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Tonight - safety first, Kevin

Rudd defends his no frills

Budget. See what I believe in

is making sure that we're

running conservative economic

management here. He's asking us

to believe that it can change

its nature from Paris Hilton to

Uncle Scrooge. Britain's new

power couple win the keys to

number 10. I aim to form a

proper and full coalition

between the Conservatives and

the Liberal Democrats. And

while David accepts victory his

political Goliath heads into

history. Thank you and goodbye.

Good evening, Juanita

Phillips with ABC mu news.

After a no frills Budget prepare for a no frills election campaign. Kevin Rudd

says he won't be wooing voters

with any extravagant promises

or give aweas. He and the

Treasurer spent the day spell

selling their plan to return to

surplus. The parties argued

over whether Kevin Rudd is a fiscal conservative or a

political Paris Hilton. Chief

political correspondent Mark

Kim Simkin. Budget winners are

grinners. Nurses got more than

$ 500 million in handouts. Even

more important as far as Kevin

Rudd's concerned are the

efforts to nurse the budget

bottom line back to surplus. See, what I believe in

is making sure that we're

running conservative economic

management here. So is he

ruling out expensive hand outs

during the election campaign? Absolutely. The

Opposition doesn't buy it. It's

asking us to believe that it

can change its nature from

Paris Hilton to Uncle Scrooge

and that's the problem with the

Budget, I just don't think it's

believable. The Shadow Treasurer singing from the same

song book.

(Sings) # Sweet Caroline

# Da, da, da # Arguing the

Budget's built on overly

optimistic forecast Get so damn

angry about the waste. I think

the Shadow Treasurer should

give up karaoke and take up

policy. Joe, Joe, Joe, how

sloppy can you g get? Why does the Prime Minister only become

an economic conservative at

election time? The infamous

debt and deficit scare campaign

is dead, stone dead. And what

has killed it? Because the

budget is heading back to

surplus three years ahead of

schedule. It's a sign of the

times. Labor believes it's

better to be obsteam yous in an

election year than spend like a drunken sailor. Tony Abbott

will reply tomorrow and he'll

continue to rail against debt

and deficit and higher

taxes. The resource tax is at

the heart of the budget pumping

$9 billion a year into

government coffers. We must

have a national regime in this

area it's not a matter of

choice, we just must have one. Andrew Forest is leading

the revolt. The billionaire

miner came the Canberra for

talks with officials. You know,

we had delightful discussion. The discussions are

unlikely to stay that way as

the Government and miners

haggle over how the tax kicks

in. It's what the Budget

didn't fund that's caused the

big outrye. The drive to

restore the surplus has left

welfare groups ac rngery. But

it's hit the right note with at

least working family. The

Hamilton's hung on every

word. He's the money man for Australia. And they reckon the

Treasurer needs them too. My

word we're helping the economy

by living out here and our husband's working 12-hour

shifts. The whole family's

riding the crest of the Bowen

Basin mining boom. Coal to

Asia, revenue to Canberra. I

Government's aware of think they're aware of it. The

it. They're aware of it and

plan to tax it. Glenn Hamilton

think that's a good idea. If it

makes all Australians prosper

or goes towards all Australians

Budget hasn't left everyone prosper so be it. But the

feeling prosperous. Among big

spending on GPs and nurse,

mental health was largely

overlooked. Australian families

affected by mental ill health

must be wondering what the

Government has got against

them. I accept fully that when

it comes to mental health there

is much, much more work to be

done. Welfare groups are

dismayed too that Centrelink

and its payments to the jobless

and disabled stay static . You

don't build a strong economy on

the back of a fractured

society. When money was found

for broad band and climate

change advertising Save energy

and you'll also save money and

reduce your impact on climate

change. That's no consolation

for those still anger ed by the

shell ved emissions trading

scheme nor is the revamped fund

for renew yanl energy. The credibility of Prime Minister, it seems to me, has been

damaged on this. Little nips

here and there have reduced the

fuel loads for Budget

unhappiness but there are just

enough of them to leave some

risk of a slow burn. Especially

when working families take a

hit, tens of thousands will pay

more for child care when the

rebate is cut by nearly $300

and frozen. Parents are going

to be squeezed harder. The toll

to pay on the road to Budget

recovery. What better time to

put out some bad news than the

day after the Budget. Home

owners already squeezed by

interest rate rises are to be

slugged again. The State

Government is planning a

registration fee for property

valued at more than $500,000.

It will add another $200 to the

purchase price of an average

Sydney house. It was about as

quiet an announcement as

possible. The day after the

Federal Budget and under a

media release titled land

transfer secured. Western

Australia, Victoria, Queensland

and South Australia all have ad

valorem fees. They say it's to

combat property fraud. The Opposition says it's the

Government being

sneaky. Labor's good for two thing, breaking promises and

hitting people with extra

taxes. Here's a new

tax. Property groups lined up

to criticise the fee and the

government for offering no

consultation. Unfortunately NSW

has got a reputation for

imposing new property taxes

from left field. We've heard a

lot of talk about great big new

taxes lately and NSW has now

just got its own. 0.2% charge

applies to properties valued at

more than $5,000 and will cover

more than 30% of transactions.

It means it's an extra $200. It

rises to 0.25 % to properties

over $1 million adding $1,000

to the purchase price. But

worst affect ld be commercial deals. For a large standard

commercial CBD block of around $200 million you are talking

about a new tax of

$500,000. It's certainly

sending the wrong message to

business. Business is looking

for an environment where taxes

are going down, not up. The fee

will raise about $90 million a

year, it's now the second big

new tax this year following the

$500 million car wait tax

announced in February and there

is still 4 weeks left until the

State Budget. Britain has awoke

ton a brave new political

world. Gone is the dour Scot

Gordon Brown whose resign as

prime minister brings to an end

13 years of Labour rule. In his

place the Conservative David Cameron, the youngest British

leader in 200 years. He's taken

up residence at number 10

thanks to a political marriage

of convenience with the left

leaning Liberal Democrats.

Their leader, Nick Clegg Clegg,

will be deputy prime minister

as the Lib dems share power for

the first time in 70 years. For

the last time the door at

number 10 opened for Gordon

Brown and his wife Sarah, then

closed on 13 years of

government and his 3 as prime

minister. I loved the job for

its potential, to make this

country I love fairer, more

tolerant, more green, more

democratic, more prosperous and

more just, truly a greater

Britain. And as I leave the

second most important job I

could ever hold, I cherish even

more the first, as a husband

and father. Thank you and

goodbye. As the Browns left

their home the faces of those

two boys were shown publicly

for the first time. They were

driven down the mall to the

palace where he tended his

resignation to the Queen. From

prime minister to citizen in a

matter of minutes. Yet the day

had started so differently. The

Labour Party had hoped they

could woo the Liberal Democrats

but early optimism was dashed.

It's pretty clear the Labour

Party is failing in its

attempts to get a coalition

together. It's now up to the Liberal Democrats and

Conservatives to form the next government of the United

Kingdom. Then it was David

Cameron and wife Samantha

arriving at Buckingham Palace

to accept the mantle of Prime

Minister. The Queen's 12th, the

nation's first Conservative

leader since 1997. And at just

43, the youngest British PM

minister for two centuries.

This is a new generation at

number 10 with another one the

way. This is going to be hard

and difficult work. A Coalition

will throw up all different challenges but I believe

together we can provide that

strong and stable government

that our country needs. There

will be compromise for both

sides of this coalition. A massive economic challenge

ahead for these odd political

bed fellows, a marriage of

convenience with inbullet

stresses ahead. I hope this is

the start of the new politics I

have always believed

in. Despite the smiles this is

a bitter moment for Gordon

Brown, never winning an

election as prime minister,

leading his party into defeat.

The Blair/Brown days are

history, the Cameron/Clegg era

has just begun. Well as we

heard they're not exactly

ideological soul mates. David

Cameron and Nick Clegg will

have to overcome many

differences if their political

marriage is to go the

difference. Adrian Raschella

profiles the Liberal Democrat

king maker and the Conservative

leader he helped make Prime

Minister. When he was young

David Cameron's nickname was

the prime minister. Now at 43

he's the youngest PM Britain

has known in almost 2 centuries

and is credited with dragging

the Conservatives back from the

wilderness. I want people to

feel good about being

Conservatives again. He ushered

in a youthful, fresh style and

brought more women and ethnic

minorities into the party. Now

he's in charge of the

kingdom. Of all the people in

that building behind us right

now who could be prime

minister, I think we've got the

best man in charge. He's saying

an off lot of things which I find difficult to imagine he

can reconcile or do when he's

in office. He's making a lot of

spending pledges at the same

time saying he's going to cut

hard. It will be a delicate

balancing act keeping happy the

man turned king maker. Liberal

Democrats leader Nick Clegg,

also 43, has only been a

British MP for two years. A

virtual unknown in Britain

before this campaign, the first

ever TV leaders' debate turned

Clegg into a superstar. But it

was short lived. The Lib dems

lost 6 seats on election day.

Despite that he's the deputy

prime minister in the most

unlikely of political

marriages. It's all very

difficult, all very fragile but

it might well work if the

overhang of the national debt

and the perilous economic

position continues to

concentrate minds. US President

Barack Obama was quick to offer

his congratulations to David Cameron. Kevin Rudd also made an early morning phone

call. This morning I

congratulated him on behalf of all Australians for becoming

the next Prime Minister of the

United Kingdom. The Prime

Minister says he will have a

good relationship with his

Conservative counterpart

because the Australia/UK

relationship is above party

politics. And joining me now

from outside 10 Downing Street

is Philip Williams. This

coalition as we've heard is

made up of two very different

parties, can it last or is

Britain in for a period of

instability? Well, in is the

big question. There's certainly

a lot of good will. The two

parties certainly want to make

it work and they've committed

themselves to that but they are

so different ideologically

you'd have to say over the

long-term will it last the

whole term? You'd have to say

the chances are very much

against that. So how did the

deal come about in the

end? Well, we've looked at this

time yesterday that they could

possibly go with the Labour

Party but the Labour Party

apparently offered such an

unappetising deal that they

walked straight back to the

Conservatives. The

Conservatives had promised

political reform. That was one

of their key demands. Before we

knew it we had a deal. It all

happen sod quickly, it was a

bit of a surprise and had

turned the day on its head from

how it started. And what

changes can Britain expect from

David Cameron? Well, the key

thing is the economy. He's got

to get the deficit under

control. It's rampant, it's 167

billion pounds just this year

and that comes before

everything else. Beyond that

he's got ideas for the big

society which involves

devolving pow er from big

government down to communities

and individuals but that will

have to come second. The

economy is absolutely the

number one priority. Philip

Williams in London, thank you.

To other news now - and banks

are about to face a massive

class action lawsuit brought by

angry customers. Customers will

be able to sue the banks for

any unfair account fees charged

over the past six years plus

interest. Official figures show

the banks collected almost $1.2

billion in exception fees in

one year alone. Those fees

include dishonour charges on

bank accounts as well as over

limit and late payment fees on

credit card accounts. The

action is being bank rolled by

litigation funder IMF. We would

be expecting tens of thousands,

if not hundreds of thousands of

people to, you know, who have,

we're saying, are owed quite

significant amounts of money to

sign up. The class action won't cost

cost the customers who sue, the

lawyers will take a cut of any

payout. A Lybian passenger

plane has crashed killing 104

people. The plane had flown to

the capital Tripoli from South

Africa. Airport officials say

there was just one survivor, an

8-year-old Dutch boy. The plane

was operated by a state-owned

airline which has only been

flying for about 3 years. It

might be a sign of things to

come. The first walk in medical

centre run by nurses was opened

in Canberra today. The aim is

for people to get treatment

quickly for minor illness or

injuries instead of hanging

about for hours in emergency

departments. But critic s say

it could set a troubling

precedent. With hospitals

bursting at the seams, the

Health Minister is turning to

nurses for help. Means

opportunities for nurses to be

the front line of care more in

our community, have been

improved. The Federal

Government has already given

trained nurse practitioners the

power to prescribe medication

and claim Medicare for consultations. And yesterday's

Budget handed doctors more

money to hire nurses. Now the

ACT Government, which is

struggling with a doctor

shortage and choked up

emergency departments, has

opened a nurse walk in centre

where they treat minor

illnesses by themselves. We'll

see nurses doing more things in

an environment where they're

the decision makers. In theory

that will cut waiting times by

letting doctors concentrate on

more complex and serious

cases. They provide very safe,

very effective health care.

They're expert clinicians in

their own right and there's no reason why we shouldn't have

more of these centres. We're

watching it very keenly. We're

supporting other similar

initiatives. Doctors are also

watching closely but they're

worried that it will offer

fragmented health care. These

are not particularly cheap ways

of treating patients and often

just refers work on to doctors

at another point which wouldn't

have been necessary if the

doctors and nurses worked

together in the first place. I

think it will streamline health

care a lot more. People won't

wait for health care and I

think lit be a boon for

everybody. And maybe for

politicians as well. Police

investigating the murder of

Sydney nurse Michelle Beets

have spent a third day

searching a home unit on

Sydney's North Shore. The unit

on Mowbray Road, Chatswood, has

been under surveillance since

last week. Detectives raided it

on Monday night. No-one

appeared to be home during the

search. The police activity has

made the neighbours uneasy. My

daughter-in-law is scared and

they were telling us to go to

their house and spend time,

stay with them. Michelle Beets

was killed 2 weeks ago as she

arrived home after her shift at

Royal North Shore Hospital. On

to finance now and the local

share market bounced back

today. That's despite a sharp fall on European share markets

and a small slide on Wall

Street. 2 days after euphoria,

following the trillion dollar

bailout for Europe's tired,

poor masses, it was back to

reality with a clunk last night

with fairly heavy falls on the stock exchanges in Greece,

Spain and Portugal and a modest

reversal in New York. The local

share market closed about 0.5%

higher though as investors

digested the optimistic

Treasury forecast in the

Budget. Wesfarmers led the way

with a jump of nearly 4% after

analysts at Citigroup upgraded

it to a buy. Ni Newcrest went

up 4% because the gold price

has surged to more than US $400

an ounce because of all the

money that will have to be

printed in Europe. CBA dropped

after reporting a rise in third

quarter earnings that was below expectations. Transfield said

it managed to sell a wind farm

in South Australia and Telstra

flopped to below $3 for some

reason. The world's worry warts

and local critics of the

Government's budget strategy is

turning their attention to the

next thing to worry about -

China, because of two things

displayed on this graph.

Inflation is creeping higher

and house prices there are

doing more than creeping. The

Government is trying to get

control and the concern is that

it might be too successful and

crunch the economy at the same

time. And in thinking about

what's more important to

Australia, Europe's real crisis

or China's vaguely possible

one, this graph showing exports

to Europe and Asia, mainly

China, might help provide some

perspective. It doesn't really

need much commentary from me, I

think. Here's the latest gold

price, up $30 in two days and

it's the first time it's ever

gone higher than $1,200 an ounce. The Australian dollar is

down a bit tonight in line with

the falls on global share

markets. That's finance. A rare

type of bird on the brink of

extinction has been given a

fighting chance. Honeyeater s

bred at Taronga Zoo have been

released in the wild in

Victoria to help boost

dwindling numbers. The Regent

honey eater used to be seen in

flocks of hundred, it's now

believed there's only about

1,000 left in Australia. Think

used the be found down the

eastern coast from Queensland

to Victoria, even found in

South Australia but these days

they're only really found in

around 3 main key breeding

areas. Staff from Taronga Zoo

have been camped in the

Chiltern Mount Pilot National

Park to prepare the captive

bred birds for life in the

world. The 44 honeyeaters were

kept in tents while they

acclimatised to the new

habitat. Once the tents were

opened the birds were quick to

find some more nectar. It's

hard to keep track of the

honeyeaters because of the

great distances they travel.

They've been known to move 20

kilometres in just one day. The

transmitters attached to the

birds will allow researchers to

monitor them for 11 weeks. The

birds also have coloured bands

on their legs. In the event

that all of the birds suddenly

disappear from the park and

they want to head somewhere

else we have constin Jencies in

place where we can put a light

aircraft up that's fitted with

an aerial and receiver as

well. A team of volunteers will

help project managers conduct

post release survey for 12

weeks. Sport is celebrating an unprecedented cash injection

courtesy of last night's

Budget. The Government has set

aside almost $325 million with

a boost of around $200 million

for elite and grass roots

sport. This was music to the

ears of Australian Olympic

committee boss John Coates. The

biggest funding injection to

sport in our nation's

history. As the elite side is

concerned it ticks every

box. But there was no gloating

despite a resounding victory

over the Crawford Report

recommendation that Australia

shouldn't target a top 5

Olympic position. The

Government has set aside

additional funding for international competition, for

direct assistance to athletes. And coaches. We know

that many of them are being

snatched by our international competitors. Crawford had

success in his emphasis on

juniors and participation,

pressure will be applied to

sporting bodies. Them

increasing their participation

rates is a condition of their

funding. It's a happy dilemma

for Australian cycling, already

enjoying a renaissance. It's a

growing community past time and

we believe we're well placed

now to grow our sport at the

grass roots end. The sports

commission will meet with

sportling bodies next week in

the dash for cash as Australia

again aims high., I think there's every chance now we'll

be able to retain our top 5

position. To the untrained eye it could have been Shane Warne. 30-year-old leg-spinner Stephen

Smith took 3/20 as Australia

warmed up for the semifinals of

the world Twenty/20 with a

6-wicket demolition of the West

Indies. The west Indian captain

didn't hold back after his team

bowed out of the tournament on

home soil. Apologise to the

fans,. I was a tough one and

this play was terrible. Not so

Australia which will play Pakistan in Saturday's

semifinal. Sri Lanka beat India

by 5 wickets to set autopsy

semifinal against England. With the soccer World Cup in South

Africa edging closer, the head

of the organising committee

says the tournament is in sound

financial shape, even though

FIFA has tipped in an extra

$100 million to make sure

training facilities are up to

scratch. We have more than 67%

of the budget still in tact to

be spent. We have not gone on

our knees pleading for money at

all. Socceroos goalkeeper Mark

Schwarzer isn't fully focused

on the World Cup yet. Tomorrow

morning his English club Fulham

will play at let coma drid in Hamburg. It rates up there with

one of the major

accomplishments in my career.

Two high profile NRL players

have signed new contracts with

their clubs despite ongoing

concerns about the salary cap.

Veteran prop Petero Civoniceva

will see his career through to

the end at Penrith agreeing to

a deal that will keep him there

until he's 36. We've got a team

that can push into the finals

and hopefully bigger

things. Great Britain

international Gareth Ellis has

extended his side the w the

Tigers until the end of the

2013 season. Can't see any

reason to go back and

acknowledge regret, not staying

a bit longer. Ellis was the

Tigers' player of the year in

2009. Like many actors from

Mediterrean backgrounds Alex

Dimitriades once struggled to

find mainstream roles. Nom

anymore. This week the actor

opens in two shows. One a

starring role on stage, the

other on the big screen. Ten

o'clock, you've got a date with last of the dancing hookers. Alex Dimitriades is

counting down to opening night

of the play 'Rain Man'. He

also has to fit in the opening

night of his new film. It's

always the way, when it rains

it pour, but can't complain. 'Rain Man' is based

on the celebrated movie of the

same name. Dimitriades plays

Charlie, the younger brother of

Ray played by Daniel Mitchell

who is autistic. Qantas, Qantas

never crashed. Qantas? Qantas

never crashed. Director Sandra

Bates says the film starring

Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise

still resonated but the updated

theatre script makes it a

riveting show. I'm blessed with

a fantastic crow. Dustin and

Tom eat your hearts out. 'The

Kings of Mykonos' is a sequel

to 'Wog Boy' and sends up the

typecasting of act rrs

Mediterrean backgrounds. Now

the star ing characters have

made it to the mainstream. When

I started out you never saw

names like Dimitriades in

mainstream on prime time

commercial networks. So I feel

pretty sort of proud to have

made a difference and that's

what this is all about for

us. TV roles in 'Wild Side'

and 'Underbelly' have propelled

him to the forefront but

Dimitriades is relishing

treading the boards in the theatre. Checking the weather

now and it was quite cold

across the State today,

Mel? Yes, a cold front passed

through NSW early this morning

sending temperatures down about

6 or 7 degrees and a high is

following behind it. That

combination usually means very

dry, cold air and widespread

frost. In Sydney today it

reached 19 degrees in most

areas and got down to 3 in the

west. It should be cool again

tonight with moderate south to south-westerly winds. There

were mostly clear skies across

the State with early frost

patches about the Northern

Tablelands, south-west slopes

an Riverina. There were also

some very isolated showers

about the far south coast and

southern ranges but moderate south-easterly winds kept

conditions sunny in the west.

A little low cloud about

southern Victoria and Tasmania

is triggering isolated showers

there, but cloud streaming

across Queensland as tropical

moisture gets caught in a jet

stream isn't causing any rain.

In the coming days that high

will cause brisk winds and

showers to ease in the

south-east while warm

northerlies pick up in Western

Australia ahead of a cold

front. That front will bring

isolated showers and small hail

to the south coast of Western

Australia while a slow-moving

low in the east should maintain

strong showery winds in

Tasmania and Victoria. Keeping

rain around Melbourne and Hobart tomorrow.

There's the chance of some

light snow for the Snowy

Mountains and scattered showers

over the south-east corner. It

should be cool and clear in the

west with moderate southerly


We should see cloud beginning

to increase from about tomorrow

afternoon. Patches of sunshine

are forecast for the weekend

but by Monday showers should

begin to settle. In Thank, Mel.

Tonight's top stories again.

After a no frills Budget Kevin

Rudd say there's won't be

extravagant promises or

giveaways from Labor in the

election campaign. Home owners

struggling with rising interest

rates are to be slugged with a

new State Government property

tax. And Britain has a new

Prime Minister, the Conservative leader David

Cameron has become the youngest

tenant of 10 Downing Street in

200 years. And that is ABC news

for this wernedz. The '7:30

Report' is next and I'll be

back with updates during the

evening. Goodnight. Closed

Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned


Welcome to the program. The

ghost of legendary economist

John Kenneth Galbraith hovered

over Canberra today as the war

of words over last night's

Budget poured forth in a

sounding volume. The op Giggs

and Government used the same

figures to argue opposites. For

the Opposition the Budget is

built on quick sand. For the

Government it's entirely soubd

and credible to climb out of

massive debt and back to budget

surplus in 3 years. With

Australia's economy relying

heavily on mineral sales to

China maybe both are right. If

the boom continues for a few

years Australia's debt will

dwindle quickly, if it faulters

the economy may stall. Shortly