Title Australia signs UNCED Climate Change Convention
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Date 04-06-1992
Author KELLY, Ros
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Cover date 4 June, 1992
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Australia signs UNCED Climate Change Convention


0 6) Minister for The Arts, Sport, The Environment and Territories




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Rio de Janeiro, 4 June, 1992. - AUSTRALIA SIGNS UNCED CLIMATE CHANGE CONVENTION. .Ros Kelly, Minister for the Arts, Sport, the Environment & Territories, and Leader of the Australian Delegation to the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) today signed the Framework Convention on Climate Change on behalf of Australia."UNCED is all about taking global action on global environmental problems. There is no greater potential problem for the world than greenhouse induced climate change - particularly for Australia and for our region.""The Convention on Climate Change is a historic first step not only in monitoring and finding out more about the science of the effects of climate change, but as the beginning of the process for taking global action to combat it!'"It is no secret that this Convention does not go as far as Australia wanted in terms of doing something about the problem, but I recognise that we have to start somewhere.""Obtaining agreement on something as fundamental as c limate change, in such a short space of time, has been a truly remarkable achievement.""Australia emits only 2% of the world's greenhouse gases; however, we are one of the highest per capita emitters. We are taking action ourselves, under the precautionary principle, to curb greenhouse emissions but it will not be unilateral action to the detriment of our economy or trading position."/2 , CavIMONWEALTH PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARYMICAHPrinted On 1 00 %.r ecYC l ed paper


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