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Hon. P. Garrett MP discusses on-line bullying.


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(generated from captions) Most of us in Melbourne will be paying a higher rate for water. Andrew Lund reporting. Online bully is is a huge problem worldwide, with thousands of trolls using social media sites to taunt, harass and humiliate others. Facebook is joining forces with the Federal Government to try to stamp out the practice. John O'Doherty has more. The Federal Government is today launching a new online campaign in conjunction with Facebook to try to combat online bullying. For more I'm joined by School Education Minister, Peter Garrett. Thank you for your time. Tell us about the campaign.Today is a step in efforts to stamp out bullying. We are working with Facebook, which has 11 million users in Australia, and is a place where there's a lot of online activity. A pledge by Facebook users to stamp out, address and talk about how important bullying is - a big step in our campaign to make sure we reduce bullying for our kids.How does it work? If someone is bullied on Facebook, what will they do. They'll have an opportunity to make a pledge and know what the right response is. We know that in the dige tall age many Australian kids are -- digital age many Australian kids are subject to bullying online. We are working with Facebook, where many kids are online, is essential. We know that every school should have a national safe schools strategy and framework in place. What happens once kids leave the school. That's when Facebook comes into play.Tell us about the pledge. What does it mean? It means you'll be able to specifically identify -- that you don't find bullying acceptable. You'll take steps to address bullying, and you understand that bullying is not on, either online, in the schoolroom or the street. There'll bean opportunity for you to see on Facebook and -- be an opportunity for you to see on Facebook, and on- site, how many people are getting behind this. With 11 million Facebook users, the reach here is qucial. It's not just the government and -- it's considerable. It's not just the government and schools, who else is involved?We are taleing with Head Space, with - - dealing with Head Space. They are important dealing with mental health issues for young Australians. One thing I know is the mental health of young Australians can be badly effected. With the government working with Facebook and Head Pace, we are wrapping those people with a concern, and I'm hopeful that we'll see a concerted, national effort now, which makes clear that we don't want to see bullying take