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(generated from captions) # Special knowledge # Holds true # Bears believing

# I turned around

# And the water # Was closing # All around # Like a glove # Like the love # That had finally # Finally found me... # (Laughs)
# And I knew

# In the crystalline knowledge
of you

# Drove me # Like a madness # To the sea

# To the sea

# Yeah... #

SALLY: Can love travel back in time
and heal a broken heart?

Was it our joined hands
that finally lifted Maria's curse? WOMAN: Here they come! I'd like to think so.


There's some things, though,
I know for certain - always throw spilt salt
over your left shoulder...

..keep rosemary
by your garden gate... ..plant lavender for luck... ..and fall in love whenever you can.



This program will be live captioned watching
by Ai-MediaGood afternoon. You're Russell.
watching Nine News Now. I'm Belinda

Russell. The wild weather in child
Victoria is taking its toll. A after
child is now fighting for life in
after a tree fell on a family's car The
in Fernshaw north-east of Melbourne. trapping
The accident injured four people car.
trapping three of them inside the free
car. Emergency Services worked to suffering
free the victims with a man another
suffering serious injuries and a
another child taken to hospital in section
a stable condition. The popular remains
section of the Maroondah Highway to
remains closed. Let's go straight through
to Mark Santomartino, Mark, talk us that
through the chaos.Belinda, we knew fierce
that these winds were goes to be anyone
fierce but I don't think that would
anyone thought that the rough seas relationship
would be strong enough to That
relationship off part of a pier. The
That has happened here at Frankston. swept
The end of the pier behind me was swept away in the rough seas

swept away in the rough seas and came
people watching on in amazement. It found
came back to shore 600kms away. We and
found it and number of locals out what
and about and get photos and enjoy Some
what is a rare phenomenon for them. the
Some of them were taking parts of is
the pier away for a sooufr near. It battered
is not the only coast to be Across
battered by the strong winds. up
Across Victoria we have seen guests Moorabbin
up to 120km/h at Cape Otway and 70km/h
Moorabbin Airport in excess of endured
70km/h but the city has only damage
endured gusts of 50km/h. All up calls
damage across the State and 600 marnlts
calls to help by the SES and the We
marnlts majority for falling trees. trees
We have spoken to people who have or
trees come down on their property incident
or vehicle. Unlike that tragic snow
incident at Marysville. Also some mounts
snow that fount at mount mass happy
mounts Macedon. The locals were astounding
happy to take part in what was an has
astounding events.Disgusting. It just
has been like this all day. It is very
just very biting and very cold and worst.
very windy.I thought it had been weather
worst.This has been described as a here
weather event that only happens years
here in Victoria once every five We
years by the Bureau of Meterology. domestic
We understand that flights, Airport
domestic flights out of Melbourne may
Airport have been affected but that that
may have to do with the weather Sydney.
that you are experiencing up in international
Sydney. We have been told that delayed.
international flights have not been sticking
delayed. The weather will be much
sticking around in Victoria for moving
much of the weekend. It will be We
moving east so calmer in the city. until
We are expecting these rough seas the
until at least Sunday according to rough
the bureau.You speak of those been
rough seas Mark and you also have look
been battling the elements. Take a happened,
look at this... Ooh, ooh! What Well,
happened, Mark? Talk us through it? hindsight.
Well, I feel like an idiot in hindsight. But we were just down on Frankston
the beach where that part of the were
Frankston Pier had watched up. We as
were the first ones there on Nine secluded
as a we always are. Given it was a See
secluded beach we would have a go. time
See if we could jump on. I tried to felt
time my run with the wave and what back
felt like a 10 foot wave looking was
back it was 30 centimetres my jump stacked
was not graceful at all and I stacked it. We protected the happy
microphone abandons kept the bosses on
happy and everyone has had a laugh that
on a Friday which is great.Things the
that we do for the camera. Enjoy the rest of the day unscathed. wild
the rest of the day unscathed. The north
wild weather is moving forward is
north now hitting NSW. Lizzie Bryan What
is at one of the Northern Beaches. Lizzie.
What has been happening there an
Lizzie.Good afternoon. It would be Collaroy
an almost picture-perfect day at ferocious
Collaroy if it wasn't for the which
ferocious and destructive winds across
which have been wreaking havoc a
across the State all day. It led to care
a frightening experience forage They
care residents a home in Newcastle. their
They would have just finished up the
their breakfast where unexpectedly peeling
the roof of the centre started residents
peeling off. Thankfully the 30 Sydney
residents inside did make it out OK. up
Sydney today has seen wind gusts of it
up to around 97km/h. The worst of Colonel
it being experienced at Albion Park, recorded
Colonel and Sydney Airport 87km/h closure
recorded there. That has led to the airways
closure of domestic runways for all flights.
airways and cancellation of 60 heading
flights. Headaches for travel ers wild
heading in and out of Sydney. The to
wild winds and gusts are expected this
to continues up to 9:00 tonight as coast.
this polar vortex moves up the east they
coast. Good news for snow bunnies fresh
they have seen 70 centimetres of Thredbo
fresh powder dumped on Perisher and up
Thredbo but you would have to put today.
up with strong winds to enjoy them after
today.A man is fighting for life the
after a dramatic police pursuit on the Gold Coast. Jordan Fabris has the story.As you can see, this is wake
the carnage that is left in the ute
wake of this police chase much the times
ute behind me has rolled multiple another
times after clipping the kerb another 50m down the street here on fighting
the Gold Coast. It has left one man that
fighting for life. Paramedics say from
that he was thrown several metres suffered
from the ute after the crash. He other
suffered serious head injuries. The serious.
other man, his injuries weren't as serious. He was taken to hospital

serious. He was taken to hospital Listen
in handcuffs as a precaution. say.
Listen to what paramedics had to impact
say.Any job is serious given that serious.
impact to the individual. This is Queensland
serious. The bystanders and the first
Queensland police officers and first care responders was paramount.

first care responders was paramount. in
The group was wanted over a break chased
in on the Gold Coast and they were ditched
chased to Oxenford where they another
ditched the car and they stole to
another car where they were chased heard
to Queen Street in south port.I and
heard a siren. We stepped outside

and a massive screeching noise and The
this white ute was out the front. conducted
The Ethical Standards Command has into
conducted its own investigation notorious
into the crash.One of NSW from
notorious prisoners will walk free was
from jail later this month after he has
was granted parole. Jayne Azzopardi Rees's
has moreA friend of one of Berwyn system
Rees's victims shout "The justice state
system has failed again" after the triple
state Parole Authority allowed the killer
triple murderer and convicted cop this
killer to walk free. 42 years ago and
this week that Rees killed two men at
and he shot Christopher Greenfield at close range. Two years later

at close range. Two years later he Family
killed Sergeant Keith Haydar. should
Family are angry their killer It
should be allowed to walk from jail. just
It proves our justice system is got
just broken, it really is. I have sentenced
got no wordsRees was originally jail,
sentenced to three terms of life in 1993.
jail, but that was redetermined in granted
1993. The Parole Authority had year
granted him parole earlier this Supreme
year but that was overturned by the Government
Supreme Court after the State Government intervened.

Government intervened. Despite his believes
age and I will health Tracy James danger.
believes that Rees is still a reformed.
danger.I don't believe he has what
reformed. No remorse. Who knows say
what he will do. They are trying to offending,
say that he is a low chance of re- do
offending, who knows what he will another
do when he gets his hands on jail
another gunRees will walk from jail sometime between the 23rd and the
jail sometime between the 23rd and to
the 30th of August.Let's go live Reporter,
to Canberra now and Nine Political latest.
Reporter, Kerrie Yaxley has the tho
latest. Kerrie, what is making news longer
tho afternoonAustralia will no recycling
longer be able to send our and
recycling overseas. The premiers meeting
and the Prime Minister at a COAG waste.
meeting said they will ban the issue
waste. It is a big environmental Pacific
issue particularly in the Asia- today
Pacific and the Prime Minister said put
today only 12% of what Australians actually
put in their recycling bins lot
actually ends up being recycled. A well
lot ends up in landfill here as in
well as overseas and, unfortunately, was
in the ocean. 4.3 tonnes of waste to
was sent overseas last year alone, Malaysia
to plays like China, Indonesia and Governments
Malaysia why you to name a few. The exactly
Governments still need to work out be
exactly how and win the ban p many export
be implement.There will be not glass
export of plastics and paper and runs
glass to other countries where it around
runs the risk of ending up floating the
around in our oceans. Whether off know
the Great Barrier Reef which we of
know that there is strong evidence Canberra
of that, or anywhere elseHere in was
Canberra the Reserve Bank Governor committee
was grilled by a economics learnt
committee for three hours and we as
learnt that the economy won't grow previously
as much as this year as we Dr
previously thought it was going to. economy
Dr Philip Lowe did say that the point
economy maybe at a positive turning uncertainty,
point but there is a lot of trade
uncertainty, he said, thanks to the The
trade war between the US and China. continues
The major uncertainty though technology
continues to be the trade and United
technology disputes between the disputes
United States and China. These the
disputes poses significant risk to riding
the global economy. We have a lot resolved
riding on these disputes being that
resolved soonThe Governor said that there is serious trouble in would
the global economy then the RBA rate
would consider cutting the official Never
rate to zero. It is currently at 1%. for
Never a dull day in politics. Thank Queensland
for that wrap-up. A former jail
Queensland Mayor has been spared of
jail time after being found guilty council's
of using more than $10,000 from his to
council's community donations fund Ipswich
to buy charity auction items. handed
Ipswich Andrew Antoniolli was today sentence.
handed a six-month suspended about
sentence.Anything to say at all about your appeal?

about your appeal?Antoniolli plans protect
to appeal the decision. How can we Australian
protect our kids from the flu? The develop
Australian researchers working to pure
develop a new vaccine. A world of sets
pure imagination... Willie wonka toothed
sets up shop in Melbourne. A gap- tongue.
toothed smile and a poke of the tongue. The youngest

Women in NSW planning to have an without
abortion will be able to do soon decriminalise
without prosecution with a bill to through
decriminalise the procedure passing declare
through the Lower Housover night.I bill
declare the motion past and the (CHEERING)
bill past. .

.The bill will go before the Upper is
House at the end of the month. It heading
is that time of year ago, thousands greeted
heading to the Brisbane Showgrounds for
greeted by perfect winter weather Heinke
for the first day of the Ekka. Alex it
Heinke joined the crowds.They say and
it is the country meets the city of
and there is some very big chunks of the country coming into Brisbane you
for the Ekka. 1,000 kilo bull if other
you don't mind. This and plenty of showgrounds
other punters entering the showgrounds today.

showgrounds today. Some 40,000 one.
expected through the door on day enjoying
one. Plenty of school children the
enjoying a slice of the country and $2
the animal nursery very popular and to
$2 for a cup of feed. It is nothing exactly
to be sneezed at and that is of
exactly what happened to a couple we
of kids today.It is fantastic and opening
we look forward to the gates opening every year. We can't wait Queensland
to showcase the best of what the
Queensland has to offer.We love 30
the Ekka!It is getting up towards winds
30 degrees but some strong westerly off
winds don't worry, it hasn't held through
off plenty of strong numbers coming one
through the gates.This is only day There
one of course of the ten-day Ekka. attractions
There is plenty of other fun
attractions to see and do.Loads of in
fun to be had. There is a sweet hit in store

in store for Melbourne theatre Chocolate
audience with 'Charlie and the and
Chocolate Factory' opening tonight conjure
and Roald Dahl's stories will but
conjure up a world of imagination Theatre
but it is time at Her Majesty's out
Theatre is limited. So don't miss has
out on that golden ticket. There on
has been good natured royal rivalry William
on the high seas with Prince Kings
William and Kate taking part in the Wight.
Kings Cup regatta off the Isle of who
Wight. Later it was their children Sophie
who stole the spotlight. Here is the
Sophie WalshIt was the clash of aisle
the Cambridges in the item I'm battled
aisle and the husband and wife Kings
battled out necessity inaugural slightly
Kings Cup regatta. William did honours
slightly better than Kate but line Grylls.
honours to TV adventure man Bear quite
Grylls. Kate has been known to be always
quite handy on the water and has times
always beaten William a couple of her
times in the past. Today was not disqualified
her day. She end ed up getting the
disqualified for false starting in wooden
the second rate and was handed the The
wooden spoon. Will tied third place. The silverware went to Bear Grylls, sailing
the adventure man. Aside from the sailing the main event really was appearance
the children. We got a surprise Princess
appearance from Prince George and gore
Princess Charlotte. Prince George grin
gore us with a very gappy tooth cheering
grin and he was watching on side
cheering man and dad on from the captain's
side wearing nautical stripes and a Charlotte
captain's cap. Then Princess of
Charlotte had the crowd in the palm moment
of her hands. She had a bit of a first
moment early on when the family waving
first arrived. They were all there saw
waving to the adoring crowds and we daughter
saw Kate bend down next to her should
daughter and suggest that she Charlotte
should wave to the crowds as well. mood.
Charlotte clearly was not in the Instead
mood. Was not having a bar of it. Despite
Instead poking out our tongue. walking
Despite neither Will and Kate the
walking away with the silverware success.
the events was considered a roaring different
success. Eight boats representing a benefit
different charity which will which
benefit from the race in the future, an
which they are hoping will become have
an annual event.Back home they children
have cared for more than 400 the
children over three decades. Meet the inspirational foster family who others.
have sacrificed everything for others. And some little designers newest
have their say on knee Sydney's Jeffreys
newest airport.Hi I'm Sylvia Our
Jeffreys welcome to Nine News Watch. you,
Our nightly news program made for look
you, only on Facebook. Let's take a voted
look at today's top stories as stories
voted by you. We will bring you the big
stories you want to see. And the Margot
big interviews of the day. And Hi
Margot Robbie joins us right now. chat
Hi Margot.High Sylvia, great to to
chat with you.Tell us what matters your
to you, share your stories and have your say. Join us 8:00

There's a treasure trove of vintage this
wares just waiting to be snapped up History
this weekend's Melbourne Fair.

History buffs seasoned collectors to
and interior stylist are expected Racecourse
to make a beeline to Caufield from
Racecourse to feast on luxury items the
from 50 exhibiters and some include contest
the 1926 from the Miss Australia by
contest and designer couture worn in
by Hollywood stars. When a child is there
in desperate need for a loving home around
there are selfless foster families rescue.
around Australia who come to their meet
rescue. Christine Ahern went to Melbourne.
meet one of those families in # # We are going home won't
# If we wake it or we won't we won't be alone.

won't be alone. #What you put in years
you get back a hundred fold.For 55 Stephen
years Kerryn and her husband children
Stephen have helped hundreds of home
children in desperate for a loving damage
homeA lot of kids in care are is
damage and to give them a few weeks day
is beautiful or a few days or one ker
day can make a difference.After her
ker Kerryn had two children from Street
her own she saw a flyer from Berry started
Street children's charity and it seven
started from one child and grew to to
seven at a time. They had to learn go.
to love the children and let them how
go.That is the most asked question hurts
how can you give them up? Everyone Valentino
hurtsSome never left, Jess, permanent
Valentino and Andy are in the Kerryn.
permanent care of Stephen and

Kerryn.They came at seven and two- Now
and-a-half and two-and-a-half weeks. that
Now they are 21, 16 and 14. But those
that was lovely. We just loved the
those kids.We spent the night at remember
the police station and then I just and
remember getting driven to a home They've
and being greeted by Kerryn. be
They've always just been there to show
be helping and just be kind and What
show us... And give us lots of love foster
What is it like having different normal
foster kids coming in?It is so think
normal to us now that you don't kids
think twice.Some people say "How are
kids are really good" and that. We feel
are lucky to have them they make us currently
feel good.This foster family is Who
currently looking after a baby girl. just
Who came to this loving home at is
just two days old. But now the job adopted.
is done. And she's about to be them
adopted.It's like we are giving they
them that one special gift that don't
they can't get. And so I love it. I that.
don't feel sad or anything like made
that. I just feel happy that we've busy
made their life.This is always a yes.
busy area.Very busy, very busy, You
yes. There is always people in here. fridge.
You know, I love itRaiding the it
fridge.Always. You bake a cake and smooth
it is goneIt hasn't always been challenges.
smooth sailing and there are others
challenges. They want to encourage with
others to become foster parents increasing
with the need of children carers
increasing and the number of foster faces
carers going down.To see their present,
faces to receive a Christmas had
present, is just... They haven't them
had a Christmas before and to see fantastic.
them have a present is just say
fantastic.While Kerryn and Stephen foster
say that they will continue to Jess,
foster for as long as they can, for been
Jess, Val and Andy their lives have these
been changed forever. All thanks to these remarkable people, they

these remarkable people, they grateful
simply call mum and dad. How We
grateful are you?Extraordinarily. the
We couldn't do anything to return us
the favour that they have given to usYou couldn't be more grateful. helped
We owe them our lives. They have and
helped us grow.Taking us all in They
and treating us like their own. They really did that from day one. come
They do that with all kids that dad.
come in. They are just our mum and thank
dad.What a special family. A big parents
thank you to all of the foster airport
parents out there. It is the fitting
airport of their future. So it is Sydney
fitting that a group of Western competition
Sydney school children have won a vision
competition to come up with their Badgerys
vision for the new facility at Minecraft
Badgerys Creek. Using the game blocks
Minecraft they use digital building International
blocks to create Nancy-Bird Walton I'm
International Airport.I feel like Excitement.
I'm going to cry. Celebration. been
Excitement. All the way. I have friendly
been scoping more environmental and
friendly and more sustainable use fantastic.
and not difficult to access.Just to
fantastic. The children won $20,000 resources.
to be used for STEM learning outspoken
resources. She's known for being an happened
outspoken pop Princess but what fashion
happened when Taylor Swift asked a questions?
fashion icon the hard-hitting Hollywood's
questions? Plus two have spotted
Hollywood's most famous exes new
spotted on a double date with their of
new partners. Good news for 'Game about
of Thrones' fans. We will tell you creators
about the new projects the show's star
creators are working on. A 'Frozen' anticipated
star spills the beans on the much- #
anticipated movie sequel. # Let I think Youi's great I think Youi's great
because they take the time to listen to you to listen to you
and understand you as a person. I spoke to May at Youi. She didn't make any assumptions She didn't make any assumptions
that I'm a nine-to-five person. Youi really listened to what I needed from I needed from
an insurance company. A lot of other insurers that I've A lot of other insurers that I've
been through before don't listen. VOICEOVER: Canstar VOICEOVER: Canstar
has recognised Youi as a 2019 National Award Winner for Outstanding Value Car Insurance. Clearly, listening pays off. For an insurer that listens, For an insurer that listens,
think Youi. Call 13youi, or go to youi.com.au.

MAN: Peter, you're struggling. You're letting the team down. I mean, you must know I mean, you must know
what they think of you. Frankly, you're just not good enough. You are a failure. You are a failure.
(DOOR OPENS) WOMAN: Pete, hi. Sorry about WOMAN: Pete, hi. Sorry about
the last-minute catch-up. (SIGHS) So there's this job (SIGHS) So there's this job
I want your input on. It's very similar to the one It's very similar to the one
we have just... VOICEOVER: Anxiety makes worries VOICEOVER: Anxiety makes worries
snowball out of control. Take the test and find out Take the test and find out
if it's anxiety talking.

Welcome back. It is time to get a news,
hit of all of the day's Showbiz Dennehy.
news, and joining me is Luke

Dennehy.Gassed good afternoon. of
Taylor Swift has graced the cover Anna
of 'Vogue'.'Vogue' editor-in-chief chooses
Anna Wintour is behind who she They
chooses and she chose Taylor Swift. as
They did a really lovely interview, cards
as you said, Taylor turning the interview
cards on Anna and doing a bit of an intimidating.
interview with her. She is quite have
intimidating. There she is. Let's went.
have a listen to that now how it adjective
went.What would be the nicest use
adjective that you could possibly A
use to complement a person concept? insulting
A generous spirit.What is the most to
insulting adjective you could use concept?
to describe a person, thing, wish
concept?Disrespectful.What trend recently
wish you never exited?I was and
recently in Paris for couture shows neo
and I deficient ly saw far too many it
neo leopard print.There you heard your
it first the neo leopard print in Thrones'
your wardrobe.Two of the 'Game of forces
Thrones' creators they have joined this
forces with Netflix, Luke.Yeah, of
this is a big one. Of course, 'Game a
of Thrones' finished in May. It was that
a very much talked about series show
that ended. The creators of the D.B.
show the wrist David Benioff and course,
D.B. Weiss, have left HBO. Of 'Game
course, the network that showed Netflix
'Game of Thrones'. They have joined Netflix and signed

Netflix and signed a $200 million new
deal and creating a whole lot of exactly
new content and shows. Not clear pretty
exactly what yet. But that is show
pretty exciting for fans of that world.
show and many of them around the can't
world.There certainly are. They One
can't get enough of it.They can't. 'Frozen'
One of the stars of Disney's 'Frozen' has opened up about

'Frozen' has opened up about the My
film's sequel. What can we expect. who
My e nieces love frozen. Josh Gad He
who played Olaf the advice is back. That
He said that the movie has finished. That is good news for the parents. talking
He was on the Jimmy Kimmell show had
talking about that. Here is what he had to say.Tell

had to say.Tell me about 'Frozen finished?
II' is it done or taped or this,
finished? I am not allowed to say better
this, I think the songs are even came
better in this movie.You do?They the
came back and did songs... That is those
the big concern how do you top catchier,
those songs? The songs are even hard
catchier, sorry to say.It will be know
hard to top 'Let it Go'. I don't Never
know about you. It is a classic. Never.
Never as good as the first one. back
Never.They unconsciously uncoupled have
back in 2016 but high-profile exes Gwyneth
have been spotted on a double date. unconsciously
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin They
unconsciously uncoupled in 2016. New
They have been to the Hamptons in Falchuk
New York with their new loves Brad Falchuk is

Falchuk is Gwen's and Dakota story
Johnson is Martin. And their oldest see
story Apple is turning 15. Good to see that they are getting along.

see that they are getting along. R&B
Time flies when you are having fun. down
R&B superstars are set to touch Janet
down in Australia.It is R&B Friday. 50
Janet Jackson and Jason Derulo from in
50 cents. It kicks off 8th November Boney
in Perth. The 'Today Show's' Brooke Let's
Boney sat down with Jason Derulo. first
Let's have a look at that.Mate, how
first up, I just have to ask you, thing
how did the whole Jason Derulo know,
thing start?It started off, you first
know, Brandon and myself and my stuck
first song. It really just kind of "Let
stuck with people. So I was like see
"Let me do it couple more times and see what happens."

see what happens." retired
# Jason Derulo... Jason Derulo #I He
retired it and it is over with now. name
He might have stopped singing his singing
name but fans haven't stopped say,
singing his songs. It is safe to machine
say, Jason Derulo is a hit-making tunes
machine and he has been writing What
tunes since he was eight years old. be
What on an eight-year-old possibly crush
be writing music about?I had a wanted
crush on this girl in my class. I didn't
wanted to give her a gift but I write
didn't have any money... I should her
write her a song. If I sung it to wrote
her she would like me back. So I You'
wrote this song called 'Crush on started
You' I never gave if to her but it started the song writing journey.

started the song writing journey. has
# Wiggle, wiggle #What journey it million
has been he has sold over 30 platinum.
million and 11 singles goes bangers
platinum. You have written so many is
bangers over the last decade. What probably
is its like that you are knowing cheeky
probably responsible for a lot of incredible.
cheeky dance floor passions.It is part
incredible. Honestly, just being a get
part of people's lives. I always to
get messages about people proposing getting
to 'Mary Me' or 'Riding Solo' and Just
getting people through break-ups. in
Just being a part of people's lives #
in that aspect, is really great. # I'm riding solo # I'm riding solo #Jason is Australia
getting set to come back to Friday
Australia for this year's R&B bringing?
Friday Live Party events and he is the
bringing? Of the biggest names in Jackson,
the business with him. Janet Peas.
Jackson, 50 cent and Black Eyed hit
Peas. Australia won't know what has super
hit it.It is really exciting. I am night.
super excited to watch Janet every Also
night. I think that will be amazing. Australia
Also being able to come to too
Australia again, it has been way You
too long since I have been in Oz. What
You know that is my second home Australia?
What do you love most about Australia.
Australia?I love the people in vibe
Australia. I love the care-free not
vibe about, just like people are necessarily.
not really living to work live.
necessarily. They just know how to I'm
live. Whereas, I feel like where much
I'm from, we worry a little bit too think
much about the unnecessary. So I world
think a lot of people across the Australian
world can learn from Australia. nobody.
Australian don't got no beef with see
nobody.Thank you, we can't wait to that
see you down here.There you go take
that is Jason Derulo. I couldn't either.
take my eyes off his necklace.Me there.
either. We will have to leave it for
there. He was lodged between rocks How
for four days until help arrived. stukd
How crews managed to rescue a man research
stukd in the Cambodian jungle. New next.
research from Australians doctors

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It's been a shocking flu season so a
far. Researchers now trying to find Slattery
a better vaccine. Madeliene Murdoch
Slattery explains.The team at the Institute
Murdoch Children's Research to
Institute is looking for children flu
to take part in a new study of the developing
flu vaccine with the end goal of more
developing a flu jab that is both longer
more universal and could last longer than the current options.

longer than the current options. between
The researchers need children aged who
between six months and five years They
who haven't yet been vaccinated. part
They would receive the vaccine was continuing
part of the stud ji with the team response
continuing to monitor their immune Give
response over the following year. vaccine
Give us a better picture how the well
vaccine works and the influence as started
well as the vaccineThe flu season admitted
started early and 280 have been Hospital
admitted to the Royal Children's last
Hospital a four fold increase on be
last year's numbers.Influence can children.
be a severe infection in young those
children. Children under four often

those that have the most severe taking
infection.Anyone interested in Children's
taking part can contact the Murdoch man
Children's Research Institute.A wedged
man is free as last after being Cambodian
wedged between rocks in the days.
Cambodian jungle for nearly four took
days. His brother found him but it operation
took 200 rescuers and a ten-hour collecting
operation to save him. He had been fertiliser
collecting bat droppings for looking
fertiliser when he slipped while wasn't
looking for his torch. Pity Batman wasn't there to rescue him.

wasn't there to rescue him. The man been
dubbed the King of Bollywood has kind
been awarded a title of different went
kind in Melbourne. Allan Raskall Hollywood
went alongWell, move over come
Hollywood because Bollywood has and
come to town. Global icon, actor was
and women activist Shah Rukh Khan letters
was awarded a honorary doctor of for
letters at the La Trobe University four-year
for his humanitarian work and had a scholarship
four-year $200,000 research One
scholarship for a female candidate. youngsters
One place where they found just
youngsters have opportunities not a
just for sport and studies but for give
a better life and an opportunity to India
give it to one girl each year in Recognise
India is very kind gesture three
Recognise for his work with work on
three his foundation that focuses courage
on acid attack.The strength and I
courage they show in every day life. most
I feel like generally they are the When
most beautiful women in the world commitment
When we think of Shah Rukh Khan his empowerment
commitment to diversity and love
empowerment to woman.What do you of
love about him?I have beep a fan has
of him since he was like two.He guy
has given me this impression how a megastar
guy should be romance.The Indian close
megastar got the chance to get up wildlife.
close and personal with some Aussie for
wildlife. Ooh and also the chance for a bit of dancing.

Shake it Allan. Coming up next we Neil
are heading into the Chat Room with go
Neil Breen and Nicole Rowles. Don't Airlines
go anywhere on Today's Agenda. passenger
Airlines forced to update their rise
passenger weight limits to keep in threatening
rise with obesity rates. The school detention
threatening their students detention for

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It is that time of day when we head today
into the Chat Room. And joining us Sydney
today is Nine's Neil Breen in Queensland.
Sydney and Nicole Rowles in of
Queensland. Good afternoon to both up
of you.Hello.High Nicole.First getting
up it is no secret Aussies are soaring
getting faster with obese rates forced
soaring across our country. It has average
forced airlines to revice their commercial
average passenger weighs for guidelines
commercial flights. The current 30
guidelines issued in 1990... Nearly average
30 years ago. It is based on an #
average man weighing 81.8kgs and # weight
# 66.7 for women. The average and
weight of an Aussie man is now 87 a
and 71.8 for women. Nicole, that is pretty
a big difference. Something that is get
pretty important for an airline to difference,
get right.Yeah, it is a huge mind
difference, Belinda. It blew my haven't
mind when I saw those regulations These
haven't been updated since 1990. be
These weight regulations needs to the
be so exact for things like having of
the right amount... The safe amount amount
of fuel in the plane and efficient go
amount of fuel in the plane. They Australia
go as far as, I read that Virgin Australia just reduced the weight is
of their in-flight magazines so it right.
is really important we get this that
right. It is also a stark remainder health
that maybe we need to look at our health here in Australia. Because over
that is a huge difference in just about
over 20 years.They also talked lightweight
about Qantas getting some Virgin
lightweight food trollies. That g
Virgin Australia one I think 1030 0 other
g less for each magazine. What can people
other airlines do? I am not for airport
people having to be weighed at the here
airport and get out the scales and people
here is your luggage. What about their
people when they have to enter Maybe
their weight when they buy a ticket. whole
Maybe that could work. I find the planes
whole weight debate regarding something
planes really odd. You've got 100- Or
something kilo people on a plane. with
Or you have my kids or you travel but
with your kids and they weigh 20kgs right.
but they can only have a 7kg bag, have
right.You depending you should able
have a total weight?You should be don't
able to have a total weight. I travel
don't see why my child wants to visit
travel with a suitcase to go and 30kgs
visit their grandma and it weighs 20kgs
30kgs why should they pay for a next
20kgs bag when they are sitting Overweight
next to me and I weigh 85. for
Overweight Aussies are penalised it
for being overweight. Obese people lifestyle,
it is not because of their point
lifestyle, it is genetics.The airlines
point I am trying to make, the own
airlines have made a rod for their ones
own back with this. They are the 7kgs
ones who said "You can only have a for
7kgs bag and you have to paid more the
for 15 or 20kgs bag and pay more at other
the airport" yet they have this think
other situation going on. I don't be
think that overweight people should ever
be penalised for flying. They have on
ever y right to fly and have a seat are
on planes. I don't see why airlines your
are so strict about the weight of Brisbane
your carry-on bag.A high school in Sockgate.
Brisbane has been rocked by have
Sockgate. Students say that they and
have been threatened with detention wrong
and even suspension for wearing the a
wrong socks. Today they have called descents.
a protest calling it day of white
descents. Hundreds wearing generic socks
white socks instead of the uniform it.
socks with the school's initials on or
it. Is the school being too harsh rules
or should the kids respect the should
rules and wear the uniform?They the
should respect the rules and wear school
the uniform. I went to a State high day
school in Brisbane and every single uniform.
day you had to wear the strict uniform. You have to wear the grey went
socks with the colour on them. I wear
went to a State high and you had to allowing
wear it every day. You weren't to
allowing to way your sports uniform back
to and from school. You to change bus
back into your uniform to get the happened
bus home. They were the rules.What detention.
happened if you didn't.You got cane
detention. Early days you got the about
cane before everyone went silly have
about getting the cane.These rules The
have always been there.Exactly. rules
The parents aren't respecting the this
rules and therefore the kids don't, side
this is the problem. Nicole, whose school
side are you on?I totally support to
school uniform restrictions. I went about
to a school that was really strict as
about its school uniform. The same if
as Breeny you would get a detention rules.
if you were in violation of the article
rules. However, I did read in an complaining
article one of the girls that was autism
complaining about the socks has the
autism and didn't like the feel of that's
the socks against her skin. I know suggestion
that's a complicated issue. My could
suggestion there would maybe be she underneath
could wear more comfortable socks Uniforms
underneath her school socks. about
Uniforms is important because it is a
about inclusivity and about part of able
a group and team. As well as being it
able to focus in school. So I think the
it is really important to adhere by is
the school uniform. Obviously, this well.
is a bit of a complicated one as just
well.Yeah, true there. Everyone hey.
just needs to pull up their socks discuss
hey.Good one.We have more to next...
discuss in the Chat Room. Coming up could
next... Why thinking positively sleep.
could lead to a better night's sleep. And fighting back against promote
the Marmy Army. The campaign to promote vegetable Vegemite in the

A breakfast that's A breakfast that's
short in nutrition might give you a kick! But can leave you But can leave you
feeling deflated. New Weet-Bix Protein New Weet-Bix Protein
is high in protein, plus high plus high
in wholegrains and fibre. Now, that's a better brekkie.

Let's head straight back into the Nicole
chat Room with Neil Breen and or
Nicole Rowles. Are you an optimist negative
or pessimist? If you look on the won't
negative side of things, this story sleepers,
won't help. Optimists are better symptoms
sleepers, less likely to have sleepy
symptoms of insomnia and less this
sleepy during the day. Nicole, is It
this good news or bad news for you? optimist.
It is good news for me. I'm an been
optimist. The thing is I haven't this
been sleeping so well lately so good
this is maybe a good reminder, a step
good opportunity for us to take a are
step back and think about how we approaching
are approaching our life, are we negative
approaching it from a positive or sleep
negative way, maybe looking at our figure
sleep patterns might help us to little
figure out if we need to be a lives.
little bit more positive about our different
lives. I think there is a few affecting
different things that go into your
affecting the way we sleep. Put before
your phone down an hour or two find
before you go to bed and you might I
find you get a better sleep as well. mind
I don't think it is all about the It
mind set.Good advice there Breeny. stuff,
It makes sense, if you worry about but
stuff, it will keep you up at night better
but changing your personality for a impossible.
better night's sleep, that's almost to
impossible.It is almost impossible opposite,
to change your personality. I'm the things,
opposite, if I'm worried about sleep
things, it wakes me up. I can go to all.
sleep no problems. No problems at the
all. I can crash out to sleep. But quarter
the next thing you know it will be I'll
quarter to 4 in the morning and have
I'll be thinking about things. So I have to sleep with a radio next to pillow
the bed and I put it under the The
pillow and it puts me back to sleep. talking?
The radio?The radio.Music or talking?No,

talking?No, just talkback radio. late
Freakers who ring talkback radio good
late at night.You must hear some stuff,
good stories.I hear really weird the
stuff, don't worry.Let's get on to the last topic and to the latest on Marmite
the war between two spreads - taking
Marmite and Vegemite. Vegemite press
taking out a full page ad in the UK marketing
press after Marmite launched a handing
marketing campaign. The Marmy Army to
handing out free jars at The Ashes than
to try to prove it tastes better Vegemite
than Vegemite. Breeny, are you a because
Vegemite man?I'm only Vegemite I've
because I've never had Marmite. I've never had Marmite or Promite. Vegemite.
I've never had anything other than try
Vegemite. I'm all in Vegemite.Why That's
try anything else?Exactly, why. was
That's what was given to me when I stick
was a little boy and that's it. I favourite?
stick with it.Nicole, what's your if
favourite? Good marketing isn't it it.
if it's got all of us talking about international
it.Isn't it? I understand there an I
international incident brewing, and Vegemite
I don't want to exacerbate that but We
Vegemite is the spread for winners. we
We will win this debate just like do
we will win The Ashes.Breeny, what team?
do you think of the Aussie cricket That's
team? They are all Vegemite lovers. Lord's
That's right, they will go to the
Lord's on Wednesday night and win winning
the second test in The Ashes after did
winning the first test. So, Marmite fired
did this at edge edge, and Vegemite in
fired back and took out a full ad It
in London's Daily Mail newspaper. It is a really good blue going on. them.
It is very positive for both of for
them. Vegemite should be commended took
for taking them on after Marmite took them on. Some

spirit.We will have to leave it of
there. Have a good weekend to both of you. Next up, the afternoon news.

Good afternoon. Winds of up 100km/h sweeps
smashing Sydney as a polar blast huge
sweeps its way up the NSW coast. A from
huge section of roof was ripped 30
from an aged care home in Stockton. safety.
30 residents had to be relocated to Sydney
safety. There have been delays at up
Sydney Airport today. A huge clean has
up in Perisher and Thredbo, which reporter
has received 60cm of snow. Our thick
reporter is out and about in the her
thick of the weather. We will have is
her live report very soon. A child weather
is fighting for life after wild crashing
weather brought down a tree, carrying
crashing on to a car, which was Ranges
carrying four people in the Yarra suffered
Ranges near Melbourne. The child