Title Senator to address closing ceremony of global women's conference.
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Date 18-01-2000
Author STOTT DESPOJA, Natasha
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Senator to address closing ceremony of global women's conference.





Senator Natasha Stott Despoja

Australian Democrats

Deputy Leader


18 January, 2000






Senator Natasha Stott Despoja has been invited by former President of the Philippines, Corazon Acquino to address the final session of the Global Forum of women political leaders held in Manila this week.


The Conference, which is a preparatory forum for the United Nations Beijing +5 Review aims to shares visions, strategies, concerns, expertise and experiences in transforming politics and increasing women’s participation in the political process.


Senator Stott Despoja addressed the gathering during its opening plenary session, stating:


“In a vast majority of nations and societies, the goal of gaining power remains elusive, we have a long way to go before we reach anything approximating parity of representation. The battles that women before us had to start are just beginning in many societies.... As we enter the 2lst Century, women have the illusion of equality because they have made gains.... We rejoice in our gains but we know that all women do not share in them, locally or globally. We know that women are vulnerable in the workplace, under represented in decision making and in the home and sometimes elsewhere, vulnerable to the violence and anger of men.


We need to remind ourselves of the facts and figures about these matters which show us - and those who need to be shown - that there is a long way to go in improving the status of women....I know that in political life, the numbers of women in law-making bodies have not yet made the crucial difference we need. Women in politics are viewed and treated differently from men. If women in comparatively powerful positions, such as MPs have these issues how much more difficult are the public lives of women in less powerful positions?”


Senator Stott Despoja said: “This has been a great conference I am saddened that the Australian Government didn’t take the opportunity to send an official delegation.”


The closing ceremony is at 3pm Manila time (6pm EST Wednesday 19th January).


For more information contact Catherine Wolthuizen,

at the Heritage Hotel in Manila on 632 891 8888 (room 638)

Copies of the Senator Stott Despoja’s opening address are available from the

Adelaide electorate office (08) 8232 7595.


Australian Democrats www.democrats.org.au



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