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Politicians, their perks and entitlements.


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(generated from captions) Now, f------ leave me alone. Do it, then. Now to the kind of mortgage stress we'd all love to have. claiming an away-from-home allowance Dozens of Federal politicians are while staying in their own homes to pay the mortgage. and using the money today, closed ranks Both sides of politics, and all of their other perks. to defend the practice Bryan Seymour reports.

What they are doing is not illegal,

they are taking what is a really

large loop hole and using it to

their ability. This is the travel

allowance we had to have. The good news is to pay the mortgage. the Government is handing over cash are eligible to apply. The bad - only Federal MPs

Federal MPs staying in Canberra are gifted a travel allowance while parliamentary business of $215 a night. getting paid Why then, are dozens of our pollies to stay in a strange place in homes they own when they're bedding down in some of Canberra's best suburbs? of last year reveal Figures for just the first half Martin Ferguson Resources and Tourism Minister stayed in this house

of his away from home allowance - while claiming 75 days worth a total of $14,550. This dwelling is in his wife's name. Julia Gillard - Deputy Prime Minister

44 days totalling $8,500 in Canberra's upmarket Kingston. to stay at her home regardless of where you stay, You get paid the same amount, in friends' house, whether you're staying in your wife's house, in your own house, at the Park Hyatt. whether you're staying That was Malcolm Turnbull in 2007 when it was revealed to pay rent to his wife. he was using his allowance has no opposition to claiming cash These days, the Liberal leader waterfront penthouse in Kingston. whilst staying at his luxurious We can't be sure - we think it's one of these. I think it I think

I think it is in the taxpayers

interests to know what is going on. Malcolm Farr broke the story. News Limited political reporter

When these MPs leave politics and

they sell these properties, the taxpayer

taxpayer who helped pay for them, they sell these properties, the

gains profit from doesn't get a slice of the capital

gains profit from it. clocked up more than $10,000 Labor Minister Anthony Albanese to stay at his apartment in Barton Dr Sharman Stone pocketed $6,200 while the Opposition's at her home away from home. for 32 nights Remember - MPs are well-paid - $127,000 for backbenchers, for the Prime Minister. up to $330,000 round-the-world airfare Plus, there's a free first-class every term, for MPs and their spouses, Canberra in business class. they get to travel to and from and keep the Frequent Flyer points. Then claim travel allowances Don't forget the free gifts - tickets to sporting and arts events. wine, clothing, jewellery, security that none of us can buy Not to mention the job

indexed for life. not to mention the superannuation This year, for our parliamentarians we'll fork out $390 million on salaries broadband internet, parking and things like mobile phones, and travel allowances - a never-ending list of lurks.

Possibly the worst person in the

world to judge people on their

morals but I do know taxpayers

expect accountability from their

members of parliament and they are expect accountability from their

not getting it in this case. For the first time in 300 years, House of Commons resigned today the Speaker of England's over the MPs' perks scandal. have been under siege British parliamentarians from furniture and food for spending millions on everything to one having his moat cleaned. We will show the public to clean up the system. that we are determined are sticking to the mantra - Meanwhile, our leaders

therefore it's not wrong. it's legal,

The trouble is that they virtually

set the rules. independent politician Ted Mack Former federal on parliamentary rorts. has been waging a 20-year war

We will never stop it until there is

an independent umpire and that is a

role for a futureb directly elected President.

your local politicians Now, if you'd like to contact

about perks and allowances, and let them know what you think just go to our website you need. and you'll find all the details Soon on Today Tonight -