Title Law and order, crime and punishment
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Date 01-01-1998
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Law and order
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Law and order, crime and punishment

Law and Order, Grua and Punishment

Preamble At the outset it must be stated that enforcement is only one of a number of methods necessary to deal with crime.

One Nation recognises the most basic function of Government is to provide a safe, secure and peaceful society for its citizens. One Nation will give priority to the protection of Queensland citizens, their homes, businesses, property and possessions. One Nation believes that the building blocks of effective policing include curbing anti-social behaviour, crime detection and prevention, and maintaining peace and order, and in

general adopting the philosophy that prevention is better than cure.

One Nation believes that respect for the law and its administrators is the cornerstone of peace and liberty in this society. A responsibility is placed on each and every person in our society to uphold the law. Preventing crime means taking action to address its

inherent causes including the following.

The Authority and Integrity of the Traditional Family Unit

The lack of proper moral training of young children in their formative years can lead to problems later on. Persons with misguided moral values tend to slide easily into criminal activity: One Nation believes that it is essential to restore the integrity and the authority of the traditional family unit, and all government policies must encourage

family unity and stability. The best way to eliminate crime at its source is to ensure that children enjoy a stable and caring family environment. A caring mother and father provide the best environment and role models in which respect and responsibility can be imparted to children.


One Nation realises that it must listen to and take heed of, advice given by operational Police to ensure the efficiency and morale within the Queensland Police Service is maintained. High morale equates to effective and efficient Policing.

One Nation will meet Policing needs by assisting crime prevention through a strengthening of our Police Service numerically as well as adequately resoutrcing it.


One Nation E courage mityy based Policing initiatives to develop community ownership and partnership in crime prevention, detection and prosecution.

One Nation Acknowledges the violation of the fundamental rights of all victims and society as a whole by ensuring that offenders face the consequences for their crimes.

General Policy

One Nation policy includes the following

Opposing foreign control or management of our prisons. Australian private sector ownership may be acceptable in certain situations.

Truth in Sentencing —10 yrs means 1.Oyrs, life means life.

Removal of voluntary intoxication by alcohol or other drugs as a defence in any circumstance.

Introduction of mandatory sentences for serious crimes.

Ensuring equality of treatment before the law, regardless or race or cultural background.

Ensuring that entry to any person's property for criminal purposes automatically forfeits the Offenders right to compensation or the pursuit of the property owner under common law for any injury, or loss resulting from such uninvited entry.

Caring for victims of crime and their families, and ensure adequate compensation and just treatment from the law.

Providing for a referendum on capital punishment in Queensland.

Justice and the Judicial System

Justice must not only seem to be done, it must also be done efficiently and effectively. One Nation recognises that the highlighted leniency ofsome sentences, early paroles, and upheld appeals by the defence, which do not reflect the community view, has resulted in the public of Queensland losing faith in our system of justice. A Judiciary with some accountability to the Citizens that it is called upon to protect is a key factor in One Nation policy.

One Nation proposes that in order to make the Judiciary accountable, at each State Election, the public of Queensland, the Ordinary Citizens, will have the opportunity to elect twelve (12) of its peers who will form the membership of a State Judiciary

Review Board.



The State Judiciary Review Board will conduct annual reviews of the Judiciary and make

recommendations with regard to, or termination of, the appointment of those who fail to uphold the sentencing policies of the State Government of the day.

One Nation believes that inandatoi y imprisonment and severe punishment for offenders involved in violent crimes, organised crime, and drug trafficking are essential. The protection of our citizens and the prevention of repeat offences should be of the utmost concern and foremost in the determination of appropriate sentencing. Lengthy custodial

sentences should be the only reward for those offenders who have resorted to violence during the commission of a crime, to deter other potential offenders and to protect our society.

One Nation recognises that our Police need to be free to pursue those offenders who are a genuine threat to our community. Over 25% ofprisoners admitted to Queensland gaols are fine defaulters. It is expensive and counterproductive to goal these offenders. Gaol should only be considered in extreme circumstances. Fine defaulters will have their income or social security garnished at its source to ensure fine payment, or in the case of extreme financial hardship they should be sentenced to community service.

One Nation will investigate the feasibility of constructing a maximum security gaol well outside populated areas (eg. 1000 km from Brisbane) with extra security walls, which wifi include electrified fences, to minimise escapes.

In line with One Nation's Firearm's Policy, offences committed with a firearm will attract extra punishment.

In view of the number of repeat offenders in our prison system, One Nation proposes a complete review of the current rehabilitation programs, as it is widely recognised that these programs are not working.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice must be seen to work and be effective in controlling the conduct, behaviour, and attitude of our youth so that they emerge with respect for the law and those in authority, and become productive members of our society.

One Nation recognises that juvenile criminals are unfortunately responsible for a large part of unsolved property crimes such as break and enters, wilful damage, stealing,. graffiti, and unlawful use of motor vehicles. This is a reflection on society's lack of ability to engender respect and responsibility in general.

It is clear that current legislation is inadequate, and with the high number of repeat offenders, family services and juvenile rehabilitation programs are grossly ineffective. Juvenile detention centres lack adequate staffing, and resources, and staff morale is low. One Nation will reverse this by addressing these issues.


One Nation will make amendments to the Juvenile Justice Act to ensure those ju-veniles who have reached an age of understanding are dealt with adequately before the law.

One Nation will give Police the discretionary power to remove people under the ace of 16 years from the streets and return them to their home or to a suitable safe venue.

One Nation will introduce the most successful rehabilitation programs from interstate and overseas to ensure that our young people do not become repeat offenders and hardened criminals.

One Nation will allow parents to administer just and fair domestic discipline within their homes, without fear or favour of interference from external agencies, thus restoring the authority of the family.

Dispute Resolution

Increasing costs for legal representation and legal services, and the decreasing availability of Government funded legal assistance and the means tests associated with this assistance, has meant that an increasing number of Queenslanders are finding it more difficult to protect their legal rights.

One Nation will continue to support alternative systems dispute resolutions and mediation between parties to meet specific needs and reduce Court time with respect to minor matters. However this type of alternative system will still be in addition to, and not a substitution for the Court. Those individuals, who still want their day in Court, will retain that right.


Queensland s crime rate is increasing exponentially as our communities grow. It is apparent that strong, succinct and decisive action is needed now, or Queensland is likely to well follow the trend of other places where liberal laws and lenient sentencing have all

but destroyed the very fabric of society it was supposed to protect.

One Nation's policy's will provide for a safer community in the future, a community in which responsible families grow and reside in peace without fear and trepidation. One Nation will take the concise action required to achieve this purpose.