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(generated from captions) Tonight - arrive in East Timor First Australian troops as new gun battles break out in Dili.

a devastating level-crossing smash. A truck driver killed in for a drunken car crash. A former rock star's $300,000 payout on a high after his Origin heroics. And Blues ring-in Brett Finch Pretty special for me, for a long time. and something I'll remember This program is LIVE captioned. with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News

Good evening. An advance party of Australian commandos have landed. is in Dili. Seven News reporter Adrian Brown

Well, What sort of dangers do they face?

are arriving on a day Well, the Australians since this crisis began. which has seen the worst violence

According to the United Nations many of them policemen. there have been a number of deaths, taken place within the last hour Some of those gun battles have Dili. here in the centre of the capital, has been very heavy indeed, Some of the gunfire particularly near the waterfront Australian Embassy are situated. where the American Embassy and

on the streets of Dili Sporadic gun battles broke out battled renegade soldiers. as government troops GUNFIRE There have been many deaths. with the airport was briefly closed The main road linking Dili because of the fighting. GUNFIRE near President Xanana Gusmao's office There are reports of clashes on the waterfront. and near the American Embassy GUNFIRE

taken refuge in schools and churches. Hundreds of terrified residents have GENERAL COMMOTION on Dili's western fringes There is more fighting to the south and east. and in the hills is happening here, Some of the worst violence in the back streets of Dili. just a few hours ago This house was set alight

by a gang of around 10 men. or why they did it. Nobody knows who they are 150 Australian commandos, Flying in to help quell the unrest - backed up by Black Hawk helicopters. arriving in a C-130 transport, to secure the international airport. Their first task - soldiers sacked for going on strike. The crisis has been sparked by 600 Major Alfredo Ronaldo, The rebel leader,

comrades and continues to talk tough. has been able to allude his former to tell me to resign. Not up to anyone minister and leader of parliament East Timor's president, the prime made a formal request to Australia. last night land in Timor The moment the Australian forces effect throughout the country. this will have an immediate calming

GUNFIRE some of the gunfire Well, you can hear here in the centre of Dili. which has just started up again just to the right of us That is coming from a building of United Nations vehicles. where I see a number And it gives you a flavour in this city today. of what has been happening The great tragedy, of course, is now fighting each other that many of the men that fought the Indonesians. were once part of the resistance on each other. Now they're turning their guns

Back to you. Adrian Brown reporting from Dili. Thanks, Adrian. involving Australian troops A secret mission off the coast of Dili, has been under way just released in Canberra. with details Defence chiefs say is moving within sinking range, HMAS Adelaide within hours. ready to land 200 troops returned this morning The Prime Minister from his two-week overseas tour, driving immediately to parliament

briefing. for a national security committee The news was blunt. and a dangerous situation. This is a dangerous mission He said that, blood-stained path to independence, as the major sponsor of East Timor's to help its troubled neighbour, Australia now had an obligation despite the risks. from the possibility We must not walk away that casualties could be suffered that will go to East Timor. by the forces

to the extent that It's also dangerous have trained both sides. the Australians So if the shooting continues, or not trying to peace-make we're not fighting Third-World rabble. between your average Labor supports the deployment. policy national security problem This is the most substantial foreign that confronts our nation. Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie, The Vice Chief of Defence, with the first wave of troops, arrived in Dili a short while ago

National Security Committee as Cabinet's for an urgent briefing. was reconvened briefed on a covert operation I'm told that meeting is being currently under way. HMAS Adelaide The guided-missile frigate

international waters off East Timor has been secretly sitting in for several days with up to 200 troops on board. and is now steaming towards land by another wave of helicopters It will be joined tomorrow morning

carrying more Australian soldiers. is no closer to being built Sydney's North West Rail Link announcing despite the State Government

buying land in the area. it will spend $95 million the plan isn't being fast-tracked. Frustrated locals are furious at Kellyville. It's bumper to bumper again

towards easing it - One more baby step to buy land the government's allocated money for the North West Rail Link. It is due to open in 2017, locals are fed up. but after years of delays,

about this government's promises. I'm very cynical they put all those people out there I just think it's wrong public transport infrastructure. when there's no proper is terrible, absolutely terrible. The traffic out here now

transport package It's part of a $4 billion ahead of the Budget - 14% more than last year. If I'm around long enough, I'd like to be known as the Premier that delivered. from Rouse Hill to Chatswood. The line stretches So why the way? 19 kilometres of track work 19 years to deliver is typical of this Labor Government -

lots of promise, very little delivery. It's complex, it's huge. To fast-track it,

as the Leader of the Opposition has said today is irresponsible. But back in 1998, the government released this plan saying the rail line would be built in 2010. And the document says failure to address the lack of public transport in the area would create severe traffic congestion. I was busy preparing the Sydney Olympics in 1998, so don't ask me that question. There is one sweetener - the Rouse Hill to Blacktown bus-only transitway is due at the end of this year. A CityRail passenger claims she was nearly killed when carriage doors opened unexpectedly. Anna Grocholsky says she had to grab a handrail when she almost fell onto the tracks at Strathfield Station. The doors had opened on both sides of the Tangara

with another train approaching. Both doors were open, so people were boarding the train nearly pushing us out into the actual tracks. Ms Grocholsky says no-one answered the emergency intercom. CityRail says the guard on board reported the fault and it was fixed. A truck driver has been killed in Victoria

after his rig collided with a goods train. The semitrailer slammed into the side of the train at a level crossing near Lismore, west of Melbourne. The impact derailed two locomotives and 40 wagons. Authorities say it could take days to retrieve the driver's body. I've been in the police force now for over 20 years and it's the worst collision I've ever seen. There are no boomgates or flashing lights at the crossing and police say there was thick fog at the time of the crash. Former Australian Crawl guitarist Simon Binks has been awarded more than $300,000 compensation despite crashing his car when he was drunk.

North Sydney Council was found to be careless for not marking roadworks with adequate warning signs. AUSTRALIAN CRAWL'S 'RECKLESS' PLAYS # She don't like that kind of behaviour #

Simon Binks was lead guitarist for Australian Crawl.

He's 49 now, still in the business, but not like before. # Don't be so reckless # A car accident at this spot in North Sydney 11 years ago left him brain damaged.

There were roadworks. He hit a power pole and sued the council. There was a confusing construction site and there was inadequate signage.

Simon Binks was drunk - nearly three times the limit. But in the Supreme Court today he won $330,000. He'd been drunk but North Sydney Council had been careless. The council has an obligation to ensure that it provides a safe roadway for the wider community. Now, being drunk, speeding, or being impaired in some other way does not relieve council of that obligation. In fact, Simon Binks lost more than he won. The judge could have given him nearly $1 million but cut it by 65% because of the drink-driving. Not that the council's impressed. I think that ratepayers will be disappointed, as we are, because they can see for themselves what has happened in this situation. The council's still deciding whether to appeal. A huge fire has destroyed a gasket factory in Sydney's south-west. 75 firefighters were needed to put out the flames after several triple-O calls raised the alarm around midnight. The building was completely engulfed in flames when they arrived and was igniting nearby trees. Crews surrounded the building,

fighting the blaze from the ground and air. We were just coming on the way from the M5 city and we saw these big flames. Police are investigating how the fire started. New South Wales has drawn first blood in the State of Origin series, thanks to the boot of Brett Finch. Matthew White joins us now, and it was a thrilling finish.

We didn't see this coming, but we

should have, it was the kind of

finish only Origin can provide. Brett Finch was the last-minute call-up, and the last-minute hero after kicking the Blues home in the dying seconds. New South Wales surrendered a 14-0 half-time lead as Queensland came storming back until Finch broke the deadlock. Brett Finch was up early but you could have excused him for not wanting to wake after the night he had at Telstra Stadium.

COMMENTATOR: Finch takes the shot! It's got the height! He's got it yes! It's got the legs! Yes, it's there! Rugby League's accidental hero had won it for the Blues by a point in a thriller. Certainly, mate, if I don't pull the boots on again I'll be happy to finish with that one. A last-minute call-up when Craig Gower was injured and the likes of Andrew Johns knocked it back. The Roosters half-back cracked it for the Blues first try, too.

Yeah, mate, I think I was sixth choice half-back a couple of years ago and I might have been fifth last night so I might be climbing up the ladder. The Blues were in control early. Mason - tramples over one, tramples over another. Big Willie Mason!

Queensland hit back with three tries but the equaliser came when the tough judge missed this boot to the head and the skipper was penalised. I'll be buying Brett free beer for the rest of my life -

the rest of time I know him. I'm sure the Roosters fans will be saying, "Why can't we get that more often?" Oh well, I am human and I won't play like that every week. An emotional night, too, for Eels rookie Eric Grothe Jr who had no love for Justin Hodges but was happier today when reunited with his younger brother Daniel who broke his neck playing League on Sunday.

Dad sent me messages throughout the

day saying the doctors gave him the

thumbs up and stuff, so it was a relief. Daniel had tried to keep it from his brother. No, I didn't tell mum either. He'd watched the match in hospital with mum Trish and his dad. That's life, I'm still

alive, sojumps kr got God to thank,

really nice people here in

really nice people here in the

hospital, they look after me well. I'll be back later in sport with Mark Gasnier turning his back on Rugby Union to become a Dragon for life. Ahead in Seven News - A Sydney surgery breakthrough for older men. Also, new protection for whales paying a visit to Sydney waters. And the dancing footballer who could soon be doing the "jailhouse rock". During May, Retravision is giving away football supporter packs with selected catalogue products. Get a free supporter pack with this: Check out our May double catalogue for details. # At Retravision, yeah, we'll do it. #

Returning to our top story now, and we have pictures just from Dili Airport

where Australian commando troops have landed about a C-130 Hercules. 50 soldiers are on the ground. They are heavily armed, but were off their transport plane within a minute. Locals were there to greet Australia's first contingent of troops on their mission to restore order to the streets of Dili. It's feared up to 20 people have been killed in gun battles between rebel troops and Timorese troops. Doctors at St Vincent's Hospital are hailing the results of new robotic technology performing radical surgery on prostate cancer.

The so-called Da Vinci robot has five operating arms and uses magnified 3-D cameras to direct surgeons sitting at a console. It's basically a master-slave relationship where every move the surgeon makes is transmitted in fine detail. Patients recover in three days but doctors are yet to confirm the robot's long-term medical benefits.

Thousands of humpback whales will have extra room to move as they head north this winter. The State Government has introduced tough new measures so the gentle giants will have safe passage to warmer waters. The official whale-watching season is still a few days away but some of the giant mammals are already swimming north. The females are heading for warmer waters to give birth. The males are chasing the action.

They're in a hurry. They're going up to breed. They haven't bred for a year. If you haven't bred for a year, you tend to be in a bit of a hurry to get up there. As whale numbers grow, so does the whale-watching industry. So the government is taking steps to ensure the boats and the giant mammals can continue working together, entertaining tourists for years to come. The regulations are a precautionary measure to ensure that we absolutely minimise the harm the animals suffer.

They include $300 on-the-spot fines for people who get too close,

special protection zones around sick animals, and National Parks' crews trained to untangle whales from fishing nets to be based along the coast. Macquarie University will also be conduct a three-year study with all of Sydney's whale-watching operators to work out how much attention the animals can live with. The government says creating as many whale lovers as possible is great for the environment. You cannot have a whale-watching experience as a human

without forever being touched or without forever and a day wanting to conserve these creatures. AFL player and 'Dancing With The Stars' contestant Brodie Holland could be jailed over serious assault charges. The Magpies star has faced a Melbourne court accused of grabbing a woman in a headlock and punching her in a dispute over a taxi.

REPORTER: Will you be defending the charges, Brodie? Yeah, I'll be defending the charges. His lawyer says photos show the woman bit Holland in the stomach. He'll reappear in court in October. A huge fire has destroyed part of an international airport

in the Turkish city of Istanbul. Bushfire-fighting planes joined the battle to control the blaze as hundreds of airport staff and passengers fled. Three people were injured. The fire was in a cargo section of the airport and flights continued as normal.

Authorities say an electrical fault was to blame but a Kurdish separatist group claimed it as an act of sabotage.

Time for more sport, and Greece is

the word for the Sooceroos. I think

you should sing that. Call me Nana It's the first step on the World Cup journey. And the Aussies are geared up to meet the Greeks.

We'll cross to the MCG next. And Mark Gasnier turns his back on union to become a Dragon for life.

It's a friendly, but in terms of the World Cup build-up, it's deadly serious. The Socceroos are getting ready to take on Greece at the MCG tonight - their first match as a Cup squad on the road to Germany. Seven's Michael Felgate is there. Michael, it's a sell-out, we know that. How's the atmosphere?

Matt, the atmosphere is unbelievable at the moment. Not long until kick-off now and 95,000 fans have made their way to the 'G tonight. Not all of them are Australian, as we know. We've got a very big Greek population here

and, as we speak, there's about 4,000 Greek fans making their way into the stadium in a marching circus. So it's most definitely going to be a big battle on the field and also in the supporters' stakes. Guus Hiddink said to us not to expect any surprises in the line-up. So, are there any? Well, he said not to expect a surprise, but there is a surprise

because the keeper is going to be Zeljko Kalac. He's now replacing Mark Schwarzer. Of course, Schwarzer was the hero in the play-off against Uruguay but he's decided to throw the gloves to Kalac and say, "What can you do in the lead-up to the World Cup?" Hiddink's also revealing his new setup. He's got Emerton, Neill, Moore, Chipperfield on the back Grella, Cullina on defence at midfielders Bresclano, Skelko, Sterjkovski in the midfield and also the skipper, Mark Viduka, up forward, the line striker.

Assistant coach Graham Arnold spoke today, and he said once again, don't think this is the be all and end all - it's the World Cup. We haven't been together for a long time and we've worked on quite a bit in the last few days and it's about what we're going to do at the World Cup. The Australians are the favourites with the bookmakers at $2.20. There's been good support for Greece tonight. It is going to be one of the great nights in Australian sport, Matt. You're going to enjoy it. Thanks, Michael.

After months of speculation, Mark Gasnier has finally decided to stay with Rugby League. He's knocked back a big money deal to switch to union and is now likely to be a Dragon for life. For Rugby Union, it's the one that got away all over again but Mark Gasnier insists he did genuinely consider switching codes. It had a lot of lures but in saying that, so did League that's why it was a very tough decision, and at the end of the day, I went with my gut feeling.

As well as a new deal and sponsorship rumoured to be worth more than $4 million over five years, occasions like last night's Origin swayed Gasnier. A shot at the Rugby World Cup was tempting but the 24-year-old has unfinished business in League. I've not done everything here, by a long way. I've never won a premiership, I've never played in a grand final. The Waratahs gave up on Gasnier weeks ago but say the experience won't turn them off the chase for League's stars. We haven't lost any money out of it. If you get them, it's great. If you don't, you move on. With skipper Trent Barrett leaving the Dragons at season's end, part of the sweetener to keep Gasnier was a switch to five-eighth in 2007 as well as a chance to captain the club. We expect Gaz to be one of our leaders.

We'll have a group of blokes next year who'll do the job

and I'm sure Mark will play a strong role in that. The Wallabies coaching staff say they won't be rushed into finalising positions, despite having less than three weeks to prepare for their first Test against England. The squad is in the middle of a three-day camp in Sydney

where it's the beginning of a new era under coach John Connolly. They are new ideas. that we haven't tinkered with before It's stuff to introduce them gradually. so we're going to have Let's be fair - you can't put non-swimmers non-swimmers in deep water either. and I don't intend to put on 11 June. The Wallabies play England in Sydney

Origin last night, Socceroos

tonight, you singing. Where will it

end? Pretty soon I hope. It's going

and off the field. to be a wild night in Melbourne, on

after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather but first finance. The share market fell today. losing yesterday's gains. The big miners and banks pushed energy stocks lower. A weaker oil price

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Isn't this beautiful? Good evening. inspiration then our harbour? What better place for artistic This is exactly where artists in the country some of the best and brightest this weekend will be setting up their easels for Art on the Rocks. Everyone's welcome to watch as hundreds of canvases come to life. Weather-wise, blue skies were out in force again today, with just a little high cloud drifting across in the afternoon.

On the charts, cool southerly winds will keep our weather fine while we wait for the low-pressure trough to reach us.

It's currently triggering a few showers and storms as it crosses South Australia before it moves onto our State over the weekend. Adelaide could pick up a few showers from that system tomorrow.

Cloudy in the Alice. Partly cloudy, but fine, in Canberra.

Fine, but cool, in Melbourne tonight for the Soccer friendly. Foggy then fine there tomorrow. Chilly again tonight with some morning fog in the mountains tomorrow. should start off sunny Otherwise skies in the afternoon but cloud will increase capping tops at 19, 20 degrees.

of a shower on Saturday, 19. There's the chance Increasing on Sunday, 18, and clearing by this time next week. before easing again on Monday fell over Warragamba Dam, This week, less than 10mm and levels fell another 0.4% to 42.1%.

Back to this art, if you're keen to have a go yourself canvas for people to come and add to. there's going to be a big communal

Pick up a paintbrush. I'm Ian Ross. And that's Seven News to now.

Goodnight. Thanks for your company.

Tonight - two wives, four children, three homes and welfare payments galore. How can Mohammed still get away with it while Centrelink hounds other families? REPORTER: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Get out of here now! What do you want now?

Mohammed's charmed life in a moment.

And what a sick joke - the failed businessman who cost mum-and-dad investors hundreds of millions of dollars

says he needs $4,000 a week to which he's become accustomed. to live in the style

Also, the teacher who escaped jail his student lover. because he said he would marry mum is left to pick up the pieces. Well, now the affair is over and Her sentence is for life. for the rest of her life. She will suffer

will be lost to China. Plus, why 300,000 Aussie jobs And we meet the advice doctor

at winning a woman's heart. who says he's an expert Mohammed's a changed man. But first, He's no longer angry. but who at? In fact, he's laughing - Well, we will let you decide. We exposed Mohammed 10 weeks ago. lives at three homes, He has two wives, four children, of multiple welfare payments. and is doing very well with the help He's also got a new business, and one more thing - to pounce on other families, while Centrelink is quick

of our involvement with this story it was only because to pay Mohammed a visit, that it bothered as Karryn Cooper reports. I am entitled to. Whatever I receive, or any less. I don't receive any extra who's just opened his brand-new shop. This is a much more mellow Mohammed