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Sixty Minutes -

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This program will be and welcome to 60 Minutes.
Good evening a sporting moment like it -
There has never been Mick Fanning
Australian surfing legend during a surfing contest,
attacked by a great white shark all captured on live TV. Mick disappeared from view,
For an agonising nine seconds, to see who or what would emerge
and the world held its breath struggle.
from this life-and-death Mick Fanning has been reflecting
Since he's returned home, and as he tells Peter Stefanovic,
on his great escape, of the nightmares that haunt him.
trying to make sense might think is completely mad -
Mick's also done what many in the water.
he's gone straight back

It's a cool Saturday dawn, what he's done most of his life,
and Mick Fanning is doing getting ready to go surfing. things are different.
But this time, so it's like,
It's been almost a week now, to get moving again.
OK, it's time the worse it'll get.
The longer you leave something, is it the fear?
What is it that pulls you back - Um, yeah. There's definitely the fear. of the unknown, you know -
I guess it's the fear like that coming.
like, you can't see something a mental hurdle there...
Because there is Oh, yeah, definitely. So how big is it? like...ah...I don't know...
Um, but judging by...it was Three metres. Three-metre hurdle?
Three metres? Yeah. Thanks.
Good luck. Should we hug? You'll be right.
You'll be right, mate. Alright. Alright. from his mum, Liz,
A reassuring hug back into the water.
and Mick Fanning heads world surfing champion,
Mick is a three-time our best of the modern era, most important surf of his life.
but this could be the

I must say, I am anxious, yeah. that he's gone in the water
But also very happy for him so quickly, yeah. I didn't expect it, really. behind Mick Fanning.
Therein lies the determination Absolutely. um, you know,
He's such a strong man and, and never give in,
the motto is never give up straight back in there,
and he hasn't - he's just gone and I'm so happy for him. And it's a beautiful sight.

your thoughts on sharks?
Prior to a week ago, what were You know they're out there. into their domain.
You know you're going but you never think...
You're always worried about 'em, you're going to see one,
You always think anywhere near it.
but you're not going to be to get away.
You'll have the time And now? Sort of the same - a little bit more.
just I look over my shoulder on Fanning's first ride.
Let's see what unfolds Drives up into the lip... It was Sunday, July 19, shoulder at anyone or anything.
and Mick wasn't looking over his and tucking into the barrel.
Mick Fanning is up again to maximize his time
Holding the wall of that wave behind the curtain. He was flying down the line surfing contest
at the famous Jeffreys Bay in the form of his life. a lot to give
This wave still has and Fanning has a clean arc.

at the right time -
I felt like I was peaking I was...I was really excited,
body was feeling good and, yeah, you know? a big number on the board,
Fanning's about to put on the inside...
as this wave starts to stand up And you weren't to know literally fight for your life.
that you were about to Yeah, they... didn't tell me that.
the beach guy That wasn't part of the plan. part of the plan.
No, definitely wasn't Yeah, it was just...yeah, like, waiting for a wave,
I was out there here it happened.
and then sure enough,

the great white struck -
Seconds into the final,

so sudden, so shocking, so real.

like, my board was sideways
Like, the shark just came - like that,
and the shark just came right there.
and it was, like, was right there,
The main dorsal fin and I could see the side fin, from grey to white
and I could see where it goes and that was when I was like, this is really, really bad."
"Uh-oh, yeah, this is,

of the white pointer.
So you saw the white Yeah. Definitely, yeah. And so did the rest of the world. to an international audience,
These pictures were beamed live at home on the Gold Coast.
including Mick's mum, Liz,

go boom and I was just stunned.
I just immediately felt my heart what I was seeing,
I just couldn't believe and we couldn't see him,
and then when that wave came I definitely thought he'd gone.

at that moment.
It's hard to imagine Liz's agony in a car accident 17 years ago.
She'd already lost one son, Sean, to lose one son.
A mother's worst nightmare, Did you think, "Not again!"? Yes, I definitely did. can't be this cruel."
I thought, "The universe

For nine agonizing seconds, of the attack.
a wave blocks everyone's view behind that wall of water.
Only Mick knows what happened

the wave went down
So what people didn't see when is that it came back again, just where you were,
and my board was, like, trying to reach for it
and I was, like, on top of my board, then...
because I knew, if I was at that stage?
So you were off the board and it just came straight past
I was off the board, yeah, and I didn't know what to do,
and it was, like, right there, to punch it or whatever
so I just sort of...just thought in between the main dorsal fin
and, um, just punched it and the side fin. Was that instinct that took over? For sure.
Oh, definitely. and that's when I like...
I knew it was coming, and my leash finally broke
when it dragged me away, I was swimming back to shore.
I started swimming, like, Get out of there immediately.
COMMENTATOR: Get them out. Mick powers for the shore, he can out-swim a shark
but then realises there is no way and confront his attacker.
so decides to turn

keep swimming that way,
I was like, hang on, if you just from behind -
then it can just come you won't even see it. and I was like, well,
So that's when I turned around if I can see my feet, time to make a decision
so I've got at least that much on what to do, as high as I could in the water.
and I was just trying to get

right at that point?
How alone did you feel Oh, so alone. this is me or it, pretty much.
It was like...yeah, But help was on its way. was charging towards Mick,
The water safety and opponent, Julian Wilson.
and so, too, his good mate

With respect to Julian, that you would do what he did,
most people would like to think swim towards a mate in danger. If the roles were reversed, the same thing?
do you think you would have done Oh, who knows? I hope I would, for sure. these stories.
You always talk about you'll be the heroic one,
You talk about, I guess, yeah, and all these sort of things, until you're in that moment,
but you don't know and you have no idea. that I would go after him,
You know, I would like to think for sure. without a scratch.
Mick was rescued could believe it.
No-one out on the water Did you get some teeth?
Did you see some teeth? I didn't see the teeth.
I just saw fins. a couple of punches in?
Did you get I punched it in the back, yeah.

gave way to shock
Soon, the euphoria of survival and raw emotion... I'm somehow perfectly fine. on the faces of his
..when he saw the impact friends on the shore. Mate... Mate...

- that's when it kicked in.
And they had tears in their eyes "Oh, wow."
That's when I was like, That set you off. and I was done.
Yeah, that set me off, What did you do that evening? Did you sink a few beers? Did you go and have a big dinner? What did you do? and drunk a lot of beers,
Um, cooked a big barbie a celebration dinner,
and pretty much had, like, you know. Like, a friend of mine was like, "but you're still here,"
"Oh, it was like a wake you know, so... You were celebrating life. dinner never tasted so good.
It was...yeah, you know,

with his mates
Mick flew back to Australia to get back to his family.
but couldn't wait well, it's obvious, actually,
It seems to me that... that you two are very close, reinforce that closeness?
and does an event like this Yeah. of the years we've had
And it also makes me think without Sean, during that time
and how we really stuck together and how beautiful it's been - our family now, especially me,
only the one thing about is that I'm much more anxious. back here?
How nice was the reunion, Mick, Yeah, it was it was good. extended hugs.
Normally, I don't do the long, that one, for sure.
But I was happy to take It was pretty long.
Yeah. He's a really good hugger. he puts his head on my shoulder
You know, he really does, and really I feel it. and it's beautiful.
I feel like a mother, I love his hugs. I always feel very close to him. in Mick's life is the ocean.
The other great constant

his sanctuary since he was four,
It's been his playground and but right now, straightforward as it once was.
going surfing isn't as

I guess when something like this you're in your own mind, on you.
and your mind can play tricks Your mind can...you know, or stuff like that.
turn shadows into demons have like different self-doubts,
And then and then you sort of with that?
and, like, why did I get away Have you had nightmares? Yeah, I've had nightmares, yeah. Are you getting help? Um... for sure.
Yeah, I'm going to seek help, to deal with it.
I think it's the only way

as it might seem,
And as unbelievable since the attack,
on his very first surf and races back to shore.
Mick sees a fin like, we caught one wave,
We're sitting on the ski and, and then we sort of looked,
and we're sitting on there, a tiny little fin.
and we just saw You wouldn't believe that. Yeah, I swear to god.
You're kidding me? Oh, it's alright, come on. It's alright. Oh, it was that funny. It was a full shark, eh. one shark, mate,
Well, you've beaten off you can beat off another one. Yeah. it's probably like a...
I don't know - in these waters, there he is. Straight out. I just saw it. Just directly straight out. surfers must contend with -
Sharks aren't the only dangers there's also waves like this.

is justifiably regarded
Teahupo'o, in Tahiti, on the planet,
as the heaviest wave and it's where Mick is heading tour.
for the next stop on the world

you're ready to compete?
Do you do you feel like couple of weeks, yeah, for sure.
Not right today, but give me a things where you just...
You know, it's one of those on the horse, you know.
you've got to get back it's the way you react to them
Things happen all the time, and on what they actually mean,
that sort of defines and yeah, I'm going. I'm sure I'll be fired up.
I'm going to Chopes, and, yeah, That always really frightens me. and sit in that channel.
I will never go to Teahupo'o I wouldn't want her to.

fourth title this year?
Do you think he'll get his Yes. to the three prior?
And how would that one stack up This'll be the best. And he deserves it. How proud of Mick are you? What can I say? He's a beautiful boy. beautiful human beings
He's one of the most about him.
and that's what I love that's why I love him so much.
He's just a beautiful man and and I'm very proud of that.
He's an absolute credit


Is that alright? like, listening to that.
It's sort of hard, sort of hard, I'm not one for compliments. No, you're not. You're not. Thank you.

about tonight's show
You can join the conversation by using the hashtag #60mins. Coming up - lying there with tubes and...
My beautiful little girl was

This family was left heartbroken overdosed on ecstasy.
when 17-year-old Gemma It is hard. She was scared of police. down their tablets.
Kids see sniffer dogs so they Multiple tablets. to call off the dogs.
Now, the controversial pull

to call off the dogs.
Now, the controversial push you're saving lives?
Do you believe Yes, I do. to partygoes.
And offer pill testing You bought it as ecstasy? Yep. It's too much. Saving lives... of people ignores the law,
Just because this group should change?
does that mean the law Or endorsing drug use. it's not a very good law,
Well, if a law doesn't work, is it? That's next on 60 Minutes.

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How about that? (DOG YAPS) (BARKS)
MAN: I'm happy with that. That's done.
Oh, mate. Time for a beer.
Looks fantastic. (BARKS)
Good work. WOMAN: I told you to tie him up!
Come on! WOMAN: Try turning it more! How's that? Good evening,
and welcome to television. You're a legend! MAN: That's it, boys. Come on.
Let's go, let's go, let's go. VOICEOVER: From the original
brothers who did to all those who do... Well done, brother. ..here's to having a go.

This program is not captioned. Welcome back to 60 Minutes. you'd regard as a drug addict.
Gemma Thoms was not what She was quite the opposite. and conscientious,
At 17, Gemma was energetic was cut short
but her promising young life at a Perth music festival.
after taking ecstasy Gemma's story is not unusual
The added tragedy is that occurrence -
and it seems an all-too regular a teenager killed by ecstasy 'party drugs'.
or another of the so-called drug strategy is not working,
Clearly, Australia's but there is another way. and the threat of jail -
Forget sniffer dogs is focused on one thing,
in Europe, a radical approach saving young lives. helping party goers find out
And that means before they take them.
exactly what's in the drugs confronting, but it is working.
Pill testing might seem A dance party in Vienna, Austria, anywhere in the world.
but it could be for many here,
The reality is that, are part of their night.
Ecstasy and other party drugs

How do you test the drug?
How does this work? no-one will die at this party
But the chances are high that their drugs tested
because they can have right next to the dance floor. OK.
I got ecstasy. is a tiny scraping.
All that is required for the test The police stay away to have their drugs checked,
to encourage the young partygoers in a mobile lab outside.
which is done and drugs counsellor Karl Kociper
Chemist Rainer Schmidt run this program in Vienna, by the city's health department.
paid for We see drug taking as a fact. So we want to promote safer use, on their side.
but the decision is always The test takes about 30 minutes, by informing the user
30 minutes that could save a life they're about to take.
exactly what helps people decide
So a program like this or not to take them?
whether to take them a lot more
Yeah, I think it decides has knowledge about stuff
because when someone for his own what to do.
then he can decide it on a noticeboard.
The results are posted what you thought it did.
White means your pill contains other drugs in it.
Yellow means there are or highly dangerous.
Red means it's unknown you're saving lives?
Do you believe Yes, I do.

you can give to people,
I think the more information to make their own decisions,
the more they are free

this is always a good thing.
and I think to make free decisions
But should they be able that has been outlawed,
over something something that's illegal?

I think yes to prevent people
because drug laws were invented from using drugs. Did they do that? No. and years and years and years
There are these laws for years and nothing has changed.

any intention of dying that day?
Do you think that she had

No, absolutely not.

February 1, 2009. is on her way
Perth teenager Gemma Thoms dance festival.
to the Big Day Out Did you worry or did you think that day?
that she might try drugs there

It didn't cross my mind go and take ecstasy,
that she was gonna actually that's for sure, mm.

Peta Davies, didn't know
But what Gemma's mum, already taken one ecstasy pill
was her daughter had she had two more in her pocket.
at home and she panicked
At the venue, Gemma's friends say patrolling with sniffer dogs
when she heard that police were the other two pills at once.
and swallowed and my beautiful little girl
I walked into the hospital out of her mouth, and...
was laying there with tubes absolute, complete shock.
I was in shock,

It is hard....

and stepdad Paul
Gemma's stepsister, Eden, were with Peta as Gemma died. she'd taken
The three ecstasy pills were always going to kill her how strong they were.
because Gemma had no idea any understanding
Do you think that she had of the risk she was taking?

she was going to die from it.
No, there's no way she thought Gemma wasn't that kinda person - she had a great job,
she loved life, she was excited for the future. There's absolutely no way.

Don't do drugs. Period.
What is the message in Australia? Not at all.
Is that message being heard?

is an Australian toxicologist
Dr David Caldicott and emergency room physician of what ecstasy
who has witnessed the worst and other similar drugs can do. The deaths are terrible. keep me awake at night
The deaths are what generally,
because the deaths involve, and it's all around us,
extraordinarily young people

it's happening all the time, public think
and if the Australian general they're deluding themselves.
that it's a minority,

David says ignores reality
our current drugs policy so called recreational drugs
because it lumps substances, like ice and heroin.
in with much more dangerous

substances, like ice and heroin.
in with much more dangerous of priests telling young people
This is the equivalent not to have sex. a stunning misunderstanding
It represents of adolescent psychology.

that the very presence of police
Do you accept in fact,
at some of these parties will, of that drug taking riskier?
make the behaviour so they down their tablets,
Kids see sniffer dogs, multiple tablets. as a premise.
Well, I don't accept that Tony Cooke of the NSW Drug Squad
Detective Superintendent

rejects any notion drug enforcement policy,
that Australia's current with sniffer dogs
targeting dance festivals and the threat of prosecution, from ecstasy and the like.
might be contributing to deaths that these drugs are illegal
We very clearly tell people and they are a criminal offence, to enforce the law.
and we will continue The authorities believe to take these drugs,
that it's against the law there are sniffer dogs there,
that there are police patrolling, to keep them safe.
that's what's there

But it hasn't, has it? It's not going to stop it.
It hasn't stopped it. And today, the consequences.
A mistake, that's all it was.

Just in the last 12 months, of high-profile deaths
there's been a spate taking ecstasy at dance parties.
of young people after have been hospitalised.
Dozens more of critics believe
Peta Davies and a growing number police in an impossible position.
Australia's drugs policy puts What priority is saving lives? a significant priority.
That's obviously

Yes, yes, it is.
Is it the main priority? achieving the main priority,
So, currently, we're not are we? still engage in the behaviour,
Well, unfortunately, some people of their own volition, of outcomes.
which has the most terrible But to characterise that aren't concerned
by saying that police is absolutely incorrect.
with saving lives

Ingjard van der Heide when she died,
is the same age as Gemma was where every major city here
but she lives in Holland, pill-testing centre.
has a state-sanctioned I brought one pill. Yeah, I bought it as ecstasy.
You bought it as ecstasy?

Like about 70% of ecstasy users occasionally,
Ingjard only takes the drug

for her to want to find out
and that's even more reason exactly what she's taking. to take for your bodyweight?
Do you know how much you need I know, because I am a woman, for each kilogram I have.
I can get 1 to 1.5mg of MDMA tell me about it.
The pill that you've just tested, It is a very high-dose pill. and length, it's too much.
For a girl with her weight So she needs to be aware of it. your behaviour, if at all?
How does that change or a half, and then we will see,
I will just take a quarter one pill at one moment.
but no, I will never take That's too much. It always is. because they've been warned?
Are they adapting their usage Yeah, definitely. are of the high contents
They know what the consequences of drugs. Holland's Trimbos Institute,
Ninette van Hasselt is with program for more than 20 years.
which has run the pill-checking the difference
How would you describe in The Netherlands
in drug takers here and those in Australia? What fascinates me is that people are taking drugs
if you look at ah the way in Australia when they go out very much concerned
is that they're not on what they take, of the real contents
because they don't have an idea and they're less informed
of what they're taking of the different drugs.
on the consequences So it's a wild night out.

of the pill-testing program
One of the greatest fears it sanctions drug-taking
is that, by its very existence, will start using illegal drugs.
and so, therefore, more people Well, here in Austria, operating for nearly two decades,
where the program has been the opposite is true. who've had their drugs tested,
Studies show that, of those take them,
a third say they will no longer and if the results prove dodgy, off them too.
they'll warn their friends

that venues
We know for a fact or drug checking,
which offer pill checking take pills.
it changes the way young people in the use of ecstasy,
With Australia topping the world has been lobbying
Dr David Caldicott for us to follow Europe's lead - have their pills tested,
to let young people before it kills them.
to know what they're taking at the moment
The way we're dealing with drugs who've already decided
doesn't work for people to use drugs, to engage at a different level.
and what we have to try to do is group of people ignores the law,
But just because this should change?
does that mean the law

it's not a very good law, is it?
Well, if a law doesn't work, of just saying no,
And the message that's terrible and it's killing people and it needs to stop now.
and it needs to stop

for a group of people,
Do you accept that, and your other message,
the message of don't take drugs, is just not being heard,
that they're dangerous, that they don't believe you? And that's disappointing.
Unfortunately, yes. So, can you see a day in Australia?
when there might be pill checking Well, no, I don't think so. tacit support of drug use.
That, to me, would be

to be a statistic.
No young person deserves

the overwhelming majority
But the truth is, do so only for a few years.
of young people who take ecstasy For them, it is a phase. but a phase nonetheless.
A dangerous phase,

particular group of consumers
We know for a fact that this functional users,
are people who will probably be they are taxpayers,
so they're not impaired, become captains of industry,
many of them will, in the end, to keep them alive, you know,
probably, and our job is to try the space of time
time in which they use drugs.
while shortening the space of we're condoning drugs at all,
It doesn't mean for our kids to be safe.
it's just another way saved her life, do you think?
Would pill checking have I can only image
I can only imagine now, then I'd be able to have
that if it was in place how can you not want to do that?
my beautiful daughter back and

it's not a good thing?
How can you, how can they say It's not just my daughter - and sons.
it's other people's daughters that's gone that could be here.
And it's a life, a life

show you can find us on Facebook.
To have your say about tonight's

Still to come... some 20 years ago,
When 60 Minutes interviewed you meant to be in politics."
you said then, "I know I'm not What changed? From cricketing hero... Pakistan win the World Cup.
COMMENTATOR: A magnificent performance. To political superstar.

I mean, this is just that four-wheel-drive,
Imran Khan is in

that mass of people.
somewhere under is Pakistan's great hope.
Imran Khan Who likes Imran Khan? tormented by terrorists.
Fighting for a nation by doing what you do?
Is your life threatened here, false sense of security
We have this that we will live forever. his country?
Can this sports star win over If life was fair in Pakistan, minister a very long time ago.
he would have been prime And survive the revolution. come in the way
You do not let the fear of death is your mission in life.
of what you believe That's next on 60 Minutes.

This program is not captioned. Pull up alongside him.

Ohh! Get off the road, mate! VOICEOVER: The all-new
Nissan NP300 Navara.

MAN: Yeah? Think you might've
dropped something.

What are they doing, Grandpa? They're in retirement. People did it when I was a boy. Talk to MLC
or one of our advisors about how we can work together
to save your retirement.

This program is not captioned. You have a baby on the way. Oh! Yes!

You have to keep talking about
your feelings.

You have nits. You ALL have nits.

You have breast cancer.

You have excellent results here.

You have to stop smoking.

You've lost a great man.

We have quite the journey
ahead of us. VOICEOVER: The good GP is with the Royal Australian College of
General Practitioners because the good GP
never stops learning.

This program is not captioned. about Imran Khan
There was a lot to like when he played cricket. He was a fiery fast bowler captain for his beloved Pakistan.
and of course an inspirational He was busy off the field, too. with the ladies.
A very handsome hit since his retirement
In the 20 years Imran's popularity has soared.
from international sport, he never would.
But he's become what he said A politician. Pakistan's next prime minister.
He's now in line to become could well do with his help.
And it's a country that that the terrorists,
We've all just got to hope don't kill him first.
or his political opponents,

It's an incredible sight. are waiting for their hero,
Thousands of Pakistanis Imran Khan.

at a sell-out concert,
Like a rock god arriving into frenzy.
Imran's flyover whips them

his motorcade is mobbed.
On the ground,

the fanatical masses follow.
Wherever he moves,

Imran Khan is in that car
This is just extraordinary, that mass of people.
somewhere under

as a cricketing great,
We know Imran Khan weren't even born
but most of these fans and taking wickets.
when he was making runs

Pakistan win the World Cup.
He's got it, A magnificent performance... as a politician,
Instead, they know and adore him opposition party, PTI.
the leader of Pakistan's their next prime minister.
They hope he'll be

playing cricket?
Yeah, well you know when I was There were crowds, because of politics
but the crowds now I'd ever experienced.
is way beyond anything

it's interesting,
Imran, you know, interviewed you
because when 60 Minutes some 20 years ago, meant to be in politics."
you said then, "I know I'm not What changed?

I began to realise after a while who's blessed with everything,
that, if someone like me who doesn't need anything
who has everything, from these people,
and has so much love the rest of my life
should I just spend and having a very easy life?
living off cricket and make a difference?
Or should I try

'making a difference'
But there's every chance will kill him. They're on the roof as well. of the most dangerous countries
Pakistan has long been one on the planet. Afghanistan.
And it's next door to another -

but the biggest risk for Imran
There's no shortage of threats, the corridors of power.
actually comes from within are endemic in Pakistan.
Political assassinations by doing what you do?
Is your life threatened here

brought out a statement
Well, the interior ministry the prime minister and I
that I was the top two target, were the top two main targets. You laugh about that? we have this,
Well, the point is I mean, sense of security
somehow we have this false we live forever. Everyone has to die. It's an un-nerving thought. he's a prized target.
Whenever you're with Imran of Pakistan politics.
But that's the brutal reality the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif,
Imran's main rival is two years ago.
who only just won the election

rigged and is now challenging it.
Imran Khan says the vote was you can run this country?
Do you think prime minister?
That you can become everyone else in this country
I think I'm more equipped than who's been prime minister.

the current prime minister,
Sharif, and each time he comes,
this is the third time, the country gets poorer.
him and his family get rich,

The stronghold of Imran's party north-west,
is in Pakistan's perilous in Peshawar,
and today, he's campaigning which, for the past decade, in the war on terror.
has been a frontline Imran Khan he's our man! is dangerous.
Here, even a simple school visit

the charismatically cool Imran
Especially when at security give way to chaos.
arrives and all attempts

Michael, how are you? It's good to see you. I'm going to follow you in. just up the road,
A few months ago, were slaughtered by the Taliban.
138 young school students

to this all-girls school
So today's visit to the terrorists.
is Imran's bulletproof rebuke

isn't it?
This is important, though, in this area
Because you have forces educated.
that don't want to see girls you know, the few.
Yeah, that's true, but that's, war on terror, which you know,
It's linked with this more fanaticism, you know?
which has just caused

who pose a dilemma for Imran he now controls politically.
because they operate in areas

to a Peshawar mosque
This is what they did earlier this year. who shot but failed to kill
And they're the same terrorists Malala Yousafzai.
outspoken school girl

their violence,
Imran doesn't condone but he does deal with them.

Terrorism became a threat to join the American war of...
when our government decided War on Terror. Taliban Khan.
Your critics have called you negotiating with the Taliban
Do you believe that you should be to try and fix this problem? to deal with it
There was only one way a political solution.
and that was Imran Khan doesn't flinch
Like pollies everywhere, at criticism for votes.
and doesn't stop touting toured a police training centre,
In one day with him, we held four press conferences,
he took radio talk-back calls, a live national TV interview...

for this whole province,
This hospital will cater as well as Afghanistan. cancer hospital he's building
..and showed us the new dedicated to his mother. a male-dominated,
And despite this being of Pakistan,
ultra-conservative corner the other 50% of his electorate.
Imran doesn't forget training to be commandos
Showing off these women to secure the female vote.
is a sure-fire way Do you think your husband, Prime Minister of this country?
do you think Imran, can be in Pakistan,
I think that if life was fair if there was justice,
if there was a, a very long time ago.
he would've been Prime Minister over is his new wife, Reham Khan.
One female Imran has already won here in Pakistan and in the UK,
A popular TV presenter six months ago.
she married the superstar Imran a partnership here
You're coming into in this country,
that is very powerful that is going to thrust you
you're buying into a marriage straight into the spotlight here. and I responded
And I thought about that his sudden proposal,
when he came out with why would I want to do that?
and I said Do you realise who you are? about the freedom,
I was a bit concerned my hard-earned freedom to compromise it.
and whether I wanted all of your wonderful charisma
So then I'm presuming with proposal that you made?
that it was a charming, romantic Well, let's not go into that. a fairly quick decision.
But it was Had he gone down on his knee you know very typically charming
or done something sort of or romantic, responded very positively.
I probably wouldn't have Australian man, OK?
Well, you haven't seen the I have, I have... hold on...
I have, oh, no, hold on, I've lived in Australia! is clouded by my experience
My judgement of Australian men with Australian cricketers. romantic,
So they're not particularly they're very straightforward. not romantic with you,
I'm glad to hear they were comforting to hear that.
so that, it was pretty the direct approach
But yes, I prefer means business.
because I felt the man the Australian approach.
Let's call it The Australian approach. right so, it was...
The Australian approach, This is what I'm thinking... let's do it.
This is what I'm thinking, Ah, yes. As a divorced mother of three, face of women in Pakistan.
Reham represents the changing role as a potential first lady.
She's quickly settled into the He's only seven years old to cannabis.
and had been addicted politically savvy as her husband.
And with his help, is proving as that Imran's given me
The best advice we say it's, you know,
is that, you know, in cricket well played... Well left, well left. Well left. So I... do not have to play every ball!
I keep telling her that you

of his secure hilltop mansion,
But walking the grounds the 62-year-old knows ahead, courting the military,
he has major political challenges political leaders in Pakistan,
who make or break and winning mass support, poorest.
and that means Pakistan's

in the capital, Islamabad.
This is a slum live below the poverty line,
Half of all Pakistanis these people a water pump
and when Imran bought they cheered him.
as an election sweetener, Who likes Imran? All of you? two years ago,
But it stopped working and hasn't been fixed. Did you vote for Imran Khan? for Imran Khan
Yes, last election I voted but he did nothing for us. He didn't do anything for you? No. end up becoming refugees
Some of Pakistan's poorest heading our way. he'd have firm words
If he were Prime Minister Khan,

also end up having
Remember, these desperate people to contribute to society
the greatest drive and they want to make something,
because they have nothing of the immigrant,
so there's a certain philosophy and the much more laid back,
where he works much harder with their lives.
comfortable people policy to have at the moment?
Do you believe that's an inhumane I do feel it's an inhumane one.

not foreign policy,
But more votes, is Imran's focus now. when people in this country
I've always waited for the day and want to change.
would rise up there's time for one last rally.
And as the sun sets, (SPEAKS URDU)

few days with Imran Khan,
At the end of a claustrophobic we board his plane. rocket attacks at this airport,
There have been a dozen to avoid becoming a target.
so we take off with no lights, When it's safe, and none of its un-nerving
the lights come on confident captain Imran Khan,
when you're sitting to the calm, to smash his opponents for six.
who's still determined Is it worth dying to make change? Yes, the question is yes. you're going to die anyway.
I mean, going to die sooner or later.
One thing's for certain, you're I'm 62. come in the way
You do not let the fear of death is your mission in life.
of what you believe

Up next... Isn't that amazing? on a very personal mission.
..this Aussie doctor a parent with a child
I know what it's like to be with a problem. Donating his own time... to wriggle.
And the heart will start There it goes. ..to fix broken hearts. in the world.
Yes, I'm the happiest mum of seeing that.
I never get tired That's next on 60 Minutes.

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Welcome back. Can there be any greater gift to save a child's life?
than the ability it must be
And what a special feeling to do it over and over again. like doing it so much,
A team of Aussie medicos and pay their own way
they willingly give up their time to fix kids with broken hearts.
to go to countries like Fiji

beats and beats and beats,
It's remarkable it just every day. is a truly wonderful sight,
The beating heart of a baby but seeing it this close seriously wrong.
means there's something

doctors and nurses from Australia
Thankfully, though, 40 volunteer to make things better.
have come to Suva

Without them, would survive beyond ten.
none of these young patients but do you enjoy this?
Silly question, Very much. Very, very much. It's wonderful. finest cardiothoracic surgeons
Ian Nicholson is one of the in the world his bit to help.
and he's proud to do doing bad things to each other
We seem to spend so much time a few good things.
and you know why not do you applauded.
Like Erin Leahy on Facebook,

And Yvonne Cowin agreed.

In less than a week, Open Heart International
the team from saved 30 young lives a very crowded recovery ward
and that meant full of smiling parents and kids. in the world.
Yes, I'm the happiest mum own broken heart
But it was Ian Nicholson's that touched everyone. a parent with a child
I know what it's like to be with a problem to be an answer.
and there doesn't appear The problem being? Ah, my son's got autism. So...

to talk about?
You...you find that hard Australian of the Year,
Many of you wanted to make him but on Facebook, Debbie Jones, university, summed him up best.
who remembered Ian from

Open Heart International,
If you want to help out the details are on our website. We'll be back in just a moment.

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Welcome back to the program. A few weeks ago, the vastly different outcomes
we told you about of two Australian diggers bomb attack in Iraq in 2004.
who were injured in a roadside

was severely physically wounded
Lieutenant Garth Callender but eventually fully recovered.
by the massive explosion

Trooper Matt Millhouse
On the other hand, so much as a scratch,
emerged without has become a silent killer.
but the concussion he suffered

with an incurable brain injury
This is Matt today, stricken and early onset dementia. the bomb going off?
Hey, Matt, can you remember When Garth got badly injured? Every second. I can remember every second. (INAUDIBLE) big story. Now, scientists Institute in Queensland,
at the Translational Research at Harvard University,
with help from researchers a ground breaking study
have announced when human brains are exposed
into what happens experienced in bomb attacks.
to repeat concussions, like those hundreds of times more powerful
Using scanning machines than regular MRIs, some soldiers end up with PTSD,
they're hoping to discover why dementia,
depression, or as in Matt's case, while others escape unharmed.

faced by our defence personnel,
They hope to reduce the risks have benefits for anyone
but their research will also who plays contact sport. We wish the researchers well on progress with the study.
and will keep you updated for tonight.
And that's our program I'm Ross Coulthart. Goodnight. ai-media.tv
Live captioning by Ai-Media