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Clean Energy (Excise Tariff Legislation Amendment) Bill 2011

Originating house
House of Representatives


Part of a package of 18 bills to implement a carbon pricing mechanism, the bill amends the: Excise Tariff Act 1921 to increase aviation fuel excise by an amount equivalent to the carbon emission price of the fuel, had the aviation fuel been subject to carbon pricing; and Excise Act 1901, Excise Tariff Act 1921 and Excise Tariff Amendment (Taxation of Alternative Fuels) Act 2011 to reduce the excise exemption for non-transport compressed natural gas (CNG) by an amount equivalent to the carbon emission price on CNG, had CNG been subject to carbon pricing.

Progress of bill

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House of Representatives
Introduced and read a first time 13/09/11  
Second reading moved 13/09/11  
Second reading debate 14/09/11  
Second reading debate 15/09/11  
Second reading debate 19/09/11  
Second reading debate 20/09/11  
Second reading debate 21/09/11  
Second reading debate 11/10/11  
Second reading agreed to 11/10/11  
Consideration in detail debate 11/10/11  
Third reading agreed to 12/10/11  
Introduced and read a first time 12/10/11  
Second reading moved 12/10/11  
Second reading debate 31/10/11  
Second reading debate 01/11/11  
Second reading debate 02/11/11  
Second reading debate 03/11/11  
Second reading agreed to 03/11/11  
Committee of the Whole debate 03/11/11  
Committee of the Whole debate 07/11/11  
Committee of the Whole debate 08/11/11  
Third reading agreed to 08/11/11  
Text of bill as passed both Houses 08/11/11  
Assent 04/12/11 Act no.: 156 - Year: 2011

Text of bill

  • First reading

  • As passed by both Houses


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  • Referred to Committee (14/09/2011): Joint Select Commitee on Australia's Clean Energy Future Legislation
  • Committee report (07/10/2011)
  • An electronic version of this Act is available on the Federal Register of Legislation (