Title Electrical and electronics IP manual launched.
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Date 20-09-2007
Author BALDWIN, Bob, (former Member)
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Electrical and electronics IP manual launched.

Media Release The Hon Bob Baldwin, MP

20 September 2007

ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS IP MANUAL LAUNCHED Bob Baldwin, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources, today officially launched the Australian Government’s Intellectual Property Management Manual.

Mr Baldwin said the Australian Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association Ltd (AEEMA) received a $59,509 grant from the Industry Cooperative Innovation Program (ICIP) for the project.

“The $25 million ICIP program aims to encourage business-to-business cooperation on innovative projects within Australia and internationally that enhance productivity, growth and international competitiveness in Australian industries, with a particular focus on meeting strategic industry needs,” Mr Baldwin said.

Mr Baldwin said the project involved identifying the most practical and relevant intellectual property-related advice for the growing, globally competitive electronic-related companies.

“As well as identifying and protecting intellectual property, an emphasis has also been placed on licensing, contracting of services, and undertaking joint ventures in Australia and internationally,” Mr Baldwin said.

“While most people understand what an invention is, intellectual property is far more than patenting that invention. When intellectual property is created, it is the value of the created knowledge and how to protect that intellectual property that has the value."

Mr Baldwin said the manual also provided guidance on how to implement intellectual property management and capture value as a result.

“Intellectual property is a valuable asset for every organisation, and should be carefully managed. Without good management, the organisation may be unaware of its value or benefits, or may expose itself to unnecessary risks,” Mr Baldwin said.

The Intellectual Property Management Manual, a Practical Guide for Electrical and Electronics Related Industries, is an outcome of the Government’s Electronics Industry Action Agenda.

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