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the biggest speech of his career Kevin Rudd set to make Labor's election campaign. as he launches as mourners become brawlers Officers injured at a wake in Sydney. are smarter than the rest. And why large-hipped women Ten News with Natarsha Belling.

Good morning. to voters today Kevin Rudd will make his pitch in Brisbane. at Labor's official campaign launch in opinion polls, Despite enjoying a comfortable lead to give John Howard any advantage Mr Rudd will be determined not before election day. with just two weeks to go

joins me now. Ten political editor Paul Bongiorno

What will Mr Rudd be offering? Good morning, Paul.

The only concrete then that we know

about today is a fund to

commercialised renewable energy

sources. Climate change will be

featuring quite prominently in the

Labor leader's address and the main

Labor leader's address and the main

reason for that is that Labor it

was hardly critical that it hardly

rated a mention at the Liberal

Party it launched. Kevin Rudd will have to put some flesh to the

education revolution. He will not

be matching the rebates that John

Howard put on offer especially as

it goes to school fees.

it goes to school fees. The

university sector is feeling

will unloved and it is hoping that Labor

will do some think former tertiary

education, for research. If you are

going to have a revolution you have

to do something in this area.The

coalition's campaign has been to do something in this area.The

dogged by new speculation about

John Howard's retirement of

timetable?John Howard took about

why he wanted to be Prime Minister

at the other day but he was picked

up on several radio interviews on

why he did not talk about the

transition to Peter Costello. John

Howard at first said he would Howard at first said he would be

there for most of that term, two

years but now he has scaled years but now he has scaled that

back to 18 months and the Labor

Labor Party has every intention of

talking about a John Howard

retirement. They will be plenty of fresh

from Kevin Rudd. fresh leadership and future talk

Another election promise today most common illnesses. to help combat one of the world's from his morning routine John Howard has taken time out and their families. to meet sufferers of type 1 diabetes Today I announce to you Coalition government that a re-elected over the next three years will contribute some $22 million some 3,000 additional insulin pumps. to subsidise the provision of

also give about $4 million Mr Howard says the Coalition would to Parkinson's Australia to subsidise apomorphine injections. or visiting overseas Australians living have already cast their votes. later in the morning news. We'll head to the polls in London

on bail A Sydney man has been released after posting a video on YouTube students at his former school. allegedly threatening to harm is at the school. Ten reporter Daniel Sutton to this threat? Dan, how have people reacted

Parents have been dropping off their

their children here at the high-

school all morning and they are

clearly very concerned about the

massacre threat that was placed on the

the internet. They have been police

officers here as well as officers from

from the Department of Education and their habit answer questions.

Parents are concerned about a lack

of information issued about the

threat. An arrest was made

threat. An arrest was made

yesterday. Parents I have spoken to

say they are upset that they were

not spoken to as soon as not spoken to as soon as a threat say they are upset that they were

was identified. In if they have

none for a bout of week why were we

not told? Demand has

not told? Demand has been charged

over this belated threat is a

qualified, from Northern Parramatta.

He faced court yesterday after

arriving on a flight from Melbourne.

Some more details about the threat

worth four coming in court. It is

fin alleged he made reference to the

fin land of massacre. He was can

granted conditional bail but he had

not made any of those conditions

last night so was kept in Caci. The

Education Department says they believe

believe no students life was placed

in danger.

More explosive evidence is expected corruption scandal in the Victoria police hearing continues in Melbourne, The Office of Police Integrity joins us live. where reporter Martine Griffiths

There is speculation that he has

embarrass been gathering to her which could

embarrass both the police commander

and the state government. He has

previously accused the commission

of conducting a witch-hunt to

conduct a - - justify its budget.

He told the hearing he has now had

an opportunity to refresh his

make inquiries. memory and he did ask Mr Ashby to

make inquiries. We're not been told

if he was referring to the murder

investigation that has landed the

Mall in the hot seat. He was also

go house if he had told him his go house if he had told him his

phone was budged. There will be

wider wider ramifications from

those very explosive inquiry?

those very explosive inquiry? There

are wide implications for all of

the police force but also the police force but also

ramifications because some people

are calling for a royal commission.

So far the premier has resisted

those calls. At the end of the

hearing a report will be prepared

Prosecutions will determine and the director of Public

Prosecutions will determine if

charges will be late. Many people may end up in jail. in a house fire in Melbourne. A 60-year-old man has died to determine how the blaze began. Investigators are still trying Pulled from the blaze, desperately try police and firefighters to save the badly burnt man's life. to try and revive the gentleman. They worked for over 20 minutes and he wasn't breathing. At that stage there was no pulse

the sole occupant of the home. They managed to revive

but died a short time later. He was taken to hospital, in the single-storey brick home The blaze began in Melbourne's inner eastern suburbs just after 2:00 this morning. wearing breathing apparatus. conducting a search, which is standard, and as they were making their search on the ground in the bathroom they located a male laying

this gentleman and they subsequently had to rescue and bring him outside. Police say the man had been a hoarder - hallways full of flammable material making the rescue even more dangerous for firefighters. It would indicate that there's certainly been a lack of housekeeping, and those things only make our job a little more difficult. The man's Jack Russell, named Pinky, was also found in the burning home. Firefighters made sure the feisty dog wasn't injured.

He'll now be cared for by distraught neighbours. A crime scene has been established at the house. Police say the cause of the blaze is not yet known. Ben Lewis, Ten News. And fire officials are investigating a major blaze that's caused $1.5 million damage to a store in Perth's CBD. to extinguish the fire It took crews two hours because of dangerous conditions inside the old 2-storey building.

It's still not known what caused the blaze. Meantime, the arson squad is investigating a suspicious fire at a Perth gym that's caused $100,000 damage. Mourners turned to brawlers in an ugly confrontation in Sydney overnight.

Emotions were running high at a wake in a Balmain street.

Police responded to an alarm about a fight and when they arrived found themselves under attack. Patrols from a wide area responded to their call for help. Around a dozen people were arrested. Great news for women - new research shows the bigger your hips, the smarter you are! That story next.

And claymation heroes Wallace and Gromit What's the deal, Mr Howard? You want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage,

but you won't say when. Then you'll hand over to Mr Costello

who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, you've lost me. So busted! Franklins has price busted

4-litre Bulla ice-cream varieties: Look for this and other price busters only at Franklins.

There's been more violence in Pakistan as protesters rise up against the country's state of emergency. Fuelling the outrage, demands by opposition leader Benazir Bhutto for the President to step down. These are volatile times in Pakistan. The car set alight during protests.

Dragged away by the hair, Benazir Bhutto's supporters, swiftly dealt with as they demonstrated against her new house arrest. As this emergency goes on, so positions are hardening on all sides. Benazir Bhutto's party is determined to keep up the demonstrations to try to get the general to lift the emergency. The general himself digging in, refusing to budge, despite growing international criticism.

Ms Bhutto is surrounded by hundreds of police, kept far from the cameras this time. I think it's time for General Musharraf to leave. He's totally out of his depth, and ever since he took power he has failed to build a democratic base. General Musharraf said today the choice is between his strong rule holding Pakistan together and a democracy that could bring its own dangers.

Is democracy more important than the country? is arresting that more important, or running a democratic system, so-called democratic system,

Which one is more important? Obviously, save the government, save the nation.

There had been talk of power sharing with the general, but his state of emergency detaining her twice has soured things. So General Musharraf's options are narrowing. He could give ground and lift the emergency, but he is an army man and his instincts may make him contemplate even tougher rule. More legal trouble for O.J. Simpson, who's back in a Las Vegas court today. Ten's US bureau chief Nicole Strahan has more.

Good morning, Natarsha. It's been a tough day in court for O.J. Simpson, with a key prosecution witness telling the judge the fallen football star asked him to bring a gun to a Las Vegas hotel room as part of an alleged plot to steal sports memorabilia. Simpson is facing charges of kidnapping and armed robbery and if this case goes to trial and he's found guilty, he could be jailed for life. I do. JUDGE: Please be seated. He's O.J. Simpson's long-time golfing buddy and now he's testifying against him. Walter Alexander told the court it was Simpson's idea to bring weapons to the Palace Station Hotel to prove they meant business when it came to taking back sports memorabilia Simpson claimed was his. Leaned forward and was like,

"Hey, do you think you can get some heat?" Alexander went on, testifying they were about to enter the room when Simpson told Michael Spencer McClinton to take out his weapon.

He said, "Put the gun in your hand right before." It changed the whole plan, because at first the plan was that we were supposed to just show the guns. Alexander told his story during day three of the preliminary hearing that will determine if Simpson faces trial on charges of armed robbery and kidnapping.

In exchange for testifying against Simpson

Alexander made a deal with prosecutors, and Simpson's defence team tried to show for the right price. LAWYER: For a payment of money, then you could not tell the exact truth? Alexander testified

that after the alleged robbery he knew they were in trouble, so later that night at a wedding he asked Simpson for help. He was standing up laughing - I think he'd had a few drinks. And he was like, "Yeah, whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,

"but not if you're O.J. Simpson." He testified Simpson told him to leave town to avoid arrest. In Las Vegas, Manual Gallegas, Ten News. Also in Las Vegas, a spectacular sight

as the oldest casino hotel on the famous strip came crashing down. The New Frontier Hotel opened in 1942 and, in its hey day, played host to some famous entertainers, including Elvis Presley in his first performance in Las Vegas. With the help of more than 450kg of explosives, the 16 storeys crumbled in a matter of seconds.

Once the dust settles a multibillion-dollar mega resort, including a 3,500-room luxury hotel, will be built on the site. An electrical storm in the night sky can be dazzling, but a man in Oklahoma has found a way to harness Mother Nature's energy and create his own lightning show all with the flick of a switch.

Even on a clear Oklahoma night, lightning is never far away, in the heavens or in a Newcastle backyard. One man, Kevin Eldridge, can bring the fire in the sky down to earth swith this device that he built. It's a high-frequency, high-voltage resonant transformer. Better known as a Tesla coil. I started with some small ones back in the early 1990s

and just went from there and couldn't stop. this 16ft-high Tesla coil Finally, Eldridge built a few years ago. What's the fascination? I like lightning, I like to watch lightning, sparks, During set-up, he follows a written check list. My memory's not perfect anymore

and I'll forget little things and they can be costly when I don't remember, or dangerous. When he flips the switch, you see why. He alarmed his neighbours when he first fired up his lightning machine. THe fire department came to investigate. It looked like a lightning storm in his backyard. I'm not a fan of electricity, so I kept my distance. How excited do you still get when you see that? Not as excited as I used to, but it's still fun to watch. Thanks to YouTube, can now watch his Tesla coil anyone with a computer light up the night on the Oklahoma plain. Four patients given the gift of life by an organ donor in Chicago have had their hopes of a full recovery dashed.

The transplant recipients have been infected with HIV, despite the donor testing negative to the virus. It's believed the donor was infected too recently

for blood tests to detect the antibodies the body produces in reaction to HIV. And it's a race against time in San Francisco to save hundreds of birds from an oil slick spreading along the once pristine coastline. About 220,000 litres of oil has spilled into San Francisco Bay since a ship hit the Bay bridge late last week. Already more than 400 birds have died

in what has been described as the area's worst oil spill in two decades. And, Natarsha, an investigation is under way to find out if the ship's pilot played down the accident, leading to a delay in the clean-up. That's all from the United States for now. at the Princess Diana inquest - a doctor giving a chilling account of her last moments, the details proving too much for the father of Diana's lover.

He spent several minutes trying to help the Princess of Wales - Dr Frederic Mailliez, in the white T-shirt, of the Mercedes He'd seen the crumpled wreckage He was off duty and not carrying any specialist equipment with him. But his initial assessment was that the Princess of Wales could be saved. Speaking in English via video link from Paris, he told jurors: Mohamed Al Fayed had come to court for the day's evidence. He heard Dr Mailliez explain that Dodi Fayed appeared to have died immediately. He described the expression on Dodi's face as peaceful.

At that point, Mohamed Al Fayed left the courtroom clearly upset.

A fire officer who led the first emergency team at the crash scene also spoke via video link. His evidence showed how badly injured the princess was. Sergeant Xavier Gourmelon told the court that the princess's heart stopped as she was being moved from the wreckage of the Mercedes. He said she was resuscitated within a few seconds using manual heart massage. After giving their evidence,

both today's witnesses were thanked in court by lawyers for Mohamed Al Fayed and the family of Henri Paul, praised for the help they'd offered the victims of the crash in Paris 10 years ago. A breakthrough study claims the bigger a woman's hips, the smarter she is.

Scientists say there is a link between body fat and brain power and it has a direct impact on the intelligence of children. A pregnant Jennifer Lopez apparently has the right formula to deliver the next Einstein.

That from a new study which shows that a woman and her child's intelligence

are tied to size of Mum's hips and waist. That's kind of crazy to me. Is this really a study?

A test of 16,000 women revealed

that those with Playboy bunny-like dimensions are not only smarter, but tend to have smarter kids. The children of women with lower waist-hips ratios, compared to the waist, with more fat in hips and thighs had higher cognitive ability. The doctor came up with the waist-hip ratio. The smaller the number, the smarter the woman. Take J-Lo, for example. The result is 6.6, pretty low, and, according to the study, pretty smart. Researcher believe it's because of omega-3 fatty acids which gather around fuller hips and thighs. There is some evidence to suggest that omega-3 fatty acids are correlated with better brain function. score higher on tests,

so do their kids. because I have it. I just think I'm smart the body-brain connection. But, of course, not everyone buys bigger chicks. 'Cause I've met some pretty smart is gonna make you smarter. I don't see where more hips But the survey suggests otherwise. someone like J-Lo is, So next time you wonder how smart the answer may be in her curves.

Ten News. In New York, Drew Levinson, Wallace and Grommit The creators of claymation stars of the disabled. are now fighting for the rights that are accessible. I tend to only go to places on crutches and in wheelchairs A variety of new characters of short films are featured in a series

on physical discrimination. after getting the stick to walk, First time walking down the street help me to walk, I felt very self-conscious about it. The series has been motivated by figures showing half the disabled in the UK workplace have suffered discrimination. Aussie expats are already casting their votes in election '07 - we head to the polls in London next.

could stop you losing your marbles. And how bringing back the biff

because the mid-size Epica CDX from $27,990 driveaway. Clean up at your Holden dealer now.

This program is captioned live. at the Princess Diana inquest - Dramatic evidence of her last moments. a doctor giving a chilling account Dr Frederic Mailliez claims immediatley after the crash the Princess was alive and breathing but very weak. and that she was moaning

A breakthrough study claims the smarter she is. the bigger a woman's hips, between body fat and brain power Scientists say there is a link on the intelligence of children. and it has a direct impact

speech of his career today Kevin Rudd will the most important campaign launch in Brisbane. as he launches Labor's official in opinion polls, Despite enjoying a comfortable lead to give John Howard any advantage Mr Rudd will be determined not before election day. with just two weeks to go While Australians at home until November 24, won't be able to cast their vote

to hand in their ballot. those abroad are now able

Pre-polling booths across the world have officially opened, with the biggest in London. London's Australia House Come election time, anywhere in the world. draws the largest number of voters Richard Alston Inside, High Commissioner a pre-poll ballot from the UK. was the first to cast last time - Yes, we got about 20,000 all up and about 5,000 postal - 15,000 direct at least as well this time. and we expect we'll do

foot traffic And that's four times as much as the next busiest booth, most popular voting stations. including Australia's so within an electorate They break them up, 15, 20 or even 30 polling booths there will be sometimes to get to, to make it easier for people

you need to have a central location. but in London, of course, This area of Australia House is pretty versatile - and in the past it's even been used as a movie set. Parts of the 'Harry Potter' movies were filmed here, when this room was transformed into Gringotts goblin bank. Now campaigners from both sides want to work their magic here. A team of Kevin '07 supporters has already taken over the Strand,

isn't a boomerang this time around. confident the Howard Government overseas There are a million Australians and we're going to ensure and vote for Labor. that those people come out theatre sensation Simon Bourke Australian actor turned London

has already made up his mind. I got up very early Australians to vote, to come down and be one of the first I think it's also very exciting

a great feeling for change that there seems like there is in our country. bring along a celebrity, The Liberal booth workers didn't an enormous advertising truck, but they did come armed with for potential Aussie voters. trawling the West End experience working here to get a bit of international but they want to go back home to raise families.

kind of Australia they go back to. They're very concerned about what about going for growth So we think that our message

of a Rudd Labor government but also pointing out the dangers

will be very compelling to them. made up their minds. But many have already by it all You get a bit disorientated of who you want to vote for you sort of have to have an idea

before you go in. Everyone from backpackers... Landed in London today, so yeah. ..to families... fined if we don't, Apart from the fact that we'll get I think it's our duty to vote. ..are making the trek.

I think we really should. If we've got a right to vote Every vote counts. As much overseas as at home. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. In finance news, has opened strongly today. the Australian share market

at the national weather: Now for a look

a by-product of old age. Losing your marbles need no longer be New research reveals

as diet, activity and a bit of biff. good mental health is as simple

of senior citizens, Boxing - not the standard sport the Greenacres Retirement Village, but here at residents are fighting fit.

just throw it straight. So when you want to throw a punch, Now block, block, that's it. to tackle old age. They're using computer games

co-ordination and communication. Virtual sports improving flexibility, Move both arms. I want you to move both arms. You too, Helena,

along the way. Each person has developed new skills people challenge their brain, New research is revealing the more

the slower it ages. another method for mending the mind. Electronic brain-teasers - The Brain Foundation says Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. simple steps can help fight dementia, you haven't done before. "I'd like to play an instrument", If you always thought, now is the time. the motto is 'use it or loose it'. At the Sydney City Bridge Club, Bridge is a great stimulator - which is very difficult. you have to remember things, the better it is. I think the more you use your brain, Back at boxing, are getting a work-out. and even the cheer squad The program has been so successful, it will be rolled out to nursing homes across Australia. It will even go online, allowing residents to compete with family and friends interstate

and even overseas. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Why buildings are actually bigger polluters than cars and how you can live in an environmentally friendly home. That's next.

If you asked someone to paint you a picture of a very special place to live, you would describe open parklands, with space to entertain the kids natural surroundings. amongst beautiful,

of community, There would be a real sense for great shopping with a lively place nearby with neighbours you'd call friends. and stylish cafes for you to visit This picture at Franklin - would be Bridgewater a place of your own. I don't know, Mr Howard, about our kids' future education you had 11 years to do something but you didn't, 11 years to act on climate change - nothing. And you promised to keep interest rates down, and you haven't. And now, you want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage, but you won't say when. And then, you're going to hand over to Mr Costello who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, Mr Howard, you've lost me.

Dylan's got a ton of energy so Fisher-Price invented the Smart Cycle. The more he pedals, the more he learns. 13, 14. Numbers, letters, spelling. Lots of cartridges, games and arcade races. That's one smart cycle. Yeah! New from Fisher-Price. We know how damaging car emissions are to the environment but it is in fact buildings that are the leading greenhouse gas polluters. University students from across the globe

are now working on designing environmentally friendly homes. You want to know the number one source of those greenhouse gases that leads to global warming? I will give you a hint. It is not cars. It is buildings. That is right. All those office buildings, schools and homes produce about half of all that glacier-melting pollution.

But the 20 houses in this town do not produce any pollution at all. They are this year's entries in the Solar Decathlon, the competition for colleges that is run by the US Department of Energy. The goal here is to demonstrate just what is possible in terms of solar energy. This is The US Secretary of Energy.

These homes, when you look at them, they are not sort of hippie, they are not something that is out of the mainstream. These are homes that are quite attractive places to live. For the 20 American and European colleges that make the finals designing and building the solar dream houses was only half the challenge. The other half was getting them to Washington DC.

There has been a lot of classes missed, to say the least. We have sacrificed just about every aspect of our lives - grades, social life, sleep.

So when is the last time you had eight hours of solid sleep? (Laughs) About three months ago. (Laughs) We are down to the wire. But it is going very well. Finally, ready or not, their houses were open to the public. were an hour long. On weekends the lines These hot and cold thermal storage tanks charge like batteries. And then, the judging begins. So what kind of fluorescent lamps do you have? Is it T5? Very standard T8. And they are dimmable? We are here proving that solar energy does work. They have to do tasks like cook dinner, wash dishes, keep TV sets going for six hours a day, heat and cool their house between 70 and 78 degrees. And the sun has to power everything - heating, calling, cooking, even charging an electric cart. As one would expect, solar panels are a major architectural feature. Now one reason solar homes haven't caught on yet may be the perception that they are boxy and ugly. You know you've made it when you can afford to move into a shipping container. But solar homes don't have to be homely.

In fact some of these houses are gorgeous. Turns out you don't have to sacrifice luxury when you go solar either. These houses have all the modern comforts - mood lighting, outdoor showers, I mean, if it is hooked up and sub-zero refrigerators. A lot of technological breakthroughs are on display here, but not all of it is easy to explain in simple terms. We have an evacuated solar water heater. Excuse me? Adaptive magnetic field. Concentric cylinders, air that is circulated in between them.

It is basically a hydroponic system. Causes the atoms in various metals to vibrate. With the intent of having potable water. But some of the new ideas are easy to grasp,

like this indoor waterfall demonstrated by this student from the University of Maryland. The moisture comes to an air and it goes down to the bottom of the wall, up through the wall and the finished product gets sent out to this fan system. So I understand perfectly. Basically what you're saying is that you're running water in the house? to add moisture to to the air No, actually it is the reverse. Oh, okay. So it is taking moisture out of the air.

Calcium chlorate makes this waterfall unusual. It absorbs moisture from the air. And the advantage of taking moisture out of the air is? About 30% of your cooling loads during the summer can be attributed to the moisture in the house so it is taking the burden away from the air-conditioning system. So less humidity means less heat, which means running your air-conditioner less which means you use less energy. We have a translucent roof, one of the architectural features of this house. Jason Brown gave us a tour of the high-tech house of light. Hot water in these houses comes from the special tubes which can heat water as high as 200 degrees. Takes the Sun's energy as heat and transfers it into the water in the hot water tank. You can't tell unless you have, like, a really high definition TV,

but it is hot. This home we shipped all the way from Germany. According to its team leader it is loaded with energy-saving features. This is a very new development. It is a prototype. It has never been built like that before. On this house some of the solar panels are hidden on the roof and the rest are in plain view.

We are able to adjust the angle of the louvres according to angle of the sun to get the maximum amount of gain.

So have to run around inside all day adjusting the louvres? Of course not. We have a computer that does that for us. There is a lot of cool stuff inside too. While we have right here is an oven that opens at the bottom

so all the heat just stays up in the oven and does not get lost. And you come down hearing and you stare at the mirror? It is a mirror in the first place. If I press a little button right here it turns out to be a TV. This man has been designing solar dwellings for 25 years. He is a chief architecture judge at the Solar Decathlon. Other countries, Germany, Japan and all of Europe these days have implemented programmes that have a very consistent policy. Either they pay you extra money for solar electricity generated or they give you a tax break. In this country federal government has not been especially supportive

on that level. As the competitors sit down together for a solar-cooked dinner, they will be able to do a better job.

Ahead in sport, Australia's cricketers prepare for Friday's second Test against Sri Lanka. Plus, the final two rugby league clubs left vying for Willie Mason's signature. And why you should never get a sports tattoo after 15 schooners.

I don't know, Mr Howard, you had 11 years to do something about our kids' future education but you didn't, 11 years to act on climate change - nothing. And you promised to keep interest rates down, and you haven't. And now, you want us to vote for you, so you can retire at some stage, but you won't say when. And then, you're going to hand over to Mr Costello who I wouldn't vote for as prime minister. Sorry, Mr Howard, you've lost me.


This program is captioned live. The West Coast Eagles are standing by their decision to sack former skipper Ben Cousins, despite Perth police dropping all charges against him. The AFL also refusing to back down from its charge against Cousins of bringing the game into disrepute.

WA police say they got it wrong... We have decided that there are no reasonable prospects of conviction and the charge will be withdrawn. ..but the Eagles say THEY didn't. Despite having both criminal charges against him dropped, Ben Cousins will not be reinstated by his former club, West Coast releasing a statement saying their decision was independent of the police charges against their fallen star and, as such, will stand. Fellow Brownlow medallist Jason Akermanis offered Cousins no support. There's always a choice factor in it that I say, well, the dude had a choice. He had a choice all those years ago whatever he was doing all those years ago. Meanwhile, the Adelaide Crows have lost their best forward with Scott Welsh quitting the club after a breakdown in negotiations. A bit of an impasse where we were talking one year, stand alone, and Scotty and his management were looking for one year with some incentives to trigger a second year. Dave Adamson, Ten News. The Sharks and the Roosters are the last two NRL clubs standing in the race for ex-Bulldogs forward Willie Mason. Kirk Reynoldson's decision to sign a 1-year deal with St George Illawarra meaning the Dragons have no more room to move under the salary cap. Meanwhile, Mason has met with Roosters officials

and is expected to make a decision on his future by tomorrow. The Australian cricket team has brushed off concerns its dominance of Test cricket is not good for the game. The side will simply continue their no-mercy approach in the second Test against Sri Lanka. We're going to play hard, always, and we're never going to let up, so people can say what they want but we're playing it, we're loving it and so we're just going to keep winning. Sri Lanka is expected to name fast bowler Lasith Malinga. The second Test begins on Friday in Hobart. Well, he's Australia's newest world champion, undertaking a whirlwind tour of the east coast before heading to the Pipeline Masters in Hawaii. Ten sports reporter Andrew Blow caught up with surfing's new world champion, Mick Fanning. Mick, thanks for joining us. 2007 world champion - has it sunk in yet? It's getting there. I think it's such a long year, but I'm sure it will over the next few days, for sure. What's life been like since you won the title? It's just been a whirlwind of partying and media. Yeah, it's been awesome fun, though. First Aussie champion since Mark Occhilupo in the late '90s -

how does that feel? Yeah, I don't know, every time I get asked that question I'm just honoured to take the reins over from Occ. Occ's pretty much just the king of surfing

and, you know, king of Australian surfing as well and he's just a champion bloke as well. It must have been important, then, to have him there when you won the title? Yeah, that was really special. To have him chair me up the beach after it, you know, that was really, really special, so I was honoured and privileged. What was it that actually drove you to go ahead and achieve such wonderful success this year? I think it was just I got a lot of confidence from the second half of last year - I didn't do worse than a quarterfinal. It sort of just gave me that extra confidence to go into this year, and after the first win and after those events early,

I sort of thought I had a chance, so I just kept pounding on to try and do it. And Pipeline coming up very soon - how important is that to you? Yeah, Pipeline is pretty much THE event, so it's gonna be fun to go over there and have fun. Probably won't take it as serious as every other event this year,

but, you know, just want to go over there

and have a lot of fun. and get some really good waves Mick Fanning, thanks for your time. Tennis and the upsets have continued Shanghai Masters. at the season-ending knocked out of the tournament World number three Novak Djokovic in straight sets. by Frenchman Richard Gasquet

Gasquet. UMPIRE: Game, set and match, Rafael Nadal Meanwhile, world number two

David Ferrer, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3. has been beaten by fellow Spaniard with a trophy Roger Federer was presented as the world number one. celebrating yet another year Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher

has had to hose down talk of a comeback after testing with Ferrari in Spain this morning. F1 officials are removing driver aids for next year's series. And Ferrari believe Schumacher's experience with older cars could prove invaluable. He hasn't lost it either. The 38-year-old recorded the fastest time on track. A mad Geelong fan is still licking his wounds over a permanent mishap when he bought a Cat tatt in Thailand. who wants to remain anonymous, The man, his allegiance on his shoulder. wrote instructions to proudly display

the Phuket artist took him literally. After 15 beers he realised 'NEVILLE': I can't believe he wrote, 'Right arm'!

what I wanted on the arms. That was just to tell him only adding to his embarrassment. A suspicious spelling mistake 'gay premiers', instead of 'day'. Everyone says it says

getting the left arm marked to match. But the diehard supporter carried on, when the Morning News returns. The national weather details

This program is captioned live. at the national weather: Now for a look

of popular musicians Her songs have inspired generations

from Led Zeppelin to Sheryl Crowe. her back on the music business But after turning to focus on her first love, art, Joni Mitchell found she just couldn't stay away for long.

Up until the songs started to come this year, and when they came I kept going, "Oh, no, not another one." SONG: # Don't it always seem to go # You don't know what you've got till it's gone... #

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