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(generated from captions) reject a controversial proposal Tonight - council planners for a Muslim school at Camden. is very pleased with it. The Camden community Pictures seized - most controversial photo exhibit. charges likely over Sydney's And left in the lurch - of Beechwood Homes. more frustration for creditors turning up today. The receivers haven't even bothered and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - as super funds bounce back. a boost retirement savings over a pricey magazine deal. And the Queen not amused But heading Ten News - and furious public meetings, after thousands of complaints planned for Camden the controversial Muslim school has been officially rejected. have told the local council Town planners to refuse building permission.

are against the school. Even the police were quietly celebrating Camden residents recommended after the council's town planner the Muslim school should be rejected. is very pleased with it. The Camden community from a country mile away. Camden can spot a bad development

A Lakemba-based Muslim group planned to build a primary and high school

catering for 1,200 students. submissions against the school The council received more than 3,000 and only 23 in support. I'm glad. Why is that? Just leave Camden like it is.

We don't want Muslims round here. in the areas they're already in, They cause enough trouble over so we don't want them here. they're law-abiding citizens, So long as I have no problem with it at all. The council found: to the development, And the police force has objected saying there's so much local anger of malicious damage the school would become the target and people at the school would run the risk of being assaulted.

Camden Council is now under pressure at its meeting next week. to formally reject the proposal stands out like a sore thumb. That development there

It creates massive traffic problems, integrity of the land it impacts on the agricultural a suitable development. and it's just not says it's disappointed The Muslim group behind the school but is yet to decide to the Land and Environment Court. whether to take its case John Hill, Ten News. Charges are now expected to be laid on a Sydney art gallery after a police raid of naked underage girls. featuring photos Officers have seized the photos, as revolting. described by the Prime Minister Packed in a wooden crate, of a 13-year-old girl Bill Henson's nude photographs they're police evidence. are no longer art, Deemed sexually explicit, of a court case. they could soon form the basis Police are investigating this matter we will proceed to prosecution and it is likely of publishing an indecent article on the offence under the Crimes Act. Roslyn Oxley gallery this morning. Detectives arrived at the assessing the images They spent four hours inside as recently as one year ago. which were produced renowned artist Bill Henson his work could see him charged. are shocked That is outrageous! The guy's one of the most important artists in Australia.

It's art! Is it art or is it pornography? Curators at the NSW Art Gallery has been misinterpreted. believe Henson's work and he was very upset. I saw him last night To me they actually have of classical antiquities. something of the quality in half the churches of Italy. the photographs this morning. The Prime Minister was shown

He described them as revolting. Kids deserve to have the innocence of their childhood protected.

I have a very deep view of this and, for God's sake, let's just allow kids to be kids.

While the offending photographs in a police exhibit room, will only be displayed

to display the rest of his exhibition Bill Henson and the gallery are keen in the coming days. the young model or her parents. Police have yet to track down James Boyce, Ten News. they feel dudded Working families say to bring down petrol prices. by Kevin Rudd's failure is standing by his defence But the Prime Minister

to help those feeling the pinch, to help those feeling the pinch. that he's done all he can as much as physically possible Kevin Rudd believes he's done to help the family budget. These families don't buy it. Promised too much,

with what he said he would do. and didn't come through keep prices at a reasonable level. I understood that he was going to of giving up on families. The Opposition Leader accuses Mr Rudd can control that it's taking in excise.

That excise can and should be cut. be spent on buses and trains Malcom Turnbull says more should of rising fuel costs. to counteract the pain at the Prime Minister. but he still had a jibe and we'll keep petrol prices down, He said, "Vote Labor, "we'll look after petrol prices." And he has done nothing about it to watch them go up. except pay people

cutting the fuel excise Labor has ruled out is standing by his comments and Mr Rudd that he can do no more. Is that one of those things for a very long time? that's going to follow you around we've just delivered. No, I'm just referring to the Budget I mean, that has to be set against of Australia today. the economic circumstances actually promised While Labor has never and grocery prices down, to bring petrol was an effective election-winner. its focus on the hip pocket

That's left some voters with expectations that won't be met. to watch fuel prices And the man employed

warns petrol may not be cheaper The FuelWatch system itself the international oil price, won't actually affect the actual headline price. or won't bring down significantly Leonie Mellor, Ten News. The State Government has hit back at claims its North West Metro rail line is over budget even before the bulldozers are brought in. State political reporter Kevin Wilde joins us from Macquarie Street.

Kevin, it certainly seems damaging, but is it true?

It depends be to you believe it - John

John Watkins as the Transport Minister or Barry O'Farrell, the

leader of the opposition. The

opposition 0.2 per document showing

many more millions been needed to

pay for that acquisition of land.

They say Treasury doubts there will

be 70,000 people a day using this

male - - metro rail line. The

government says the figures are

wrong and the plans are going More wrong and the plans are going well.

More part financial plans will be made

made available in the State Budget. The budget for it

The budget for it is clear. B

timetable and the budget is as was

announced in March. These are the

only documents we can get for a $12

billion announcement. This is a

state governments that put more effort into advertising campaigns. effort into advertising campaigns.

Safety on Sydney Harbour is Safety on Sydney Harbour is again

in the news. What is being done? There

There were calls by 60 harbour

master's, who believe not enough is

being done and they need to be better lighting and more patrolling.

NSW Maritime acknowledged they have

stepped up patrols. Given we have

had such a series of tragic

accidents, they want to meet the

people involved. They will step up

patrols when summer comes around.

We always have the door it open to speak about safety concerns. We

will meet with the Maritime Union.

Just to update you on that awful

accident when six people died, the

investigation is still in its early

stages. Some on board had yet to be

interviewed. If charges are laid,

that is several weeks away. There's been more misery for victims caught up in the collapse of builder Beechwood Homes. More than 200 angry creditors met today, but have been left in the dark over their unfinished homes and spiralling costs. They came looking for hope and answers. But these Beechwood homeowners say they've been let down again. We've got a slab. I've got a very, very expensive piece of concrete at the moment and nobody's telling us was called after Beechwood Homes collapsed last week owing around $20 million.

Here were tradespeople owed money and some of the 300 desperate to have their homes completed. How are you living? In a caravan. I've got two young children. Same as these guys. They have got to get out where they're living. They're trying to move into a shed, middle of winter. It's just put us in hardship, arguments at home over stupid things

because of the stress this has put on us. We're paying rent at the moment in a house that's been sold. so we could be kicked out at any stage. As recently as two days ago, many of the homeowners here received letters like this one from Beechwood Homes demanding large progress payments. The trouble is, they don't know whether that money will go towards completing their homes or will simply be used by Beechwood to pay off a large debt to BankWest. BankWest is owed $11 million and appointed the receiver Deloitte. But despite being best-placed to answer questions, it declined to turn up, leaving the administrator, insurers and Department of Fair Trading to face the crowd's wrath. The receiver's aren't here to answer. The Department of Fair Trading doesn't know anything. The receiver will decide the best outcome, possibly selling Beechwood I think that would work in hand with the homeowners to try and ensure their homes are completed.

It would maximise the return

for both the bank and the unsecured creditors. For many though the key question is when. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. A man has been sentenced to life imprisonment for smothering a Sydney couple to death and driving their car over a cliff to disguise the crime. When Pamela and Bill Weightman were found dead inside their car over the edge of a cliff, the Coroner recorded the deaths as accidental. But soon after, the couple's adopted son David came forward,

But four years later the couple's admitting he'd killed them to collect an $800,000 inheritance.

Today a judge labelled his accomplice, Terry Donai, and sentenced him to two consecutive life terms. The couple's son is already serving a 30-year sentence. A court has heard sensational allegations that the Nine Network treats its female news stars like playthings. is suing the network for racial and sexual discrimination, as well as unpaid entitlements. She's seeking $500,000 damages. Nine's lawyers have labelled Spiteri's case rolled-up hotchpotch and nonsense and are demanding it be thrown out. The Federal Court must now decide if it will go to trial. Let's take a look at sport now with Tim Webster. More Sydney NRL clubs say they can't guarantee their future? We'll tell you which clubs shortly. But Souths great George Piggins has a solution if Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes Court can't keep running the Bunnies. Plus, Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting saves Australia in the first Test against the Windies and it's proved to be yet another milestone moment in his career. We'll have all the highlights. And we're there in Scotland to hear what the locals think about the rising Socceroos star

who's just helped their club claim another major title. Also coming up -

latest on the Tahs on the eve of their Super 14 semifinal. Sydney's bizarre new crime wave: Next, Sydney's bizarre new crime wave - you'll be surprised what's being stolen. Plus, a courthouse vandalism spree - criminals thumb their noses at the law. And a new way to track down your family's convict past.


VOICEOVER: Dreams can come true. Especially with two years comprehensive insurance included on demonstrator vehicles. For a limited time. Mercedes-Benz dealer today.

This program is captioned live. The grounding of the 'Pasha Bulker'

has been officially blamed on the ship's master. A report by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau has found he ignored weather warnings and didn't properly ballast the ship or weigh anchor until it was too late. The 'Pasha Bulker's crew had also been poorly trained. was stranded for 25 days The coal carrier after becoming wedged on a Newcastle sandbar during wild storms in June last year. The maritime union now wants a review of the shipping industry.

Despite the Parramatta Children's Court boasting 90 security cameras, But offenders are being taped in the act - CCTV catching them blatantly graffitiing the building. Toilet walls are covered in tags -

the only area where cameras aren't allowed. I'm disgusted by the acts of vandalism which were reported this morning in relation to the Parramatta Children's Court.

Vandals can be jailed for up to five years. Graffiti costs NSW $100 million annually. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News,

We're interested in both photos and video. Uncovering family secrets is about to get a lot easier. A goldmine of historical records dating back to the convict days are being put online. The secrets of the State's extensive convict history are about to be posted on the Internet,

to shipping records that are almost 170 years old. "Left Portsmouth on the 28th of November 1839 "and arrived in Sydney on the 27th of April 1840." The Government is finalising a plan to digitally capture records going back to the First Fleet. That means archives mostly 100 years-plus old and it will be

thousands of documents available for people to peruse and study and learn about NSW and learn about their own families. Historians like Dr Perry McIntyre are excited at the prospect. You'll be able to look up all the convicts from a particular place in England or Ireland or ones that were a certain age or demographic or who committed particular crimes. It can take days trawling through the microfilms to get even the most basic information.

More sophisticated searches will be possible online, at home, from later this year. Searching by hand will also be old hat. It will make a tremendous difference to people like me. I live in Brisbane so to come down and spend some time for a week in Sydney So it will be absolutely fabulous to have things online. The cost for accessing the records hasn't yet been determined. The Government promises it will be value for money

and make provisions for monthly and annual subscriptions. Kevin Wilde, Ten News.

Time now for a check of the weather

with Angela Bishop. Have you got

good news for the weekend? I am

going to deliver a nice weekend and a

a fabulous Friday night. The opera

house is looking majestic.

house is looking majestic. Today we

had bang on average. It was 18 in

the city. We had heavy cloud in the

morning which cleared around

lunchtime, to be nice and sunny.

The cloud has come back this

evening. It is quite mild. We did

have some rain up north - Byron Bay

got 45 mm. It was the wettest got 45 mm. It was the wettest day

this month in five years. I'll be

back later. Up next - an appeal for unity from Australia's first woman bishop.

I've had letters of understanding, goodwill and prayer for support from bishops who disagree with this move. And the Queen not amused over a pricey magazine deal.

back later. If you're trying to get

the Central Coast, but we have News the Central Coast, but we have News

p 1 not like to hear. These are

live pictures over the F3. All

traffic lanes Gosford traffic lanes Gosford bound by

taking 45 minutes extra to get out

of Sydney this evening. Take the Old Pacific Highway. have sunk to a new low, stealing brass taps from gardens and businesses. Because of booming metal prices new laws have been brought in to help catch them.

After 58 years in the scrap industry Des Woodley believes he can spot stolen metal a mile off. You look in the back of a bloke's truck and you know he's not an electrician. He's got cable cut 2m long that fits in the back of his ute beautiful and he's got a big set of cable cutters in his ute and you know that it's hot and you don't buy it.

But somewhere on the northern beaches people are buying it.

And the theft of metal such as copper and brass is a big problem. It's not just metal cabling, as surfboard manufacturer Rodrigo Arguello discovered from his business this week.

when a brass tap was stolen I think it's a gang, you know, they're working in groups and they go around at night-time taking any kind of metal that's worth anything. An aluminium bench was stolen from the business next door

and a nearby Porsche repair shop they took four aluminium ramps used to load cars onto trailers. Dee Why's tap thieves have also hit residential areas. It is just petty crime, but it's happening more and more. This apartment block has been hit twice and three others in the same street have also been targeted. To be polite, it's a bloody nuisance because if you get a plumber in it costs you a hundred bucks to put a couple of taps in. As scrap metal prices continue to rise, new laws have been introduced forcing anyone selling scrap worth more than $82 to show ID. Des Woodley wants other scrap dealers to follow his lead, installing security systems to catch out anyone doing the wrong thing. Australia's first female bishop has appealed for unity

in the Anglican Church. While her ordination overnight is seen as a victory for women's rights, there are warnings it could lead to the consecration of gay priests.

A distinctly Australian sound for a national milestone - more than 1,000 packing Perth's St George's Cathedral for Kay Goldsworthy's ordination. as a young priest in Melbourne. Kay Goldsworthy has been a pioneer and leader. Kay, receive this staff as a sign of your office. She's the world's 23rd woman bishop, but it's a move that's split the Anglican Church. The next social justice issue will be that of the blessing of gay relationships and so on and so forth.

That's been the progression. There's a sense in which we need to recognise the change that's taking place and to be open to it. I've had letters of understanding, goodwill and prayerful support from bishops who disagree with this move. History will repeat next week when Australia's second woman bishop is ordained in Melbourne. Nick Way, Ten News. Children removed from a polygamist sect in Texas because of fears they were being abused

may soon allowed to go home. An appeals court has ruled that state authorities had no right to take the children last month

and there was no evidence they were in immediate danger. More than 400 children were removed during a raid on the fundamentalist Mormon group's sprawling property. In ruling in this way the Court of Appeal has stood up for the legal rights of the families and given the mothers hope that their families wil be that their families will be brought back together very soon. It's unclear when the children, now in foster care, will be reunited with their parents.

A tornado has ripped through several towns in the US, killing at least one person. Amateur video shows a giant funnel cloud 1.5m wide. The powerful winds tore apart homes and businesses and toppled large trucks on freeways. And a train was brought to a halt when several of its carriages were blown off the tracks. A man was killed when the tornado struck a camping ground. The UN Secretary-General has convinced Burma's top general to let foreign aid workers into the country.

The breakthrough came after Ban Ki-moon toured flooded villages in the Irrawaddy delta. The orchestrated visit included a stop at a refugee camp run by the country's military rulers. I am very much sad by what I have seen. 2.5 million people cyclone survivors are still waiting for help three weeks after the disaster. The official death toll from the disaster has reached 78,000, with another 56,000 missing. The death toll from the earthquake in China

stands at more than 55,000. Government officials have confirmed 25,000 people are missing and 280,000 have been injured. Rescue crews are still heading for remote villages searching for elderly survivors cut off by landslides. The younger villagers managed to trek out to get help, leaving behind more vulnerable members of the communities. The Queen has apparently banned the royal family from signing magazine deals after her eldest grandson sold his wedding photos

for more than $1 million. Some are now comparing the royals with trashy celebrities. For the Queen, this was the wedding of the year. Peter Phillips is her first grandson to tie the knot. But it's not just his Canadian bride, Autumn Kelly, who's blushing now. Glossy photos of the royal family, including 10 pictures of the Queen,

have been splashed across 94 pages of 'Hello' magazine, after the couple signed an exclusive deal reported to be worth ?250,000. Allowing the contract to slip through the net a serious error of judgment. is now being called I think, in my view, the Queen's never done anything like this before, in the whole of her reign. She's always kept above all that, commercial deals. There's no exclusivity to the Queen, she never does interviews. For some, this unprecedented deal puts the royal family in the same class

as the celebrity couple Jordan and Peter Andre, who sold out to 'OK'. The dresses were certainly very different, but both the brides opted for tiaras, a horse and carriage, and chose money over privacy, a decision that might weaken Just because you sell pictures of your wedding doesn't mean you're not entitled to go on the beach, for instance, in your bikini and not be photographed. I think they're two completely separate things. And I think clearly there was a lot of interest in the wedding. The wedding had to be paid for and I think Peter Phillips did the deal to pay for the ceremony. While it's been reported that the Queen has now clamped down on magazine deals involving senior members of the royal family, Buckingham Palace has declined to comment,

saying merely that these photographs are a matter for Peter Phillips and his wife.

Ahead, super funds defy the economic gloom. Also, John Howard's Sydney home burgled as he enjoys a day at the cricket. And Yocha, the wise-talking parrot, tells his rescuers where to go.

touch-screen display and sports styling.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's major stories - planners reject a controversial Muslim school in the Camden area.

A local Islamic group wanted to build a school for more than 1,000 students on vacant land in the area. The proposal drew thousands of complaints and sparked rowdy public meetings. Charges are now likely over the photographic exhibition that provoked outrage across the nation. Police have seized pictures of young girls from a Paddington gallery that had planned to put them on display. And disappointment for hundreds of homebuyers left in the lurch by the collapse of building giant Beechwood Homes. The company's receivers failed to show up today at a meet of creditors in Sydney, leaving customers no wiser about when their homes may be finished.

Customs is trialling its latest weapon in the battle to protect our borders. The 8.5m-long unmanned 'Heron' aircraft can send radar, vessel information, video and photographs

back to its base at Weipa, in Far North Queensland.

The information is shared with several authorities to investigate suspicious activity. in the northern part of Australia The sorts of things we're looking at is illegal immigration - unauthorised maritime arrivals - illegal fishing. The 6-week trial ends next month. Burglars have struck the Sydney home Family jewellery was taken from the North Shore address. The thieves set off an alarm, but got away before police arrived.

John and Janette Howard weren't home at the time - they're enjoying the first cricket Test in the West Indies. There's good news on superannuation. Funds hit by the global share market slump are making a recovery and are about to bounce back. It may not be cause for dancing in the street... (All chant) Here we go! Here we go! ..but super funds are back in black for the first time this year.

The last couple of months have seen some strong gains for the share market. We've seen since mid-March the market alone is up 16%. As the big banks bounce back from the credit crunch, super funds are clawing back losses. Only about eight or nine weeks ago the super funds were down about 6%. That means the average Australian had lost about 6% of their money. Now we're down around about 1%. chart the comeback this year. From the lows of January, the average balanced superannuation fund climbed into positive territory in April. Withstanding the oil price shock, looks set to continue. the local share market recovery The share market is expected to perform well throughout the rest of 2008. And for super nest eggs, the benefits of that stronger performance will be seen in about five weeks. There's a glimmer of hope we'll have some positive returns come 30 June.

But that glimmer affects four out of five Australians with savings in balanced funds, meaning less risk but less return. More aggressive growth funds will struggle to come out on top,

but five years of double-digit earnings will more than offset this year's loss.

To the BankWest finance report and the Australian share market closed weaker today after a slide in resource stocks. A clever jailbird has managed to talk his way home. The African grey parrot escaped from his cage a few weeks ago

and ended up lost in a Tokyo suburb. Police tried to get the runaway to spill the beans but he was no stool pigeon and refused to talk until he was handed over to a vet clinic, where he started reciting his name and address. He also entertained his carers by singing karaoke. African grey parrots are known for their abilities to mimic people. Sport now with Tim,

and George Piggins has a solution for the Bunnies' future?

Yes, Peter Holmes a Court and Russell Crowe

can't guarantee the future of the club, and many other Sydney NRL teams have the same fears. And what a time to end a form slump - Ponting saves the day again.

Also, the Socceroos star who stayed behind in Scotland

to be rewarded with the biggest moment of his career.

When you declare something to Quarantine, chances are you'll get to keep it, but in some cases you wouldn't want to. If you don't declare,

it could be dangerous to Australia or your wallet. Declare or beware:

If I had my way, I'd have more time to get ready in the morning. I could have a second cup of coffee. And there'd be no rush for the early bus. You've got it. The new ACTION.

This program is captioned live. Bunnies great George Piggins says ownership of the Rabbitohs should be handed over to the rich Souths juniors club. It comes after revelations by Peter Holmes a Court

that he can't guarantee the survival of Souths and that he and Russell Crowe are scaling back their investment. He's happy tending to his horses these days,

but George Piggins says it's sad, but inevitable, Souths' high-profile owners are doing it tough. I once went to talk to Kerry Packer once about Souths, and when someone like Kerry Packer explains to run a football side how much money it costs and it was just too dear, I couldn't see how Holmes a Court or Russell Crowe

would be able to afford to run the club on a regular basis. It's why Piggins led the 'no' vote

While there'll be no comeback by him, he says there is an answer. Perfect outcome would be South Sydney Juniors - and they'd run the football club. That would be the best result I think the members could get. Reports of a rift between Crowe and Holmes a Court isn't helping stem concerns for Souths' future. Today two more high-ranking club officials also came forward to say they too can't guarantee their team's survival. I really can't guarantee it.

We are hopeful that we can survive. A crisis meeting of 50 licensed clubs today discussing ways of surviving the State Government's poker machine tax, which is also threatening the 10-year alliance between St George and Illawarra. The joint venture has a few years to run, but that will come into question.

We've already been, if you like, advertising the fact

that rugby league in Wollongong could be jeopardised, as it is in Sydney. A subcommittee will now seek emergency talks with Premier Morris Iemma. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Waratahs winger Lote Tuqiri claims he will be 100% fit for tomorrow night's Super 14 semifinal against the Sharks despite sitting out most of the week with a knee injury. Tuqiri seemed to be taking part in a fitness test today while his team-mates played touch footie, I just had a little PCL tear, nothing major, just thought I'd stay off it, being a big game - hopefully not the last game and just getting everything right before Saturday night. The Waratahs will have to be on their best behaviour in the must-win semi

with Sharks super boot Francois Steyn given the green light to play. Swans ruckman Peter 'Spida' Everitt says a win against Port Adelaide at AAMI Stadium tomorrow is vital if the Swans are to be a force in 2008. The Swans beat Port by 68 points when they met in Round 2 but have improved dramatically since then. You kind of run through the season, you look at sides when you want to play them because every side goes in and out of form. And they probably struggled earlier on in the year but definitely now they're in good form and they look like the finals side they were last year. The Swans currently sit in fifth place on the AFL ladder, but could drop several spots if they lose tomorrow. The Socceroos are just a couple of hours away from kick-off for their match against Ghana at the Sydney Football Stadium. Neil Cordy is there. Neil, tonight's match is a friendly but a vital warm-up fixture for Australia's upcoming World Cup qualifiers?

It certainly is. They have cold

this next month's Super June,

because they will play four World

Cup qualifiers in the space of Cup qualifiers in the space of 22

days. The women's team are in

action behind me and arrowhead 1 -

0 in a warm-up match against Canada.

Harry Kewell and the Socceroos went

for a stretch, and a very important

game for Harry, with a lack of

match practice for his club

Liverpool. It is the first time he

will captain the Socceroos in

Australia. An important match for

another local player, Joel

Griffiths. I am just going to try

to enjoy it and show what I can do, and hopefully and hopefully that will be good

enough for the next can coming up. There

There has been talk about Iraq been

eliminated from the qualifiers by

the governing association. Reports

are St the Iraqi government has

dissolved their Football Association, which will mean the

governing body will ban them from

World Cup competition. From an Australian point Australian point of view, they

would get all six points for their

two matches there. They would also

be awarded, effectively, two

matches a 3 - 0. We do not want

that to happen. It would be a

terrible anti-climax. Be decision-

makers are on their way to makers are on their way to

Australia right now. 30,000 people are are expected here tonight. As the Socceroos do battle with Ghana one of their team-mates will be celebrating the perfect end to a stellar season.

Ten's Danielle Isdale was there to watch Scott McDonald help Celtic take out their third successive Scottish premiership on the last day of the season.

The last match of the Scottish season, and Celtic fans came to win. (ALL CHEER)

Many were pinning their championship hopes on Australian import Scott McDonald, who's scored 31 goals for the club Tonight he'll be the man. He's been great this season. He's a legend. He's a hero. I love him to bits. Their devotion paid off - the Glasgow boys beat home team Dundee United 1-0, from arch-rivals Rangers. It's been a fantastic season for me personally. To top it off with a championship medal, it means the world. Basically, to score all these goals and not to have won anything would have crushed me a little bit. And now he's at the top of the tree with Celtic, he plans to stay there. and all that

but I'm delighted playing here. They gave me the opportunity to come here and it was my boyhood team. With the Scottish season behind him, there's little time for rest for Scott McDonald. Soon he'll head back to Australia to take up his place with the Socceroos in the lead-up to the World Cup qualifiers...

No rest for the wicked - you know, straight back into it with the national team. ..happy to join his home squad on a high. I'll go home and show everyone what I can do and I'm looking forward to that. I've only had four or five caps so far, so hopefully I can add to that and with that, obviously, add goals and be successful. In Dundee, Scotland, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Ricky Ponting has moved to second in the first Test against the Windies in Jamaica. And Ponting's 35th Test hundred couldn't have come at a better time, as yet again he rescued Australia after a horror start from the side's newest opening pair. The dawn of a new era - Gilchrist gone, Brad Haddin the 400th player to wear the baggy green.

COMMENTATOR: And that is a very proud moment. The Indian Premier League influence was felt - cheerleading Jamaican-style, the West Indies summer, including our former PM. watched his replacement at the top of the order, Simon Katich, fall early. Phil Jaques soon followed. How close is that? Gone! Finger goes up. After the aerial assault of the Twenty20 game, a procession of grass-hugging fours from Ponting and Hussey seemed tame, yet effective. The pair piled on the runs and became more adventurous as the innings built.

Mike Hussey, that's his fifty. He's worked hard for it. The partnership was eventually undone with a remarkable acrobatic effort. Got him! Spectacular, Bravo. Bravo! That is what the West Indies needed. Hodge wasn't about to squander this chance in the Aussie line-up, while Ponting took a much gentler approach to bring up his ton. Hundred number 35 in this long and illustrious career

for the Australian captain. That milestone covered, time to lash out. Ponting cleared the fences, Hodge pounded the ball into them. That's flown away like a shot. Only a screamer of a catch could remove the Aussie skipper, gone for a brilliant 158. Hodge jumped passed 50, carrying Australia past 300 and into day two. Anthony Goodridge, Ten News. To the tips, and Michael Sullivan's selections for Doomben tomorrow: And in Sports Tonight, all the highlights from an action-packed night of football - AFL, NRL and the Socceroos.

Time now for a check of the traffic

with Vic Lorusso in the Keddies traffic chopper. Some problems on

the M5? It will be a long Ryde home

for traffic going to Campbelltown.

Just take a look. This is the M5.

Traffic delays from banks town Traffic delays from banks town all

the way. There is a breakdown in

the right hand lane.

Stay with us - the all-important weekend forecast is next.

This program is captioned live.

Eliot in the week, the outlook for

the weekend was not encouraging. I

hope you have been able to port the

right strings. I thought I would do

something about it. It will be

sunny. I want to mention this

week's nominee in the Telstra

Environment Awards. We have a

terrific nominee from a public

school in the Blue mountain's. They

have been doing amazing things,

including having a worm farm, where

they sell jazz of worms for $2 a

jar. This goes back into helping

fund projects for the school. They

have lots of March. They are doing

their bit for the environment. We

welcome them as a nominee in the

Telstra Environment Awards. If you

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On the satellite - cloud is

spiralling into a lower at south of

Western Australia, causing showers.

Onshore winds go into it as a

trough, bringing showers to eastern Queensland and northern New South

Wales. Low cloud in the South East

will bring it no rain. A high will

keep skies clear in the south-east.

If you look at the Harbour Bridge,

there is a very important message

on the southern Taiwan. It is for

the Salvation Army. Give all you can

can - it is one of the best courses. A shiraz from a Melbourne winery has been crowned the world's best. As word of the accolade spread wine lovers spun into a frenzy, queuing at the cellar door for a taste. The 2004 Witchmount Shiraz beat almost 400 wines from around the world to take out France's Syrah du Monde wine competition. The French were a little bit surprised it was not 1, 2 and 3 for France, you know. At $26 a bottle the drop sold out in hours. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. www.redbeemedia.com.au