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Newsline With Jim Middleton -

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(generated from captions) Live. Hello, and welcome Newsline, I'm Jim Middleton. Hello, and welcome to

rope of Coming up - walking the tight

we look back at the top stories

in of 2010. In Haiti, especially

lives and livelihoods have lost. This has been a very busy two and a half years. two and a half years. This was an unacceptable North Korea. an unacceptable provocation by

review, later in North Korea. Our year in

Hundreds of thousands of people living living near Indonesia's Mount Merapi are trying to pick their lives after Merapi are trying to pick up

are still in

be able to rebuild. Indonesia

correspondent Helen Brown spent

two days around Mount Merapi

and filed this report. And a

warning, this story does

contain some disturbing images.

For the past week, For the past week, convoys

carrying officials and soldiers

have been driving into the

eerie landscape around Mount


worst hit areas, load

themselves up with rubber tyres

and fuel and move out to find

and burn any animal remains. TRANSLATION: Yesterday we

found a lot of carcasses in found a lot of carcasses in the west side because of the west side because of the heat

cloud, but in this part of the

area most of the animals have

been buried by material from Merapi. More than two and a

half thousand head of are believed to have perished.

This place is only four

kilometres from the volcano.

Its fertile soil used to support three villages. Now it's it's a restricted area where

only former residents are

allowed back during the day. TRANSLATION: It's not an TRANSLATION: It's not an easy

job to do this. People will physically recover easily, physically recover easily, but their hearts must be broken.

It's so hard for them to see

their village become like

this. One of the this. One of the heartbroken is

Mujeerah who's taken her four

remaining precious stock to a

government-run shelter. TRANSLATION: They

confused and injured badly. If they were humans they were humans they would

have screamed for medicine,

they were bleeding and covered

by ashes. Mujeerah nearly lost

her life and blames a warning

system that came too late. Her four animals are the best

chance she has to start again,

do next. Her village was destroyed and she says it's too

dangerous to live there again. I feel confused. Where I feel confused. Where should

I stay after this? I'm staying

at someone else's house now, but what about my future? I

don't know if the government

of the district says farmers has any plan for me. The mayor

will be given the seeds and livestock they lost to help

time for agricultural them recover, but it will take

not just the most obvious production to pick up and it's

losses. 10 kilometres from the mountain and a major crop has

been damaged by volcanic ash.

been damaged by volcanic ash.

TRANSLATION: This is because

the ash rain. It was so thick

that the branches couldn't

stand it anymore and fell.

Farmers need to cut some of the branches, otherwise the harvest will main food crop grown in

district which is the district

hardest hit by volcanic eruptions and authorities eruptions and

estimate it could take up to

two years before the production

returns to full production. TRANSLATION: If we

talk about financial loss, it's $3.5 trillion rupiah in both civilians and the $3.5 trillion rupiah in total,

government and that excludes

the last two months when local economy stopped the last two months when the

moving. The upheaval and its

cost is still evident in cost is still evident in a stadium on the outskirt stadium on the outskirt of

Yogyakarta. Many refugees are waiting to find out when and if they can return to their

villages close to the mountain.

At the height of the

this stadium was full of people

forced to flee their homes. There are still 68,000 refugees

in centres like this, this one

a half thousand families simply being the biggest. But

in the meantime they'll be don't have a home to go to, so

given a temporary one, like the ones being made at this special

TRANSLATION: We made the construction site.

TRANSLATION: We made the house

in order to move the in order to move the family from the refugee camp where

they have to cope with so they have to cope with so many other families to this

temporary shelter where they

can get their own privacy and

start building their life back. Many people died when back to tend to their animals.

Many thought they were safe.

The mayor wants to change the way people think about the

volatile mountain to not rely

on myths about safety, but to

listen to the science and move

out of the way. Indonesia correspondent Helen reporting from Mount Merapi.

Around the world, television programs such as 'Big Brother' have sought to

drive ratings by encouraging

provocative in front of

millions of viewers. In some countries this raises the hackles of the viewers. No more so than in India, where the government has ordered a crackdown

Richard Lindell reports from programs. India correspondent

gives it her all in a big rendition of a famous gives it her all in a big boss

number. Some branded her rendition of a famous Bollywood

Either way, her 3-day the Either way, her 3-day visit to the Big Boss House caused a huge

huge spike in the ratings. It also aroused

never dream of show. Shows that are France or any of those to your bedroom. et cetera going on, it's

come into to your bedroom. That doesn't come into your family. Here, the television, must be very sensitive because they are catering to the catering to the needs of the whole family. Feuds of a more personal nature are a

called 'Rakhi's Justice'. scenes that look remarkably similar to America's Jerry

Springer, families air their deepest secrets for a

television audience. the time has come the time has come in India where people set up

what can be shown on the television television and what can't be shown on the public outcry forced the

government's hands. ordered government's hands. It's ordered both programs move out

of prime time to after

The government says the offend good taste

pointing to the fact that participants quarrelling and use abusive language. The State may direct that certain programs shall view the program, so strictly speaking, a State. Shailaja Bajpai is

media critic for Express'. She says independent body should be set up to regulate television. What's television. What's happening is it's completely ad arbitrary at the moment. The government claims that it's responding never know. There's no transparency. We're transparency. We're never shown any of those shown any of those complaints, we don't know who we don't know who they're

coming from and suddenly take a view

view and say "OK, we're

this, we're banning another day" , so this is another day" , so this is not the this with. The this with. The maker of 'Rakhi's Justice' has complied

with the order, but the broadcaster of Big Boss has taken its case to the High Court in boom is subjudice, whatever we have won a reprieve from the court

after more time to prepare its Shailaja Bajpai says Shailaja Bajpai says the delay works for both of the TV entertainment business are also in there's an equation here and

there's a little area where government feels it has negotiate or them a lot of

times also gives a lot of publicity to fact, restricted items are

among the most popular clips downloaded from the Internet. Regulating the Internet is now more a question of feasibility than of law, or policy, because the data is so mutable and its transmission is

instant, so there is no

who to regulate. That doesn't stop political groups trying. The extreme Hindu The extreme Hindu party Shiv Sena managed to have Big

pulled off the last month after complaining that two Pakistanis were on the way as the TV channel trying to

push up ratings with push up ratings with the introduction of a Pamela

Anderson or a Dolly Bindra. Occasionally it has to make its

presence felt and it does so presence felt and it does so in

these cultural areas and these cultural areas and it did the

the same with 'A Long the same with 'A Long Journey'

a book and asking for a book and asking for it to be banned, so it does banned, so it does have that power in Mumbai, right, Frankly, everyone should ignore them as much Advice many extend to reality TV, but with high ratings and millions of dollars in ad revenue at stake, it's a destined for even more sensational spin-offs in years to come. It's been a turbulent year in Afghanistan, as tens of thousands of troops to subdue the Taliban. The border

border with Pakistan border with Pakistan allowed encouragements to melt away

seek refuge in tribal areas. A report from that the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence outfit, was working closely with the training and sanctuary. After the report was released to its author Matt

former foreign affairs adviser

to Britain's Lib Dems and a Human Rights Policy at Harvard

University's Kennedy School. Matt Waldman, welcome to the

program. Hi, good to be ISI was very with the Taliban a few years ago, what's the evidence that

it still is and it still is and you suggest even more close? There's even more close? There's very little the operations of a covert

agency and agency and areas which are very dangerous to, but my research was with some ten current Taliban encouragements, another encouragements, another ten

that were former Taliban then over 30 others who first-hand knowledge of the insurgency and what they support being provided by the ISI to the encouragements and

well. You interviewed this bunch of former and current

Taliban leaders and others as well, how did you manage that?

It must have been a very dicey business? It isn't actually

that difficult. If you can

establish intermediaries or

contacts and if those individuals are trusted, then

it can be done relatively

safely and most of these

individuals that I spoke to were not just simply out to attack foreigners, they fighting what they believed was a just war. They were a just war. They were fighting against American and

against American and other

foreign soldiers and for they call Sharia law,

they call Sharia law, which essentially means justice,

security, good government and

Islamic values. So the interviews could be conducted relatively safely and I think they actually welcome the

opportunity to put their views across. You speak of

significant level of support

being provided by the ISI to the insurgent campaign in Afghanistan, can Afghanistan, can you be

specific? Ki perhaps describe the kinds of support. On the

one hand you have sanctuary and

as the international forces as the international forces out in Afghanistan, as they have

said for some years now, encouragements can cross the

border between Afghanistan border between Afghanistan and

Pakistan relatively easily Pakistan relatively easily and

they do that in large numbers. Having Having that ability to go from

the war zone into Pakistan

which is a relative sanctuary is very important is very important for encouragements, very important

for the Taliban, because there

they can rest, recoup rate,

re-equip, train, get ready for

further operations inside

Afghanistan. Secondly, I think

the support in terms of

supplies, munitions, arms and perhaps other again, this is what we were

being told by encouragements and those

and those connected to them.

And then finally, support in terms of advice, perhaps

intelligence, perhaps the kind

of influence at an operational

and strategic level in terms of

priorities, in terms of the

kind of tactics that might be

used. It's difficult used. It's difficult to quantify that, of course, but that was what we were hearing

from the interviews . Is implication from this for the

struggle in Afghanistan that however successful the new

strategy being employed by ISAF in Kandahar, for example, currently is it will always be

ham strung by the ham strung by the poorest nature of the bored e nature of the bored e this refuge and sanctuary, does that

mean it's an up hill bat and will mean it's an up hill bat and

will one the forces will one the forces can't

win? That may be true. If you

you look at the history of other insurgencies, it's very

clear that encouragements have a much better chance -- insurgents have a much better

chance of winning or outlasting

the opposition if they have access to a safe where where

they can prepare, train and successfully plan their

operations and then conduct them in the country of the

insurgency. So I do think it

will be very difficult for to make any real to make any real meaningful

progress unless the issue of sanctuaries and support in Pakistan is addressed. One

final point.

the more interesting responses

to your report came from the US commander General Petraeus who approve of the apart from suggesting approve of the conclusion of the report other words he approved of it in some respects, but

as he put it " the bad

as he put it " the bad guys".

This does suggest that warfare

is a very odd business at the very least, does very least, does it not? It does indeed. It is quite

extraordinary the kinds are below the radar of think the military and other security security officials are aware of them. I suppose we not aware of, but I causes of the would just re-emphasise this

conflict is borne out of a number of Afghanistan, but in particular, predatory and exclusionary politics we've seen as well as very high lvls of corruption as the forces are in forces there to impose a of Western type of of Western type of society and I think

that and we do need to start to

go some way to addressing go some way to addressing those domestic drivers of the conflict as well as external factors starting to move towards the be political engagement towards a peaceful outcome of this you very much. Thank you. Matt Waldman, former foreign affairs adviser to Britain's Lib

unfolding stories. And what

year it has been, 2010. draws to a close, back at In Haiti, especially in the

city, the destruction was almost complete. In some areas that weren't reduced to rubble. It's important in Haiti understand at this

very moment one of the largest relief efforts in our recent history Haiti. If you can't talk about

it you will either be in soil... so it's very, very dangerous. It's getting out hand now. The people living here say national politicians all the top candidates have

brought their campaign motorcades through this neighbourhood.

Hello, and welcome to Newsline from the streets of Bangkok. I'm Jim Middleton. Tensions have Thailand as the Shirts defy

press their demands for fresh elections. The standpoint elections. The standpoint not for or against burqas, it's or against the right of all individuals to choose how individuals to choose how they express themselves. We have

enemies in the south, they keep trying to fire

resignation. I did so with considerable regret. recently published article should be set by a commanding general. Every general. Every day, I realise how little actually understand. These largest and most sudden movements of people in history. Last year, Pakistan recorded around recorded around 3 million internally displaced people

known as IDPs. The cycle of

violence in tribal areas means they often have to flee their homes on a regular is the cave complex and the is the cave complex and the area

You can see bandages and underground. The walls underground. The walls are thick and it These floodwaters have come

all the way from northern Pakistan

an enormous amount of destruction. They've flowed through Punjab and through Sindh province on their way to the Arabian sea. It's unclear

how many lives

Pyongyang is still capable of delivering a body blow to the sophisticated the south. This was the south. This was an unacceptable provocation North Korea and international community has a responsibility and a duty to respond. After last shelling of a South Korean island by the north, sabring haven't rattled so loudly here since loudly here since the Korean war. For China's part, war. For China's part, this exercise is a chance to dispel criticism it's too secretive about its military underline it just wants to be a peaceful partner in the Pacific. The new leader of Party is Julia Gillard. I asked leadership change. A change because I believed that a good

government was losing its way. I hope I've been able to

demonstrate to you that demonstrate to you that this has been a

half years. That is rubbish.

The four players who have been

named shouldn't go anywhere near Pakistan should play. I think in terms

the next worst or as big as the and welcome to Newsline from New Delhi, I'm Jim Middleton. Some of the other parts of the village are clearly just inhabitable at the it's hard to see how they can

be turned round. They're just appalling. They're appalling. They're filthy. Well, what a way to silence the doubters. The Opening

Ceremony was a kaleidoscope of colour, music Having banned Opposition and Having banned the main

Opposition and barred many ethnic groups retain power. These elections have been far have been far from free and far from fair. His Excellency President of the United President of the United States of Obama. That review of 2010 was produced by Kesha West. And

that is the last Newsline 2010. Tune in over season for season for Newsline Review featuring the

the year. The team at Newsline and a great start to 2011. Jim Middleton, thanks for watching through Closed Captions by CSI

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