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Election 2016: Senator Penny Wong Discusses Perceived Push By The Coalition To Privatisation Of Medicare


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(generated from captions) metropolitan area and have with
significant impact. We work closely events
with the Bureau to forecast those events so we understand what the impacts are and create messaging for communities that provides the best advice possible.Penny Wong has stepped up for a media conference, let's listen in. Something that Mr Turnbull, when asked, described as a high priority for his government. He should explain that. Second, if he doesn't want to privatise Medicare, can he explain why the Liberals have tasked the Productivity Commission Medicare could
to look at how services such as Medicare could be outsourced. We all know what that means. If he didn't want to privatise Medicare, have a look at the scoping paper that the Productivity Commission has released. In that, what we see is that one of the things that people - one of the groups who have expressed an interest in the privatisation of payments are the big banks. I guess I want to ask this of Mr Turnbull: Mr Turnbull, which aspect of the Medicare payment system did your

payment system did your government look at giving to the big banks? Which aspect of the Medicare payment system did your look at giving to the big But more than that, the best guide to future behaviour is past behaviour. Under the Liberal Party, made
there will be $4 billion - they've made decisions to take $4 billion out of Medicare and medicines over the budget period. That's what Mr Turnbull's plan for Medicare is. Privatisation and $4 billion taken out of Medicare porf the forward estimate period.

estimate period. - - over the forward estimate period. What we have seen is an attack on Medicare step by step. Now they want Australians to believe it's all over. It doesn't wash. Happy to take questions.(SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY) I have been very clear about this. behaviour
Just as the best mark of future behaviour is past behaviour, the best guide to that in terms of Medicare, I'd apply that proposition to the plebiscite. We have seen the incapacity of members of the Coalition to have a respectful debate when it comes to marriage equality. We have seen what Mr Christensen has said, seen what Cory Bernardi has said. They debate on
are not able to have a respectful debate on this. A plebiscite was proposed not because the Liberal Party decided they want to progress this issue. A plebiscite was proposed because the Liberal Party decided they couldn't progress this issue because members of the hard right of the Liberal Party were too angry about it and Malcolm Turnbull tapped the mad. After saying to everybody he didn't support a plebiscite, he's tapped the mat and given in to a Abetz, Bernardi and Christensen. .Will Labor block legislation in the Senate setting one up?I have seen the Liberal Party trying to make this the focus. If marriage equality is your focus, vote Labor because what we are saying to people is we will do what needs to be done. A Labor Prime Minister, Mr Bill Shorten, will present a Bill to the House of Representatives to make marriage equality law.Will you block or pass -Have you seen the bill? No-one has seen the bill. No-one has seen the bill. This has been a proposition that the Liberal Party attention off
have been trying to use to take attention off Malcolm Turnbull's capitulation to the right, his capitulation on this important issue. LGBTI Australians everywhere are so disappointed he has capitulated on this issue because we understand what it means. They are trying to get attention away from his capitulation by trying to talk about what happens after the election on a bill they haven't even drafted. This has been Liberal Party policy from prior to the time it
Mr Turnbull knocked off Mr Abbott, it dates back to Mr Abbott's prime ministership. No bill yet somehow they want to talk about what happens after the election. This election will be about Medicare, it will be a referendum on Medicare, universities
on schools, on hospitals, on universities and it will be a people's vote on marriage equality. If you elect a Labor Government, we will deliver it.Back on Medicare, despite what may have been looked at in the past, the Prime Minister allegation.
categorically denied the allegation. It is a little bit sneaky for Labor Party to continue to the claim.What's sneaky is a Liberal leader before the last election telling people no cuts to health, no cuts to education. Then conducting them. What is sneaky is the Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, now expecting us to all take him on faith that somehow, despite the actions of the government attacking Medicare, setting up task force, setting up Productivity Commission inquiries, obviously looking at whether the big banks can take up an aspect of the Medicare system. did
Which bit of the Medicare system to
did Mr Turnbull's government want to give to the banks? He should answer that question. What's sneaky to
is doing all that and then saying to everybody "We are cutting 4 billion out of Medicare and medicines but trust us now, we really love it".The Prime Minister said no change to Medicare. He even put a full stop in there.Isn't the have
question the Prime Minister "Why have you done what you've done?". Actions speak louder than words. Your actions as leader and Cabinet Minister have been to attack Medicare, to open the door to privatisation. The work of the priority.
taskforce you described as a high priority. These are the actions of the Prime Minister he wants you all to forget about and focus on his