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(generated from captions) We didn't really need to see that. Thanks, Walter. But, yeah, thanks a lot, pal. Yeah. (LAUGHS) Can I rewind? Yeah, it'd be nice. Be handy, wouldn't it? on briefcase 5. Which only leaves Carly What do we think, Carl? I've got $75,000. Well, I hope, for your sake, Please! Come on, show me some green! Oh! did not whisper loud enough. There we go. The ghosts they are clamouring, clamouring! But now, my friend, (GUFFAWS) Poltergeists, that's what they are. Evil, mischievous little critters. Let's see the money. Unlike our Rita. A sweet vision she is. Sweet vision. Hey, great having you with us, Carly. and best of luck with the book. It's been good fun Can't wait to see the imprint.

Fun playing with you, girls. Thanks, Kate. ladies and gentlemen, See you next time, on Deal or No Deal! Tonight, jumping for joy - This program is captioned live.

for Australia Lydia Lassila wins gold at the Winter Olympics. done what you came here to do. COMMENTATOR: Lydia Lassila, you've Israel ordered in to explain using false Australian passports. after assassins carry out an attack a pregnant woman The hunt for a man who robbed in a Sydney hotel toilet. that caused hours of chaos And the highway truck fire

for Sydney traffic. with Chris Bath. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. gold medal at the Winter Olympics Australia has claimed its second the freestyle aerial ski jump. with Lydia Lassila winning Seven's Mike Amor is in Vancouver. Winter Games. Mike, this is Australia's best-ever We now have 2 gold and 1 silver Yes, Chris. sensational performance. following Lydia Lassila's who, at the Turin Games, It was a fairytale finish for Lydia blew her knee and screamed in pain. was screaming with joy. Today, our new golden girl on Cypress Mountain, In foggy conditions its third medal in Vancouver Australia was chasing at consecutive Olympics. and our third in women's aerials to a good start. Jacqui Cooper got the Aussies off

The experience comes through! COMMENTATOR: her first attempt. Liz Gardner couldn't hold What a shame. Melbourne's Lydia Lassila. It didn't phase That was huge. You are the woman, Lydia Lassila.

with her most difficult jump first. She chanced it by going heading into the final round. That put her in second spot crashed in her last attempt... She watched as team-mate Liz Gardner About as rough as it gets. her Olympic career in style. ..while Jacqui Cooper ended

Jacqui Cooper, you are a legend! of the competition With the second-last jump to be assured a medal. Lydia just needed to land this one And she stomps it! came here to do! Lydia Lassila, you've done what you lovely full twist again Lovely full twist, and setting up for the landing. you want to land the Olympic final. Ka-boom. That's the way

Lydia was in gold medal position. With one competitor left, A quick hug with her husband staked her claim for top spot. before China's Xu Mengtao It won't be enough. for Australia. Lydia Lassila has won the gold fall in Turin four years ago... After the agony of this sickening

(SCREAMS IN PAIN) after winning Olympic gold. ..today, screams of ecstasy This is ultimate closure and sacrifices. to a lifetime of hard work and some rough times I've come from some dark places and I've finally done it. Among the first to congratulate her Alisa Camplin. our last aerials gold medallist, and it's worked out We've done everything to plan

and I couldn't be happier.

Lydia won't receive her gold medal tomorrow until a ceremony in Vancouver has changed. but our position on the medal tally with 2 gold and 1 silver, Chris. We're now into 13th spot, has won the right Former terror suspect Mamdouh Habib to sue the Australian Government. he can seek compensation A Sydney court has ruled at Guantanamo Bay. for the time he spent in Camp X-ray he's preparing his case. Mr Habib says They have to be punished what's going on. and everyone have to know it will appeal today's decision. The Government hasn't said whether A furious Rudd Government an explanation from Israel is demanding passports by a Mossad hit squad. over the use of fake Australian

to three Australians, The real passports belong as international terrorists. two men and a woman now branded more hotel security video In Dubai, as police released showing the hit squad last month that assassinated a Hamas commander were carrying Australian passports, revelations that three by Israel's spy agency, Mossad. likely forged

It is a matter of deep concern. We will not be silent on this one. to 34-year-old Adam Korman, The passports belonged 27-year-old Nicole McCabe heavily pregnant and 28-year-old Joshua Bruce. but from family here... The details are accurate, It's not his photo on the passport nor do we. and he knows nothing about it,

was hauled in... In Canberra, the Israeli Ambassador Good morning. launched their own investigation. ..as Australian security services to the ambassador I made it crystal clear regards this that the Australian Government

as a matter of the gravest concern. National Security Advisor Australia's was at a Sydney conference... about developments in Israel? Are you concerned at all with the Federal Police chief, ..recalled to Canberra,

to avoid our cameras. who left via the hotel kitchen life may never be the same. For the three Australians involved, a possible revenge attack, One family fears their brief blacklist status while experts say permanently difficult. may make travel Your name ends up on a list, to get your name off that list. it's very hard

as among the world's 26 most wanted. Especially now they've been branded

Police are hunting a man who threatened a heavily pregnant woman with a syringe before stealing her money. Sarah Cumming is outside the George Street hotel where the robbery took place. Sarah, how is she coping? Chris, she's still quite traumatised. She's eight months pregnant and was on her way to hospital when she withdrew cash from an ATM, then stopped to use a hotel toilet. That's where the man attacked.

Police have released CCTV images of the robber in the hope someone can identify him. This is the man police are looking for. Walking out of the Haymarket Hotel after the attack wearing a blue and white T-shirt and jeans. Police claim he followed the woman into the toilets at lunchtime, Wednesday last week. She left the cubicle. Within the ladies toilets, there was a gentleman standing there

holding a syringe in his hands. The syringe contained clear liquid and he demanded her handbag. The 28-year-old victim, who is 8 months pregnant, had withdrawn money from this ATM on George Street. She then walked to the pub to use the bathroom. This man was watching. I saw a man run out of the hotel pretty quickly.

That caught my attention. By that time the woman told me

that someone actually took her handbag. The hotel has 36 security cameras. She was a little bit shaken up but luckily she didn't get harmed or anything. It is a cowardly attack and a desperate attack and he was quite determined in that he followed her from where she was. ATM users are being warned to put their money away discreetly. I'm a little concerned. I might think about it next time I go get some money. Someone tried to rob Kevin Reilly at the same ATM last week. And he grabbed... He thought he grabbed the money. Right? He didn't grab the money. He grabbed the receipt. The man's described as Caucasian, arouund 25 to 30 years of age. Anyone who recognises him is asked to call Crime Stoppers. A Sydney court has heard a woman was on the phone to her lover

when her husband allegedly murdered him with a hammer. Nita Iskandar faced Newtown Court this afternoon charged with being an accessory after the fact. She was granted bail but is still trying to raise $100,000 surety. Her husband is also behind bars, accused of killing Mohd Shah Saemin. The couple's son has been arrested in Singapore and is awaiting extradition to Australia.

The family of a young girl, abducted from her Wagga Wagga home, has appealed for help finding her kidnapper. The 6-year-old was snatched from her front yard 11 days ago. Her uncle has described the 90-minute ordeal as "a living hell". No other child should have to go through what my niece went through. Her life has forever been changed by one man's cruel act. Police are searching for a white ute with a number plate starting with 'BD' or 'DB'.

A truck fire quickly became an inferno on the Hume Highway in Sydney's south-west this morning. The B-double burst into flames after colliding with a car at Ingleburn

during the morning peak. The truck driver managed to jump clear. Both he and the driver of the car were only slightly hurt and were taken to hospital. Southbound lanes were blocked for several hours, but tonight traffic is back to normal.

A new report has found Sydney's flashing school zone signs are failing to slow down drivers. State political reporter Lee Jeloscek is outside Cabramatta Public School. Lee, why don't they work?

Chris, because drivers simply don't take much notice of them. The Auditor-General's report found they simply aren't enough of a deterrent and more speed cameras should be used. He checked a dozen schools and at only two did drivers stick to the speed limit. On average, a child is hit by a car in a school zone every week.

Experts say speed is often the difference between life and death. I've seen the way some people drive around the school zones. They just take no notice. Well, it's really wrong because it can kill one of my sons or it can kill anyone. The limit in school zones is 40. But a report has found Sydney drivers speeding at an average 45.6km/h.

Motorists are speeding in school zones particularly those where they know there is no fixed or mobile speed camera. The Auditor-General blames drivers for ignoring the laws but also the RTA. Bit unreasonable to expect them to slow down if they don't know they're in the school zone. He's urged the RTA to trim trees and move signs blocking warnings. I will work with the RTA and the Government will look at the Auditor-General's recommendations

as we move forward. The report also found fewer fines are being issued in zones with fixed-speed cameras but only 1% of schools has them. Campaigners argue flashing lights are more effective than hidden cameras. I believe the speed cameras reduce safety by diverting drivers' attention away from the road and down onto their speedo. But more lights are a long way off. They promised to have 566 flashing lights

in school zones around New South Wales by 2011. They've achieved only a fraction of that.

The Government says another 50 schools will get flashing lights this year, taking the total to 416. Parents are being warned about a controversial new website that allows their children to come face to face with random strangers.

Internet experts say Chatroulette could become the next social networking hit, but its growing popularity has a sinister side. This latest invention of the internet age can spread understanding between cultures... ..and filth. There's three, four... Maybe four people. Oh, that's really... Oh, god. These University of Technology students road tested Chatroulette.

They were shocked. (GASPS) A (BLEEP). They're basically just a bunch of horny men online that want to talk to girls. The 18-year-old met a 40-year-old American called Kevin then a 55-year-old married Frenchman. What is he doing on the internet late at night talking to a girl that is my age? At 17, Lea Nguyen is even younger.

A shirtless Spaniard called Nes wanted her to play what he called "hot games". No, I don't want to play. The site works by randomly hooking up webcams from across the globe, or perhaps even just around the corner. The person on the other end might be a potential buddy... ..or a paedophile. The experts say worried parents should use kid-safe software.

That will block any particular site that a parent might want to block. Child welfare advocates have another solution. Pull the thing out of the wall or sit with your children. Still to come - in front of tourists. a SeaWorld animal handler killed is being accused of cruelty. Also, why a western Sydney dog pound And the lucky experts at this year's Easter show bags. who have had a sneak peek next. Find out what got the thumbs up,

result of the year shows The first radio ratings his audience even further. 2GB's Alan Jones has increased with the radio on at breakfast time One in five people now listens to him. followed by Kyle and Jackie O, Adam Spencer is a distant second, then John and Sandy on 2UE. 2GB is Sydney's number one station. then 2UE. Next is ABC 702, 2Day FM, Nova, A Sydney dog pound has been accused to decide its adoptions. of using a cruel system to the highest bidder, Homeless animals are auctioned off leaving some families heartbroken

on death row. and hundreds of unwanted pets found this stray, When Bonnie Fingland he was sick and frightened. and had sores on his head. He was riddled with fleas I couldn't leave him in the street. He was a little puppy and and wanted to keep him She nursed him back to health but called Blacktown Pound in case he already had an owner. He didn't - but they took the dog anyway.

in two weeks time, They said if nobody claims him I could put a bid in for him. she never saw the puppy again. Her bid lost - the care I had for the dog, I thought I showed that, but it was all after the money. of Blacktown Pound. These are current inmates are told to enter a silent auction Families who come to adopt them and wait two weeks for news. leaving dogs on death row. Many walk out, animals and really want to help There are people who want to rescue they can't afford it. but can't because walk out in disgust. These families sometimes than any other Sydney pound. More dogs are put down in Blacktown 8,000 animals in through those gates Dog catchers will bring every year. almost half will never come out. The upsetting reality is that But late today, some hope. the council has ordered a review Following our inquiries,

a 'no kill' policy. and it will investigate Pounds have got to be a happy place, feel comfortable to come. somewhere where people in Florida A killer whale at SeaWorld for a third time. has lived up to its name was grabbed by the arm 40-year-old Dawn Brancheau after finishing a show. and dragged underwater Dozens of horrified visitors watched was thrashed around. as the experienced SeaWorld trainer in the history of our parks, We have never, experienced an incident like this procedures will come under review. and all of our standard operating the male killer whale, However, Tilikum, in two other deaths. has been involved look at this year's Easter show bags Sick Sydney kids have had the first giving them a big tick. to choose from And with more than 300 to do some research parents are being urged

before spending up big at the Show. It almost seemed cruel. while just over there lay this. Boring adult speeches, of lollies, toys, and fun. Table after table Show bags...absolutely. Almost within reach. from Westmead Children's Hospital So, big thanks to the kids and the Royal Far West to road test those show bags. for coming along

Road test?

1, 2, 3 - go. More like road 'race'. You know you make me want to shout. It was a mad bag grab for all the big names. I'm going to get the other Hanna Montana one. So much to play with. a backpack, stickers. A basketball game, a hat, What do you like most, Briony? All of it. And the official verdict... 10 out of 10. 1.5 million show bags were sold. Last year, That's around 74 every minute. these guys have come close. And, by the looks of it, that they're within the budget, Make sure pick them before you get here when you get in the door. then there's no trouble The show arrives in five weeks. Sport now with Alex Cullen. was Lydia's final jump? And how good Chris. It's so good, we'll show it again, of the Winter Games is next. Our second gold medal win Also tonight - generous act for a brave young fan. superstar Jarryd Hayne's for the 'Little Master'. And another record His history-making double century.

If you missed it earlier, gold medal of the Winter Olympics. Australia has won its second the women's aerial skiing. Lydia Lassila took out And she thumps it! what you came here to do! Lydia Lassila, you've done and her family It was a sweet victory for Lydia who celebrated at their home near Melbourne. She'd be over the moon and we're over the moon over it. has vowed Souths fullback Rhys Wesser to repay the Rabbitohs faithful season short in round two last year. after a knee injury cruelly cut his Wesser will start at fullback against the Dragons in Saturday's Charity Shield clash to having a few nerves. and he admits Hadn't had much contact you know, so it's going to be very nervous, first touch of the ball. I'll be right. I think once I get into it, And the Tigers have confirmed the next six season with the club that Benji Marshall will spend a Tiger for life. making the star five-eighth in signing that long If I can take the first step some of the other players then maybe we can help sign up who want play with me as well. and keep players around until the end of 2015. The contract runs won't be playing this weekend Parramatta superstar Jarryd Hayne will still be doing some good. but his golden boots of teenager Aimee Bliss, Hayne was so touched by the story to have his boots auctioned he's agreed to assist the brave youngster and leukaemia research.

It took just a phone call from his mum and sisters for league's star attraction to auction his golden boots to the highest bidder. and sort of shape the heart. I put them together Hayne's much-publicised boots, Seven News understands in the Indigenous All Stars game, worn for the first time to help this Central Coast teenager. will be auctioned from Hodgkin's lymphoma Aimee Bliss is suffering and continues to undergo treatment. Hayne simply wants to help Aimee and raise valuable funds for leukaemia research. She's obviously got a massive heart and going through a bit of a struggle at the moment and anything I can do to help is going to benefit her and her family. It feels good because he's taken time off, like, his busy life. Hayne's sisters attend the same school as Aimee on the Central Coast.

Details of the auction process for the boots will be announced in coming days. The boots are very close to me and it's obviously going to be hard letting them go

but it's for a good cause and you'd do anything for a good cause. Aimee's mum Kelly says Hayne's contribution is priceless.

It's just a huge shock to get a phone call like that and something so big happens, it's great. I'd give him a big hug to say thank you.

Sachin Tendulkar has smashed the highest score in one-day international history. The 'Little Master' belted three sixes and 25 fours to reach 200 not out off 147 balls against South Africa. No guesses as to who was Man of the Match.

First man on the planet to reach 200 and it's the superman from India - Sachin Tendulkar. India posted 3/401 with South Africa falling well short.

Perhaps Michael Clark can better that against New Zealand in their first match tomorrow. Checking finance now and fears Greece is sliding into deeper economic problems have weighed heavily on world financial markets. Here, the ASX 200 closed down 54 points.

Sara's next with the weather and we'd like another day like this one please. Chris, Sydney stayed pleasantly cool today but the summer heat isn't over yet. I'll have the outlook and our rising dam figures, shortly.

Bright skies and low humidity delivered a gorgeous day to Sydney.

Temperatures about where they should be for this time of year. At one o'clock, the city reached 25 degrees. Most of Sydney's now sitting on 22. Temperatures in the south-west took a dive last night. 13 degrees at Campbelltown the coldest. Sunny tops of 25 or 26 made for a nice recovery, though it felt more like 20 degrees with the winds. On the charts - torrential rain and storms are spreading south from the tropics, dumping the biggest falls in decades across parts of western Queensland. That monsoon trough will see more heavy rain across central and northern Australia tomorrow. Some of it spilling into far west New South Wales.

Hot northerlies will, meanwhile, bring a scorching day to the southern capitals. 36 in Adelaide, 34 in Melbourne and 28 in Canberra. A top of 38 in Perth could spark more afternoon storms. Mostly sunny tomorrow, helping tops into the high 20s. 27 in town and 29 at Penrith. Western suburbs are in for another crisp start. Down to 15 at Richmond and Campbelltown. Not a lot of rain for our catchments this week, but still a rise of 0.2%. That's thanks to all the run-off from the recent rain, which now has levels at 59.3% - the highest for six months. It should stay fine and warm on Saturday,

but late storms are still expected on Sunday. Becoming cooler and showery on Monday. Warming up to 33 degrees in our west, ahead of that late change on Sunday. Showers on Monday, Tuesday, and perhaps Wednesday. And that's Seven News for this Thursday. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. See you tomorrow. Goodnight. What a mother - can you believe this? Using her baby to steal thousands of items. Her thieving spree and why she must be stopped for the sake of the child. Buying or selling? The new warnings as agents play life and death tricks to get a sale. Are you being taken for a ride? The most comprehensive investigation into your city's transport quagmire - the winners, the losers. The biggest stars of commercial TV - they're in the ads. VOICEOVER: Now, Today Tonight with Matt White.

Good evening and thanks for joining us. Shoplifting costs Australian businesses a staggering $6 billion a year and every year that cost goes up, on average, by 6%. In clothing stores that increase runs at 20%. Ultimately, we all pay through higher prices and you'd be amazed how low the thieves will go. As Rodney Lohse reports,

even babies are being used as accessories giving rise to a new term in crime - "the pram raid".