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(generated from captions) a former psychiatric patient Tonight -

arrested girl in Sydney's south-west. over the stabbing death of a baby Thousands of homes and cars damaged sweeps through Armidale. as a destructive hail storm

Abu Bakar Bashir Anger as radical Muslim cleric is cleared over the Bali bombing. It's just another kick in the guts. red-light cameras are ever working. And why only a quarter of Sydney's with Chris Bath. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News This program is captioned live. Good evening. A man has been arrested at gunpoint of a baby girl at Campsie. over the stabbing death a deep neck wound The 9-month-old suffered paramedics could respond and was dead by the time to multiple triple-O calls. It's believed the suspect psychiatrist hospital last week. was released from a Three days before Christmas, a crime so unspeakable, bring themselves to describe it. witnesses could hardly Wow. Yes, I was very scared. Very scared. The family is inconsolable. Can't say much right now, mate. Neighbours phoned Triple-0 from her Unarah Street house, when the girl's mother ran screaming covered in blood. Police say had cut the baby's throat, a 53-year-old man with a meat cleaver. flagged down police Passing garbage collectors after trying to console the mother. they've gone home now. at gunpoint. Officers arrested the suspect of circumstances, obviously. This is a horrendous set when young children are involved. Obviously, more particularly It is difficult on the police

on any witnesses. and it's obviously difficult inside at the time watching videos. The baby's brother and sister were Crazy, it's crazy. Relatives of the baby say was a family friend. the man who attacked her for only a few days. He'd been boarding at the house

Last week, from a mental institution. doctors saw fit to release him is overseas in his native Fiji. The baby's father for shock The mother is being treated and so is the infant's grandfather - after buying Christmas toys. he had only just arrived home declared in the State's north, A state of emergency has been in Armidale have been damaged where a quarter of all homes

in a hail storm. without warning, The icy downpour hit with a big pre-Christmas clean-up. leaving thousands of families MAN: Look at the size of that! the sky over Armidale turned black, 3:00 in the afternoon, as huge chunks of hail rained down. For 20 minutes, and hundreds of cars were pummelled. thousands of homes It just sounded like rocks, just whacking our roof. like really heavy rocks 'cause I was really scared. I cried, 17 hours after the storm, in ice - the city was still ankle deep a white Christmas for Armidale. rather on the small side, It started off not too big, getting larger and larger. but then just kept Birds were killed,

trees stripped, by blocks of jagged ice, homes pockmarked holes in roofs and countless broken windows. after being caught in the storm. Ron Whitton has dozens of welts is extensively damaged. The race club

, Up until yesterday this was a

scrum pd wrecked. He said dozens of

people sheltered here and it was a

doubt a state miracle no-one was killed. It's no

doubt a state of emergency has been

called here. Damaged gifrts, ruined.

With Christmas coming up they will With Christmas coming

be able to get the clean up done and

we hope they enjoy on good is trying to cover damaged homes Tonight, the State Emergency Service before rain forecast for Sunday. are devastated Families of Bali bombing victims radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir, after an Indonesian court cleared of any involvement in the atrocity. says Australia's Federal Police chief there's no doubt Bashir is guilty, to make it stick. there's just not enough evidence Abu Bakar Bashir says 68-year-old cleric

that he's been exonerated. it's "God's will" called it something else. Bali victims Very annoyed, upset. It's just another kick in the guts. was one of 88 Australians killed. Kevin Paltridge's son Corey

Spike Stewart's son another. or whatever his bloody name is - And that President Bam Bam it's just disgusting. John Howard, stop giving them money.

Do something. as we can, We're getting as much information court system of another country and we can't change that. believes Bashir should be free, No intelligence agency in the world

not even Indonesia's. Bashir has already served two years to the Bali bombers. for giving his spiritual blessing evidence of his involvement The court now says there's no and he's entitled to compensation. difficult case, circumstantial case. because it was a purely Keelty defends Indonesia - in five years - they've convicted 230 terrorists more than any other country.

have been issued It comes as new warnings against travel to Indonesia. a stream of intelligence Foreign Affairs says it's received final stages that terrorists are in the of plans for a Christmas attack. they believe British police have charged a man is the 'Suffolk Strangler', who's murdered five women. they arrested - He's the second suspect who sometimes dressed as a woman a dock worker for prostitutes. while trawling the streets

"Is this the Strangler?" asks Britain's 'Sun' newspaper,

of suspect Steve Wright. over a remarkable photo

Suffolk police say "Yes, he is". Steven Wright, from Ipswich, of all five women. has been charged with the murder The victims were prostitutes dumped around Ipswich. whose naked bodies were found Mr Wright will be kept in custody Court tomorrow. to appear before Ipswich Magistrates

48-year-old Wright was arrested at his flat in the town's red-light district early on Tuesday. A keen golfer, he's a forklift truck driver and former steward on the QE2. Wright has a girlfriend but is also known to a be a cross-dresser who wore a wig, mini skirt and high heels as he trawled the streets for prostitutes.

And he once ran a pub in the red-light area of Norwich where at least two other prostitutes were strangled. A fascinating background that brought this warning: I'd like to remind you of the need to take care in reporting the events surrounding this case. Wright is the second suspect in this case. The first - 37-year-old Tom Stephens - has been released pending further inquiries. The State Government has promised to install more red-light cameras across Sydney, after it was revealed only a quarter work at any one time.

Even so, police warn there's still a high chance of getting caught, because they frequently change locations. they'll catch you red handed, We're told but red-light cameras in New South Wales hardly ever work. You've got a one-in-four chance of being booked at them, if the film in the camera hasn't been used up. The technology is decades old. Film still has to be replaced manually. This is like using a box brownie when everyone else around you is using a digital camera. The Police Minister admits the cameras only operate some of the time. Police advise me there is about 25% coverage at any one time. They are moved according to the operational advice of NSW Police. In Sydney, only two cameras operate all year. This camera at West Pennant Hills only works one month of the year. It's the same on Great Western Highway at Blacktown and on Parramatta Road at Five Dock. What we need to do is make sure there are cameras in all those sites and we need to update the technology as well. Here at the Falcon Street ramp, there are around eight crashes a month and up to 800 drivers get booked running the red light, but it's only turned on 50% of the time. But the central message has to be "you stop at a red light". That's a message you learn when you're a kid.

The Government promised to buy digital cameras in 2002. Now it says we'll get them next year, when there's an election.

A deal has been struck for the Careflight rescue helicopter to keep operating, even though it's being replaced by a Canadian company. The State Government says it's a great outcome. But those who provide the emergency service call it an unfortunate compromise. After a tough week, Morris Iemma finally has reason to smile. He's struck a deal on the stoush over his Government's decision to give the CareFlight rescue helicopter contract to a Canadian company. Overcoming their initial disappointment at losing the tender and can I say that the outcome that has been achieved is a win-win. NRMA CareFlight will continue to provide services until May, rather than the initial New Year's Eve cut-off. We'll make sure by working with them, that we'll have the very best of service. Some CareFlight staff will be retained after that and the charity will continue to run the head-injury retrieval chopper with expanded services. I personally have been with three cases where I feel we have saved lives and I think that that being expanded can only be good for the community. The Government says the new helicopters will be faster, but the Opposition doesn't believe it. If we win the election in March, I will reverse the decision of the Government. But despite all the talk about this being a win-win situation for everyone, there was a palpable sense of disappointment and even anger amongst CareFlight staff here today. They have no guarantee that they'll keep their jobs. It's heartfelt disappointment. The last two weeks has been incredibly painful. And it's been incredibly painful for all of us. Ahead in Seven News - the shops staying open late for last-minute Christmas shoppers. Also, Stan Zemanek prepares for his final Sydney radio show. I'm sure there'll probably be a tear or two. And threats and insults fly, as Rosie takes on the Donald. Well, Rosie is a loser. Rosie has been a loser for a long time. Do you have NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance? Well, if you don't, I'm sorry, I've got some bad news for you. You see, you could be missing out on rewards that many of our customers enjoy, like a discount of up to 20% the longer you stay with us, and a 10% discount on car and home insurance if you combine your home, CTP car insurance with us. Call now: And make sure you're getting the rewards you deserve. SONG: # By my side... # Sydney's major shopping centres are staying open late tonight for those who want to avoid the Christmas crowds. It was pretty relaxed at Westfield Bondi Junction last night, where stores stayed open until 1am. The most popular gift ideas include interactive gadgets, iPods, fragrances. Many stores will be open until 9pm tomorrow but most will be closed by 5:00 on Christmas Eve.

Sydney radio shock jock Stan Zemanek

will launch tirades and trade insults with his listeners for the final time tonight. The outspoken broadcaster is leaving 2UE to focus full-time on a much more intimate battle with a brain tumour. This is the 'Stan Zemanek Program' right around Australia He was still at it last night. I mean what an absolute bloody disgrace this is. But tonight will be the last show. I'm sure there'll probably be a tear or two. 17 years on the radio. Seven months with cancer. I'm doing pretty well actually. They gave me a few weeks to live seven months ago and I'm still alive and kicking. I'm telling myself I'm not going to die. It was a brain tumour, an operation, radiation, chemotherapy. He says he's not kidding himself about the fight. But it's his wife Marcella who'll have to put up with him now. This is the kitchen, is it. This is the sink. We've set goals. All this year we said "Christmas" and Christmas is only two days away, so we're really excited about that. His friends say he's not really like the guy on radio. You wouldn't work in an iron lung, you grub. But you wouldn't call him humble, either. You sure this is big enough? Well they wouldn't make it any bigger.

Marcella says their next goal is the birth of a grandchild in March, then Stan's 60th in May. I'm really proud of him because I think he's been a inspiration to people with cancer. Oh dear. Christmas travel plans for thousands of people in the UK and US have been thrown into chaos by the weather. Dense fog and icy conditions around London's Heathrow Airport have forced the cancellation of hundreds of domestic and some international flights. Effectively what we have to do is - as you would do when driving in fog - is slow the operation down to ensure safety.

And heavy snowfalls have caused delays at airports

across America's Midwest. Most roads have been closed around Denver as the city shivers through one of its worst blizzards in history. Two of America's most outspoken personalities have traded public insults over the Miss USA drug and alcohol scandal. Talk-show host Rosie O'Donnell ridiculed the moral standards of beauty pageant boss Donald Trump, while he labelled her a slob. It's the 'War of the Rosie', a talk-show assassin with 'The Donald' in her crosshairs. There he is, hair looping, going "everyone deserves a second chance". She's referring, of course, to Donald Trump's handling of the Miss USA scandal. He's the moral authority - left his first wife - had an affair. Left his second wife - had an affair. Had kids both times but he's the moral compass for 20-year-old's in America. Donald - sit and spin my friend. For the return fire, he did sit,

and 'spin' is his specialty. Well, Rosie is a loser.

Rosie's been a loser for a long time - her magazine failed, she got sued, she folded up like a tent, it was too bad. But here's what got him really mad. And he's been bankrupt so many times... I'm gonna sue her and I look forward to it. He's going to sue me but he's going to be bankrupt by that time so I won't have to worry. Like two heavyweights trading blows, with the odd shot below the belt. She ought to be careful because I'll send one of my friends to pick up her girlfriend and I think it would be very easy. Look who's here today - Kelly. I was afraid to leave her at home in case somebody with a comb over came and stole her from me. The referee calls it a split decision that started with a bang and ended with a fizzle. Frankly, here's my comment to him - Time for sport with Ben Damon, and Shane Warne's retirement

hasn't inspired the rest of Australia's cricketers to go? Chris, it looks like there won't be the mass exodus some had feared. We'll hear from the players in a moment, including Glenn McGrath who says

there's plenty of Test cricket left in him yet. Also tonight, is Andrew Johns looking for a spot in the side? I got a scratchy 14 for Merewether fifths about, three years ago. (People shout) Have a happy new year! VOICEOVER: Whatever you want! With Lotto's massive $33 million Saturday Super Draw. That's right - $33 million!

So get your entries in by Saturday December 30 and you could: Do you have NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance? Well, if you don't, I'm sorry, I've got some bad news for you. You see, you could be missing out on rewards that many of our customers enjoy, like a discount of up to 20% the longer you stay with us, and a 10% discount on car and home insurance if you combine your home, CTP car insurance with us. Call now: And make sure you're getting the rewards you deserve. SONG: # By my side... # Australian fast bowler Glenn McGrath has today laughed off suggestions he's about to announce his retirement. The man they call 'Pigeon' confirmed he will be available for next year's World Cup. Reports 'Pigeon' was preparing to fly the coup have been grounded - for now. It's interesting, you know, Warnie comes out and announces his - I'm apparently to follow suit. McGrath was supposedly flying to Melbourne with wife Jane and their two children to hand in his resignation letter. But not until after a tilt at a third successive World Cup in March. Yep, looking forward to that, if selected. We'll see how we go! Team-mates have left Sydney-bound for a cricketer's Christmas in Melbourne - some for their first. Ricky Ponting knew Shane Warne was going to quit. He was told in change rooms after the Perth Test.

But he knows little about McGrath's intentions... ..or does he? To have them both - or if they do both leave - to have both leave at the same time will put a lot of pressure back on some of the others guys. Either way, the bowling union of McGrath and Warne is coming to an end. Now a 5-0 whitewash is even more important. Adam Gilchrist admits the vacuum of veterans retiring may not end there. But he won't quit just yet. Oh, it's fair to say there's probably a group of us who've been considering where we're at. The roll call of retirements at least gives England hope. We'll be glad to see the back of him. Vaughan is back in the squad for the One Day Series. But Steve Harmison's not - his exit from limited-overs cricket is the one retirement which is confirmed. One man who won't be filling any holes in Australia's cricket side is Newcastle Knights skipper Andrew Johns. Johns trained with the Blues today ahead of a cameo appearance in the New Year. But he proved he's much more comfortable with a football in his hands than a bat. I got a scratchy 14 for Merewether fifths about three years ago - not much to write home about. Was on concrete wickets too

but I think I had about eight beers under my belt by then. Johns will play in two of the Blues' Twenty20 matches in January. While some crews will be praying the seas don't get too big

in this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart - ABN AMRO is one boat which likes it rough. After winning this year's Volvo Ocean race in scary swells, skipper Mike Sandleson knows his boat can handle more than most. ABN AMRO is built tough, real tough. The boat was pounded by some of the roughest seas when it won the Volvo Round the World Ocean Race.

Now the 70-footer is about to take on Bass Strait. A lot of it's about just walking that very fine line of control

and ultimate performance. A punishing southerly wind is forecast for the start of the Rolex Sydney-Hobart. Life on deck will be miserable. It's lots of wet gear, it's cold in a southerly it's wet, it's very bumpy. But the crew of ABN AMRO are in safe hands. Skipper Mike Sanderson has sailed round the world 3 times and is the current World Sailor of the Year. Mike's wife Emma is on board also. She's sailed solo around the world, breaking several records along the way. I'm treated as one of the team by the whole team, . which is nice - not just as the skipper's wife. I've been racing 10 years so they all know I can sail. They'll finally go on their honeymoon after the Sydney-Hobart, on a boat, of course. But first, there's a job to do. We've done 50,000 miles of practice for this one Sydney-Hobart race so it's pretty exciting really. . Lfrjts

It is exciting. Only three sleeps to

Christmas. Merry Christmas to you. Checking finance now. The share market closed higher ahead of the Christmas break. The Seven Network was 14 cents higher after shareholders voted in favour of a $4 billion joint venture with US-based private equity firm KKR. Nuala has the Christmas weather details after the break. With her final forecast live from Martin Place. I think Santa certainly shops at Bunnings stores. He, er, he comes in incognito, has a look at what we've got, and then goes away. Four-setting picnic set, only $19.98. Navy blue timber umbrella, $69. Ozito rotary hammer drill kit, $69. 20W insect zapper, $54.98. Christmas Star poinsettia, just $8.98.

At Franklins, we love to save you money. With Christmas specials like... MAN: 1.25-litre Coca-Cola soft drink varieties: Kleenex white toilet tissue - nine-pack for the price of six, only: And 500g Nescafe Blend 43 coffee: Franklins is also about what makes Christmas Christmas. Like family and friends. So merry Christmas from Franklins. CAR CHUGS This weather report brought to you by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. HAMMERING, TOOTING CAR REVS We'll keep you running. Good Evening. Following yesterday's solstice it feels like summer has finally arrived, with temperatures on their way up today. Not the best conditions for frantic last-minute Christmas shoppping

and there could be some stormy showers around over our weekend as well. Today was fine but partly cloudy, with breezy onshores keeping coastal tops in the mid 20s. But from Parramatta westwards it was up into the 30s. 35 in Penrith. 26 in the the mountains. On the charts, we can see the trough line that triggered that nasty hail storm in Armidale last night. It's set to produce more showers and storms over Victoria, Tasmania and western New South Wales tomorrow, reaching Sydney into Sunday. Warm and humid tonight, then another hot day tomorrow, high 20s to low 30s. Ahead of a late Southerly change that may trigger a shower or two, perhaps even a storm. That will drop Sunday back to 22 with rain at times and the chance of storms. But it should be fine again in time for Christmas day - 25 and windy. Fine and warm Boxing day and for most of the week. We've almost made it to the end of the pollen season, tonight is the last forecast and it is low. It's also my last weather segment.

I would like to say a big

I would like to say a big thank you. I have enjoyed getting out and

about. To you all of you, you

about. To you all of you, you are the best of the best. 9 people

behind the scenes, thank you so much

for putting up with me. I am

for putting up with me. I am going to miss you very much and I am not

going to cry.

Well we're not letting you go just yet. Before you race off on your world adventure, let's take a look at just why we'll all miss you so much!

They are called Kangaroo jumps. It

is literally impossible to hurt

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aisle cook, you weather. We always

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don't. You look like one of don't. You look like one of the

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environment. I think there is

environment. I think there is going to be somewhat ter bombs. What

better place to see what a's

happening weather wise. I need

happening weather wise. I need a little bit of help this Christmas. I

think I'm about to be fired. I think

I see a because I cat up in that tree:

That's one thing I won't miss.

That's one thing I won't miss. We are going to miss tthe. We are

are going to miss tthe. We are going to miss you terribly. We love you

Nuala. You have broken all of our

hearts. There is a small floral

tribute. hearts. There is a small floral

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looked like one of the village

people: Sgaod by, good luck. Thank you. And that's Seven News to now.

I'm Chris Bath, thanks for your company. Hope you have a very merry Christmas. Goodnight. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren. Tonight -

It's called bombardment policing. It's the new police tactic to catch out offending drivers. I'll bet you we'll probably get some people three times. I warn you now, it's going to be very hard to avoid being stopped by the police this summer, whether you have done anything wrong or not. That story shortly. Also, she's an 80-year-old granny with dementia and Centrelink want her to pay more than $100,000 that she knows nothing about. Plus, a mum's Christmas plea. has been abducted and brainwashed. She believes her daughter

And how families can cash in on the new gold rush. We'll also give you some expert tips on how to avoid feeling fat and frumpy after the Christmas festivities. But first, coming to a suburb or highway near you - bombardment policing. It's a tactic where every car and driver can't avoid police scrutiny. The police, literally, bombard an entire area and it's possible, as you are about to see, N that you may be stopped six, seven, even eight times in a single stretch of highway or road. Chris Simmond explains. It's an Australian first - bombardment policing. Six speed traps and a booze bus each 10km apart on a 70km stretch of highway. Be warned - one thing's for certain, this is just the beginning. Expect more of these police crack downs, maybe as soon as this weekend. I'm here to tell you now we'll get some people twice,