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(generated from captions) day. Nearly 400 runs in the day for Australia.

In that middle session in this last session got after them, not letting them settled and not letting them bowl to any sort of plan.We have spoken about Joe Burns' great chance for him to get a really big score. Kurtis Patterson, is now 21 not out. If he can get through these remaining deliveries he has an excellent chance tomorrow with a fairly new ball coming on. On a flat pitch. Against an attack that won't be feeling great about themselves after today.They might be a little bit stiff and a little bit sore tomorrow morning. Especially when they see that sun beaming down on them. There is a chance that they might wilt tomorrow, Sri Lanka.What about this shot. Could not have hit any better. Right out of the middle of the bat. Sailed over the dugout. That is a big six. He will have a nice sleep too Kurtis provided that he gets through the next two balls. He got himself to 21, so he is away. And that is through. New ball is going to scoot away for a boundary Tired bit of fielding there by the captain. A full toss just punched through extra cover from Patterson. Good sort of stride to it. Just nudged it through there and Chandimal just sort of fell over it. A tired bit of fielding there.

Final ball of the day. And nicely defended. So that ends a very, very good day's Test cricket for Australia. Winning the toss, electing to bat. And finishing the day on 4/384. Joe Burns fantastic 162 brilliant innings from that man. Enjoy 7News we will be back in Canberra

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live by Ai-Media

Tonight -
the high speed moment of impact. The accident that's left
a policeman gravely ill on life support, the other driver
fighting to survive. Handover, but no handshake - the Royal Commissioner delivers
his report, its sharpest hit in 35 years. A new public hospital
for Sydney's north-west. Work set to start on
the $300 million Rouse Hill development. Fog of war - defence chiefs stand up for
Australian fighter pilots, with claims they might have
killed Iraqi civilians. Saved from demolition - people power forces an about face
on the much-loved Macquarie Ice Rink. And sealed with a kiss - the Aussie Test team's
summer-long century drought comes to an end in Canberra. VOICE-OVER: Live from
our Sydney headquarters, this is Seven News
with Michael Usher. Good evening. The police officer injured
in yesterday's shocking smash at Lucas Heights is tonight clinging to life
in hospital. Since the horrific
head-on collision on this notorious
stretch of road, Seven News has obtained
dashcam video of the moments leading up
to the crash that show how it happened
and the impact itself. We warn you tonight -
it's confronting. Driving on Heathcote Road, a dashcam records
a police officer in front. driving his own car. Then, without warning, a Honda Civic veers onto
the wrong side of the road

with devastating impact. Oh my god, Mark! It's OK. Are you alright? Combined, the cars hit with
a head on speed around 200km/h. The results described here by the
man travelling in the ute behind.

Oh, it was frantic.

In a vehicle
going the other way,

another dashcam shows the car
crosses two lanes of traffic. It clipped a Toyota Yaris
in front. There was nowhere
anyone could go. In the hatchback was 29-year-old
police officer Tim Proctor. A probationary constable
at Liverpool Police Station. A 65-year-old woman was driving
the car that lost control. She and Officer Proctor
were taken to intensive care at Liverpool Hospital. Tim only graduated from
the police academy last April. He is married
with a child on the way. A former firefighter, he's dedicated his life
to serving the community. Please know that
in joining today you also join the incredibly
strong police family. That blue family were there today
joining his own. The Police Association says
the crash shows the unexpected dangers
officers face. The police family
is a tight-knit one. When one of our own is hurt,
it hits officers,

Police know how this crash

but they don't yet know why. Figuring out what caused
the woman's vehicle to cross onto the wrong side
of the road is now a question
for crash investigators. They're looking at whether
inattention could be to blame, or a medical episode. This video now crucial evidence
of a crash with devastating consequences. Sydney house prices have suffered
their worst fall in 35 years and there are fears tonight
of worse to come. Real estate experts say the slump
is the result of a perfect storm of tighter lending,
surging unit supply and uncertainty about the future. Driving into Government House to
deliver his long-awaited report Royal Commissioner Kenneth Hayne
was happy to shake the hand of
the Governor General. But when it came to
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg... Can we get a handshake, or
something like that between you?

Nope. Hard to imagine a more
awkward moment than that. The report, due for release
on Monday, will have profound impacts. But experts say it's
already helped accelerate a housing market decline. Certainly, the house price data
is looking worrying. Now seen 16 consecutive months
in a row for falling prices. Nationally, property values
have dropped almost 8%, the worst since
the Global Financial Crisis. Melbourne has plunged almost 9%. But Sydney has dropped more than
12% since the 2017 peak, the worst falls in 36 years. Most people were expecting
a downturn of around 10%. Now, the revisions are
a downturn of around 20%. You know, does that then become
a downturn of 30%? From one major mortgage broker, reports banks are rejecting
up to half of all home loan applications. We've got people working
in the business for 20 years, done literally thousands
of loans, they've never seen this before. Sam White says one client was
rejected over a speeding fine. Because we couldn't prove it
to the bank that speeding fine wasn't going to be ongoing cost, the bank didn't
approve the loan. On top of tighter
lending standards, the downturn is being fuelled by
a surge in unit supply, less foreign demand, uncertainty around
the Federal election, and the move to exit
the falling market. They've even got a term for that
"FONGO" - fear of not getting out. It's the complete opposite
of what we had a few years ago with "FOMO" -
fear of missing out. He says it has
another year to go. A Western Sydney man
is behind bars tonight accused of attacking
another driver with a hammer in a road rage attack at Auburn. The 65-year-old man
suffered a fractured skull but police suspect he started
the ugly confrontation. Just yesterday, Shams Chemassiem was working
as a builder in western Sydney. But tonight, the 25-year-old is
an inmate at Silverwater jail. My client is obviously upset
by having his liberty withdrawn today. This is Chemassiem's damaged VW, moments after a road rage
incident at Auburn. The victim, 65-year-old
Naym Khoury, was allegedly struck in the head
with a hammer. They came and found a gentleman
who was passing in and out of consciousness
with severe head injuries. An extensive amount of blood
had been lost. Khoury suffered a fractured skull and was taken to
Westmead Hospital. When people have a temperament,
these things happen. It started with a minor bingle
on Chiswick Road, the confrontation continuing
around the corner onto Ettalong Street, where the
alleged attack took place. The Guildford man
appears stressed, pacing before police arrive. A officer reaches
into Chemassiem's front seat, pulling out the suspected weapon. The magistrate acknowledged
Chemaissem didn't start the argument. It's suspected the victim
was the aggressor, but he made the point it was
Chemaissem who had finished it, with an alleged act of violence. The alleged victim who drove
into our client's motor vehicle and then continued to do
other things. The father-of-three's family
left court shocked. Shams Chemaissem will face court
again in March. A flight on its way to Sydney
from Brisbane has been forced to make an unscheduled landing
at Newcastle Airport. Virgin Flight 938 diverted
after a warning light from the cargo hold. It triggered a large scale
emergency response, including fire crews, paramedics
and even the RAAF. Passengers were put on buses
back to Sydney. Planning will start next week and construction
next term of government for a new hospital at Rouse Hill. The Health Minister today
revealed the chosen site, right next to the new Metro line, as the tally of this week's
election promises climbed well into the billions. In the shadow
of the Sydney Metro, the site of Rouse Hill Hospital. A $300 million facility
ready to begin. From next week, the physicians
and the community will start the process about the range of services
that are needed in this area. Planning will take
around two years, then up to four to build. That for Stage 2
there may well be more money. Last week, the Opposition
also promised a hospital just up the road. Cost, $700 million. It's still a greenfield site and the hospital won't open
for another six or seven years so they're still working out the
final shape of this facility. But they will say
what it won't be - a public-private mix like
the one on the Northern Beaches. It's troubled opening continued
as it was revealed a patient with a back injury who was supposed to be
transferred was accidentally left
at Northern Beaches for two days. At least this week's
election education spending has been healthy. On Tuesday, Labor promised
$35 million for daycare in schools. The government $449
for maintenance. Wednesday, Labor promised
$4 million for free eye tests and glasses, the Coalition
$2 billion for teachers.

Thursday, they promised
$11 million yearly for P&C cash, or $18.5 million for
safety measures. And today, more than $30 million
for language lessons, and $2 million
for health programs.

Defence Chiefs say
an RAAF fighter jet may have fired the weapon that
killed an extended Iraqi family during the battle for Mosul. But they are standing by
the mission, which could be the worst
civilian loss of life linked to Australia
during the war in Iraq. The murderous battle
to liberate Mosul. (MACHINE GUN FIRING) June 2017. Heavily armed Islamic State
fighters pin down Iraqi troops in a busy urban block. (ROCKET-PROPELLED GRENADE FIRES) The Iraqi forces were nearby, and in fact, the closest
being 70 metres away. The Iraqis call for air support
and get it - two Australian Super Hornets... (RADIO CHATTER) ..let fly GPS-guided bombs. 19 months on... The Coalition assesses that
between 6 and 18 civilians may have been killed. In Mosul, Sheikh Ayman el Saffar
tells the ABC: TRANSLATION: My brother
has lost all of his family. The number of the family members
who died are 35. Including two local imams,
one his brother. Our air crew made no error
in this mission. So, where was the failure? Defence concedes the Iraqi
soldiers were under such stress the so-called
'patterns of life' checks in the minutes before they
cleared the pilots to attack were short. They wanted more time
to check for civilians. The opportunity to do
that surveillance in more detail was not available
due to the direct threat From the London-based
investigators who first highlighted the case, some praise
for Australia's approach. We wish other allies
would step forward in this way. One month after
the botched attack, Mosul was liberated. But the civilian cost
remains untold. 30,000 munitions were dropped
by the coalition on Mosul. Coalition investigators
are still examining 182 cases involving civilian casualties
in Iraq and Syria. Macquarie Ice Rink
will no longer be demolished. Developers
have changed their mind after a huge public backlash. Robert Ovadia is at the rink
tonight. Rob, a win for people power. Michael, very much so. It's been an emotive debate
ever since AMP Capital announced plans
to demolish this iconic venue as part of a $200 million
redevelopment. That was only nine days ago,
but since then petitions have gathered
more than 50,000 signatures opposing the plan. Ryde Council is among those who have fought to preserve
the leisure centre. It was to be bulldozed
in favour of shops. Thank you to everyone
who signed petitions, who shared social media posts. We've saved the ice rink
for now. Lots more work to do
to make sure the Olympic-size ice rink
is retained in the Stage 1 redevelopment. The fight was not only
about Olympians who use it or ice hockey teams A lot of people
grew up using this rink. It's fair to say
it has a lot of sentimental value to those who have fought so hard
for this result. To some breaking news now on the scandal engulfing
horse racing - top trainer Darren Weir has just
had all his horses scratched from a meeting at Moonee Valley
tonight and at Caulfield tomorrow. This came after he was charged
by Racing Victoria in the wake of police raids
on his stables. He's been accused of six offences
under the rules of racing, including using an electric shock
device, nicknamed a jigger, on his animals. Police in New Zealand have opened fire on a moving car
during a chase through Auckland. Officers have defended
their decision to shoot, saying the driver was weaving
dangerously through traffic and had also used a firearm. They got him. They got a gun.
Oh, (BLEEP). (GUNFIRE) A witness has reported seeing
a family just a metre away. Police eventually did catch up
with the wanted driver about an hour later. Sydney's record-breaking
January weather ended in horrific fashion
last night with a kite surfer
critically injured after the wild wind slammed him
into a boat ramp. The dramatic cool change
also brought heavy rain leaving a clean-up today for both residents
and emergency services, with one SES crew
having a very narrow escape. A desperate call for help. It looks like a pretty serious
concussion to the head.

A 25-year-old kite surfer
critically injured

during an evening on the water. Unconscious as a friend
pulled him to shore after smashing into the boat ramp
at Drummoyne. The patient was placed
into an induced coma by the medical team. The dangerous conditions
came quickly, blowing away the intense heat. We saw temperatures
in some locations dropping by 10-15 degrees
within about 20 minutes. It was very windy
and gusty change. It was the windiest
at Molineaux Point with wind gusts of up to 109km/h. Speeds of more than 90 were felt
at Kiama and Sydney Airport, while the Harbour and Bellambi
also copped the southerly bluster. The SES received almost 400 calls
for help overnight, until crews needed help
themselves. The tree did come down
on the building. The Kogarah base suffering
significant damage, but it could have been
much worse. We had members that were here that had to move out of the way
quickly. This cool change is now expected
to hang around for the coming week. It will be welcome relief
for many after New South Wales
sweltered through i's hottest January on record. It's not expected to get above
30 degrees in the city or higher than the mid-30s
in the west. For more on Sydney's weather,
Angie Asimus is here. Angie, those temperatures
were very refreshing today.

Michael, it was a staggering 18 degrees
cooler in the city today. In fact, temperatures
almost flatlined. So there wasn't much variation
between minima and maxima. The city ended up
with 21.8 degrees while it was 22.3 in our west. That change also produced
quite misty conditions with light drizzle persisting
for most of the day. You can see it was a fairly
gloomy picture at Manly there with very few people
hitting the beach. The showers didn't amount to much
on the ground though. Most of the activity
stayed well offshore. And no change to that pattern
for now. These are tonight's minimums -
that should help us sleep easy. Low 20s for most centres. Weekend weather soon, Michael.

With a general election looming, political donations have plunged
to the lowest level in a decade. Next, we can reveal exactly
who is buying influence and why. Also ahead - bribery, corruption,
escapes and executions. A jury prepares to deliver a
verdict on the Mexican drug lord. Hundreds trapped
on a British highway as winter arrives
with a vengeance. Later, forgotten super - how you can protect your nest egg
from excessive fees. And stealing the limelight - the Sharks' new coach gets
upstaged by a cute intruder.


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Unions, mining giants,
and the gaming industry

are some of the biggest donors
in Australian politics. And despite the Banking
Royal Commission, both major parties have been
accepting donations from the big four. But the big question is what do these entities get
for their money. A rockstar welcome
in Queensland... (CHEERING) ..the Prime Minister not short
on student fans, or political donors. The Electoral Commission
revealing last year the Liberals received
$7.6 million in explicit donations. Labor, $7.1 million. It's a free country. Aided by wealthy families, including Adelaide's
Ian and Pam Wall, Anthony Pratt, and Chinese mining magnate
Sally Zou. The largest donation from the
party's Victorian investment firm Vapold. Though not enough to prevent
last year's disastrous Victorian state election result. For Labor,
unions gave the lion's share, including the Electrical
Trades Union and the CFMMEU. Money from militant unions.
So that's their form, Labor. The party also recieved
more than $600,000 from childcare provider
G8 Education before annoucing plans to extend
childcare subsidies. But Labor fiercely denies
it was influenced. They should have no place in influencing outcomes
in our democracy. Despite cracking down
on the banks through the royal commission, both major parties accepted
$100,000 from ANZ, followed by Westpac
and the Commonwealth. Despite Labor and the Liberals
banning donations from big tobacco, the National Party is still
accepting their funding, receiving $56,500
from Philip Morris. Well, as far as I'm concerned, if a product's legal,
it's legal. Barnaby Joyce suggests they'll
continue to accept donations, as long as the government accepts
the revenue from tobacco tax. The biggest beneficiary of
tobacco is the government. Senator Michaelia Cash
will give evidence in court over federal police raids
on union offices. The Australian Workers' Union
is taking legal action over police searches in Sydney
and Melbourne in late 2017. The investigation drew scrutiny because journalists arrived
before police after a tip-off
from Senator Cash's office. The raids were part of
investigations into donations made when Opposition Leader
Bill Shorten was head of the union. He spent a decade on the run. Now, after more than a month
on trial, the accused drug lord
known as El Chapo will soon learn his fate. The captivating case
has detailed allegations of bribery, corruption,
escapes and executions. And now, one very nervous jury
is preparing to make a decision. The life of an accused kingpin
laid bare - the money, the mistress,
a diamond-encrusted pistol, lavish lifestyle,
dramatic escapes, and the tonnes of drugs. Smuggled through tunnels,
on planes, in cans, even submarines. The ruthless work of the multi-billion-dollar
Sinaloa crime cartel and, say prosecutors,
Joaquin Guzman - 'El Chapo'. Every day seems to bring
a new surprise. Frankly, it's a bombshell
after bombshell. Once-loyal drug runners
and assassins turned on Guzman, testifying he bribed police,
the military, even the former
Mexican president - an allegation he denies - and that El Chapo kept
a brutal grip on his empire personally interrogating,
torturing, and executing enemies. The tunnel under the bathtub,
one of his many escape routes. Prosecutors say he always feared one day facing
an American courtroom. This is an investigation
that's spanned years, multiple agencies,
multiple agents, and this was every facet
of US law enforcement really coming together to try and bring this man
to justice in the United States. El Chapo's defense lasted
just half an hour. His lawyer's closing argument
today that Guzman is the fall guy
for the real crime boss and his accusers are lying
to save themselves. After 38 days
in this Brooklyn courthouse, presented with a mountain
of evidence, jurors will return on Monday
to deliberate. He's already had a lifetime
of infamy. If convicted, El Chapo faces
a lifetime behind bars here in the United States. Heavy snowfall has brought
much of southern Britain to a standstill. Hundreds of people were forced
to spend the night at a local pub after getting trapped
on a motorway in Cornwall. Flights and rail services
have been cancelled and schools are staying closed. But the wintry conditions
didn't stop these surfers, despite a blanket of snow
covering the sand. The freezing conditions
are expected to last into the weekend. The Australian Test team's
summer-long century drought ended in a big way in Canberra today. Mel McLaughlin is at Manuka Oval. Mel, Joe Burns and Travis Head
put Sri Lanka to the sword. Michael, they came together
at the crease, with the Aussies teetering at
3/28, and put on a 308-run partnership,
both scoring centuries. all the highlights from
an historic day here in the nation's capital. The early Aussie collapse, followed by the rescue mission
from Burns and Head. Plus - they were all smiles today, but it'll be a different story
at the SCG tomorrow night, when the Sixers and Thunder
square off in a season-defining Sydney smash. And we'll hear from the NRL's
youngest head coach John Morris, who's been handed the
full-time role at the Sharks. There was
a very cute interruption at his media conference
this morning. Lots to talk about when I see you soon. An emotional day for one of the batsmen, Travis Head.

It was a tragic accident that claimed the life
of a young Englishman. Next, the Uber driver
who caused his death learns his punishment. Also, a sickening
one-punch attack. How did a man survive
this Australian Day knock-out? Healthy Harold gets a cash boost to take his message
to a whole new generation. And why Egypt's
most famous Pharaoh, almost became a victim
of his own success. That's next.

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An Uber driver
whose passenger was hit by a bus while jumping out at
a CBD intersection has avoided jail. He accelerated as Englishman
Samuel Thomas opened the door, causing him to fall under a bus. The magistrate found Nazrul Islam
failed to keep a proper lookout, ordering him to do
community service. Nazrul Islam is free,
but only just. The 32-year-old will serve his
punishment in the community, and has been banned from driving
for 18 months. He's relieved that he's
not in jail, and he will be appealing to
try to exonerate his name. In June 2017, the Uber driver
was taking three Englishmen home from a party in Strathfield. So tired after 21 hours
behind the wheel, Islam didn't notice 29-year-old
Samuel Thomas get out of his car at a set of traffic lights
in the CBD. He was hit by a bus,
and killed instantly. It's been a terrible tragedy
for all concerned. The Magistrate said
it was preventable, if only Islam had been
paying attention to an open door. If we can sit here,
and wait for six seconds, because that's how long
the light was on,

Prosecutor Stuart Coote agreed:

The Magistrate said it was
difficult to impose a sentence,

because Mr Islam's actions
weren't deliberate or malicious. But she had to consider for all drivers in NSW. You could hear the sympathy
in the Magistrate's voice. Full of remorse, Islam knows nothing will bring
Samuel Thomas back. A young Perth man has survived
a one-punch attack on Australia Day. This video shows
the sickening moment the victim is knocked
to the ground. The 22-year-old lays unconscious
for several minutes as people sat and watched on. that so few people
stepped in to help. No-one's been charged. A magistrate has cast serious
doubt over the case against to steal a luxury Mercedes
in an alleged insurance scam. Mr De Montis was arrested
late Tuesday night, after Luca de Montis was
today granted bail,

Treat said she had some anxieties over the identity of the centre, he was granted bail and will return to court in two weeks.

A new poll has revealed
the majority of voters would back pill testing
at music festivals, in the hope it would stop
deadly drug overdoses. The Premier has so far refused
to support the measure, instead pledging
$2 million today to boost health education
programs in schools. It's a crisis with
the most tragic of consequences, and these are the young victims. Five killed in five months, after drug overdoses
at music festivals. (MUSIC) The debate on
a solution intensifying. These deaths have re-ignited
calls for pill testing. The state government
has ruled it out, saying it gives drug users
a "false sense of security." It believes the focus should be
on education and prevention, today pledging $2 million
to health programs in schools. It is important that young children get all the information they need, and understand good choices in

of cyber safety, of nutrition. A Newspoll out today has revealed
the majority of the state believes pill testing
should be allowed, while 35% are against it. A handful of people
is undecided. could sway them. A graphic advertising campaign, in the 80s, is also being considered.

A tactic Tony Wood supports, after losing his daughter in 1995.It is the Grim Reaper that takes the children away. I sit beside her bed praying that she would come back, it was heartbreaking.

The NSW Food Authority
has issued an urgent warning on a batch of eggs it fears may
be contaminated with salmonella. The eggs themselves have been
stamped with BEC or BEC115, rather than on the carton. If you have any of these eggs,
you should discard them and anyone suffering
from symptoms including fever, headaches,
nausea or vomiting should seek medical attention. The tomb of King Tutankhamun
is tonight back on display after nine years
of a delicate restoration project to save the famous mummy. His 3,000-year-old remains
are still well-preserved but were put at risk
by the tourists who filed in to see him. After nearly a decade
out of the public eye, 'The Boy King' is back. the 3,300-year-old body
of King Tutankhamun - the teenager's head still intact,
his brittle feet blackened, the ancient Egyptian techniques
of mummification worked. And now his tomb
in Egypt's Valley of the Kings has been restored - to clean the walls, repair the priceless paintings, and carefully fix damage from millions of tourists
traipsing through. And it's an incredibly precious
object, so it was a very stressful time
to safely move the mummy. English archaeologist
Howard Carter discovered the tomb in 1922 untouched. But over the decades, the treasures have been
transferred to museums and the tomb has suffered
from tourists - mostly their breath
raising delicate humidity levels. So you want to design
a sustainable system that can hold up to
that kind of visitors, You also want it to have
a low impact on the archaeology itself. One of Egypt's
most popular sights, one of its most popular pharaohs,
lives on. after a shocking video of him dragging a student
across the playground. Authorities order
an urgent investigation. That's next. Also - zombie super. Are you paying fees
on your forgotten nest egg? How you can protect your money. And - Excuse me?

Good choice. Some familiar faces
make a welcome comeback for the Super Bowl of selling. And the sun will make
an appearance before the weekend's out. Coming up,
I'll have your local forecast.

Regular or chicken salt? Both.





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The share market began
a new month reasonably flat, Qantas announced it's paid
$60 million for a near 20% stake
in its regional charter provider Alliance Aviation. And one Aussie dollar is tonight
buying 72.38 US cents. The price of unleaded seems to be
on the way down again, averaging $1.30 tonight. We've spotted it for
under $1.24 at Ramsgate in the south, even cheaper in Villawood.

On the property market,
February signals a busier time with a big jump in properties
open for inspection this weekend now the slow holiday period
is over. One of the most viewed properties
is in Woy Woy at under $400,000. Australian actor John Jarrett
has formally pleaded not guilty to a historical rape charge. The 'Wolf Creek' star is accused
of sexually assaulting a then 18-year-old woman more than 40 years ago
in Randwick. The 66-year-old
appeared at court today and will stand trial
from July 1st. He has maintained his innocence
since the beginning. A controversial video
showing a Melbourne principal dragging a student
across the school playground has been defended by parents. Steve Warner has been stood down as headmaster
of Manor Lakes College but has received backing
from hundreds. The school can't afford
to lose Steve. He has made
such a big difference and we would just go backwards. We just can't. The school community
doesn't want that to happen. Authorities say an investigation
will take place. In America, they're counting down
to the game of the year, the Super Bowl. But it's not just about
what's happening on the field. With one of the biggest
TV audiences tuning in, there's a lot riding on
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Ordering gravy. The Backstreet Boys plugging
corn chips in a hangar. # Tell me why... # ..because there'll be
100 million people watching. People in the advertising world
see this as their biggest stage. It's like their Oscars. With a 30 second ad
costing almost $7 million just to run it. And people think I'm nuts. Serena Williams... We already have it. ..is serving up a dating app. Sarah Michelle Gellar,
skin cream. That's you. Your skin's glowing. You could be a movie star. Sarah Jessica Parker
and Jeff Bridges bringing back characters
for beer. Excuse me?
Good choice. Michael Buble... Don't do that. ..fizzy water. On and off the field,
it'll be quite a show. Holy... live on 7mate on Monday. Are you paying charges for super
you don't even know about? A fresh scandal
hits some major players in the trouble-plagued industry. Don't miss that story
soon on Seven News. First, Mel's back with sport
from Manuka Oval in Canberra. Mel, two Aussie batsmen went a long way towards booking
their Ashes tickets today. Michael, Manuka Oval's
long been a batsman's paradise, and Joe Burns and Travis Head
made the most of it with big centuries. Coming up, all the action from Day 1 of the second Test
against Sri Lanka, plus analysis from
former Aussie star Greg Blewett. And two tribes go to war to celebrate the revamped
NRL All Stars game, and players are desperate
to be a part of it.

After a lean summer,

Australia's batsmen could finally
feast here at Manuka Oval today. They're 4/384 after Day 1 of the second Test
against Sri Lanka. Joe Burns is unbeaten
with his highest Test score. Travis Head made a maiden ton. Their top order teammates
can't believe they missed out. A grey, historic day
in the capital - Canberra's first taste
of Test cricket. Fan-bloody-tastic especially when we are
going to win. Tim Paine switched hands
and finally won a toss. I think it might have been the left-hand,

English conditions complied
for the final Ashes audition. And out, he's hit it
straight to point. Facing gentle swing,
Harris went for 11, Khawaja a duck. Off the edge and caught as well,
Khawaja's gotta go. With all three first choice
Sri Lankan pacemen out injured, it was 3/28.

There will never be a better chance than theirs to go very deep. Butthead was lucky to reach key. He made the most of it.A maiden ton provides Than in just his eight test, the ball it was not test standard on the pitch a paradise. The 308 run stand with the highest on Aussie soil against Sri Lanka before he finally fell LBW for 161. Kurtis Patterson's first all that is all as the duress were blonde would -- burnt. It was a great day for the Australian. So many positives. Travis Head with his first time in the highest partnership of the summer. Saving the best till last. Plenty happening. Drop catches by Sri Lanka. They did not have a great day but it was all about Australia after a bad start for 3/28 and then Travis Head scored his first Test match century. Joe Burns making the most of his opportunities with 172 not out at the day 1 and. Kurtis Patterson at air as well with a great chance tomorrow. Would you expect or a? More runs. Great opportunity for Australia to pile on the runs at a great rate today. Sounds good to us.

The Thunder's
Big Bash finals hopes go on the line
in tomorrow night's Sydney Smash against the Sixers. The Sixers also have plenty
to play for at the SCG as they push for a home final. upset ladder-leaders
the Hobart Hurricanes, winning by seven wickets
in Launceston. Tonight, the Brisbane Heat
play the Perth Scorchers from 8:30 here on Seven. The Sharks have confirmed
John Morris as their coach for the next three years.

Cowboys recruit is being investigated,

The Sharks have confirmed
John Morris as their coach for the next three years. At 38, Morris is the NRL's
youngest head coach. This morning's press conference
was crashed by his daughter Halle. It's a dream of mine
to be in this position, to be handed this job. (LAUGHTER)
Hello. (LAUGHTER) Morris praised Kyle Flanagan
for the way he's handled the messy departure
of his father Shane, who was deregistered in December. Indigenous and Maori tribes
traded war cries to celebrate the revamped
NRL All Stars game. The returning Ben Barba is
fullback for the Indigenous team. He's played well over there
in the English Super League. Big game for a lot of people,
but moreso Benny because he can come back and put the stuff
that happened to him behind him. Two passionate sides,
two staunch cultures.

It's going to be
a very aggressive game I think. The Roosters are allowing
Latrell Mitchell to miss the World Club Challenge
so he can play. The Indigenous and Maori
All Stars clash at AAMI Park in a fortnight. He's about to play
in his ninth Super Bowl but this was a first
even for the great Tom Brady. A member of the media
serenaded the superstar with a ukelele version
of 'We Are The Champions' at his final pre-game
media conference. Brady's New England Patriots
play the Los Angeles Rams on Monday morning. Our coverage begins at 10:00am
on 7mate and you can stream it
live and free on 7Plus.

Australia's big super funds
are going into battle against new laws which would see the government
seize control of old accounts to protect them from fees. Some funds, including AMP, are still charging
up to $100 a year in fees on small accounts which have been
inactive for years.

(ADDAMS FAMILY THEME PLAYS) They're the finance equivalent
of of the living dead - 'Zombie' accounts. (GRUMBLING) Lost or forgotten - your old super,
in your old fund. But it's mine! Ransacked by fees,
leaving you in the lurch. Betrayed! It's terrible for the average
Australian. And often those balances
go down to very close to zero. Have a look at this, from a MINE super member
over just two years. Fee, after fee, after fee - not to mention
insurance and tax. After $1,600 in contributions,
half of it had gone to the grave. Which the super funds use
to hire people, build their teams
and pay themselves. One in three super accounts
is now classified as dead, with no contributions
in the last two years. The zombie apocalpyse
starts at AMP, where a million accounts,
more than half its holding, are lifeless. It's a similar story
at REST, Sunsuper, Australian and others with funds moving in to
pick over the corpses, taking billions of dollars
in fees each year. Prime Minister Scott Morrison
is screaming blue murder - crafting new laws to snatch back
old accounts with less than $6,000, and safeguard them
in trust at the ATO. But funds are lining up to fight
that to the death. We'd prefer to see people so if you've got an inactive
account with $3,000, we think that should be
transferred directly to your active
superannuation account. Coming up in Seven News - Angie Asimus
has the weekend forecast. Angie, the grey skies
roll on tomorrow? Michael, that's right. Overcast with showers
to kick off the weekend. But Sunday should bring
a much brighter picture.

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Good evening everyone, Elly Wicks
with you taking a look at your weekend weather! the cooler change will stick around
- for another day at least - Saturday is looking quite fresh - cooler temps Canberra 28 the top.... and for the first week of feb- well
could be a little unsettled, hopefulyl our garden gets s good water on Monday but temperautrres do look to increase on Syunday

Tonight's Seven News headlines -
the shocking head-on impact

that's left two people,
including a young policeman, fighting for life. An awkward handover - the Royal Banking Inquiry
Commissioner refuses to shake
the Treasurer's hand while tabling his final report. Top trainer Darren Weir's
had all his horses scratched from races tonight and tomorrrow
following raids on his stables. And saved from demolition - the community victory in a battle to preserve
the Macquarie Ice Rink. Now here's Angie
with Sydney's weather. Michael, it'll be a fair bit
warmer tomorrow. But nothing compared
to this week's searing heat.

We went from 39 degrees
late yesterday

So a huge turnaround. And that low of 18.2 degrees
would have been very welcome for many sleep-deprived
Sydneysiders. 24 was about the warmest top
recorded at Bankstown. 20 at Terrey Hills. A big drop for Katoomba
just 15 today. From the satellite, cloud cover has settled
over eastern New South Wales. Onshore winds
associated with that are producing some light showers
mainly on the coast. Only about 1mm
for most centres so far. Tomorrow, you can see
that patchy rainfall continues for coastal spots. Over the next few days, though, we will see a gradual return
to north-easterly winds which will start to warm things
up once again. There's more heat headed for the
nation's south-east tomorrow. Canberra, 29 degrees. Melbourne is expecting
a morning smoke haze followed by 35 degrees. Hobart, 29. New South Wales isn't looking
quite as intense. Coastal top are generally
in the 20s. But remaing very hot inland. Wagga, 35 degrees
with a possible storm. A stormy 37 for Griffith. And Bourke, 39 degrees. Around the suburbs - a few showers and 23 degrees
at Manly and Bondi. 27 for Hornsby. A milder 21 at Katoomba. On the coast - we're expecting easterly winds
at first. Nowhere near as strong
as the previous 24 hours. Instead, they'll hover around
15 to 25 knots. In the city - a low of 21 tonight, with
continuing showers and drizzle. Reaching 27 degrees
for a maximum. Light showers are likely
during the morning and afternoon. Looking ahead. The showers clear on Sunday. It'll be warmer too -
29 in the city, and 34 in our west. Monday, the city returns
to 30 degree heat. We might be a light shower
during the working week, but plenty of long fine periods
as well. Looking a lot more like
a normal summer's week in Sydney. Michael.

That's Seven News
for this Friday. We'll have updates for you
throughout the evening. I'm Michael Usher. From all of here,
thanks for your company. Have a great night. Live captioning by Ai-Media

# What if we rewrite the stars # Say you were made to be mine So can you believe it? With a blink of an eye
we're already into 2019. Now I hope you had a lovely break. We spent ours here in
the Lower Hunter Valley entertaining family and friends, and spending time with my dogs,
my cows, my bees. # No one can say what we get to be

And lots of time
in the veggie patch, too. # So why don't we rewrite the stars? # Maybe the world could be ours...
tonight For us, it's been all about long
lazy days at our river house.

# You think it's easy I've loved spending hours tinkering. I've even done some watercolours
and I've spent time in our boat. To me, this is what summer
is all about.

At our place, the garden's
been going off over the holidays.

There is nothing more important
and more joyful than having all our family together.

# No one can rewrite... In fact, by the looks of it,
everyone's had a brilliant break. # Say you'll be mine # Everything keeps us apart # And I'm not the one
you were meant to find # It's not up to you,
it's not up to me. # But all good holidays
must come to an end. So time to rally the troops -
gently, that is.

# I come alive
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and I'm ready to fight Good to be back.
So excited. It's like going back to school
and seeing your mates again. Yeah, do you know what? I'm going to ease you into it too -
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