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Abbott slams flood tax.


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(generated from captions) Dr Ltif, thank you for joining us

this morning.. this morning.

on the Prime Minister's flood levy. has stepped up his attack Liberal leader Tony Abbott

of using the flood disaster He's accused Julia Gillard with an extra tax. as a way to hit Aussies to ditch Ms Gillard Mr Abbott is urging Independent MPs and support his party. with the Prime Minister And says he would like to sit down joins us now in the studio. Opposition leader Tony Abbott Good morning to you, Mr Abbott. Morning, Andrew. MPs to withdraw their support You're calling upon the Independent

for the prime minister or rather withhold their support over the flood levy. so far? What has their reaction been Andrew, what I'm really doing to sit down with me is I'm asking the prime minister and negotiate $1.8 billion worth in a spirit of bi-partisanship we don't need this new tax grab. of additional savings because of the mining tax and the carbon tax I don't want a flood tax on top interest, and I think in the national in a spirit of national unity, should sit down the Prime Minister and I and find these extra savings. First things first. to do that The Prime Minister won't need and the Independents onboard. if she can get the Greens their thoughts are about it Do you have any indication of what

at the moment? is marshal a good argument Well, what I'm trying to do against this extra tax grab. are paying enough tax. I think Australians of Queensland and Victoria I think that the people have suffered enough yet another tax. without having to suffer in the emails that are coming to us It's interesting, you know, reflect this, and it seems most of the polls are against the levy roughly 75% of people at this stage anyway. are for the levy Many of our older viewers and they say in fact, of the Australian way, the levy is very representative in times of hardship. that you do dig into your pocket How do you respond to that? very generous to the flood victims. I think Australians have been of volunteers We have seen tens of thousands uncoerced to help their neighbours, just turning up, unasked, even know who have been in trouble. their friends, people who they don't Aussie spirit. I think that's the real pitches in to help. The real Aussie spirit It's not forced to by government. the Prime Minister is on about That's why I think what is the very opposite of mateship "Think again, Prime Minister." and I am saying, we can do this without this new tax. I'm prepared to work with you, business of promoting our Opposition So, Mr Abbott, I'm not in the by any means, question the other night but George Negus did ask a pertinent your time in government which was that you had supported five different levies. so different? And so what makes this levy Remembering, of course, surpluses to work with. that you had some fantastic a lot of fat in the budget now so... But then you do say there is ..that's the whole point, Andrew. There is fat in the Budget. But the Liberals had fat as well. surpluses, If there were these enormous and not this one? why did you support those levies our early years in government All of those levies were in black hole when we had the $10 billion to fill. that we had inherited Is that the paid parental scheme? cut Well, there's a 1.5% company tax burden on business so there will be no additional as a result of a better scheme. The prime minister would say subject to this levy that the most of the people being breaks in the last three years have indeed received tax back and so this is now just reaching in a time of need? and asking them to stump up Andrew, she would say that. will pay the tax, But the fact is that donors volunteers will pay the tax will pay the tax, and even many victims enormous damage people who have suffered haven't got the Centrelink pay out. but for one reason or another, you are very prepared Mr Abbott, you say that to sit down with the Prime Minister in the Budget. and find some extra savings how that works. It's going to be difficult to see This, from your perspective, to wedge the Prime Minister must be a golden opportunity to - you are critical of the levy, in the sense that returned by 2012-1013, but then if the surplus is not to do that as well. you'll be critical of the failure How does she win here? the Press Club on Thursday, Andrew, She admitted as much at in the Budget. that there was additional fat is more than $5.6 billion, She was asked if the cost will the levy go up. She said "No, we'll find savings."

the Prime Minister This was a clear admission from and that's where we should look. that there is fat in the Budget it saying that if it goes over, Is it an admission of fat or is to programs we will then have to dig in that we really don't want to do? billion budget, Well, I think in a $350 something there is always going to be you've got a very serious problem. that could be saved or deferred when is that I mean, the point I keep making off your house, if the roof has just blown the bathroom renovation you don't go ahead with in the Budget and there are a lot of things that arguably are not so urgent now. There is the Broadband network. on the school halls. They are still spending billions buy backs at a time like this Do we really need water when there is water everywhere. I think the Prime Minister and I There is a lot there that save Australians from this new tax. could sit down and talk about and Opening a can of worms there. I mean, how many programs which are beloved by many people or supported by many people and were at the last election, are we really going to defer or take apart... ..but Andrew... ..to meet our very present need? But, Andrew, the Prime Minister was able

to come up with some savings herself including ditching election promises like the cash for clunkers scheme. Always a bad promise. Nevertheless, she was able to come up with some cuts. I want to sit down with her in a spirit of national unity in a difficult time, and come up with an additional $1.8 billion worth of savings.

Let's face it, we don't need yet another new tax now particularly with the kind of pain

that the people of Queensland and Victoria are suffering. Well, I wish you the best of luck in that endeavour. It will be a real test of the new paradigm and thank you very much for joining us, Mr Abbott. Thanks, Andrew.

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