Title Schools Assistance Amendment Bill 2011
Database Amendments
Date 02-11-2011 11:51 AM
Source Senate
System Id legislation/amend/r4603_amend_c1de6ece-c3f1-4c8b-a7cc-aea7fe62aa5c

Schools Assistance Amendment Bill 2011




The Parliament of the

Commonwealth of Australia








Schools Assistance Amendment Bill 2011



(1)     Schedule 1, item 1, page 3 (lines 8 to 11), omit all the words from and including “require” to the end of subsection 22(1), substitute:

                   : (a)  require the relevant authority for the school or system to ensure that the school, or each school in the system, implements the national curriculum prescribed by the regulations in accordance with the regulations; and

                     (b)  provide such funding as is necessary to ensure that each teacher in the school or system has received professional development in the implementation of the national curriculum in accordance with a nationally consistent professional development program.

[national curriculum—professional development for teachers]

(2)     Schedule 1, item 1, page 3 (after line 11), after subsection 22(1), insert:

          (1A)  The national curriculum must not be prescribed unless the non-government school sector has had input into its development through membership and/or observer status on the Australian Education, Early Childhood Development and Youth Affairs Senior Officials Committee.

[national curriculum—non-government school sector input]