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(generated from captions) Yes, yes! Gabby! $5,000 Megaguess! where your mouth is, huh? So, time to put your money in there, Gab? You still think you have $15,000 my original thought. Yes, I'm sticking with Yes, I reckon. Let's see what's in 9. Nicely done! (ALL CHEER) Yes! Yes! Yes! Beautiful work! $15,000 in there! Good on you, Ash! Gee, you backed yourself! Absolutely lovely! Hey, Caroline - that's your boy! Let's see the money. who needs no introduction - Enter someone well, certainly not to Aaron, anyway! Thanks, Azz! Thanks, AJ! Thank you, Candace! Thanks, Gab! Hey, hey, hey! Hey, buddy! round this side of the cheque? What are you doing wasting your time I think... Candace is over there! Young people these days! Oh, goodness! Look forward to seeing the postcard! Oh, good on you, kids! Thanks for being with us. Bye now! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - over the Madeleine Pulver bomb hoax. the Sydney man arrested in America Relief for Maddie's family, is about to end. hoping their nightmare ordeal of anti-carbon tax protesters Thousands calling for a new election. rally in Canberra with 1,000 jobs to go. And turbulent times for Qantas staff with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. to face court in the United States, A Sydney businessman is to about following his arrest this morning for you tonight Seven's team has full coverage on a day of remarkable developments. where the arrest was made. in Louisville, Kentucky, Robert Ovadia First to crime reporter

Rob, it was America's FBI into custody. who took 50-year-old Paul Peters and they weren't subtle about it. Yes, Chris, at his ex-wife's house An FBI SWAT team arrested Mr Peters and will be at court here tomorrow back to Australia. to oversee his extradition Kentucky, in the suburbs of Louisville, and paperwork stripping it of files, computers, Paul Douglas Peters. belonging to 50-year-old Australian he's a lawyer, businessman Better known as 'Doug', and, police say, an extortionist. We will allege through the courts this morning that the suspect we have arrested for entering the Pulver home was responsible around Maddie's neck. and placing the device News of his arrest for the Pulver family. was a massive relief than I did yesterday I feel a bit better today and I think she does as well. on Monday afternoon Peters was arrested here in La Grange. It's the home of his ex-wife. with machine guns. We saw FBI agents ringing the house with machine guns. We saw FBI agents ringing the house all the way around the house. They were kind of a full Special Weapons team. FBI agents, on the potential for a bomb. It was a SWAT operation just based leading the investigation Two New South Wales detectives were there. for 60 days That person can now be held pending a full extradition hearing to Australia. and an application to extradite as being surprised at his arrest. Paul Peters was described praised his detectives. In Sydney, the Police Commissioner they are to be commended. A brilliant investigation, of circumstantial evidence. It's a fairly detailed chain but, he says, compelling. Circumstantial we have had arrested this morning We're quite confident the person was responsible for the crime. of any link to Peters. Bill Pulver says he's not aware we're really conscious of There's no relationship in any detail about him. and we really can't speak between Bill Pulver The similarities his family are striking. and the man now accused of extorting Both are men of finance, in the United States and Australia, they each have business interests in common - and they share one other thing an 18-year-old daughter. they each have a graduate of Sydney University, Peters is 50, a lawyer and financial expert in Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York. with business experience A licensed pilot and polo player. Bill Pulver is three years older from the Uni of New South Wales. with a commerce and marketing degree and chief executive A managing director and New York. working in Tokyo, London was two weeks ago, tomorrow - The attack on Maddie Pulver invaded the Pulver home at Mosman August 3, when a balaclava-clad man around her neck, and chained a fake bomb sparking a 10-hour emergency. Peters flew to the US The following Monday, August 8, to Louisville. and made his way via Chicago after having left the country. He became a suspect to us here in court Paul Peters is due to appear in the next few hours seek his extradition back to Sydney as New South Wales police aggravated break and enter where he'll be charged with and kidnapping. Chris. are a little more relaxed tonight. Madeleine Pulver and her family during the past fortnight, Despite putting on brave faces spoke about their anxiety her parents today now an arrest has been made. and their relief Bill and Belinda Pulver of the media spotlight, once again in the full glare of their daughter Madeleine protective, as always, the pressure may be lifting. but now reassured and the entire family On behalf of Maddie that an arrest has been made we are enormously relieved in the United States overnight. this morning At the Pulver's Mosman home as the news sunk in. there were takeaway coffees her brothers' school day It didn't interrupt but there was no sign of Maddie. Instead, friends came to her. and frightening experience. This has been a baffling It has tested us all. Maddie was confronted ..from the moment by a balaclava-clad intruder a fake collar bomb around her neck. who attached what turned out to be Since then, her parents say they've been humbled by the support she and her family have received. A special mention for police - they risked their lives to free the 18-year-old and then set about finding her attacker. Their professionalism, support and dedication has been truly amazing and inspirational and we cannot thank them enough. The Police Commissioner says at the time of Maddie's 10-hour ordeal, he promised her father investigators would go all-out. These people have had their lives turned upside down. From my perspective, they are to be commended during the course of the last two weeks. The intense scrutiny's been tough, they say, their daughter has always been portrayed as exactly who she is. A bright, happy young woman who, for reasons we still don't understand, had her life turned upside down going through this dreadful experience. Leaving a family in turmoil, children needing their parents. I think the kids will sleep a little more easily at night and we'll all feel a bit better. Hopefully, we'll get our bedroom back. Thanks, everybody. And Chris Maher joins us live from Mosman. Chris, Madeleine's kept a low profile today. Chris, she hasn't been seen which is a little unusual given she hasn't been shy throughout the ordeal, about how she's getting on with her life. But today, she let her dad do the talking. She's got HSC trial exams at the moment and that's probably enough stress right now from one of the most bizarre crimes this city has ever seen. The man arrested over the collar bomb hoax grew up here, attending the exclusive Scots College and graduating from Sydney University with law and economics degrees. Sean Berry has been investigating his history and possible links with the Pulver family. Hairdressers remember faces so the name Paul Peters didn't ring a bell at first. I don't keep records for people who just have their hair cut. But there was something about this regular customer. I really like the fella because he was a really nice fella. Mr Peters lives in Copacabana just down the road from the Pulver's Avoca Beach pad. We have what we believe, or we will allege, are some possible tenuous connections through business dealings but we haven't established a firm connection. Like Dirk Struan in the novel 'Tai-Pan', Paul Peters was a 'big shot' - head of a powerful finance company in Hong Kong. Also in Asia at the same time, Bill Pulver. Peters went to school at The Scots College. He fitted well in with his peers. He had a happy disposition, from what I remember. He seemed to get on well with most people. He went on to head up companies in Asia and the US, just like Mr Pulver. He has daughters too. That's pretty weird, isn't it? We can't imagine how he could do that. One of his companies, Allco, was behind the consortium that tried to take over Qantas four years ago. Just before Allco went bust the following year, Mr Peters personally bought the Malaysian division. It was a big purchase at the start of the global financial crisis. Since then, Mr Peters' business career is a mystery but it's clear his future is now up to the courts. To other news now and tempers have flared outside Federal Parliament where around 5,000 people rallied to oppose the carbon tax. There were scuffles as organisers tried to tone down some of the heated language. Political editor Mark Riley was there. Angry Anderson lived up to his name... Maintain your rage! ..but Tony Abbott was the real rock star. One year to the day after this... There will be no carbon tax under the Government I lead. ..Mr Abbott delivered his constant message. There should be no new tax collection without an election. Troy 'Grover' Logan walked 350km from Albury to tell Ms Gillard one thing. You can stick your carbon tax right where the sun don't shine. Placards caused a problem last time. This time, organisers tried to ditch the sign... CHANTS: Ditch the witch! Ditch the witch! Hey! Hey! Hey! Are you assaulting me? ..without success, putting Mr Abbott in the frame again. While this man, holding a "Tony Abbott lies" sign was pushed to the ground. Despite those scuffles, the great majority of people here today were well behaved and very vocal. Their message was that Julia Gillard might not want to talk about the carbon tax any more but the people? They most certainly do. Ms Gillard vowed to press on. During this parliamentary session, we will present legislation to put a price on carbon. As outside, Pauline Hanson put a new label on her. She's, basically, she's becoming a dictator. Here we go again! Qantas is facing fresh industrial action after slashing 1,000 jobs in a major overhaul of its international operations. The airline blames falling profits but the announcement of two new ventures in Asia has raised concerns that our flying kangaroos could move offshore. It was a startling admission from the Qantas boss that his airline is... A steadily fading business suffering big financial losses. To fix it, 1,000 jobs will go - management, pilots, cabin crew and maintenance - and the delayed delivery of six A380s will save $2.3 billion. Qantas is setting up two new airlines in Asia - a premium airline probably based in Kuala Lumpur or Singapore and a low-cost - Jetstar Japan. With Jetstar Japan and others coming to Australia, that means more people coming Down Under. Qantas will buy up to 110 A320s. More codeshare flights means a QF on the ticket won't necessarily mean a kangaroo on the tail. But critics, and there are a few, say that the Spirit of Australia is being spirited away. It's an attack on Australian jobs and it really brings into question whether Qantas is truly an Australian airline. It's clear now that the future of Qantas lies outside Australia. It's about time the unions got out of the way and let us turn this business around. He expects to turn an international profit within five years. The availability of children's surgery across Sydney will be investigated following a coroner's scathing report into a young boy's death from a burst appendix. Victims of other hospital errors say it's about time and can't believe reform has taken so long. At Sydney Children's Hospital, work starts on new a wing. 1, 2, 3. (DING) (APPLAUSE) But it comes too late for Jacob Belim, the 8-year-old failed by the hospital system. It just made me sick to the core, really. Warren Anderson says similar mistakes led to the death of his daughter Vanessa at Royal North Shore. He pushed for Vanessa's Law, ensuring all children are seen by a paediatrician, but it was defeated. Vanessa passed away in November 2005. We're in 2011 and we've had another tragedy. I mean, it could have been avoided. The Health Minister says a review is under way to overhaul children's hospital care. I think we can strengthen it, there's no doubt about that. Like Jacob, George Perras had appendicitis misdiagnosed at Liverpool Hospital. He's now worried if it's best for a children's emergency. You should be safe going to hospital, not, "Is this the right hospital? Should we travel to somewhere else?" The coroner says Liverpool Hospital needs to tell local GPs and the ambulance service about what it can and can't do with children's surgery so they can make a better choice about as to where to send patients and avoid unnecessary delays. But authorities urge parents not to bypass their local emergencies. If we did have all parents taking all children to children's hospitals, you would have an enormous bottleneck. Still to come - we'll cross back to Robert Ovadia for more on the Madeleine Pulver breakthrough. Also, the controversial go-ahead to develop hundreds of new Sydney homes. And New Zealand's big chill dumps plenty of snow and lots of problems. That's next. and more has been discovered about how police tracked down Paul Peters, the man charged over the Madeleine Pulver bomb hoax. Robert Ovadia is in Louisville where Peters faces court tonight. It was an electronic trail. A note pinned to Madeleine Pulver told the family to contact the extortionist through a Gmail email address. Detectives traced that address to the Kincumber Library on the Central Coast and that then led them to Paul Peters. New housing is earmarked for Sydney's west with Penrith Council approving more development on the former ADI site. The go-ahead for an extra 653 lots is in addition to the existing Jordan Springs development. The O'Farrell Government's accused of breaking a promise to conserve the Cumberland Plain Woodlands. Rather than step in and protect it, the planning minister has given all the powers to the local government and we are seeing the result - bulldozing. The remaining 900 hectares will be set aside for a regional park. A second big dump of snow is causing more chaos across New Zealand. Thousands of homes are still without power, airports are closed and supermarkets are running low on supplies. But the worst of the weather is now over. The icy southerly winds are gradually easing but not before one last blast of snow. (COW MOOS) Blizzards have blanketed most of the South Island. See? Look what I mean. See? Get it - did you get it? Right across the country, flights are delayed after days of being grounded. Schools are closed and thousands of homes remain without power. I've never seen this amount of snow on the ground and you can see from behind me, how much there is - around 30cm or so. It's pretty inconvenient. It's just hard to walk in it. Snow ploughs are working overtime to clear roads. The ski town of Queenstown is entirely cut off. Skiers and boarders are loving it but food and fuel supplies are fast running out. I feel there's more of a panic at the moment than there was for Christmas and, say, the earthquake that happened in February. In the north, the mercury plunged to record levels. But the worst of it is now over. Sport now with Tony Squires and the Dragons are denying off-field dramas? They admit everything's going wrong on the field, Chris, but say there's still plenty of love in the camp. That's next. Plus, Jamal Idris reveals his new grapple tackle as the Bulldogs' finals ride continues. And a breakthrough win for Ambrose but not for trackside diplomacy after this crash in the US NASCARs. It's awesome. She's really well looked after. SONG: # It's a long and lonely road # When you don't know where it leads... # (YAPS) # It's a road... # VOICEOVER: Every car has a history, so before you buy, make sure you get the online report from carhistory.com.au and get the green tick. Oh, Jeff... Hey.

This is Claire. Hey, Claire.

We might leave you two to talk. How are ya? With free, expert advice on hundreds of home loans, your local Mortgage Choice broker will help find a loan that's right for you. Nice to see Jeff's finally settled into his new place. And I finally get my garage...back. Hey, Mum. Mwah! What's for dinner? You might just find you won't want to make a move without them. Claire? I think it's time we talked about that beach house.

Call 13 MORTGAGE today. but it was Matt Cooper who was forced to deny there's unrest at the Dragons after losing their fourth straight. That's all bull, mate. There's nothing, there's nothing there. Gasnier didn't train today, but Jamie Soward did showing no signs of a back complaint that's hampered his form. He's a big boy. He can handle the criticism. Gareth Widdop replaces the injured Cooper Cronk. The Bulldogs are headed to the judiciary to fight a one-game ban that threatens to keep enforcer Frank Pritchard out of Sunday's showdown with Manly. Pritchard says his shot on Shark Wade Graham was just a love tap. It's not their home but it's only fitting the Dogs have set up shop in the shire after Frank Pritchard owned poor Shark Wade Graham last night. COMMENTATOR: Oh, Frank got him in a Pritchard crusher. It left Graham concussed and Pritchard facing a one-week ban for a careless high tackle but he'll fight the grading in a bid to play against Manly. Yeah I thought just a little love tap, love tap, you know. Me and Wado are pretty close. There was nothing in it. There wasn't much in the game with the Dogs scoring a three tries to two win. With that victory, they join South Sydney on 24 points, just a win behind eighth-placed Newcastle but the Doggies know they'll have to lift if they're to beat Manly and keep the dream alive on Sunday. Yeah, exactly, and if we turn out against the Eagles like we did last night, we'll get our pants taken off. And Sharks fullback Nathan Gardner knows how that feels. That's how you stop him! My goodness! I didn't feel sorry for him at all, not really. He should have tied his shorts up tighter, I reckon. You know, he gave the crowd a good sight. I called it "the helicopter". Gave it a little name myself. And a little look at the ladder shows the Storm can wrap up the minor premiership by beating the Dragons on Friday. Melbourne Cup contender Cedarberg died from a heart attack at trackwork this morning. The news came as the big prize went on show at the Opera House just 76 days out from the great race. A host of stars are already supporting this year's carnival. The Cup continues its national tour in Perth on Thursday. Six years after moving to America, Marcos Ambrose finally tasted victory in today's NASCAR race that had everything. This crash on the final lap sparked one of the all-time great tirades from Boris Said who has a simple plan for Greg Biffle. If someone texts me his address I'll go see him on Wednesday at his house and show him what he really needs is a friggin' whoopin' and I'm gonna give it to him. I mean, he's a chump. Not sure why he's so specific about Wednesday, Chris. Obviously, a good whooping day. Try that out and let me know tomorrow. Checking finance now Sarah's next with Sydney's weather The Federal Government admits electricity prices have recently risen by 40%.

And the world's biggest carbon tax means even higher prices year after year. They must get carbon policy right before it's too late. It's awesome. She's really well looked after. SONG: # It's a long and lonely road # When you don't know where it leads... # (YAPS) # It's a road... #

VOICEOVER: Every car has a history, so before you buy, make sure you get the online report

from carhistory.com.au and get the green tick. Overnight lows hit 7 at Gosford and Campbelltown. Temperatures soared today to 20 degrees at Richmond and Penrith. From the satellite we have cloud slowly increasing from western New South Wales. Northerly winds which have brought us mild weather today. But rain is on the way for most districts. We have an active cold front approaching. That will cross much of New South Wales tomorrow. The system could produce up to 30mm across the southern half of the state. Around the country tomorrow: On Sydney's waters: You'll need the umbrella tomorrow. We're expecting rain in Sydney from late morning. It'll be a chilly 17 degrees. Bondi and Manly will drop to 12 degrees overnight. Terrey Hills 10 degrees. Terrey Hills, 10 degrees. Tomorrow, the bureau's predicting between 5mm-10mm of rain in the metro area. It'll be a wintry day with tops around 16 or 17 degrees. The seven day forecast is looking grey. There'll be more rain early Thursday with the chance of a morning storm. Easing to showers by the afternoon. A top of 19 in the city. 18 in the west. Isolated showers on Friday. The weekend's looking wet too, Chris. Before we go, a recap of our top story. A Sydney man will appear in an American court tonight over the Madeleine Pulver bomb hoax. Robert Ovadia is in Louisville. Rob, are any more arrests expected? No, Chris. Police believe 50-year-old Paul Peters was working alone. They accuse him of breaking in to the Pulver's Mosman home and putting a fake bomb around Maddie's neck. And the question turns to motive, police allege he has done is for financial gain but they are still perplexed as to why he targeted the Pulver family. Perhaps we'll learn more when he appears in court here shortly. Chris. And that's Seven News for this Tuesday. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. Kyle Sandilands at war with his wealthy landlord. The bitter battle over one of Australia's most expensive homes. Tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent. Why he's been forced to move out of this multimillion-dollar home. Could you stand a 30km/h speed limit? Tonight, the plan to drop suburban speed zones by up to 20km/h. How slow is too slow? an Aussie first. Electricity co-ops - of thousands of angry customers. How this man is signing up tens It works in the US, your next power bill. now he's out to get you 15% off isn't working. How Ritalin and ADHD medication in her home A mum wires up secret cameras live through every day and night. to show what thousands of families First tonight, dispute with a twist. a classic landlord versus tenant who's holding back rent payments. On one hand, the tenant who denies claims On the other, the landlord he's failed to keep the property up to standard. The difference here is the tenant is radio and TV star Kyle Sandilands, the house is a multimillion-dollar mansion and the unpaid rent climbs into the tens of thousands of dollars. James Thomas has more. In the world of Kyle Sandilands, image is everything - even if it costs you $20,000 a week. What's with the rumour Kyle Sandilands might be moving in here? It may or may not be true, I guess.