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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - of leaving them stranded furious passengers accuse Jetstar on an overseas holiday. to have to ever fly Jetstar again. I don't want Sonny Bill Williams' public apology with another woman. for a toilet liaison

a terrifying attack by a sea lion. A teenage surfer survives in front of a capacity crowd. And Sydney's thrilling hometown win with Samantha Armytage. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Jetstar is tonight in damage control returned to Australia, after hundreds of passengers for a holiday from hell. blaming the budget airline of leaving them stranded in Hawaii They accuse the Qantas off-shoot with a plane for two days. because it couldn't fix a fault Finally home from Honolulu, the Schniders' use their happy snaps to their Jetstar trip. to try to ease the stressful ending with them again. I certainly wouldn't fly a single soul on the airline I would say there would not be that would fly with them again. The father-of-three says on Friday 13 when they were due to fly home might go wrong - he thought something and it did. having a little baby? REPORTER: Was it hard It was terrible. You are hearing her crying now. we were there. We had this the whole time tried to explain what went wrong. A weary Jetstar spokesman It's an unusual problem in respect with the fuel inside and required the wing re-fuelled and drained again - to be completely drained, all of that takes time. But technical problems aside, passengers say which made things even worse. it was the lack of communication flew home this afternoon, The last of the holidaymakers clearly fed up. Oh, we're pretty pissed off. for what... Yeah, we've been travelling Three days. Three days.

I'm very tired. for its customer service. Jetstar is very terrible to say, Everybody had something different nobody knew what was going on. Just frustrated.

it's much easier. Like, if you know what to expect, we didn't keep customers informed. I've noted some criticism that

that they were We reject that on the basis given regular updates. I'll never fly Jetstar again - ever. Sonny Bill Williams Rugby League star in a hotel toilet behind him, is trying to put a drunken liaison a public apology. after his girlfriend accepted doesn't even remember the incident, The young Bulldog says he because he was too drunk. Sonny Bill Williams is in the doghouse

at home with his girlfriend. and on a very short leash in an intimate embrace Caught on camera with ironwoman Candace Falzon. caught the pair in the men's toilet Someone with a mobile phone at the Clovelly Hotel last Saturday. reportedly fell asleep on the floor. Williams so intoxicated he A fresh scandal the NRL didn't want. in being a professional footballer Obviously there are pitfalls and that's one of the things on the pedal about, we've got our feet firmly in terms of educating players. Sonny Bill admits to the romp he doesn't remember a thing. but claims Genna Shaw says she'll stand by him. His 22-year-old girlfriend

But fans may not. I wouldn't forgive him. No, afraid not. I don't believe. It doesn't set a very good example, out there. There are plenty of other nice men someone decent I'm sure she can find herself that won't want to cheat on her. on camera today. The Bulldogs wouldn't talk

will escape formal punishment, But it seems likely Williams despite the club's code of conduct.

A spokesman told Seven News: he regrets his night on the tiles. Sonny says their medical records are safe, Sydney patients are being assured being sent to India. despite sensitive information are using cheap overseas labour Doctors and specialists to type up their files. insist But companies running the service their operators can be trusted. when patients saw doctors It used to be was typed up at the surgery. their medical information those details could go anywhere. But now, to cut costs, to use outsource service now It's a lot cheaper to employ someone to do it. than it is are often typed up overseas, Instead, our medical records by transcriptors

They are graduates. Graduates in what? or science background. In English literature service Raji Swaminathan's transcription and medical specialists as clients. has hospitals Doctors dictate patient information, it's downloaded

transcribed in India. and much of it is if they weren't recorded accurately, I'd also be worried with the English language. if there were problems

they leave a blank. If they do not understand something information in. They do not put any wrong they check the final product. Doctors say practitioner is liable. Ultimately, the individual the buck stops with the doctor. At the end of the day

technology's catching up But already, medical information and it's likely to mean won't need to go overseas - will be fully electronic. the whole process are being piloted in NSW. Fully electronic medical transfers And that means less chance of error. found in the Blue Mountains, The body of a bushwalker has been nine days after he went missing. and the police helicopter Rescue workers in a gorge near the Dex River. found the 38-year-old accountant had been involved in the search. Hundreds of volunteers It's very rugged country and it's a credit to them what they've done. It's believed the man, in Sydney's north-west, from Marsfield fell to his death. Victoria's Chief Health Officer has been sacked over four food poisoning deaths at a Melbourne nursing home. Three elderly men and a woman are dead and another 22 residents are ill, after salmonella swept through the Broughton Hall nursing home over Easter. The Government dismissed Dr Robert Hall for not telling the Health Minister until yesterday. I have lost confidence in the Chief Health Officer and his position will be terminated, as of today. It's not yet known what food at the nursing home was contaminated with the deadly bacteria. A 13-year-old girl has undergone emergency surgery after she was mauled by a sea lion off a beach north of Perth. The teenager was on her surfboard when the animal leapt out of the water and sunk its teeth into her neck. Managing a smile, just after surgery on her face this afternoon to repair a gaping hole under her chin where she was bitten by a massive sea lion. The 13-year-old was just offshore with friends and their dad when she was attacked. Ella was standing upright on a surfboard, being towed onto a wave behind the boat. And the sea lion has come straight up at her

on a collision course on the wave and leapt out of the water and grabbed her on the head with its mouth. The sea lion then came back for another attack. Chris manoeuvred the boat to stop the animal and dragged Ella to safety. Ella was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital. Doctors say the sea lion bite was just 1mm from her carotid artery. She could have bled to death. She's got a huge hole underneath her chin here. She's lost three teeth and quite a severe amount of bone from around here. Doctors say it was amazing her jaw wasn't broken. Her braces may have kept the rest of her teeth intact. If you nearly got eaten by a wild animal like that - they think that she could have been - you know, she's very lucky to be alive, really. Department of Conservation wildlife expert Doug Coughran says it could have been a tragedy. Sea lions can grow to up 300kg. When you have people in animal interactions, this sometimes can be the result and, unfortunately, it's not like Walt Disney

where they all want to kiss and cuddle you. It's not - the reality is they are dangerous. There's no official word from Buckingham Palace on the reported split of Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton. But there's no end of speculation from royal commentators as to why the couple decided to end their four-year relationship. Their split, like their time together, is attracting enormous media attention. I'm sad because I think they made a nice couple. I'm sure a lot of young girls are happy. all over the tabloids. A royal relationship post-mortem

But even they are split over why William and Kate have gone their separate ways. Questions about whether the Queen warned her grandson against rushing down the aisle to avoid another Royal divorce. after what happened to his father, William,

cannot get it wrong. He cannot marry the wrong woman. Was it Charles who told his son to reach a make-or-break decision on Kate?

Or did the second in line to the throne feel his relationship just wasn't fun anymore? Perhaps the writing was on the wall two years ago, even before Charles married Camilla. REPORTER: Could there be another wedding on the cards sometime soon? (chuckles) Ah, no. I don't think so. But when this picture surfaced two weeks ago... That, to me, gave me the clue that he was no longer interested. Engagement rumours went into overdrive when William pleaded with the paparazzi

to leave Kate alone. Wedding souvenirs at the ready. Katherine Jane Middleton.

But now 25-year-old Kate Middleton has gone from would-be queen to just a fashion buyer. And the 24-year-old Prince starts searching for a new princess. From separation to an extraordinary family reunion. Thor the cattle dog was thought to be dead after falling from the back of a ute on a roadtrip to Tamworth. But a month after her owner had come to terms with the loss, she turned up - broken and bruised, but alive.

They are mates who thought they had

lost each other .

lost each other. The last bandage

and the link tell a

and the link tell a little of what Mach dog went through .

Mach dog went through. They were

driving in the country when Mac

dog's lead let go and she fell of the back of the ute . dog's lead let go and she fell out of the back of the ute. We were doing at least 100 doing at least 100 . doing at least 100. Ben did not

doing at least 100. Ben did not hear anything and didn't know she had

gone until he got to Ta mworth . gone until he got to Ta mworth

did not know what to do to be gone until he got to Ta mworth. I did not know what to do to be almost

. did not know what to do to be almost

did not know what to do to be almost. By thought I'd better 10

backing go where it came from .

backing go where it came from

put flyers in every letterbox . backing go where it came from. He put flyers in every letterbox

put flyers in every letterbox. But nothing, until a month later when

Thor turned up .

Thor turned up. My wife was actually

with me and she have

the dog that was on the pressure . with me and she have realised it was the dog that was on the pressure

the dog that was on the pressure. She looked like skin and bones and I

have no idea how she survived . have no idea how she survived. She

was at the vet for three months . was at the vet for three months

was operated on in Tam worth . was at the vet for three months. She was operated on in Tam worth. Then

spent $5,000 saving dog Max leg . spent $5,000 saving dog Max leg

spent $5,000 saving dog Max leg. They are talking about them in the bush .

bush. Is it good to have her back ?

Yes unbelievable .

Also, what they're adding to Diet Coke to call it a health drink. And the daredevil stunts thrilling night-time crowds at the Easter Show. Ever had a problem with your phone or Internet service? what telecommunications protections are in place or where to turn to fix a problem? The Australian Government has put in place safeguards It simply and clearly states what safeguards are in place and who to contact if things go wrong. It's good to know the right direction to head in. The Chatswood to Epping rail link is a step closer to completion with a new concourse opened today. Transport Minister John Watkins was the guest of honour at Epping station this morning. is part of the $2 billion project. The concourse

This is about providing a greater level of comfort and facilities for people who use this service every day. More than 12,000 commuters a day are expected to use the link when it opens next year. A new shot has been fired in the soft drink war between Coca Cola and Pepsi, with the release in the US of Diet Coke Plus. The company says it's packed with vitamins and minerals, but nutritionists think you're better off having a glass of milk. We all know that they're not good for us, but soon they could be a little healthier. Give me some vitamins. Coca Cola is about to release Diet Coke Plus,

containing vitamins. A can will have 15% of the niacin, B6 and B12 you need in a day, and 10% of the zinc and magnesium. If you're adding to something like a Diet Coke, you've added a little bit of nutrition

to something that was basically innocuous beforehand. Americans seem to like it. I think it tastes better than regular Diet Coke. I can't taste the difference. If you get the little extra with it, why not? Pepsi is about to release its own version. It's a trend that was started by juice makers who added fibre to stop flagging sales. One American beer maker has even started adding vitamins to his brew. But dieticians warn there is no substitute to healthy eating. If you're going to drink a diet beverage, having one with some vitamins in it is fine. You're better off getting your nutrients from whole foods. Have a glass of skim milk. A tornado has torn through the US state of Texas, killing two people. The twister ripped roofs from homes and businesses over a wide area. and scattered debris a pile of timber fell on of him. One man died when also caused havoc on the roads. Winds up to 112km/h when his car rolled over. A police officer died

into New Mexico, The weather system ploughed on with thick spring snow. blanketing the region with 55 counts of animal cruelty A man has been charged after authorities found 300 dead or starving cats in his Florida home. Police say they were so hungry they were eating each other. REPORTER: Did you not feed them? I did not mistreat them. I did not feed -

Did you feed them? Just because my lifestyle is different than your lifestyle, it doesn't make it right or wrong. Authorities today removed 80 of the alive cats from the home. Night-time entertainment has been a big success at the Royal Easter Show, with hundreds of families going through the turnstiles after dark. The events under lights are being praised by mums and dads who can't take the kids during the day. When the sun goes down at the Easter Show the lights go up, and so do the screams. SQUEALS Rides that you'd only brave before dinner... ..those that put you off your food... ..and those that leave your stomach behind at 200km/h I'm still shaking. I'm so nervous but it was awesome. In the main arena last night, the International Rodeo had Australia in the yellow against the red Americans. Cowboys have to stay on for 8 seconds

and when they do some start dancing strangely. It doesn't always go to script and sometimes it can hurt to be a man.

Our cowgirls didn't have too many problems. Australia won the night. And while that was a great spectacle, perhaps the best view is from the air-conditioned Sky Wheel. I don't think I've seen anything as high as that. This part of the show is just for kids

and you would think it would be past their bedtime, but no - This place is busy. A lot of parents work all day.

Night-time is their family time at the Easter Show.

And from the looks on their faces the kids love it on the bumper boats,

or the flying elephants. It gets flat out of a night-time. Day time's are busy but the kids like it of a night because of the lights. This one loves looking at the lights and she's always looking up at the sky. A great place to look when there are fireworks every night. And a 22-year-old from the Snowy Mountains has been named Miss Showgirl. Miss Melanie Nichols! CHEERS AND WHISTLES The girl from Nimmitabel beat 600 other showgirls from around the State. The girls here are so talented

and they're so passionate about what they're doing I really, really didn't expect it to be me. Melanie wins $11,000 and will spend the next year helping to promote regional New South Wales. Time for sport with Ben Damon. And the Kangaroos name their side for the Anzac Test? And we'll cross live to Matt Carmichael at the team announcement next. Also tonight - The Knights do it for Joey against the bumbling Bunnies. COMMENTATOR: Here comes Kurt Gidley - he was gifted it. And the Sydney Swans tame the Lions at the SCG. Shuts the gate, in game 250. OBJECTS CLATTER AND RUMBLE Introducing Jeep's first compact 4-wheel drive. With a 2.4-litre dual VVT engine or optional turbo diesel,

packed with features, like 17-inch alloys, side-curtain airbags and ESP with traction control. Jeep Compass - the urban recreational vehicle. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS Sundays seem to start later. Sundays are more rested. You read more on Sundays. At Australia Post do the reading for us. electronic eyes do the reading fo s. With the help of new technology, we've got tomorrow covered - UPLIFTING MUSIC Visit Sydney Aquarium. It's like nothing on earth. The Australian team to play New Zealand in next week's Anzac Test has just been announced. Seven's Matt Carmichael joins us now. Matt, any surprises in the side? Ben, not really. They' been loyal to the side that won the Tri-nations. Let's take a look at the side -

There are six Broncos in the team . There are six Broncos in the team

There are six Broncos in the team. They have only won one game this year .

year. Ricky Stuart has no

over their form .

year. Ricky Stuart has no concern over their form. He also said he

commiserated with those

commiserated with those unlucky players who missed out .

When you have such great footy players as Mattie Bowen, and plenty of other boys in that team, I could probably name you another five or six players, to have those players missing out, you know you're picking an Australian team. players who missed out The Tigers have finally broken their golden point hoodoo, winning their first extra time game in five attempts. In other matches -

The Tigers played in pink for breast cancer awareness and had the Sharks in the red inside a minute as Daniel Fitzherny crossed. COMMENTATOR: And what a start for the Tigers. Brett Kimmorley's kick for Simmons helped the Sharks strike back. It is executed beautifully. Then when Greg Brid was tackled without the ball the penalty try made a comeback. There's no way known that can be given if there's to be consistency. But a runaway try to Benji Marshall forced it to extra time as Lance Thompson's strip helped the Tigers to their first golden-point win in five attempts. With Andrew Johns no more for Newcastle Jarrod Mullen had to step up. Souths lost winger Yileen Gordon to a broken ankle as big David Fa'Alongo showed some toe. No phone's thrown by Russell Crowe today but he must have felt like it when Fa'Alongo was denied a second. Down 16-10 the Knights stormed to the front with back to back tries. Gidley then produced this field goal as his side held on to win by one. The Cowboys started well in Auckland. But the Warriors had some tricks of their own.

Michael Witt set one up then scored himself. No points but worth a 10 - Matty Bowen's save. But no love from one-time Cowboys' Grant Rovelli and Nathan Fien who helped finish off their former friends. Manly coach Des Hasler denies his side is a premiership contender, despite starting the season with five straight wins. Melbourne also maintained their perfect start against the struggling Dragons. Fill-in Manly halfback Michael Monaghan continued his outstanding form, but the Bulldogs gave him plenty of assistance. After bashing the Bunnies last week, the Bulldogs backed up by demonstrating how to lose a football game, continually making mistakes early in the tackle count. COMMENTATOR: Can't believe what we're seeing from the Bulldogs here. was diabolical, really. Manly scored first through Monaghan and Robertson. Great hands from the Sea Eagles. But they weren't much better than the Dogs. Somehow, they blew this chance.

Is someone gonna stop him? They didn't have to. Despite all the errors, the Bulldogs still led at half-time and the break appeared to solve their problems.

O'Meley before the line to Williams. But more mistakes followed - another invitation for Manly. The Sea Eagles - the Sea Eagles are gonna score! Down by four with time running out, for Steven Bell. Monaghan conjured a match-winner

That is wonderful from Michael Monaghan. Their best start in a decade,

but it'll take a lot more to get the coach excited. Premierships aren't won at Easter time.

Has a 17-year-old ever started better than Melbourne's Israel Folau? He'll win the race. He gets the 8th try of his career!

The young Dragons showed promise. Josh Morris burned past Billy Slater. Boy, oh, boy - he's got rockets on his back. They are the premiership favourites so the fact they can really mix it with those guys, they should get plenty of belief that they can mix it with anyone. After four straight losses, Brown's praying belief turns to results soon. This bloke can start saving for an updated version. Plenty of milestones for the Sydney Swans this afternoon with Barry Hall kicking his 500th goal and Michael O'Loughlin celebrating his 250th game with three majors

in their 27-point win over the Brisbane Lions. In today's other game, Geelong thumped Melbourne by 52, while the Swans ended the Lions' unbeaten start to the season. A sell-out crowd arrived. So did Barry Hall, ending debate over his fitness. But it was milestone man Michael O'Loughlin who gave the Swans a perfect start. COMMENTATOR: Happy 250th Mickey-O. Then the first quarter became a superstar shoot-out. Hall made Daniel Merrett's life miserable as he closed on 500 career goals. In this form, it didn't take long. Threads it through, goal number 500 for Barry Hall! But at the other end, Jonathan Brown was hastily atoning for missing 5 of the last 6 matches between these clubs. He likes it - it's a miracle goal! Hall and Brown kicked three each in opening term

but Brown was more influential in the second, setting up his young team-mates as the Sydney's lead was cut to just 2. Patfull flies, that is a great grab. But it was the Lions by 10 at three-quarter time. They were taking them any way they could. Leigh Matthews knew the Swans would keep coming - they did. Sydney kicked 5 goals 8 to Brisbane's 1 behind in the final term. After three engrossing quarters, the final act was a whitewash. Fittingly, it was O'Loughlin who put Brisbane to sleep. Shut the gate in game 250. For Brisbane, Richard Hadley successfully negotiated his first game in 30 months but it was O'Loughlin who brought the SCG crowd to its feet. Last night West Coast maintained their unbeaten start to the season

with a 31-point victory over Fremantle, while St Kilda thrashed the Western Bulldogs by 50. It wasn't pretty, but the Waratahs have finally scored their second win of the Super 14 season and now look set to avoid the wooden spoon. New South Wales beat the Queensland Reds final score 26-13. The Waratahs have been awful all year. Last night was no different - the Reds were just worse. COMMENTATOR: Well....Ohhh... But after a monumentally scrappy first 36 minutes, the 'Tahs had the opening try. Oh, Valentine! There's the try. Oh! No problem - from that angle, it's a try. The game's only genuine highlight came with Queensland's reply - a piece of uncharacteristic brilliance. And Shifcofske chases. Picks up the bounce and scores the try.

The Reds are back in it. They were back out of it when prop Tama Tuirirangi went to the bin for backchat and, 2.5 months after their first, the Waratahs finally had their second win of the season. Robinson on the inside and Beau Robinson is going to score his first try in super rugby. After a match with 33 turnovers and 21 penalties the 'Tahs walk away with the Bob Templeton Cup.

It's the only award they'll get this year,

despite some high hopes for the final month of the season. Our goal is just to - we've had four games left and to come away with four victories and we're off to a good start.

Used Zealand have joined Australia

in the World Cup semi-finals . in the World Cup semi-finals

in the World Cup semi-finals. D'you think we can get trying care ?

Unsure we can . It's been a beautiful weekend . Sydney, but sadly it has to end. I'll have a wet weather outlook for you next in Seven News. UPBEAT MUSIC First it was 'Cars Guide' Car of the Year and 'Motor' magazine's Bang For Your Buck. Then it won 'Drives' People's Choice Award. Commodore has just been crowned

No wonder it's Australia's favourite car. The new Holden Commodore range. Go like never before.