part of school, but that

they can do anything and
be anything they want.

The program has been
running for sixteen years,


This year's project,
working with the

Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander students

from Kingsford Smith
School, from years six to


we did some street art,
and we did some more

modern kind of like,
portraits of people and

stuff, and some more
traditional like,

indigenous paintings
and stuff like that

Every friday afternoon,
just go there, talk to the

teachers, talk to the
students, see how their

week's been so far

Alison Hattley,

WIN News.

The work of the Smith Family is dee
Canberrans are being urged to dig edu
deep this Christmas and donate to
education charity, The Smith Family. The charity' s Christmas appeal was th
launched today and received a ten C
thousand dollar kick start from the f
Chief Minister' s community support hundr
fund. It' s hoped more than one wi
hundred and fifty thousand dollars will be raised this holiday period. ch
Canberrans give more generously to T
charity than any other Australians. unive
The work of the Smith Family is communit
universally applauded in our ar
community across so many different thr
areas. So in the ACT we work with childre
three communities and we have children on scholarships in those l
three communities, our learning for s
life scholarships. The Smith Family child
supports more than nine hundred
children in the ACT. To donate, call or visit the charity' s gathered in the Capital to help Over in
one-thousand bikies have gathered
in the Capital to help give gifts to The
those in need this festive season. Mot
The visit was all part of the ACT annual
Motorcycle Riders Association' s all
annual ' Toy Run' , which ensures ce
all children around the region can celebrate Not your average view
of Old Parliament House.


Over a thousand bikies
converging in the Nation's

Capital for the
annual Toy Run.

It makes a difference, and
they tell us it makes a

difference to them and the
community, so we know it's


The ACT Motorcycle Riders
Association has held the

Toy Run for over
thirty-seven years,

and judging by this year's
turn out, there's no

chance of it stopping
any time soon.

You can see by the colour
and the enthusiasm and the

good will and everybody
comes out to support the

Salvos and St John's Care.

These are only some of
the toys that have been

donated in twenty sixteen.

Boxed games, stuffed toys,
a lot of food comes in

today as well, a whole
range of items which we're

really grateful for.

The Salvation Army is
expecting to assist over

five-thousand families in
the ACT and surrounding

regions this Christmas,

something it couldn't
achieve without the toy


Without the resources that
we receive from today, we

just wouldn't be able to
meet the needs that we're

finding out there.

We get lots of bike riders
that support the salvos at

christmas time, and we
thank them very much for


Alison Hattley,

Win News.

slice of W League history? Sport is Canber
next with Melissa Russell, and slice
Canberra United creates its own ri
slice of W League history? That is next
right Geoff we' ll tell you more skipp
next. plus another century from Creek
skipper John Rogers helps Weston de
Creek Molonglo into the Gallop Cup decider.

Try six of our new and improved
crispy golden nuggets

all for just $3.95. The nuggets and
chips are better


decider. Centuries to Centuries to hel
John Rogers and Mark Bennett have pla
helped Weston Creek Molonglo to a Final
place in the Gallop Cup One Day in
Final. Creek will meet Tuggeranong acco
in the decider - after it easily accounted for Wests He scored one hundred and
sixty for Weston Creek

Molonglo in Saturday's
two day Douglas Cup match.

And yesterday John
Rogers was at it again.

Finishing unbeaten on one
hundred and forty four in

Creek's One Day Semi-Final
win over Ginninderra.

It was one of those rare
weekends where anything

you tried you couldn't do
anything but score runs.

The former first class
cricketer was untouchable

at Stirling Oval,

combining with Mark
Bennett - to get Creek

from two for twenty seven,

To three hundred and
four off its fifty overs.

I know i took confidence
out of the last comets

game against NSW where
we played a first class

attack so i guess the
big thing for my game is

confidence and trust.

Ginninderra put up a
good fight in reply -

coming within
twenty four runs.

But the two hundred and
forty four run stand

between Rogers and Bennett
proved too tough to


Over at Chisholm Oval
Tuggeranong set Wests UC

two hundred and fifty
three for victory.

And the chase couldn't
have got off to a worse


Brendan Duffy
gone for a duck.


Before the wickets
began to tumble.


Just two players managed
to make it in to double

figures -

as Tuggeranong ran out
convincing winners over

the understrength side.

The one hundred and forty
five run thumping sets up

another Grand Final clash
between Tuggeranong and

Weston Creek - after the
two sides faced off in the

Regional T Twenty
Cup decider.

Bragging rights will also
be up for grabs in the two

day Douglas Cup when play
resumes - with Creek at

six for three hundred and
fifty four at stumps on

day one.

accounted for Wests UC. Canberra
United has handed Melbourne City its tha
first ever loss in the W League, thanks to a late winner from fifteen si
year old Karly Roestbakken . Both scoring
sides had a few chances to open the wa
scoring in the first half - but it de
was Jenna McCormick that broke the U
deadlock early in the second to put l
United ahead. City hit back minutes Roestbakken
later to level the scores. Before becoming
Roestbakken sealed the win - sco
becoming the second youngest goal League
scorer in the history of the W remain
League. The win ensures United ladder.
remains in third place on the Raiders
the Year. Para-Sport Athlete been
Raiders Captain Jarrod Croker has S
been crowned the WIN News People' s C
Sporting Champion, at the inaugural nam
CBR Sport Awards. Kim Brennan was whi
named Female Athlete of the Year, too
while basketball star Patty Mills Pa
took out Male Athlete of the Year. t
Para-Sport Athlete of the Year went
to Sue Powell - and the Raiders were Stephen
named Canberra' s best team.
Stephen Larkham and former Hockeyroo into
Nicole Arrod were also inducted into the ACT Sport Hall of Fame. Ainslie Football Club has appointed Capitals
former Australian Opals and it
Capitals head coach Carrie Graf to w
its board. Graf spent fifteen years s
with the Capitals - helping them to t
six titles - before finishing up at Gr
the end of last season.At the time coa
Graf said she hadn' t given up on i
coaching and hoped to stay involved Ge
in sport in some capacity. Ainslie he
General Manager Craig Wallace says h
her experience with basketball will help add a fresh perspective to the Spo
club. The Australian Institute of Aus
Sport has played host to the 2016 T
Australian Quidditch Championships. co
Twenty-three teams from around the
country took part with the ANU Owls, Canberra' s only team in action. The world of Harry Potter
coming to life at the AIS.

Hundreds of muggles trying
their hand at Quidditch in

the twenty
sixteen QUAFL Cup.

Quidditch is a sport
obviously based off the

Harry Potter books, but
it's been made by the US

and other countries in
to a fully grown sport.

The sport is a combination
of rugby, dodgeball and


but for an added twist
must be played with a

broom between the players'
legs at all times.

It's a full contact mixed
gender sport - it's pretty

rough, it's pretty tough,
and there's lots of

tackling - but the
fantastic thing about

Quidditch is that it
brings so many people

together to play a sport
and they absolutely love


More than twenty teams
battled it over two days.

But it was the Wrackspurts
Quidditch club that

claimed overall honours.

And while it may look like
a bit of fun - teams take

competition seriously.

ANU train twice a week
and we're part of the NSW

Quidditch league which
means we travel to Sydney

once a month to play
all of the other NSW

university and community
teams, which is quite

exciting - ANU actually
finished second in our

league table so
that was exciting.

Organisers were thrilled
to be able to showcase the

sport at one of
Australia's top venues.

It's basically the best
sort of venue we've ever

played at it's the
Australian Institute of

sport it's showing how
legit Quidditch is as a

sport across
Australia now.

And with Australia the
current World Cup holders

- the sky is the limit.

Trent Pollard, WIN news.

Canberra' s only team in action. h
and that' s Monday' s sport, Hannah
has all the weather details next. ..

good night And that' s WIN News for the
Monday 12th December. Join us for
the All Australian News at 11:20 and Canberra
again tomorrow at 6 for WIN c
Canberra News. I' m Geoff Phillips, n
coming up next is The Project, good night