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Welcome back to this special edition of civil news on the NSW bushfire emergencies. Here is

edition of civil news on the NSW
bushfire emergencies. Here is the situation, more than 90 fires burning across the state. Mary are on contained. Emergency warnings in place for a major fire at Springwood in the Blue Mountains.

place for a major fire at
Springwood in the Blue Mountains. Hundreds of students were evacuated earlier. The High School was under threat of attack. A 65-year-old man has been killed while defending his home and leg minora. Firefighters are getting an upper hand on that fire. And number of homes have been destroyed. The latest area to flare up his Leppington in south-west Sydney. A watch and act warning is in place. A scrub fire is burning in that the Valley. More than 1,500 firefighters are battling the emergency. They are working so hard. Making the most in this slight break in the weather.

Two out of the three emergency warnings have been downgraded to watch and backed. The danger is real. Our reporter is at the headquarters of the

real. Our reporter is at the
headquarters of the Rural Fire Service. There are still an emergency for Linksview Road and Spring Wood. The fire is heading towards Winmalee and Spring Wood. That is the one emergency warning for that area. Pupils from the high-skill are now safe. We were talking earlier about a delay on the Great Western highway. It is likely to get worse and worse and worse. They are now considering closing the Great Western Highway entirely from 6pm tonight for four hours so that firefighters can get in there and attack that fire at Mount Victoria and get a handle on it, if not extinguish it entirely. The blockage will occur round about me and York. One lane of the Hume Highway -- Minch York. One lane of the Hume Highway is closed. Some time ago, all of the train lines in the south were closed. One train was held up. The fire has jumped the railway line and jumped the old Hume Highway. It has closed one lane south heading for Melbourne. We are not sure when that will be reopened. Four are very tired at fire fighters, 194 firefighters are coming in from other states. Some of them are on the ground and helping out already. Thank you for the update. We will check in again. Checking in with David Brown on the changing weather system. E de but he will be looking for some relief. -- everybody. Everyone is in this together. Locals and residents need all the help that they can get. This is what is left for so many people. This whole Winmalee area is the worst affected. I am joined by the mayor. Hello, Mark. You have spoken to the Prime Minister and the Premier. What sort of advice have the giving you?Both governments, federal and state, they will get involved and the sisters. This is a disaster and state relief is needed. Too much damage for local government to cope with. The council and is hoped. It is good to know we will get support.It it is declared a disaster area, cash will flow quicker.Resources and cash. We were told everyone was safe. I understand the high school was evacuated in the end?Yes. It came in very quickly. They are getting children to safety. The situation, as you know, is changing rapidly. The pace of the fire due to how dry the Bush is, the slight wind, it is unbelievable.Especially the children doing their exams. Heartbreaking.You have had support from other councils that have not been affected so badly.I spoke to the mayor of Penrith. Hands across the Nepean River. He has offered as resources. They have put resources in our hands. What a wonderful call. It also, Blacktown Cancel also helping us. Staff are volunteering. The calls have been fantastic.What do you do and Fiore do you start in terms of volunteering? People are picking their way through what is left of their homes every once in a while, you will see them stopping and crying. What can you do. Does? You have to let people know that they are not on their own. The government will stand behind them and supports them. The volunteer services, the department of community services, they will give them hope. We're not alone. It is a resilient community. A remarkable community. We have had bushfire as before but not as bad as this. We will come back. We are not alone. That is the key message will stop I saw a sign outside a primary school and has been sending all their love. Bold countries sending their support.We are not alone. -- the whole country is sending its love. There you go. A lot of help will be required. A lot of traffic. A lot of evacuation centres and they are not as crowded as last night. People are finding accommodation with friends and family. We have seen people walking down the street with baskets of food, drinks, bottles of water, masks. People are wandering through what is left of their home. It is very dusty. A lot of smoke in the air. People are wearing masks. It is helping. There is a community of support behind the people that have lost their homes. He especially in the Blue Mountains. So many people know each other. Let's get an update on the situation at spin that. -- Springwood. This is the only fire at emergency status. There is a lot of noise from aircraft. Firefighters are very busy. That emergency is a couple of kilometres from there. There has been a flared up around the Parade. We are all getting emergency messages about ember attacks. The fire has progressed into the area around St Columba's School. Firefighters are working their as we speak. School students are affected in a lot of different areas. A lot of children have been relocated. There are fears of ember attack. People are being urged to stay off the roads were possible and to put out spot fires where they can. Emergency assistance is what is needed for a lot of the people who have lost their homes in Winmalee. Dozens of homes have been lost. A very difficult day for a number of people. A lot of people have left because they cannot look at what is left. And I spoke to some of them to find out what they have made of this.And no warning. It happened so quickly.It was so intense and so dark. I could not see anything. Pitch-black and impossible to breathe.My kids have had their whole life here. What is sad for them is all of the memories. She has lost all of a school's staff. Photos of her as a baby. Everything.A house is nothing. We can rebuild. We will think -- start again.The commissioner and the Premier had been to the streets to see first hand what we're talking about. They have urged people not to focus on the losses but to think about the courageous successful work of the fire fighters. We have to look at the positives in this time. They have done a remarkable job and will continue to do so. We touched on the emergencies facing some schools. Students evacuated from hundreds of schools. Yesterday, at St Columba's School, the principle was so proud of his students. They have bunkered down. Everyone got out OK.

Everyone got out OK. This is the school -- the area but the 63-year- old man lost his life. What is the latest? That threat has eased this after noon. The sun has come out. There was some rain this morning. That has helped firefighters contain this fierce blaze. It has burn through around 1,500 hectare is of scrub and bushland. 63-year-old Walter Linder died while trying to

Walter Linder died while trying to
defend the property. They were using buckets of water to fend off the flames. When people checked on him last night, he had collapsed. He had suffered a heart attack. Paramedics rushed to the scene. They tried to revive him. He could not be saved. He died in hospital later. Many friends have come here to pass on their support to his partner. Everybody is upset. His dog has been wandering aimlessly around the property, no doubt looking for his owner. This is being called Black Friday here. Friends say that water will be sadly missed.Still in shock. -- Walter. The fire as well as losing a friend. It has not at home yet, I don't think. Water was an amazing man. Smart, funny, loved by all his friends. He loved living here. He lived on the form of his friend and his dog, which was his closest companion. He was concerned about other people before himself. I believe he was trying to save that shed because it is full of furniture that is not his. His home did survive the bullies yesterday afternoon, along with a number of properties. -- blaze. The threat has moved. Firefighters are working very hard in Chain Valley Bay. The what a bombing helicopter got snagged and power lines. -- water warming. The threat has eased. Temperatures have dropped. Firefighters are still facing incredible danger. Bag you very much, Amanda. -- thank you. Temperatures have eased in the Blue Mountains. I am on the Sydney side of the mountains in Winmalee. On the other side, Lithgow, Clarence, Mount Victoria. The situation there, you have been wandering around, you have heard remarkable stories. Incredible stories. This is St Georges parade. When you look at this house, you wonder how anyone would have survived. They did. They got out in the nick of time. I spoke to a bloke whose daughter and her boyfriend live in this home. Yesterday after learning, they tried to help them get out. The police were knocking on the door telling them they had to leave. Luckily they did. Within five-10 minutes, the fire came racing through. The home is destroyed. The cars that were in the fund chart are gone. There was an old ute that the boyfriend was doing up and it has also been destroyed. Heartbreaking stuff. When you look next door, this property, it is a loft-style home, it was designed by the owner, the owner was expecting bad news but when she got here, it is still standing. Unfortunately, the skylight at the front of the House melted and the embers cut into the house. That set the living room on fire. The rug burst into flames. Her books are gone and a piano is destroyed but they got most of the animals out. She cares for rescued animals and she managed to get most of them out. Some very scared possums in cages over there. She is very thankful. Seven other families in the street are also facing big rebuilds. Three other homes in mind Victoria under threat by this fire. It is still burning. The temperature is cooler. It is down to 15 or 16 degrees but the wind keeps coming and going.

It is exactly the same on this side of the mountains as well. Those gusts of wins, three and you can feel them pick up the embers and the ash. I want to show you very quickly, it is one thing to see houses, I did you get an idea of just how hot it was. But look at this car. This is just one of many a long the street. It is when you see a pile of metal that's all but unaltered to the ground, that you get an idea of how fast and furious and hot these fires were. -- unaltered to the ground. I have got some information coming through on the RFS website. The latest advice for Camden Valley Way, that fire at Leppington has been downgraded to Dubbo status of advice. The scrub fire burning near cow pasture Road and Camden Valley Way has now been officially downgraded. It is being actively controlled. Camden Valley Way is now open. That is some good news, and some important information

now open. That is some good news,
and some important information for people in the bushfires zones. You might want to take down these numbers, because they are very helpful. An emergency hotline has been set up by the RFS. That is the number to call if you are affected by the fires. The insurance Council has activated a disaster hot wind. They have called this a catastrophe. -- hotline. And the Salvation Army are always there. They have started an appeal for bushfire victims, with potentially hundreds of families who have lost their homes and possessions. If you can help, please give the Salvation Army Air Corps. Essential items are what they need right now to help families get back on their feet. You are watching a special edition of Seven News. We will be back with more from the bushfire disaster in just a moment.

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Welcome back. We will get an on the weather situation as firefighters continued to fight these blazes right around NSW. David Brown joins us. Hotter temperatures we know on the way, but they are worried about the wind?Well, I have got some good news. Temperatures are expected to rise again over NSW, especially Sunday into Monday. Having said that, the wind will not be as fierce as it has been, and in some further good news we will see higher relative humidity building as well, especially east of the Great dividing Range. Tomorrow, this is what we are expecting. It will be in the low to mid-twenties along the eastern seaboard. Humidity is still very high, with north-easterly wind freshening across the fire zones during the afternoon. On Sunday, the heat will build up in the western part of the state. But for the eastern seaboard, again, east to north-easterly winds keeping the humidity high and temperatures generally in the mid- to-high 20s. On Monday, some of that heat will head towards the eastern seaboard. We are looking at north-westerly winds getting up to 40km/h. It will be under Botha mid- 30s along most of the eastern seaboard by late Monday afternoon. But there is a change on the way, and it is a thundery change. It was weeping from Victoria later in the day, eventually bringing some rain to the mountains. -- it will sweep in. What we really need is 30 millimetres of rain or more, to put out the fires. And unfortunately there is no sign of that just yet. Yes, we could

there is no sign of that just yet. Yes, we could do with that. We were checking a bit later.Very strange year as well. The temperature has dropped in the last half-hour, and there is quite a fresh wind coming through. While much of the focus has been here in the Blue Mountains this afternoon, we should not forget fire crews battling to contain the blaze south of Sydney, which could pose a threat to the city's water supplies. This afternoon I am standing on Picton Road, which has been shut between Williton to the West End and Matt Bisley to the east. Between here and there, the fire is burning out of control, but we understand that no properties directly threatened. RFS brigades have done a magnificent job in at Yanderra, Barbara and Balmoral, bringing those fires down to a Watch and Act status.

bringing those fires down to a
have Watch and Act status. Firefighters
were kept busy during the night, keeping those blazes under control. One key task was back burning on the Hume Highway, which had been cut in both directions for many hours. This fire has burnt-out more than 8,000 hectors. The property damage has been slight, except for the House of one man, who lives in Yanderra. He was a motoring enthusiast, and most of his car collection has been destroyed, including a 1971 that money. But the Rural Fire Service managed

including a 1971 that money. But
the Rural Fire Service managed to save his house.Mate, when I looked out there, I saw the smoke, I had to get out. They wouldn't even let me take anything out of here. And I can understand why, I really can. Captain Ian Smith was brought out of retirement to lead the fight to help save his home.Badly damaged, yes. You can imagine the intensity of fire travelling at that speed across a big area. It has devastated the bushland. I guess there is a lot of work to do to contain it, somehow.While property damage has been limited, I can tell you that Endeavour Energy is very concerned about the possible impact of the fire on power lines leading to Sydney's water system. If those power lines go, that means there is no power to those dams, which mean There is no water. Which could add tremendously to this disaster. Thank you, Damien. Leading the Southern Highlands and heading north, firefighters on the NSW Central Coast appear to have fought off a major threat that at one stage threatened an entire town. Indeed Dawson fire, just south of Newcastle, it has been here at Catherine bay that has borne the brunt. Five structures have been destroyed, as many as three homes. A lot of these buildings, like the one behind me, have a great deal of historical value. It has brought a great deal of sadness to this part of the world. If we look over here, which is also on fire at the moment, a heritage war. This wharf is well known in this part of the world, formerly servicing the coal industry at Catherine Hill Bay. Firefighters are now trying to deal with the smouldering Wharf, and the challenges that presents. There have been, as I say, is some fine structures destroyed here at Catherine Hill Bay, but it is really remarkable that there were not more homes damaged. The village has been ringed by fires, as you look down the valley here you can see the black, still coming up very close to cottages and houses. The village was evacuated, so many people are actually at Swansea at the moment. They do not know exactly the fate of their homes. BT's an anxious wait for them. Also, as you look up the ridge here, you can see plenty of smoke coming from up there. That is continuing back burning efforts from firefighters to deal with this blaze. They really look as if they are on top of it. But the swirling wind has not helped today. They have had a lot of fire crews up there, a lot of back burning efforts. It looks like they have this one under control. Sadly, though, there has been damage year at Catherine Hill Bay.Thank you. Does firefighters have done an amazing job. I have got some breaking news coming in on the emergency warning here at Springwood in the Blue Mountains. Basically right through the valley, the next suburb, not even one kilometre from where I'm standing here in Winmalee. That fire has now progressed into the area around St Columba's School. We will have more details soon. That is what everybody has been keeping an eye on this afternoon. The fires around the Winmalee and Springwood area. That fire is spreading. We will take a break and come back with someone used in a moment. You are watching a special extended edition of Seven News.

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Welcome back to. Father to the breaking news before the adverts about the fire at Springwood, the fire has flared up at Chapman parade. Fire fighters are working to protect properties and the north. Students sat Springwood High School, they're being relocated. There may be ember attack later today. A telephone warning has been sent to people and homes. Some incredible pictures of a series of severe storms hitting south-east Queensland. A tree was struck by lightning. It exploded. Debris across a wide area. Several homes damaged. Hill Stones have been dumped. There is also a grass fire threatening homes. Daren henge has been saved from going to jail for contempt of court. He says a hefty fine is enough incentive to make sure he never breaks the law again. Daren hence certainly is a lucky man. The find is significant, $100,000. Better than jail time. That was a possibility. This is his 6th conviction for contempt of court. He was found guilty of contempt of court by breaching a suppression order in the case of Adrian Bayley. The judge said he failed to take down article from his website about Adrian Bayley, even after he was told the order was in place. The judge said his actions were defined and irresponsible and he doubted the sincerity of his apology. Daren henge was miffed by the comments but was focusing on his freedom outside the court.And I am relieved I am not going to jail. I expected to go to jail. Rover said talk is cheap got it wrong. It is a massive fine to be hit with.Daren inch has 90 days to pay the fine otherwise he will serve 50 days in jail. He will have to pay court costs. He has learned his lesson and as far out never to be in this position again. Let's check the finance news.

finance news.The US market is up, our market is up and the Aussie Dollar is up.With the US raising its debt ceiling until February next year, the financial markets expect things to get back to normal. Rumours that the US Federal Reserve will keep printing money, and lots of it, have pushed US markets up over 5% from last week's lows. And it's also pushed the Aussie dollar up against the US dollar to a new 4-month high - over 96 US cents. And rounding out the good news our market broke through a new 5-year high. Qantas had a shocker today after they suggested that all the renewed confidence isn't flowing through to us travelling more on their

through to us travelling more on
their planes. They're predicting returns from fares will fall next year by as much as 3%. And now to my number of the day, which is 1.4 million. That's how many Aussies could be freed from the hassle of filing out a complicated tax return from next year, according to tax office chiefs. The ATO has come up with something they call a "push tax return" which, from next year, will be sent to you already filled out. Apparently all you'll have to do is spend about 20 minutes ticking a few boxes and voila, your tax return will be out of the way for another year. I wouldn't expect them to go hunting around for deductions for you - so if you want to get the biggest refund possible - you'll need to keep your work related receipts. I'm looking at you, Matty.

Back to the Blue Mountains after the break.

Welcome back to this special edition of Seven News on the New South Wales bushfire emergency. Here's the latest information. More than 90 fires are burning across the state. Firefighters are still battling to contain 27 of those blazes. An emergency warning remains in place for a major fire burning at Springwood in the Blue Mountains. Firefighters are working to protect properties under threat on Chapman Parade and north of Rita Avenue. St Columba's School has been surrounded by fire.

Avenue. St Columba's School has
been surrounded by fire. A 63-year- old man has been killed while defending his Lake Munmorah home south of Newcastle. Firefighters have managed to put in good containment lines around that blaze but residents are warned to remain vigilant. A number of homes have already been destroyed. Firefighters have gained control of the fire burning near Camden Valley Way under control and that road is now open again in both directions. More than 1,500 firefighters are battling this bushfire emergency, Matt. Luckily there are reinforcements coming in from other states. You can imagine how exhausted

states. You can imagine how
exhausted they must be. They are coming from far and wide to join the fight. Let's handover to Today Tonight's David Richardson at fire headquarters in Sydney. David, take us through the emergencies right now. The major emergency is still at Springwood. We have got extra emergency crews heading that way. It appears to have been a bit of a wind shift that caused it. I was grabbing a bit of fresh air and the wind was gusting up and moving around. A lot of areas that have been Brown, the fires relieving, finding new fuel and moving along. -- burned. There are already three I was off hold-ups on the Great Western highway. -- three hours. It would be closed at me and York for at least four hours so they can get a handle on the fire at Mount Victoria. The fire is heading down into the gross Valley. Traditionally, those fires, once they're

they're there, they head for Springwood and Winmalee. That is why there is an emergency warning. The

The era and number of new fire fighters joining the cause. The relief is appreciated. 360 tankers. 76 aircraft in the air. Already, the insurance council has released figures for 550 claims with estimated damage of $30 million. The FA in Tasmania earlier this year, $89 million in damages. -- the fires. Already, at this early stage, there is no idea of the amount of damage, already, $30 million. The insurance council expects this will go a lot for the move. One emergency warning in police. 86,000 Hector's had been burned. The Great Western highway will close tonight from 6pm. -- hectare is. I guess you have got to do what you can to make sure fire crews get in. You can feel the temperatures dropping here. It is getting chilly. The weekend will be hotter. The windows quite chilly. Considerably stronger than an hour ago. Police are asking visitors to keep away from Lithgow, Lake Macquarie. Fallen trees, live wires, hazardous materials making the area is dangerous and not safe. If you don't need to go there, please do not. They are monitoring the live wires. We have had them trying to make sure that water is flowing. A lot of emergency services need to get in and out so please stay off the roads if you can. We will have more on this after the break.

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The NSW bushfire emergency has left a trail of destruction, especially here in the Blue Mountains. Seven's reporters have been travelling through the worst reported areas of Winmalee.Good afternoon. We are here in Winmalee in the Blue Mountains. This is one of the worst areas. You can still see fire trucks coming through. Until recently, this entire street, this entire region of the Blue Mountains, was blocked off. Police have cordoned off the end of the street to stop people coming through, and this is one of the key reasons.

this is one of the key reasons. There are fallen power lines all love the place. Last night there were a series of explosions as well, with gas bottles. This area is deemed unsafe to be in. They are a bit more confident about it now. But it gives you a picture of just how devastating this fire was. You can see bird trees, you can see this letter box over here crumpled. There are trees over here that are almost frozen in time. This house has been completely bird. Just a few bricks remain. This shows you just a random, unpredictable part of the fire as well. This house, complete the fine. Everything around it, burnt out. This has been a scene repeated right throughout this area in the Blue Mountains, where you see house after house after house razed to the ground, yet the neighbouring properties are fine. It also gives us a real insight into the tight-knit nature of these communities. Those who have escaped a digging deeper and giving clothes. We have seen Salvation Army volunteers inundated with blankets, with Tories, with clothes, from those who have managed to escape these fires. -- with the Tories. -- toys. One of the worst affected areas was Raymond Terrace, near Newcastle. Our reported was there as local residents made that

Our reported was there as local
residents made that difficult choice of leaving their houses.

It has set fire to the Oval. See that green grass? And these other spot fires. They were all started by embers.Sir right now that's it? You did you have to leave?Well, it is getting to the danger stage, unfortunately.

is getting to the danger stage,

(FIRE CRACKLES) You are keeping the place where?Yes, just hosing the house down. We have checked all the back debtors, and have to get out. The car is ready to go. But I hope we do not have to go.Do you think you'll be right to do that, made?Well, this keeps me mobile. I have got crutches there and the car just there.I'd usual? Because if I have to do I will physically pick you up and put you in my car. Do you have any long problems?No, no.No heart problems?Smoke does not worry me. The only reason I am on this is because I have just had a hip replacement.Everything of value is out. Books, that sort of stuff. Insurance papers, they are in the car. The cat is in the car. If the house goes, it is only a house.You are watching is pretty anxious the? Yes. I have posed my house down and everything else. Everything is in the car. But I have got my camping Trevor ready, whenever it goes. -- Trevor.92 fires still burning.

Trevor ready, whenever it goes. --
Trevor.92 fires still burning. The weather is absolutely crucial. Next in Seven News, we

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We will return to David Brown at a Melbourne weather Centre, and hopefully we had some better news for the firefighters in NSW?Yes, mild conditions across the state today, and similar conditions tomorrow. But temperatures will start to build on Sunday and even higher on Monday, before another club mac change approaches NSW. Over the

club mac change approaches NSW.
Over the south-east corner of Queensland, we have a severe thunderstorm warning at the moment. Some big storms have been sweeping in from the West. They have already peaked. We expect some more rain as the trains trickled towards the Coral Sea. In Sydney, we have clear blue skies and cool, at around 19 degrees. We expect low to mid- twenties tomorrow. In Melbourne, clear skies or so. A touch warmer tomorrow. In Hobart it is fine conditions. A little bit windy, 17 degrees. And in Adelaide, clear skies and 26 degrees. From the latest forecast information, this is the tail end of the trough that is producing the storms that we picked up on radar short time ago. That is now moving out to sea. Unsettled weather is coming to most of NSW. Tomorrow we will see the wind swinging round to an north- easterly on the coast. Humidity will start to build at temperatures will rise in the western part of the state as well tomorrow. This is the forecast for the major centres.

That is the latest weather. We will have more details at six o'clock. Thank you. That is where we will leave the special extended edition of sevens after being used. There will be comprehensive coverage of the NSW bushfire disaster in at Seven News at 6pm, and in its Seven News at 7pm over on 7Two. I just wanted everybody in this community who has shed their stories and allowed us into what is left of their homes on this devastating day. I wish them all the very best. I am Mellissa Doyle reporting from Winmalee in the Blue Mountains. You have done a fantastic job. I know it is never easy, but you have given us an insight into their stories and some vital information as well. We will see you soon. And we hope the weekend is better for everybody in the fire zones. Stay safe and have a good weekend. Goodbye for now. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

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This is going to come off mean. I'm going to give it to the guy
that dumped me in a text message, a brand-new spine! Oh! (LAUGHS) Two weeks to this day.
Thank you, honey. (APPLAUSE)

Yeah, alright.

(LAUGHS) Oh, dear! Alright. New spine.
Can I just... We'll get to that in just a moment. You can't tell
I'm spiteful, can you? Because this is a big story.
I'm here out of spite. I want money for a spine. So, most people come for money,
you've come for revenge. Revenge, baby!
Alright, I love it!

Where do we go? Number 5. I was just saying,
everything with five. Go 5!
Alright, let's go 5! OK!

Hello, Mel. Thank you, my darling. I'd love to see the emoticon
on that message. Deal time! ANNOUNCER: Could this case
contain the top prize of $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin.

So, great to have you here, Jen.
Yes. I love it when there's
real passion in a deal. You're here with your sister Kate
on briefcase 12 and Ryan on 13. How are you, team?
Hello! How are you going?
Nice to have you here. Jen, I reckon
we just get stuck into this. Let's do it.
Come on! I've heard all I need to hear
for the time being. Yes.
Six cases. Let's start unpacking them
so you can start packing them. Yeah, exactly. AUDIENCE: (CHANTS) Jen! Jen!

Where do we start? It's going to start off with...

..old mate on 8. I think I've got $500 in there. That sounds good, Danny.
Let's see it. 5 for $500, the classic conversion. $2! That's nice.
Thank you, Danny. Nice start, Jen.

Beautiful smile on 25.