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Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson speak with Ms. J. Gillard MP after the weekend's Labor Party victory in the federal election.


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(generated from captions) Beckham stake out in Sydney. And we will check out Cameron's elephant polo adventure in Nepal. First, Prime Minister Elect Kevin Rudd will will name his new Cabinet within 10 days. During his acceptance speech on Saturday night, Kevin Rudd was full of praise for his deputy, Julia Gillard. Take a look. She has been fantastic as the Deputy Leader of the Australian Labor Party. She will be fantastic as the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And joining us now is Australia's first female Deputy Gillard. Good morning to you and Deputy Prime Minister, Julia

congratulations. Good morning, Lisa. Good morning, Karl. I feel funny being on without Tony. We can get him for you, if you want. We can join you back if you insist. Is this a big one for the sisterhood? It's a moment, I think. I mean, I didn't go into politics in order to be the first woman to do something. I went I went into politics because I had an ambition to make this a better country and I'm hoping we will have the opportunity to do that, to put our plans in place, but I think it is a good moment for Australian women. Certainly as I move around the streets of Brisbane and Canberra over the last few days people have been coming up to me and congratulating me and there is a nice uplifting feeling about it, so I think Australian women are giving it a tick. They do want see a female face somewhere at the giving it a tick. They do want to

top of politics. If our calculations are right, by week's end or there abouts, you will be officially named as Deputy Prime Minister. Next week you will be acting Prime Minister when the PM goes to Bali. It's only a matter of time, isn't it? I will be act -- I will be aking Prime Minister for a period, so I will be very careful while while I'm doing it, I promise, and then Kevin will be back from Bali. It is important that we get on with the climate change agenda, ratifying Kyoto, and making sure we are at these international meetings, putting our view in how to deal with climate change. A swing of 6.1% is huge. Did you have any idea it would be this emphatic? Well, you hope and you think and you look at at all the polling and you sort of form a view about might happen, but you really don't know until the results come in. It's just not possible to predict, and on that Saturday night - I mean, it was just amazing to watch some of those seats come over to Labor. I think it is a real endorsement of our plans for this country's future. I mean, as I've walked around the country, I've met thousands of Australians during the campaign literally. They did want to see change on industrial relations and we're going to bring that, and they did want to spring in education revolution to the country. There is a real sense that every Aussie kid deserves the best possible start in life, and we're not making sure that every Aussie kid gets that best chance now and we should. You're in Brisbane having meetings. You've mentioned Kyoto already, and industrial relations. When will we see progress on Kyoto and when will you start to wind back the industrial relations laws? We're We're getting on with the job straightaway. I spent time with Kevin yesterday and more time today. We're setting up our plans for the future. A big job is to get the industrial relations legislation together. We are going to make sure that as as soon as the Parliament can sit, that we will have a transition bill that will stop Australian workplace agreements being made. It will be a measured transition. Agreements that are still live will still stay there, but there won't be new workplace agreements. So from that point, no one need fear having a safety net stripped away from them. Ratifying Kyoto we can do without Parliament sitting, so Kev individual will be getting on with that job and attending the Bali meetings important for the climate change agenda. When will you sign Kyoto, Julia I didn't quite hear that, Lisa, sorry? When will you sign Kyoto? Kevin will be making that decision, but you should expect it to be very soon. We need to ratify Kyoto as part of our commitments to dealing with climate change. Just in relation to your now Opposition and we mentioned Tony Abbott. Who do you suspect do you suspect will be fronting up against you in Parliament? Well, it's a matter for the Liberal Party and obviously there is a range of candidates whiring around. I have seen Tony Abbott's name mentiond in today's papers, so you never know, maybe with the Today Show factor, Karl and Lisa, he will emerge through the pack. OK. Well, we're figuring we will probably see you this Friday, Julia? We will know by the end of the week. this Friday, Julia? Probably will.

Julia Gillard, thank you very much for your time. We appreciate it. Thanks, Karl and Lisa. Labor's election win marked the end of an era for John Howard and with Costello dost decides not to