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(generated from captions) Sunscreen?
Yeah. Um, it's like... (TIMER BUZZES) Oh, right at the end there! But we did do a great job there,
girls. Fantastic stuff! Three correct answers. You're
taking home these three prizes. ANNOUNCER: You've won this girls'
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you can read it all with this 7-book set of
'Tomorrow, When The War Began', courtesy of Pan Macmillan. So, well done to all
of today's contestants, but let's say a huge thankyou
to our special guests, Rozz Switzer and Ellie Manou! This has been Pyramid. Thank you very much for watching,
of course. We'll see you next time.

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Live This program is captioned live. (VOICEOVER) This is Nine News with Amelia Adams.Good afternoon. Former 'Hey Dad!' stars Robert Hughes has been released on bail after facing a Sydney court on child sex charges. The 64-year-old arrived back in Australia this morning after being extra kited from London.Surrounded by cameras Robert Hughes is driven away from court.A good decision that was made by the magistrate. I'm sure he is very pleased and his wife is waiting anxiously for him.The court heard the prosecution did not oppose his bail. He has had to surrender his passport and give a surety of 50,000 dollars. His celebrity agent would you have was seen leaving the court. Earlier today police charged him with 11 counts of indecent and sexual assault.He denies his guilt and will assert his innocence.Earlier this week Hughes boarded a flight from London, accompanied by three New South Wales police officers. The investigation is complete as far as possible. However if any other person comes forward we will assess that information and take it further from there.The two year police investigation into Hughes was sparked by allegations of former 'Hey Dad!' co-star Sarah Monaghan.The future of Rugby League's Newcastle Knights and A- League team the jets is in doubt this afternoon amid Nathan Tinkler's mounting debt problems. Yesterday the Tax Office applied for wind-up orders in the Federal Court for both clubs and their parent company. A spokesman for Tinkler who owes up to $2.7 billion in tax debt has assured fans the teams are not in jeopardy. Three people have fronted court in Adelaide today charged with murder following a deadly street fight in the city's north overnight. Police discovered the body of a 49-year- old man around 1 am wild brawl erupted in bez Beth Park. Labor has stepped up its attacks on the coalition amid the fallout from the failed sexual harassment case against Peter Slipper. Good afternoon, Kerry. How have senior ministers reacted today?They say the coalition new about the conspiracy to bring down the government. They want Christopher pine, Julie Bishop and Joe Hockey to answer questions about their involvement. Mr Abbott is currently overseas where he is paying a surprise pre-Christmas visit to our soldiers in Afghanistan.Tony Abbott dropping in on our troops leaving behind Christmas presents before flying off to London.Mr Abbott will probably want to continue circling the earth and not land.The government wants Mr Abbott and senior ministers to answer questions over the Peter Slipper scandal.When Mr Abbott returns he should front the press and tell everybody what he knew.A Federal Court judge threw out James Ashby's case. The judge Mr - found Mr Ashby and Mal Brough worked together to advance their own political interests.Mr Abbott's Liberals have sought to conceal their involvement in this tawdry affair in this conspiracy to bring down the government of Australia.I have met with Mal Brough on numerous occasions. This matter has not been discussed, never been raised with me.The government claims Mr Hockey and other senior coalition members knew about the claims before the story broke.They knew the information. They knew it was coming.They have not ruled out an inquiry into the scandal..I would think the government has to look at it and look at it seriously. Australia's broadcast watchdog has launched a formal investigation into the 2DayFM royal phone prank. British nurse Jacintha Saldanha took her own life after transferring the call which resulted in confidential details about the Duchess of Cambridge being aired. In the UK an inquest is being held into her death. 2DayFM could lose its right to broadcast if found in breach of its licence. Residents in the south- west town of Collie are clearing up after 1 in 100-year rains lashed the town and caused flash flooding. Emergency services have been sandbagging homes and businesses as emergency services braced for more bad weather.Just looked like great fun really. Entertain ourselves. The town is still on flood alert with the river level rising and more rain expected today. Melbourne's most iconic face is celebrating 100 years of rides, fairy floss and fun. Luen in a park's big grin has been attracting kids of all ages since 1912.100 years - it's a remarkable milestone. Since 1912Luna Park has been an icon in our city. Yes, she has had work done over the years with the famous face being restored quite a few times. The rides are among the most famous in the world, the Great Scenic Railway has been here since the park opened. It too has been restored over the years but still holds its original charm. You get a real sense of history and romance - it's a place so dear to so many people's hearts.74 years ago my grandmother and her cousin Max met here before they - he went off to the war. He took the photo to war with him. My grandfather saw it, became good friends with Max and said he would marry that woman.100 is a milestone that deserves a big celebration. This one has been going on for the better half of the week. Last night they had a VIP party here. Today the doors were thrown open to community groups and charities.Some I have been going on over and over again.What do you think of Luna Park?It's really fun. It's just amazing.As you can see over the years she has lost none of her sparkle. Here is to another 100 years.Still ahead this afternoon - anger as a shrine to young car crash victims is declared off limits to family and friends. Incredible new images, an iceberg the size of a city crashes into the sea. And an Aussie invasion for one of Hollywood's

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This program is not captioned. Family and friends grieving the loss of five people in a horror car crash on the Gold Coast are now copping fines from police. Officers have expressed safety concerns about a shrine set up at the scene of Saturday's accident. Darren, good afternoon. Why is this shrine now off limits to mourners?Since the accident that killed the five in a firey crash on Saturday morning, hundreds of friends have been turning up every night to pay tribute to their friends. They were starting to block up the main freeway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast so police moved them off to an access road. Last night they got calls that a number of mourners were drinking alcohol and engaging in hoon activity. They considered it was too unsafe. The police asked them to move off to the side of the road. They said they had to issue tickets because a number of people weren't listening to their warnings. When they hand out tickets three people lost their licences because of the points that accrued and that set off some of the fragile emotions. Have a listen to the way the crowd responded.Now they are just harassing us for anything they can get.We're trying to show our respects for our lost ones. This is disrespectful. This is not what Australia is about.Darren, are police likely to continue patrolling that site?What they've done in cooperation with the council today is put up some of the orange temporary fencing barrier around the area and said it's not a good idea to keep going down that close to the freeway. But they are realistic and said mourners will probably knock that down during the night and continue on. They do expect there will be another couple of hundred there tonight. But police say they will be back in force. But have a listen to what they are telling the people there. We don't want to interfere with people grieving. We accept that's a natural part of the process people go through. But we also asked that people attending the site respect the road rules.Police are saying they are not being insensitive about the issue but there is basic reality that there are laws on the road for the protection of the mourners and for people coming past who don't know what it going on. They want to protect everybody. They say if you stay within the law you will be able to mourn and won't get a ticket.Incredible video has emerged of the moment a gigantic iceberg broke apart, the largest such event ever to have been captured on film. Two documentary makers witnessed the block of ice come crashing off a glacier in Greenland. They have likened the thunderous spectacle to watching Manhattan crumble before their eyes. It's part of an upcoming documentary called ka chasing Ice about the effects of climate change. Australia's stars of the silver screen have proved they are once again amongst the best in the business. Robert Penfold takes a look at the topics from Hollywood.. Many who vote for the screen actors guild awards will also be voting for the Oscars. These nominations are the first indication of who could be walking the Academy Awards red carpet. In the movie category? Argo, Les Miserables, Lincoln and Silver Lining.Thated no to Les Miserables perhaps a sign of even bigger things to come for stew Hugh Jackman. (SINGS) # Don't look me in the eye. No surprise that Hugh was nominated for best actor. His competition for the same prize, Brad Cooper, Denzel Washington and John Hawks and Daniel day Lewis for his extraordinary portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. For Hugh it only gets better. For tomorrow the nominations for the Golden Globes are announced. Underneath that piece of plastic is Hugh's new star here on Hollywood Boulevard, unveiled tomorrow. For best actress :

Recognition too for Nicole Kidman who is nominated best supporting actress in the edgy if I am the Paper Boy and she doubles up with another nomination for her TV movie portrayal of marr they are Gelhorn, Ernest Hemmingway's wife. Good news for Ben Leuwin with John Hawks and Helen Hunt boat being nominated. Now we will meet Perth Zoo's newest attractions. These P ux ggles are pioneers. They are two of a handful born in captivity and the first in the world for zoo born parents. They were a surprise for zoo staff as they don't usually breed until they are five but the parents are only four. Still to come - new evidence women are delaying starting a family until later in life. Also, the city giving trams another go. And Hollywood comes to the Gold Coast - the famous memorabelia up for grabs. Right

Thanks Amelia. Tonight - 'Hey Dad!' star Robert Hughes free on bail, after facing court on 11 child sex charges. We'll tell you the tough conditions he faces. Back to the future for Sydney's transport - the Premier commits to sleek European- style trams down George Street to Circular Quay. The Newcastle Knights under threat - the Tax Office moving to wind up the team. The hero nippers who saved a young Casula woman from drowning on the Central Coast. She was sunbaking at Avoca Beach when she was swept off the rocks. Unbelievable video - a man drives a go-kart flat out down one of Sydney's busiest roads. And our exclusive chat with Captain Michael Clarke, ahead of the First Test against Sri Lanka. Join me for Nine News at 6:00pm.

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A former Adelaide children's television presenter has been sentenced to 25 years home detention for sexually abusing four boys in the 1970s. The court heard 83-year-old Richard Marshall had access to a steady stream of vulnerable boys. A judge described him as pure evil.It felt it felt like like felt strangely good but sad as well.Marshall, who has Parkinson's disease and dementia, was deemed too unwell for prison. The age of first time mums is on the rise. The Australian institute of health and welfare found that in 2010 women were having their first child at an average age of 28. 14% of first time mothers were aged 35 or older, while 4% were aged over 40.We are seeing a lot more older women trying to fall pregnant these days - for socio economic and personal reasons. But the problem they face is it's more harder to get pregnant and more difficult to carry a babeer when you get older. The average age of all Australian mums was 30. If you have ever wanted to own a car straight - from the set of a Hollywood fame here is your chance.In some ways it looks like just any other garage sale but this one at Movie World is generating a lot of interest. For example you can pick up a bargain like this. This aircraft model was used in the making of famous World War II movie Memphis Belle. A lot of collectors are interested in that. The tactic call response unit was part of a Movie World stunt show. The vehicle behind me was in Demolition Man. This certainly is an auction with a difference.It's a one-off. They only make the movie once. All the aircraft are sitting here from when they film the movie. We're excited to provide an opportunity to the public to provide homes to some of the pieces that have been home to our family for a very long time.This might look like a wreck but it's a special car. It was in one of the Lethal wap weapon films. Also up for auction this 1940s WWII Jeep. If you're interested, just be be at Movie World tomorrow.Still to come on Nine News - former 'Hey Dad!' star Robert Hughes granted bail. Our reporter has the latest. The future of two major football teams hanging in the balance. The latest woes for their billionnaire owner. Also, Naomi Watts new movie role reliving one of the worst disasters of recent times. Goodbye cars, a
Good afternoon, An ACT NSW Alcohol
alliance is predicting three hundre people will die from heavy drinkin exp
this summer. Thousands more will pre
experience injury. Economists are fo
predicting the best festive season s
for spending in three years. And in wi
sport, Cricket ACT is confident it i
will be included alongside Geelong, in
in the Big Bash expansion. Details in the best hour of news in the This program is not captioned. She is one of our most successful Hollywood actresses who has built her high flying career on gutsy roles. Naomi Watts' new film is no exception following a young family in the wake of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami.It started out as an idealic vacation on the West Coast of highland. Mother and father and their three young sons. But the holiday soon turns to a living hell. And an epic fight for survival - in the most devastating natural disaster in modern history. It was December 26th 2004 when a giant tsunami swept across South East Asia destroying entire villages killing hundreds of thousands. The impossible tells the true story in ex-cruciateing detail of what happened to one family caught up with millions of people in the disaster.I will find them, I promise you that.It felt like it was rooted in real truth - like every line of dialogue, every detail, everything just felt real. Naomi Watts plays Maria who along with her son Lucas, barely survives the initial wave. Maria was badly injured. She needs her older son to help her and others. Absolutely vital for her to - they need to take care of others.To capture the horror of the event the director didn't rely soley on computerised special effects, instead building a huge water tank filled with rushing water and water and dede were truly in an uncomfortable situation which was a massive water tank being thrust one way water coming this way, water behind you. Debris, garbage, everything thrown at you. The real family the film is based on are from Spain. Lucas is now 18 years old. And Maria was deeply involved in the production of the movie.We spent hours talking to each other. I wanted to get into her mind, you know, every moment that took place in the 48 hours.In Thailand they filmed in the exact hotel, now rebuilt, where the Bellones were staying when the tsunami hit. Real survivors are in the movie as extras. In real life she is happily living with her parter actor Lief Screiber and their two sons N February she might be heading to LA for the Oscars. There is some buzz out there it's got a good shot.Well, that's nice buzz. It's always the idea that your peers will recognise you - it makes me go all sweaty and clamy and get nervous.For now Watts is staying focused on what happened on that beach in Thailand to the family and the lessons of hope and survival that their story imparts. You're watching Nine's afternoon news. Here is what is making news right now - 'Hey Dad!' actor Robert Hughes released on strict bail conditions, charged with 11 child sex offences dating back more than 20 years. The future of two Newcastle football clubs under threat with owner Nathan Tinkler in more than $2 million in debt. And solariums to be banned across Victoria in a new crackdown by the state government. Let's get an update on our top story now - former 'Hey Dad!' star Robert Hughes has avoided spending a night behind bars after being released on bail as he fights multiple child a sought charges. What happened this court today?Amelia, he looked a little weary after a gruelling 36 hours - 24 of which were spent on an aircraft from London. He was escorted by three police officers. He spent up to five hours in cells here at the Sydney police centre before being taken to court to face is 1 charges of child sexual assault. Police allege there were five victims and the offences date back from 1984 to 1990 - a period of six years. Police did not oppose his application for bail, considering he did not fight his first extradition when first arrested back in London in August. Police thought he was not a flight risk but there were certain conditions. His wife, who travelled to Sydney, Robin Gardner, a few days before - she stumped up $50,000 bail. He has to also surrender his passport and report to the police station three times a week. Outside the court his lawyer, Greg Walsh, was quite satisfied with today's proceedings.I'm very relieved he got bail. A good decision was made by the magistrate. I'm sure he is very pleased. His wife is waiting anxiously for him. It's a complex and difficult case and there is a long way to go. He realises that. I understand the brief of evidence is very extensive. There is a very long way to go.It will be a long process, that's it for sure. What is next for Hughes? Hughes will face court, he has been bailed to appear again in court in January. Of course right from the out set since he was first interviewed by detectives in 2010 he firmly insisted that he had done nothing wrong and would be pleading to all of the charges. In the meantime he said he would spent Christmas at an apartment block where he will stay until he says he has cleared his name.He was once Australia's youngest billionnaire but now it appears Nathan Tinkler's expansive empire is crumbling around him. The 37-year-old's Newcastle Knights and Jets are facing closure amid crippling debt problems. Ross, good afternoon, how likely is it that the teams will be shut down?Though Nathan Tinkler has his problems and Hunter Supports Group clearly have cash flow problems at this stage, today they put out a statement saying they believe the tax countries will be cleared by the next court hearing in February. They also indicated they were surprised about this situation coming to a head. My understanding is they would have had at least 21 days notice of it. The other point also is that the supporters group of the Newcastle Knights had made certain there were very strong bank guarantees put in place to ensure that even if Nathan Tinkler went broke in the future and they were worried about that, that the club would continue to survive. The good news at least for the Knights is that they have those bank guarantees there. And of course Nathan Tinkler, whose wealth is still worth around $550 million, despite some suggest his debts are around $700 million - clearly his cash problems are ongoing because his investments have effectively half in the past year.They are used by countless Australians to get a summer tan but the days of solariums in Victoria are numbered following a bold move by the state's government. Andrew, what can you tell us about this decision?Amelia, if you listen to the experts there is nothing healthy about getting a tan in a solariu, in,. Today Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu announced they were dangerous and announced a ban from 2014. It's part a framework designed to reduce the incidence of skin cancer in Victoria. The government said banning them could prevent one in six cases of melanoma in Victorians aged 18 to 29. Despite the impact on beauty salons the government says it has no plans to pay compensation to any solaruim operators and it's now pushing for national reform. We're seeking to work with New South Wales and South Australia who have announced the same date. We don't want to see beds crossing borders in order to avoid dates.Today's decision comes more than five years after Claire Oliver began her courageous fight to have them banned. Sadly, they lost her battle with melanoma but others took it up. Plenty of other melanoma patients have welcomed today's decision. They say they hope it stops other Victorians and Australians from having to endure what they have. Let's hope so. The Gillard government claims Tony Abbott and his senior ministers knew of a conspiracy to bring down the government. A sexual harassment case against former speaker Peter Slipper was thrown out of court yesterday with the judge saying he had been the victim of a political attack by former staffer James Ashby, and the senior Liberal running for his seat.Former senior front benchers were involved in a conspiracy to bring down government of Australia.Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is under fire, with Labor demanding details what have he knew of Mal Brough's V in the case. Trams will once again dominate the streets of Sydney under new plans announced by the New South Wales state government today. Once complete the light rail will connect Central Station to Randwick in the east and the CBD to Circular Quay.$25 billion will be spent on transport in the city. Under the balance under the balanceding today.The state opposition has slammed the plans, claiming the Premier has failed to explain how the upgrade will be funded. Known for his controversial paintings of brothes - a famous 19th century Parisian artist loved to shock the art world. Now his famous works have arrived Down Under.

They are the faces of the Parisian under belly, the characters. Moulin Roulege. Immortalised with Letrek's paintbrush. With his expert stroke they come alive.We have a picture of someone escaping a picture frame. Letreck loved Paris.His focus was the under belly. The dance halls, the circus, dives where people sang or drank.Making his works as controversial as they were brilliant.His choice of the dances of the can-can or the brothel scene.

The exhibition here at the national gallery showcases over 100 of his finest works. They have come from 30 galleries and private collections from across the world. The paintings, posters and sketches are on display until April. Kerrie Yaxley, Nine News.Sport time now with Tim Sheridan. Sherro, the first test starts tomorrow and the Sri Lankans are already copping it? Yes, from some ex-Australian players saying their bowlers aren't good enough to provide us with a proper test. Pride goes before a fall but we will go live to Hobart. Plus plenty of kangaroos but no shark sights as the PGAtees off from Calum This program is not captioned.

After his team was humbled in Perth, Australian skipper Michael Clarke has named a very different line-up for tomorrow's test against Sri Lanka. For more we have Ross Kelly on the boundary in Hobart. Firstly, Ros, a health report, how is Mike Hussey?Mike Hussey returned to training today after struggling with a head cold, forced to sit out of training and rest yesterday. He was fine today, full of energy and bounding around. He is good to go. Peter Siddle and Ben Hilfenhaus will return after being rested for the third test against south Africa Michelle Starc is the third fast bowler. He remains and so does spinner Nathan Lyon. After almost a year in test wilderness Mitchell Johnson will be carrying the drinks. Michael Clarke says he is simply unlucky this time.It's a nice problem to have when you have 12 blokes who want to play and have performed well but unfortunately somebody has to miss out. Mitch will be fine, he will continue to work his backside off and wait for another opportunity and try and grab it with both hands once Gen Z some interesting comments, it must be said from, outside the Australian cricket team about the Sri Lankan bowling, supposedly they are not the right test for us?The Sri Lankans are ranked number 6 in the world. But past Australian players have labelled their pace attack one of the worst ever to come to Australia. The Sri Lankans since they arrived here have been open and honest about that, admitting they don't have the all- out pace of the Aussies. But they warn they have plenty of other skills to compete in the series such as some of the best batsmen in the world.Teams have to start somewhere. We have lost some fast bowlers in the past and some due to injuries. This is an attack which is probably different. We probably don't have the pace that you think which is required to win test matches in Australia. But we have guys who will bowl good line and length. If you keep to that, I think we stand a good chance.Tim, the Sri Lankan captain speaking just then. This afternoon he announced, after their tour of Australia, he will step down as test and one-day captain in some sort of succession plan to allow the younger generation of players to get some experience as leaders while the seniors are around. Speaking of leaders, tomorrow Ricky Ponting will be officialy farewelled with a lap of honour at Bellerive in the bunch break.UsTin Langer says the way last night's Big Bash match finished wasn't great for anyone with the scorchers dismissed for 69 the lowest score in Australian domestic Twenty20 history. In bizarre circumstances the stars had to face just one ball following a rain break to be awarded victory, but the highlight of the match was the bowling of Malinga the Sri Lankan paceman tearing through the Scorchers line up with 6 for 4.They are a very good team. We have been blown away today particularly by Malinga.We have to show we're a good side and good sides bounce back well. Meanwhile the strikers will aim to continue their winning ways tonight when they square off against the Brisbane Heat at the Adelaide Oval. Greg Norman has made an early exit from the Australian PGA championship, pulling out after just two holes with food poisoning. The shark opened with two bogies before withdrawing from the tournament. Daniel Popovich is the surprise leader currently on under through two holes. Geoff Ogilvy is making a charge up the leader board - four under in a tie for 5th following two Eagles at the Coolum course.Oh... You talked about the crowd, Luke. Up as one. That's an eagle to Geoff Ogilvy.Australian Open winner Peter Senior sits alongside Ogilvy at 4 under. Australian swimming legend Ian Thorpe has taken aim at Lance Armstrong after the fallout of his controversial doping scandal. Thorpie says despite all the good things Armstrong did for cycling his downfall was the right thing for sport.In reading what the statement was and what was up against him, assuming everything in that was true, I was happy. Because it meant that no matter who you are, where you are in the world, whatever you have accomplished you can be caught.Doping and image crisiss were just some of the topics covered at the inaugural gathering of all leaders in sport forum. He has already proven he can compete with anyone but now the blade runner can add a horse to the list. South African double amputee Oscar Pistoria took on a horse. He had about 15m apparently. Oscar never headed.That's incredible.It stalled.A beautiful horse, though. Yes.See you tomorrow. Coming up, the finance and the latest weather for you. And Livinia, more rain on the way for WA is thisYes, Amelia. The system causing it is moving very slowly east wards, Esperance and uekla could get a month's rain over the next 24 hours. All inspecto
Tonight on WIN News: Safety ma
inspectors, storm Molonglo sites.A
man arrested for fraud totalling 2. AIS
million dollars, And, inside the gru
AIS - a look at Lauren Jackson' s gruelling rehab. That' s tonight, This program is not captioned.

busy Narellan road.Good afternoon. As we have seen earlier in the news, there has been record amounts of rain in WA - as much as 157mm at Collie, 10 times its December average. It was the wettest day there in 100 years. Most of the rain fell during a six-hour period when the storms were nonstop. The system that caused it is moving slowly east wards. Storms in Victoria this afternoon and temperatures are down to 22 in Melbourne. This is where the rain is expected over the next 24 hours.

Having a quick look at finance now. Australian stocks have closed flat with gains in the mineing sector offset by a weak consumer market. The All Ordinaries finished the day's trading ahead just one point.

That's Nine's afternoon news for this Thursday. Our next bulletin is at 6 o'clock. I'm Amelia Adams, thanks for your company. Have a great evening. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media - www.redbeemedia.com.au. This program is not captioned.

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the
Millionaire Hot Seat tonight. Let's get straight into the action. I want to give away $1 million,
everyone! Yeah! Come on. Let's go. Come on, you six,
don't just sit there. Make some money, will you? Have a go!
I'm going to give it a go. Don't be passing,
get out there and have a real go. Ready? The footy season has got me excited. I just get a bit too pumped up. Alright,
let's meet our contestants tonight. Due to a shortage of doctors, Ciaran Joyce was front page
news on his arrival in New Zealand. Annette Strano first performed
on stage as a three-year-old. 70 years later,
she's made a career of it. Tawnee Donaldson ignored
her teacher's advice and is studying fashion design. In Stockholm, Peter Mantell
spent the night partying with a famous Swedish gigolo. Wow. Lisa Angiolino and her sisters
used to go out as 'The Marias', speaking like Effie. And the day his wife
went into labour, Stuart Penny drove
his four-wheel-drive into a river. There you go.

There you go. I wasn't expecting that one,
I must admit. Ciaran, are you ready to go?
Let's do it, Eddie. Come on, Ciaran. Let's play.

Welcome. Dr Ciaran Joyce.
Yes. Is from Ireland.
I am. And you went to New Zealand
first up, why? Well, just for a year out, really,
after the internship in Ireland. It was the only place
that would take us, as I couldn't get into Australia. Yeah. I went to hospital in New Plymouth,
near Taranaki. And one of the first nights we were
there, we went out for a few drinks, walking home in the rain, couldn't
hail a taxi, then a taxi pulled up, recognised us,
said "You're the Irish guys." You're the Irish guys off the front
page of the news? Yes. He said
"Do you guys live down Boat Road?" We did.
"Do you want a lift home?" OK.
Beautiful. So we were on the front page
of the paper, because there was only two doctors
there before we got there - in the emergency department. Now, we've got a shortage
of doctors, why wouldn't we want to get
you blokes over here? I think we decided to go
last minute, and it was
easier to get into New Zealand. OK. And now you're in Australia.
Are you practising? Yes. Emergency medicine, working
at the Northern Hospital in Epping. In Epping, good on you, buddy.
That's the way. Do you want to specialise
in anything? Emergency medicine - I'm doing
some exams at the moment. Good luck with that. It's great. 27 years of age, happy to live
in Australia now, are you? Yes. Absolutely. Your housemate's Joe -
another Irishman, is he? Oh, no. He's not.
He's from Toowoomba. Toowoomba boy! Good on you, Joe. Welcome aboard. Alright. Let's get stuck into this
here, Ciaran. So how long have you been
in Australia for? Just over two years. Two years.
Just about, two years. You don't want Australian-type
questions here, do you? No, not really.
You want broad... I get a lot of the first ones
wrong on TV. Yeah. Alright.
Well, let's see how we go, OK? Good luck.
Are you ready to play Millionaire? Yes.
Let's play Millionaire. Go!

Whereabouts in Ireland are you from?
County Kerry. From Kerry?
Yes. Here we go. For $100. Good luck. (READS QUESTION)

Um, B. Display clothes. Locked in. Correct for $100.


(LAUGHS) I think that one
is C, Michelangelo. Locked in.
Lock that in. Correct for $200.


OK. Um...
Thin blue line. I think there was a movie
about that. I think B, police. Locked in.
Lock it in. In. Correct for $300.




I don't think it's a frog or fish. Um, I think C. Owl.
Lock in C, owl. Owl is locked in. Correct for $500.

Good. $1,000, first safe level. Come on, Ciaran.


One right, three wrong. I'm pretty sure there's
a double 'I' in there.

Um, I'll lock in A, Hawaiian. A is locked in. A is correct for $1,000! Yes.

Ciaran, well done, mate. Five...
You've knocked the five over. You were worried
about the first five. Now you've got 10 to go,
I'll give you $1 million. Easy. Could be the luck of the
Irish tonight. Tell me about bungee jumping
in Queenstown.