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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Michelle Leslie's drug trail begins. model will be free in three months. Why her lawyers hope the Australian An Australian company Saddam Hussein's violent regime. accused of funding on our doorstep. And fears of a bird flu outbreak with Natarsha Belling. Ten's Morning News

Australian model Michelle Leslie in a Bali court today will face her fate in Denpasar. when her ecstasy trial begins is covering the case Ten's Leonie Mellor and she joins us on the phone. Leonie, Michelle is charged at a rave party in August. with having two tablets How harsh could her sentence be?

Good morning. Well, the

possibilities are there for it to

be quite severe. The prosecution possibilities are there for it to possibilities are there for it to

has filed two charges against her.

The first is the more serious has filed two charges against her.

charge of possessing ecstasy which

if she's found guilty, she could charge of possessing ecstasy which

face up to 15 years in jail. It is if she's found guilty, she could

thought this is unlikely because of face up to 15 years in jail. It is

the back up charge that she'll face

if lawyers can prove that she's an the back up charge that she'll face the back up charge that she'll face

addict or a user. This charge

carries only a three month jail

term and considering she's been in

term and considering she's been in jail since her arrest in August, if term and considering she's been in

they're successful along these

lines, she could be free in just a they're successful along these

few weeks. And there's a lot of lines, she could be free in just a few weeks. And there's a lot of few weeks. And there's a lot of

speculation here in Bali that this few weeks. And there's a lot of

will be the case. But we won't know speculation here in Bali that this speculation here in Bali that this

today, today is just Michelle

Leslie's first appearance. The today, today is just Michelle

prosecution will read out the

indictment. Leslie's lawyers may

argue some objections but no

witnesses are expected today. So we

won't know definitely for some

weeks yet. So, is that addict line

what her defence lawyers will be

arguing? That's certainly expected.

The addict or addiction or user arguing? That's certainly expected.

argument. Her lawyers have already

submitted a statement from her Dr In

Sydney saying she prescribed the

drug, Ritalin to her. How in March Sydney saying she prescribed the

this year, Leslie told him that she drug, Ritalin to her. How in March

was concerned she was becoming

addicted. Her lawyers are expected

to argue that she had run out of addicted. Her lawyers are expected

the drug here in Bali and turned to to argue that she had run out of

ecstasy as a replacement, that's

why the tablets were in her bag and ecstasy as a replacement, that's

why her urine and blood tests proved positive. Australia's wheat exporter, AWB, to Saddam Hussein's regime. is accused of giving $200 million into the UN's Oil for Food program A scathing report of more than 2,000 companies has found AWB was one to the Iraqi government. to make illicit payments to a trucking company. But AWB says the money was paid We had no knowledge in good faith for trucking that the money that we were paying back to the regime. was being diverted we would've acted upon it. And had we known, And AWB appears to have the backing of the PM. and understanding I can't, on my knowledge of the people involved, have knowingly been involved imagine for a moment that they would in anything improper. by Australian wheat growers, AWB is owned six years ago. and was fully privatised in Bali The mysterious deaths of chickens outbreak on our doorstep. has sparked fears of a bird flu 25 birds have dropped dead of Denpasar. at a farm on the outskirts to pinpoint the cause of death Tests are being carried out says but an Indonesian health official the deadly H5N1 strain of the virus. the symptoms are similar to of bird flu in Indonesia, Four people have already died

will occur and experts fear a pandemic to become a human-to-human virus. if the strain mutates stockpile of bird flu drugs Meantime, most of Australia's essential workers will go to so-called

of such an outbreak here. in the event of antiviral drugs in the world We have the largest stockpile for our population, only a fraction will be used but the Government has revealed should it strike here. to treat people with the disease will be used for treatment, 10% of the stockpile 90% will be used for prophylaxis, of essential service workers. or protection will be treated with drugs But the Minister says all early cases and the plan is constantly being reassessed. by Iran's President World leaders are condemning remarks should be wiped out. that the state of Israel They say it highlights the importance from developing nuclear weapons. of preventing the nation yesterday It was this meeting in Tehran international outrage. that has sparked a one-time Revolutionary Guard Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and now Iranian President of conservative students told an audience for attacks on the Jewish state. that he thanked God But he when on to say this: of today's EU summit, Speaking at the end he had a real sense of revulsion Tony Blair said when he heard the remarks. I have never come across a situation saying they want to wipe out - of the president of a country or an issue with, not that they've got a problem with, another country. but want to wipe out Then an unmistakable warning action could follow. that after consulting allies, If they carry on like this, are going to be asking us is, the question people

about this?" "When are you going to do something a state like that Because you imagine

with an attitude like that having a nuclear weapon. after yesterday's suicide bombing, In Israel where they were clearing up expelled from the United Nations. there were calls for Iran to be When you see such a case by an elected head of state, of declaration being done it's unbearable. a member of the United Nations, Some believe the Iranian President is trying to bolster his domestic standing through tough talking. But what his comments have done is to deepen concern about Iran's nuclear ambitions when its leader talks of wiping out another country. A teenager is lucky to be alive after falling from the Goodwill Bridge across the Brisbane River. She landed on a pylon, saving her from serious injuries. A night's skylarking on the popular pedestrian bridge turned into a major rescue operation. Friends say the 15-year-old had been drinking and was sliding along the railing when she slipped and plunged 10m onto a pylon below. She's lucky she didn't land in the water. Low tides prevented water police from reaching the girl, so it wasn't an easy rescue for emergency crews. She was a fair distance above the water as well as below the walkway of the bridge so it had be a complex pulley system to get her back to the surface of the bridge. Rescuers say the teenager got off lightly, despite suffering two broken ribs and a fractured jaw. She's been taken to the Mater Children's where she's being treated at the moment. The girl's expected to go home tomorrow. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. A Gold Coast man is recovering in hospital after alleged car thieves ploughed into his Mercedes during a police chase this morning. Officers forced to continue the chase on foot

with two men diving into a canal, one of them escaping. Local builders lending a hand with a third offender. Yeah, I just seen the cops running around, mate, thinking "What's going on here?" Next minute he's up in the end unit there so I thought we'd tackle him down, help the coppers out. Investigations into the incident are continuing. A Melbourne policeman has become a reluctant hero after tackling a gunman to the ground. The detective wrestling a sawn-off rifle off the man in a dark street. In safe hands, the deadly weapon is carried away from the crime scene. The sawn-off rifle wasn't what Melbourne detective Mick Gall expected to see when he noticed two men behaving suspiciously on a routine patrol. Just taken off down the street, running. Just approached him and he had a firearm. Driving his unmarked car after the gunman, senior constable Gall kept a close chase, pulling off the street he then pursued on foot.

What followed he describes as his instincts and years of training taking hold.

Really didn't have enough time to think about it to be quite honest. So it was more just a case of getting the fire arm off him. A 44-year-old man was arrested. He's still being questioned by police. Senior Detective Gall who finished his shift at 5:00 this morning is enjoying a well-earned rest.

The modest hero praised by his heroes who believe his actions may have averted a serious crime. Just part and parcel really, I suppose. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Bill Gate's bold plan to control your living room. Details when Ten's Morning News returns. And an intimate chat with the Prince of Wales. Wat he thinks is the greatest What he thinks is the greatest challenge facing mankind.

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Australians are being urged to lend a hand with a symbolic campaign to try to save a Melbourne man on death row in Singapore. The Reach Out campaign has been inspired by the way Van Nguyen has held his hand against the glass

during loved one's visits to Changi prison. Supporters are being urged to trace outlines of their hands for a petition. We would like that very much for the Prime Minister to trace his own hand and show his support.

25-year-old Nguyen has failed in all avenues of appeal since being caught with almost 400 grams of heroin three years ago. Tough times for US President George W. Bush. The President's approval rating is at a 5-year low, and problems are mounting. Three weeks after controversially nominating close friend and lawyer Harriet Miers for a position on America's highest court, she's bowed to political pressure and withdrawn. The only real voices we heard were the extreme voices of the President's own party. President Bush is also under increasing pressure over the Iraq war and his handling of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. But perhaps his biggest stumbling block will be tomorrow when his chief political advisor learns if he'll be charged over allegedly leaking the name of an undercover CIA agent, a federal crime. Critics say the Bush Administration is in trouble. David Hicks, the Australian locked up as a terror suspect in Cuba, looks like he won't be getting looks like he won't be getting British citizenship as a way to win freedom. His lawyers say British authorities are seeking a reason not to give him a passport

because of so-called public policy issues. Hicks wants to be declared English as all British detainees at Guantanamo Bay have been sent home. Hicks, who's been detained without charge since 2001,

is claiming British citizenship on the grounds his mother is English. Detainees in a Dutch jail were kept locked up during a fatal fire because guards didn't take reports of a blaze seriously. Four people remain in hospital with serious injuries after 11 detainees died and 15 others were injured, including emergency workers. Part of Europe's fourth-largest airport, the complex houses suspected drug traffickers and illegal immigrants. Three detainees tried to escape during the fire, but have been recaptured with the aid of police helicopters. It's the second fire in the complex in two years. A bizarre argument has led to violent clashes A double dose of bad luck for a pilot. After being granted special permission to take off on a highway, he lost control, smashing into two parked cars. Emergency crews say he miscalculated the head winds.

Yesterday, he'd been forced to land on the highway

after running out of fuel. He was trying to get his plane back to the hangar when he crashed. Only his pride was injured. Fears of a London-style bomb attack in the US An intimate look at the life of the the Prince of Wales. The future king outlining climate change as mankind's greatest challenge and voiceing his concerns about modern trends in agriculture. The prince on home ground. Some of them... He's obviously relaxed and happy here as he does the rounds, checking his live stock. In a few days, he and the Duchess of Cornwall will be setting off to America on their first official foreign visit. During this time, he'll be meeting George Bush, the world leader who is perhaps most sceptical about the difference people are making to climate change. We should be treating the whole issue of climate change and global warming with a far greater degree of priority than is happening now. Again, if you think about your and mine grandchildren, this is what really worries me. I don't want them if I'm still alive by then to say, "Why didn't you do something about it when you could have done?" RADIO PLAYS This is a top-of-the-range farm supplying some of London's finest establishments. Animal welfare is a priority. The dairy cows get to listen to Terry Wogan in the morning. Prince Charles is certainly no ordinary farmer but he's taken the cause of the small family farm to heart. I still think there is such a thing as food security. And I think we would be very foolish to expect that we can just import everything from somewhere else and imagine that that's going to last forever and ever. There are those in farming and environmental circles who have applauded him for raising these issues. Others have questioned whether this romantic view of the countryside fits in with the reality of modern agriculture. Some choice words from the Aussies ahead of tonight's second International Rules showdown with the Irish. That's when Ten's Morning News returns. Also, soccer great George Best continues to fight for life at a London hospital. It's Retravision's once-a-year Giant Weekend Sale! This weekend only. This Westinghouse fridge is just $899 - save $150! For the last word on low prices,

get into Retravision's once-a-year Giant Weekend Sale. SONG: # At Retravision Yeah, we'll do it. #

After conquering our desktops, the Microsoft boss is now setting his sights on the world's living rooms. Bill Gates is promoting gadgets designed to change the way we watch television. Bill Gates has spend 30 years building Microsoft into the superpower of the computer world. Now he's trying to prove that his software can also dominate home entertainment. We've got this single remote control. And it's very visual. So when I back out here and I see, what do I want? Radio, TV, pictures. Is this how you live at home? That's right, so I can bring up on any of the screens in the house, the photos I've taken from a recent trip or photos I found on the Internet. Microsoft wants to be the major force in the world where computers, TVs and all kinds of mobile devices are coming together. TV will be re-defined so that the shows will be, when you want them. They can be personalised, when you see the news, it's the topics that you care about. And the whole family home can be connected together. Here's one place they're not buying the Bill Gates' vision. At a London exhibition, Apple was showing off its latest computers, which come with a remote control. This company is already a big player in music and video. And other firms like Sony are trying to defend their territory in home entertainment. We're all used to 30 or 40 years we switch a television on and it comes on straight away. It never crashes when you push the button, it happens. That's not something we associate with the computer world. So if the computer world wants to migrate into that home space, they've really got to change the way they deliver software. Bill Gates has seen off just about every opponent but as he tries to move beyond the computer, he faces a tougher battle. In finance news, the Australian share market is lower today. Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities. The share market has taken a battering this morning.

The share market really had no

where to go but down this morning

and that's off Wall Street posted

and that's off Wall Street posted its third consecutive fall. In

trend terms, October is

trend terms, October is traditionally a volatile Monday but

November is positive leading up to

the Santa Claus rally. Investors

the Santa Claus rally. Investors will want to put this Monday behind

will want to put this Monday behind them which won't be difficult

considering there's only one more

day of October trading left. And

the markets have delivered some

disappointing results? Earlier in

disappointing results? Earlier in

disappointing results? Earlier in the week, online retailer Amazon

disappointed with its result and

Boeing are but one company to buck

the trend and benefit from the

the trend and benefit from the record energy prices. Overnight,

record energy prices. Overnight, record energy prices. Overnight, the company which is the largest

publicly listed oil company posted

a 75% jump in third quarter profits.

Some companies haven't been as

Some companies haven't been as lucky and with consumer spending

under pressure, some companies like

under pressure, some companies like Apple and Microsoft have had to

launch new products to defend their shares. Soccer great George Best is still fighting for his life in a London hospital. The former Manchester United star, whose condition deteriorated dramatically yesterday, is now on a ventilator. The long wait for news on the health of one of the world's most famous sportsmen. George Best's son Callum among those arriving to spend time at his father's bedside. The medical update, when it came, at least has some positive information. The bleeding we think is easing. And, uh, but he is still very seriously ill, he's still on the ventilator, but his condition is very stable. It's all so different from George Best's glory days in the 1960s winning the European Cup with Manchester United in 1968, perhaps the highlight of an illustrious career.

But his antics away from the pitch have always earned him as many headlines as those on it.

It was Best's love a drink which became an addiction from which his health has never fully recovered. A liver transplant three years ago changed his life. He had then a determination which his friends say he still maintains. I've got too many good things.

It's like - I feel like when I was 15. And I love success, and from ever since I've been ill, everything I've touched has turned to gold, and I don't want that to finish. Doctors say it's impossible to predict how Best's condition will change during the next 24 hours. They admit that he's fighting for his life, but it's a battle which they believe he's still capable of winning. Australia has made three changes for tonight's second International Rules Test against Ireland in Melbourne. Kangaroo Troy Makepiece, Demon Brent Maloney and Carlton's Jarrad Waite have been included. Melbourne's Russell Robertson, who was sent off in the first match in Perth, has been left out of the side. Aussie coach Kevin Sheedy has cheekily invited the Irish to hit back. What I'm saying is you ought to try it sometime on us. OK, that's - IRISH REPORTER INTERJECTS That's a bump, it's a real hit. Ireland must win by an almost impossible 37 points to retain the International Rules trophy. Colin Montgomerie is looking odds-on to win his eighth European Order of Merit after claiming a share of the first-round lead at the Volvo Masters with a 4-under 67. The highlight of his round coming at the 8th hole when he holed out from the fairway.

Kiwi Michael Campbell, who is the only player who can deny Montgomerie the money title opened with a 72 to be five shots back. We'll check the weekend weather details

when the morning news returns. For a real breakfast real fast, try a McDonald's Bacon And Egg deli roll and espresso coffee. CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES MCDONALD'S JINGLE PLAYS Now for a look at the national weather, and for the rest of the day: Nicole Kidman has been putting her creative skills to the test designing a corset. Her handiwork has gone on display at Frederick's of Hollywood along with corsets designed by Jessica Alba and Charlize Theron. The lingerie house will now auction the corsets online. All funds raised will go to charity. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight. I'm Natarsha Belling, good afternoon. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre www.auscap.com.au