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(generated from captions) This morning - This program is captioned live.

then crashes from parent demand. the MySchool website launched, Well, I think it's good to know. as a parent. I'm quite happy to know that accused of kidnapping and extortion. Three men arrested in Sydney on Apple's latest gadget, the iPad. And the verdict Morning News with Ann Sanders. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Welcome to Seven's Morning News. Good morning. has been launched The MySchool website but demand has been so great have been unable to access it. many parents compares schools. The controversial site for their opinions this morning. Damien Smith asked parents

From the wee hours from this

morning, there have been

morning, there have been problems with the morning, there have been problems

with the MySchool website. Julia

Gillard said the site is capable of

taking more than 2,000 hits per

second and the constant crashing

proves it has been popular indeed.

We spoke to quite a few parents

outside schools this morning which

said the site and information it

carries is a good idea. and a tool for parents, yeah, I think that it's a fantastic option parents have, you know, I think the more information that about the education system - that needs more help it highlights areas and more assistance. I think it's a great thing. for what they are Most parents will look at them that they get out of their school and they'll look at the values and they'll take it from there.

Mostly positive wraps for the way of

the website. But teachers unions are very concerned that the

that the website contains will be very concerned that the information

used to construct simplistic league

tables which could end up stigma

tiesing poorly-performing schools.

At least one of the parents we spoke

to today said that these tables, or

at least the information contained

on this website, should not be the

sole criteria by which parents choose the schools. you know, There are also other things, that's fostered, citizenship, the community spirit it's far broader - all those sort of things - not just results alone. the public school system,

We are told technicians have been

working very hard to try to iron out

the problems in the MySchool website. Back to you. Joining me is Bob Lipscombe Teachers Federation. from the New South Wales have been opposed to this website. Bob, teachers across the country are you still against it? Now you've seen it,

We are not opposed to parents being

given information and not opposed to

information being placed on the web.

This site causes concern because of

the potential to miss inform and

mislead. Apart from the technical

problems, there are significant

problems in terms of the sort of

schools that are put up as similar

and therefore comparable in many

ways. They clearly aren't. This will

mislead and miss inform parents. the site crashed. Demand was so high this morning, people want this information? Doesn't that prove

I'm not quite sure it does that. I

understand it started crashing at

2am this morning. I don't know how

many people were trying to access it

at that hour. Newspapers will

publish league tables in the next

day or say. It doesn't mean they

find it useful or provides

satisfactory information. We don't

believe this site does or don't

believe that league tables which

either. will inevitably follow, will do that

be allowed to compare schools? Why shouldn't parents

There is certainly talk about it in

the school playground. It must be on

a valid basis. To give an example

from the website, a school I'm

familiar with in western Sydney has

80% of children from non-English

speaking back round. Many have been

in detention centres, significantly

disrupted education. If you look at

the website this morning, that

school is supposed to be comparable

to a Christian school in rural

Queensland, to a private school in

the suburbs of Perth and to a

central school in the northern table

randz of New South Wales. Clearly

they are not comparable. The circumstances are quite different.

We are saying the information can be

misleading. Are you scare Monday

gearing or plan to do something

about this? Are you planning to

strike? What teachers said, if

league tables follow the launch

this site today, if they publish league tables follow the launch of

simplistic league tables, the

teachers will stop Naplan this year,

constructive details. but as opposed to parents getting

from the Teachers Federation. Bob Lipscombe have raided homes Heavily-armed police in Sydney's south-west this morning, for kidnap and extortion offences. arresting three men was there. Crime reporter Robert Ovadia Ann, as dawn broke this morning, to a few nasty surprises, three men awoke of police guns staring down the barrels the city's south-western suburbs. in four raids across as the men surrendered, Our cameras were there extortion attempt accused of a violent Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad that police from the for nearly three weeks. have been investigating the trio beat a man up It will be alleged upon him and threatened horrific violence a sum of money. if he didn't pay them The man went to police the gang now for a couple of weeks. and they've been surveilling is the alleged ringleader - The man arrested at Condell Park who has a number of children a 41-year-old who were due to start school today. was pulled from a house at Auburn. Another accused a few months back. He's 24 and was shot himself in which these men live It's the sort of world questioned by detectives and this morning they're being later today. and they're expected to face court are searching for a gunman Melbourne police at a factory after a man was fatally shot in the city's north overnight.

The 51-year-old was shot in the leg in Campbellfield. outside a smash repair shop the entrance to that shop. The male was found just inside and told them he was hurt It appears he contacted some friends have attended the address and those friends and then contacted police. The victim died later in hospital. after being hit by a vehicle A man has been killed in Sydney's north-west overnight. at Rooty Hill at about 9:30. The accident happened on the M7 The force of the impact caved in the driver's side of the ute

and smashed the windscreen. The 20-year-old man died at the scene. Police have interviewed the driver. An 18-year-old man will face court charged over the attempted murder and rape of an 82-year-old woman in Queensland. The grandmother was attacked as she hung out washing in her Rockhampton backyard on Australia Day. She was so badly beaten, her family had trouble recognising her. The teenager was arrested yesterday afternoon. Jetstar passengers have finally arrived home after mechanical faults left them stranded in Thailand for two days. Chris Maher was at Sydney Airport for their return.

Ann, 46 hours after they were due to

arrive back, the passengers on this

ill fated Jetstar flight finally

touched down this morning. They were

actually two hours late based on

their original arrival time. That

came after their original aircraft

in Phuket failed to get off the

ground twice, because of maintenance

problems, creating what was or is a

PR disaster for Jetstar. They

PR disaster for Jetstar. They were forced to put up the passengers in

hotel, pay for their costs, refund

their flights and gave them a $

their flights and gave them a $600

travel voucher. Nonetheless, when

the passengers arrived back, they

were relieved to be here and friends

and family were relieved to see them

back. There were unhappy stories. Maintenance it may have been, but it's the management of when it happened, that's the bad thing, it just wasn't handled properly. We sat on the plane for ages but when we got off the plane, they had no idea what to do. Second night we were put into a hotel, around the corner down some dodgy back alley. Bed sheets were ripped, wasn't clean, very unhygienic. Yeah, nightmare, but I'm home. (LAUGHS)

One of the principal complaints was

the lack of Jetstar is to

the lack of Jetstar staff on the

ground in Phuket to explain what

would happen next. There were a

handful of passengers arrive this

morning that were happy to receive

the compensation payout and said

they would fly Jetstar again. Ann The Australian property market has enjoyed its biggest growth since 2003.

The average house price rose more than 12% last year. Joining me is Matthew Bell from Australian Property Monitors. Matthew, what's behind the rise in house prices?

At the start of the year it with was

supported by the first homebuyer

market but the last three quarters,

it has been the top of the market

which has driven our price Which of our capital cities recorded the biggest gains? growth.

growth. Melbourne was the star, Sydney performed well and Hobart and

Darwin were strong throughout the year as well. What impact did the reduction of the first home buyer's scheme

and interest rate rises have on the market?

It hasn't had a large impact. Growth

is slowed compared to the start of

the year in that first homebuyer

segment. Still providess are still

going up and I think that will

probably have a bit more effect in

the first few quarters of 2010. What does this mean for people trying to enter the property market now? Will prices just keep going up?

Not so good if you are trying to get

into the market. Affordability is

good compared to the rest of the

decade but certainly not getting any

better. For new homebuyers, they are

looking for more supply to come

online to ease that demand. Thank you, Matthew Bell, Australian Property Monitors. Apple has unveiled its latest gadget - the long-awaited tablet computer. The iPad resembles a large iPhone. So will it be a hit? 'Sunrise' gadget guy Pete Blasina thinks so. He's in San Francisco for the launch.

Ann, it was really exciting this

morning. The launch of the iPad. I

think that very much this is a game

changer in terms of technology.

Imagine an iPhone stretched out, so

about 25cm high, about the size of

an A4 page and about 1.

an A4 page and about 1.2cm thick, so

extremely thin. The device has this

gorgeous screen on it. It really is

about taking a device and putting it

between a notebook on one side and

an iPhone on the other side. It's

kind of an intermediary device

kind of an intermediary device where you can access lots of different

content, video, movies, TV, music,

books, newspapers. I expected the

pricing, and we have only got US$ pricing, and we have only got US$at

the moment. I expected the

the moment. I expected the base

model to be $

model to be $799. It is going to model to be $799. It is going to be model to be $799. It is going to be

$499. It has a 3G Sim in it, and

that is $

that is $829 US$

that is $829 US$. It take-up is

going to be rapid. Thanks, Ann. Next in Seven News - furious Australian tourists stranded in Peru. Also, Susan Boyle's shock at finding an intruder in her home.


energy and fibre with all the protein, of two Weet-Bix and milk. A Gold Coast family had a close call when lightning hit a tree, sending it crashing through their ceiling last night. The branches narrowly missed a father and daughter while they were watching television. Sitting on the couch, Craig Mansbridge didn't expect part of a tree

to stab through the ceiling. It's unbelievable how much power was in it. Everything just went blue and I saw smoke coming out of the lights. Lightning hit the tree, exploding it into hundreds of wooden spears, the biggest slicing through the roof. It must've been going like a bullet, fair dinkum, straight through the side of the wall and then to come through into the lounge room, yeah, it's amazing that no-one got hurt. I just freaked and we just all ran outside.

Dinner's still on the barbie as the family realises just how close Dad came. He was probably within a metre of coming into some serious damage to himself, if not losing his life. I just thought, oh no, I don't know what's going to happen next! Neighbours heard the explosion and saw chunks of wood fly through the sky. Huge! Pretty amazing!

Singing sensation Susan Boyle has disturbed an intruder at her council house in Scotland. Boyle had returned home after recording a charity song for Haiti victims when she spotted someone running from her property. Everything is now under control and it's been dealt with by the police and by those concerned and I'm a lot calmer than I was last night, absolutely nothing to worry about. Police arrested a 16-year-old boy who has since been released. Almost 200 Australians are stranded by landslides in Peru near the famous Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. At least seven people have been killed after heavy rain caused flash flooding and triggered mudslides around the popular tourist destination. Peruvian authorities are rescuing tourists by helicopter

but trapped Australians want the Rudd Government to do more to speed up evacuation efforts. To finance now and checking the markets:

In 'Sunrise' this morning, we ran incorrect pictures of a bowel cancer test kit that was not part of the Government's national screening programme. We regret any confusion this may have caused.

Next in Seven News - a preview of today's Australian Open action. And the comeback kings through to the men's semifinals. (RHYTHMIC BEATS PLAY)

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga will take on Roger Federer for a place in the Australian Open final after both players had wins in Melbourne overnight. Federer came from a set down to beat Nikolay Davydenko. Tsonga gained revenge over Novak Djokovic, the man who beat him in the Australian Open final two years ago. Chasing his third straight win over Roger Federer, Nikolay Davydenko made a blistering start, claiming the opener 6-2. The Russian backed it up with an early break in the second. COMMENTATOR: That is dominant. Roger's wife, Mirka, couldn't believe her eyes

but the world's best player doesn't stay down for long. Guess who's ba-ack!? Federer took the second 6-3 and scorched through the third 6-0. Federer stretches his lead. The fourth set was tighter but Davydenko couldn't stop the Fed Express as he rolled into his 23rd straight Grand Slam semi.

Of course I'm very happy because he's been on an incredible run and to beat a player like him today is fantastic for me. In a rematch of the 2008 decider, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga was keen for revenge on Novak Djokovic.

HENRI LECONTE: Yeah, baby, come on! Tsonga took the first in a tie break but Djokovic turned the tables in the second. Ridiculous! What a clutch shot.

The Serbian was playing like a winner, charging through the third 6-1. But Djokovic suddenly started to feel the pinch with stomach problems. That's not the sign of a happy man. Tsonga smelt blood and seized the advantage. Come on! Excellent. Yes! French legend Henri Leconte rode his compatriot every inch of the way in commentary. Yes! Woo-hoo-hoo!

Tsonga charged through the decider and could have gone around again. I feel good, I can continue if you want! (LAUGHTER) Seven sports reporter Leith Mulligan is at Melbourne Park and Leith, it's a big day on court today?

Always is, it doesn't stop. The

women's semifinals up today. First up is Serena

up is Serena Williams up against Li

Na. Serena yesterday was up against

her and down a set against Azarenka.

We know she is a fighter. She has

won four times here. Although Li Na

didn't lie down to Venus Williams

yesterday, beat Venus in three. She

was excited to, to say afterwards it

was the best day of her was the best day of her life and she

might have a beer. Then we have

Henin up against Jie Zheng. The

first time it has happened in

Chinese history. We could have an

all China final if you like on

Saturday. But Justine Henin, who has

had a fantastic comeback will have a

lot to say about that. If she

doesn't make the finals, it's

doesn't make the finals, it's great come back. If she does win, it will

be one of the greatest comebacks in

history. You have Andy Murray

playing tonight. He has made the US

Open before. He's due for a slam,

playing extremely well. He is

playing extremely well. He is going to be fresh because he beat Nadal,

up two sets before Nadal retired

with knee injury. I think you will see

see a Titanic battle tonight. Make

for great viewing tonight. Pakistan faces an even tougher task in the fourth one-dayer against Australia with Mitchell Johnson joining the squad for tomorrow's clash in Perth. Peter Siddle's back injury will be tested at training today but he's expected to be fit. Paceman Ryan Harris has retained his place in the squad following an impressive 5-wicket haul in Adelaide. He deserves his five-for. He's worked hard to come back from a knee injury and he's a good guy and he deserves the success he got. Shane Watson and Doug Bollinger have been rested for at least the next two games. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after the break, as well as the rescue of a pet rabbit stuck in a sticky situation.

This year I'm gonna make my money stretch further.

And if you join Medibank by Feb 28, you get a month free! Plus you can claim straightaway on most extras. So to join or switch, visit Medibank or call 132 331 today. I feel better now! (DOG BARKS)

Taking a look at the weather around the country today. Ex-tropical cyclone Olga is building up steam again. It's causing heavy rain and storms in the Northern Territory and Queensland tropics. Showers and thunderstorms for parts of New South Wales and a few storms over WA and southern South Australia. An afternoon shower in Brisbane. A few showers in Sydney. Canberra will have a top of 30. Mostly sunny for Melbourne. 30 the forecast for Adelaide.

Sunny in Perth. Finally, firefighters have been called to a home in Sydney to rescue a rabbit stuck down a pipe. It took a while for crews to figure out how to get the pet out of there. They eventually used a dog-catching pole

and pulled the rabbit out safely, much to everyone's relief. Thank you so much!

It's all part of the job. The rabbit is now back in its hutch. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our main bulletin tonight at 6:00. I'm Ann Sanders. Thanks for your company. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia www.redbeemedia.com.au

This program is captioned live.