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(generated from captions) now. I'm Kathryn Robinson --

This program is live captioned by Red Bee Media. Today - Whitsunday visitors warned against swimming in Cid Harbour after a Victorian man is killed in the third shark attack in two months. Also ahead - a judge rules the Daily Telegraph is not allowed to call a new witness in the Geoffrey Rush defamation case. Polls soon to open in the US mid-term elections, putting Donald Trump's presidency to the test.You can stop the radical resistance in its tracks.The character of this country is on the ballot. Who we are is on the ballot.The race that stops the nation - the stage is set for the running of the 158th Melbourne Cup. Hello and welcome to ABC News. I'm Gemma Veness. Water police are stepping up patrols in the Whitsundays after a Victorian man was fatally attacked by a shark. The 33-year-old was paddle boarding off a yacht with a group of friends when he was mauled yesterday afternoon. It is the third shark attack in the area in the past two months. More now.What we know is the 33-year-old Victorian man, who has become the third shark attack victim here in the Whitsundays in a matter of weeks, was on the first diof a sailing holiday in the Whitsunday with 10 friends when the attack took place. Police confirmed earlier this morning the man and another woman on board the same vessel were taking turns paddle boarding and swimming at Cid Harbour when the man was mauled by a shark to his thigh, wrist and calf. Police say the group he was with were all of medical background, including two doctors on board the vessel, who were able to administer first aid. The police inspector spoke to media earlier this morning and said those on board the vessel did everything in their power to try and save this man'sVery horrible situation for those people to confront and deal with. I know between the people on board and the QAS officers and the doctors and rescuers that they did everything imaginable to try and save the man. The injuries were so suvore.Police also confirmed this morning that a combination of Whitsunday water police, Queensland Marine Safety and Queensland Fisheries are out patrolling the weather at Cid Harbour as we speak. Telling people not to go in the water. Queensland Fisheries hasn't said whether they'll drop new drum lines in the area but we expect another update on that later today. The message from authorities at the moment is simply for people to stay out of the water at Cid Harbour. The feeling in the community is devastation, outrage. People have been sending their condolences to the family and friends of this man who were only notified this morning of the terrible attack. Locals here have actually said that they're questioning why these people who are hiring boats aren't being told not to go swimming in this area at Cid Harbour. It's common knowledge apparently it's not a spot where you go swimming. It's a mud bottom area. Perfect breeding ground for sharks. They're questioning while people are hiring the boats here and aren't being informed of what's happened. And why better signage isn't projected in that area to tell people simply not to go in the water and not to go in the water at these dangerous feeding times.A judge has ruled the Daily Telegraph can't add a new defence witness in Geoffrey Rush's defamation case. More now from Sydney.There's been a win of sorts for Geoffrey Rush in the Federal Court today as the justice ruled the Daily Telegraph newspaper cannot amend its defence to include evidence from a new witness. Justice Wigney said due to the lateness and the delay caused by making an amendment to the defence, this is the fourth time the newspaper sought to amend its defence. Due tothe newspaper's conduct during litigation which the judge described as a movable feast to say the very least. And due to the prejudice that the new amendment would cause to Mr Rush's case, he would not allow it. I'm not allowed to tell you who witness X is or what the allegations are. That's by a court order. I can tell you the allegations have nothing to do with the Sydney Theatre Company, with the King Lear production or with Eryn-Jean Norvill, the woman who is at the centre of the defamation trial. Witness X came forward four days into the defamation trial. We heard the Daily Telegraph had reached out to them several times over the past year but they were not interested in being a part of the case but then once they saw media reporting about Geoffrey Rush's trial, they came forward and wanted to put a statement. But ultimately that statement will not be allowed to form part of the newspaper's case and closing addresses in this trial will commence tomorrow.Police are searching for a man who assaulted two women in Ashfield in Sydney's inner west last night. Police say the attacks took place in the space of just 10 minutes. The victim victims less than 100 metres apart. The women grabbed from behind. The offender placing one hand around their mouth. The other on their neck. A new mother was putting out her garbage bins when she was assaulted.I was facing this way and he strangled me and all that. And I start yelling and fight back. He threw me on the ground, all the way to the other side of the street.She screamed and broke free and he ran. But not before leaving physical and psychological wounds. Her neighbours were horrified to hear what happened.What sort of person would do this? I can't fathom it. Not a real person. Obviously got some things seriously wrong with them. This watt not anything that my lovely neighbour brought upon herself. She was putting her garbage bins out.Moments earlier a 30-year-old woman was attacked while walking on nearby Norton Street. The man is described as tall and thin with long hair. He was wear aglong sleeve black shirt and beige shorts at the time. Police want to speak to anyone who may have seen a man loitering in the area with that identification. The inquest into stalker Paul Lambert continues. He was shot dead by police two years ago after stabbing his ex-girlfriend 11 times and dousing her in petrol. Dr Angela Jay survived and was first to give evidence today. Dr Angela Jay's voice broke as she described the events leading up to her attack two years ago. She told the court she often felt like a murder victim and that she shouldn't be alive. The Port Macquarie had met Lambert on Tinder in 2016 but the relationship soon turned sour as Lambert became possessive, and controlling. When Dr Jay tried to break up with anyone lambert he be-b came suicidal. She felt she had a duty of care toward him but felt increasingly trapped. Medical evidence after his death shows he had bipolar and border line personality disorder. Making him hypersensitive to rejection and abandonment. In the days before the attack Lambert had been stalking Dr Jay and made arrangements to kill her. Following the attack he had led police on a high speed chase near Coffs Harbour. When cornered he lunged at police with a knife. Screaming, "What do I have to do to get you to shoot me?" After a 6-minute stand-off, Lambert was dead. The hearing will also examine whether the death was avoidable? The inquest continues until Cross Counter has -- Friday. Cross Counter has won the Melbourne Cup. COMMENTATOR: Back to the inside. A Prince Of Arran. Here comes Cross Counter. Cross Counter coming at Marmelo. They've done it at last. Cross Counter has won the Melbourne Cup.

There it is. Cross Counter winning there. The Foreign Minister, Marise Payne, is set to travel to Beijing tomorrow for a 2-day trip. It's the first visit of an Australian Foreign Minister to the country in nearly three years. It signals a thawing in what has been a diplomatic freeze between the two nations. More now from Parliament House in Canberra. Things have been a little bit sense ever since about a year ago Malcolm Turnbull's legislation to try to stop foreign interference in Australian politics, both that move and some of the debate that was had around that didn't go down well in Beijing. But currently China is also at odds with the US, particularly over trade. So there's some thought this could open the door to opportunities for Australia in some regards. The Trade Minister is also in China at the moment. And both he and Marise Payne, in their respective roles, are pretty fresh faces to those roles. So it could give China a bit of a chance to test the waters with the new Morrison ministry. Senator Birmingham has spoken this morning about what he's hoping to see come out of both of their visits to China. Here's what he had to say.It will build on the economic parts of the relationship. How we continue to get the best out of the free trade agreement. For both nations to grow the economy across our region. I have no doubt those discussions will look at how we can most effectively and efficiently work to support other nations within our region whilst respecting their sovereignty.Marise Payne has flagged that she would like to see perhaps more opportunities for Australian businesses, particularly because China has its trade expo on at the moment as well. But also perhaps for tourism and for some of our universities that rely quite heavily on foreign students. More broadly she's flagged the importance of improving that relationship given its key to security and stability in our region. And she's also going to have to nav a few challenging topics. -- navigate a few challenging topics. Human rightses concerns about a Muslim minority group, and there's been the construction of detention camps. She said she will be bringing it up but do it in an appropriate way. It's going to be a bit of a delicate diplomatic exercise.Polls are set to open in the US mid-term elections. Widely seen as a referendum on the presidency of Donald Trump. The mid-terms usually go against the sitting President and Mr Trump is likely to lose control of the House to the Democrats. The polls remain close and the major parties are still fighting for victory on the last day of the campaign.

A final cut through a divided nation.There is something going on. There's an electricity like people have not seen since a date - 2016, Donald Trump hit -- November. Donald Trump hit four states. Today another three. Using the hot button issue of emigration to get his supporters out to vote.The Democrats want to abolish us. They want America to be a giant sanctuary city for drug dealers, predators and blood-thirsty MS-13 killers. Republicans believe America should be a sanctuary for law-abiding Americans, not criminal aliens.Former President Barack Obama dropped off doughnuts to Democratic volunteers in Virginia. He's lost his voice from campaigning while some polls show Democrats with an almost certain chance of taking the House, after 2016 no-one's easing off.How we conduct ourselves in public life is on the bal. How we treat other people -- ballot. How we treat other people is on the ballot. Democrats have focused their campaign on health, amid a remarkable nationwide rebound in support for Obamacare. Dozens of districts are within the margin of error.The House will be what everyone is looking for because it will entail what President Trump can do legislatively next year as far as working with Congress and whether he will continue to work with Republican leaders or have to try and find compromise with Democratic leaders.You can stop the radical resistance in its tracks.Moderate Republicans are said to have urged the President to tone down his rhetoric and focus on the economy, especially after this campaign ad was pulled by TV networks, including Fox, because it was seen as racist. But toning things down is not Donald Trump's way. The polls are now just hours away from opening. First results will start coming in Wednesday morning in Australia. Iran's President has struck a defiant tone, vowing to defy sanctions reimposed by the US. The Trump Administration is taking a hardline approach to curb Tehran's nuclear program and its influence in the Middle East. It's day one of sweeping US sanctions on the Iranian regime. At a time when millions are already in the grip of an economic crisis. TRANSLATION: Prices for clothes and shoes have gone very high and a lot of people are not able to buy these things anymore.Iran's energy, financial and transport sectors will be hit hard. The local currency has collapsed, fuelling hyperinflation and demand for foreign money. TRANSLATION: The sanctions have greatly affected our lives 100%. Devaluation of the currency has endangered my life and the people's lives.The Trump Administration wants to take advantage of the unease. By reimposing sanctions withdrawn three years ago in a deal with the Obama Administration.Our objective is to starve the Iranian regime to fund violent and destabilising activities around the world.Iran tested its air defences in a show of defiance. Its President is rowing to continue selling oil. TRANSLATION: We're in a situation of economic war, confronting a bullying power. We will proudly by-pass your illegal and unjust sanctions.Iran may find bias among countries who don't agree with the sanctions. But US officials insist they will close loopholes and strictly enforce the restrictions.Iran right now is in the escape and evasion mode and try and get around the sanctions. We're determined to prevent that.For the people of Iran it's clear life is about to get harder. Dozens of schoolchildren and three staff have been kidnapped from a school in Cameroon's north-west. Armed separatists forced their way into the school near the regional capital, Bamenda, abducting 79 children. The kidnappers have vowed to hold their captives until their goal of creating a breakaway and luphone state is Hundreds of people have been killed -- achieved. Hundreds of people have been killed in the past year. Indonesian investigators have revealed that the Lion Air plane that crashed last week, killing all 189 people on board, had a faulty air speed indicator. Officials say the device was damaged for the plane's last four flights. The information came from analysis of the flight data recorder. Indonesian authorities are asking the manufacturer and their American counterparts what can be done to prevent similar problems happening with other planes. Safety experts say it's too early to determine what caused the Lion Air flight to crash 13 minutes into its flight from Jakarta. Let's get the finance news now. There have been no surprises from the Reserve Bank when it comes to interest rates. Historically interest rates don't tend to move on Melbourne Cup Day and today was no exception. It was a safe bet it would certainly hold true. The Reserve Bank has kept official interest rates at 1.5% for the 27th month in a row. A slowing property market, sluggish wages growth and high levels of household debt have been keeping the RBA on the sidelines. The RBA today said it expects that the unemployment rate will move lower from the current 6.5-year low, sitting at 5%, down to 4.75% throughout 2019 and that should put pressure on wages to rise further from where they are holding now. The last time the RBA moved it was lower in August 2016. Most of the economists surveyed by Reuters aren't expecting a rate rise before early 2020. The Australian share market is being led higher by mining and healthcare shares and the energy sector. It's have agfair strong session today. Today. -- having a fairly strong session today.

Thank you. It's almost the season for schoolies celebrations as thousands of teenagers cut loose after Year 12 exams and some will travel to local holiday spots or to Queensland's Gold Coast. Overseas destinations such as Bali are becoming more popular. The Insurance Council of Australia is working with the Foreign Affairs Department to help students planning to head overseas. Many young people are misinformed about what they are covered for while abroad.Both the Department of Foreign Affairs through its Senator Traveller campaign and the Insurance Council keep coming up with the same issues and that is young Australians go to South-East Asia in particular, they get into trouble and they're relying on the consular officials to get them out of it or they're calling on their insurance company. There's only so much the Australian Government can do. About 25% to 30% of young Australians think the Government will pay for their hospital bills or bail them out of trouble and the Government has a limit. Insurers won't cover things like risky activities or motor cycles off the bat. Most of those things are excluded from policies. We're trying to get the message across to the parents in particular to make sure that schoolies go through the right steps before they go overseas. One in five young Australians who goes overseas doesn't take out travel insurance. And about 75% of travellers will do something risky whether it is an adventure sport or jumping on theback of a motorcycle. And every day in Bali and other parts of South-East Asia Australian kids have been wiped off the roads and taken to hospital buzz of accidents. In most cases their travel insurance will not cover them. The traditional message from Senator Traveller has been if you can't afford travel insurance you can't afford to travel. The message has been supplemented somewhat. If you can't afford the right travel insurance, you can't afford to travel. If you're planning to go on a motorcycle call your insurer and see how you can be covered. Most scollies will not have full Australian motorcycle licences anyway. The premium will be extremely high if you want to do those kind of activities and insurers will cover them for everything else. The second they do something that's not in the policy they're unlikely to be covered. One of the big issues there isn't motor cycles, it's use of alcohol, use of illicit drugs. Anything that causes a claim which should have been preventable is un -- which should have been preventable is unlikely to be covered. Cross Counter has won the 2018 Melbourne Cupment take us through the -- Cup. Take us through the race? A day of firsts after a very soggy start. The 158th running of the Melbourne Cup saw the first-ever English-trained horse win in Cross Counter. It was the first for Godolphin. Up until today had never won Australia's most famous race. Celebrations internationally after this result. Cross Countser, a marvellous ride. It was second or third last rounding the turn but the track seemed to be favouring runners who attacked down the middle. It beat Marmelo. It was one to savour for McEvoy. Well done to this little horse. I wasback a bit further than what I wanted. Yucatan seemed to be empty. I had to go my own way. I thought, "Is this happening again?" Look, I'm lucky that I can ride light and get on these lovely staying horses. Prepared well by Godolphin and Appleby and my third Melbourne Cup.As you mentioned English trained, so it wasn't an Aussie horse this year yet again? No. It's become something of a trend and we're getting used to it. There's been plenty of talk about the influence and dominance of foreign raiders and that's continued. Nice in some ways to see it wasn't an Irish horse like we had last year. We've had French horses and Japanese horses and German horses. Up until today the English horses haven't won. It won't do much to allay those concerns of local trainers and and others who follow the horse racing industry who are concerned the Melbourne Cup which is regarded as the race that stops the nation but becoming the race dopinated by other nations.There was a healthy crowd at Flemington despite what was pretty poor weather?That's right. When everyone in Melbourne woke up they could hear the rain thundering down and it continued. We had more rain in three hours than we had in the previous two months. At one stage it looked like it might affect today's race meeting. Some of the earlier races were postponed. There were concerns about horse and jockey safety. The clouds cleared. The sun came out. We were treated to a different type of season. It is spring. We shouldn't be too surprised. Conditions really were favourable for the horses by the same the race started. The punters were relieved by that as well. Plenty of people, a crowd of around 90,000 was expected at Flemington today.The race meet is not over. They can continue on there having fun since they've dressed up so nicely for it.There's been a few concerns. A lot of those people attending would have been wanting to place some bets. We've had a few betting companies have issues today. We know there's been reports around some betting companies having issues. For the punters they've had the rain to get over and some of them have probably had problems as well as they negotiate those issues in getting their money on their favourite horses.Thank you. South Australia's Monarto Zoo is celebrating the arrival of a southern white right rhino calf. Zookeepers discovered the rhino calf after the mum gave birth on Sunday. The newborn already weighs around 50 kilograms and needs 16 litres of milk from her mum each day. Over the been
17-month pregnancy, keepers have been preparing for her arrival by baby-proofing the enclosure.Woe always think they'll be smaller than what they are. We fill in the gaps and make sure there's no bits they could sneak out of and they're born and we realise they probably couldn't get out of anything anyway. She's the sixth calf born at the zoo which is part of an international breeding program, working to save the endangered species. In Africa the poaching rate of the wild southern right rhinos exceeds the birth rate. Experts predict if this continues the species could be extinct in the wild in less than 10 years.Rhinos dying increase every year. It's all because of a misconception rhino horn has got therapeutic values. The horn is worth over $70,000 a kilogram.A new rhino sanctuary is being built here. It will bow able to accommodate up to 40 rhinos intended as an insurance population for the endangered species in South Africa. -- in Africa. Time for the weather now.Overnight tonight and particularly during tomorrow. It's all associated with a series of troughs all associated with a series of
troughs and an upper level disturbance. The troughs are triggering thunderstorms at the moment through New South Wales, potential of damaging winds in association with those. Another trough is moving through the eastern parts of Victoria. The possibility of heavy rainfall. The cold front will increase substantially colder air and another burst of showers and the potential of hail as it moves into the south-east. Could even see snow to 1,000m in the Victorian apes. And perhaps part of Tasmania. -- Alps. And perhaps part of Tasmania.

Still the potential of further showers and thunderstorms for Melbourne later in the day. We-a lot of activity developing through New South Wales and this band that will intensify as we move into this evening. By tomorrow we should see the potential of localised heavy falls developing across many parts of New South Wales.

We can see how the rain bands really develops overnight tonight. That's as the frontal system moves in and the cold pool interacts with the surface trough. That will deepen and produce the widespread band of thundery rain. It will extend through Sydney:

Thebound of rain starts to dissipate fairly quickly on Thursday. It's just a trough moving through. Still bringing showers and just a trough moving through. Still
bringing showers and possible bringing showers and possible storms to north-east New South Wales and South East Queensland.

Water police are conducting patrols of Cid Harbour in Queensland's Whitsundays after a Victorian man was killed by a shark in the third attack in two months. The 33-year-old was on a sailing holiday with friends when he was mauled at Cid Harbour yesterday. There were two attacks within 24 hours in the same area in September. The Daily Telegraph has lost a bid to amend its defence and introduce a new witness in actor Geoffraphy Rush's defamation trial. The justice told the court the actor's case against the Telegraph had been consistent. The paper's defence was a movable feast. Mr Rush is suing the paper over stories he alleges falsely accused him of harassing a younger female co-star during a Sydney Theatre Company production. Americans will soon head to the polls for the mid-term elections. Widely seen as a referendum on Donald Trump's presidency. Most polls suggest that the Republicans will maintain control of the Senate but could lose the House to the Democrats. President Trump is encouraging his supporters to head out and vote in order to keep his political movement going. Godolphin-trained Cross Counter has won the 2018 Melbourne Cup. Marmelo was second and A Prince Of Arran was third. Cross Countser the first Godolphin-trained horse ever to win the event. Police are warning people not to swim at Cid Harbour after a man died from a shark attack. The from Victoria was on a sailing holiday with a group of friends when he was bitten yesterday afternoon. Twoport people were attacked in the same area -- two other people were attacked in the same area in September. Authorities are investigating the increase in shark activity.I think they're going through this very methodically. Clearly this is a situation that's unprecedented in many ways. We have seen these other attacks. Sympathy and the main concern is with the family and the friends of the vom here. What is important now is -- victim here. What is important now is for the authorities to investigate what's going on because we haven't seen this kind of phenomenon in the past? What I can say with certainty is the commercial operators who do welcome guests to the Whitsundays and send them out on charter boats or sometimes on their own vessels, they are all informed very carefully of all the risks that are associated with an environment that many people are not used to. And certainly those briefings have been updated since the first attacks recently. So everybody is given a wealth of information of what and what not to do. That's important buzz our commercial operators take a duty of care for visitors very, very seriously. We need to now have the scientific background and investigation of what is causing this sudden spike of attacks and interactions with sharks. We simply do not know why this is occur -- do not know why this is occurring. The information providicide very specific and very clear, about the risks including those associated with sharks and wildlife interactions generally. Of course we have to remember there's other people who go out on the roof and their own vessels. There's other people who may not perhaps occasionally be fully aware of the importance of the messages they're given. That is possible. The commercial operators are very, very focused on their possibility. I think we do need scientific research in to what is going on here. I think it is clearly in the interests not only of finding some answers for the family of this victim here, but what has occurred through the coroner. But it's a broader environmental issue that we need to assess what kind of shark species is responsible for these attacks. Why are they suddenly more aggressive? Has it got anything to do with the human interaction that takes place? Are there environmental factors at play? We need a bit more research before we go in and respond with perhaps ineffective measures. The drum lines, my understanding is they caught tiger sharks. There are questions of whether it was even tiger sharks who were responsible for the original attacks, let alone this current attack here. Rather than just responding by a measure that may satisfy the public expectation of the government doing something, we need measures that are actually effectively in addressing the issue. We have to recognise many of our visitors, both domestic and international visitors, are not familiar with the environments they find themselves in. It can be the beach and even the swimming pool for some people, a novelty that don't use that in their own country. It can be the outback roads. It can be a forest setting with wildlife people are not used to. We do have a responsibility to make people aware of that. In relation to water safety specifically which is one of the greater risk environments, we have worked with Surf Life Saving Queensland for instance to again this your, only a few weeks ago, release a handbook for all tourism operators to be better informed in relation to what they should tell their visitors. All tourism operators and all people in the supply chain have a responsibility to make sure that our visitors have the right information to make responsible decisions.The UK is relaxing its recruitment -- for foreign nationals wishing to join -- requirement for foreign nationals wishing to join the British Army. Citizens of Commonwealth countries such as Australia, India, Canada and Fiji won't be required to live in the UK for years before applying. A captain onumber of people who can apply will also be lifted. This is of course not new recruiting from the Commonwealth but certainly the numbers the Brits are after are more ambitious?They certainly are. The Brits have recruited without the Commonwealth and within the Commonwealth very long time. Particularly in places like Fiji and Nepal. But they're about 10,000 people down and gettingIt says more about the British armed forces recruitment issues this move?Yes, it does. Traditionally people from the Commonwealth, particularly the old Commonwealth - Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Britain - have all served in each other's millitaries. Australia has done very well the other way. Significant part of our submarine force for a long time was made up of English.Do you expect many Australians would take up this offer which has already been there but the numbers are certainly higher?Look, I don't think too many Australians will take up the offer. A handful do it every year and it's mainly buzz of a family connection so they join the British Army and not ours. They're very, very small numbers and nowhere near the numbers of Brits who transfer the other way to us. That's been going on for a very long time. Not least because we pay better and the weather's nicer. Would other Commonwealth countries be a more obvious target for this recruitment drive from Britain? Depends on the particular expertise they're after. The only time we've provided them significant expertise was when we got rid of our aircraft carrier and some of our jet fighter pilots went off and joined the Royal Navy. That's nearly 40 years ago. The Poms have concentrated on parts of the former empire where unemployment and wage levels are lower. Fiji is a classic example. They do pretty well out of Nepal with a brigade. I can't see them targeting Canada, Australia and New Zealand too much, unless they're after specific expertise that they're lacking like electricians or pilots.You did touch a moment ago on our arrangement with Canada and New Zealand. What exactly is the situation in Australia in terms of recruitment? Do iwi recruit from Commonwealth countries in this sim way the Brits do? -- in the same way the Brits do?We do to a certain extent. We toughened it up about 15 years ago. And to transfer to the Australian Army, for instance, you have to be an Australian citizen or be actively involved in getting citizenship. It's very, very hard to do it now compared to what it was many years ago. As an example when the first Australian battalion went to Vietnam in 1965, a third of the battalion had been born in Britain. There's somewhat a recruitment issue in Britain. How is recruitment going in Australia more generally? Recruitment here is pretty good by historical standards. It's in the high 90s in all three services. The problem is specialist areas, they're still short of doctors. But the raw numbers are looking fairly good. It's attracting certain levels of areas of expertacy that's the perennial problem.So a move like what the Brits are doing at the moment is not really something Australia will need to entertain in the near future?We won't need to entertain it anymore than we do now. If a young British doctor decided he wanted to join our army, we would probably welcome him with open arms but we won't be looking for British riflemen for example.Thank you for joining us.Thanks.Two high-profile Australian politicians are visiting China this week, fuelling speculation relations between our two countries are thawing. The Foreign Minister will visit Beijing on Thursday, break agyear-long ministerial freeze imposed by China's government. The forging of closer ties will be welcomed by Beijing.I think China wants a thaw in the relations. The election is coming up here, so I think it's important for China to get it out of the headlines and to create some bipartisanship. This is basically the best time it coincides with China being under pressure from the US and that being a fairly unpredictable situation. On the one side there's the trade aspect that's growing and where China sets signals. And on the other side China is trying to put the relationship on speaking terms again which we didn't have for three years. From the Chinese side there was a distinct that China was being hostile. That security aspects were exaggerated, risks were exaggerated and students were spying on Australia. We have 9,000 students in a business school. We're educating a generation of Chinese leaders. To put that in the perspective that all of that was part of hostility made the Chinese worried relations were turning bad. I think they've seen on the Australian side efforts were made. Malcolm Turnbull at the end of his term did come around and try to set things straight. The new Government came in and tried to calm things down. Marise Payne said the relations should be constructive and based on shared and common interests and on respect. That's something that probably wouldn't have been said a few months ago when it was all a question we have to share the same value. This was a big signal that's registered by the Chinese as a signal that things should move on. Whether it will lead by a visit from Scott Morrison to China is an open question. That will depend on the talks Marise Payne is having in Beijing. It is a signal the Chinese want to improve the relationship with a new government. And I think also the bipartisan aspect is important. The China relationship is cep out of the headlines for the upcoming election. On the chine ies side -- on the Chinese side, their concern was that Australians please don't get caught in that you need to be pro-Chinese or pro-American but try to protect your own interests and areas you want to maintain and where you want to have a good relationship. On that basis we are keen to work with you. The only thing that could derail it is again we are forced into choices doing deals with China. You can then not do business with the US. This dichotomy is something that could derail a project. On all sides there's a clear awareness this is not what we want to happen.The Irish horse has been put down after suffering an injury during the running of the 2018 Melbourne Cup. The Cliffsofmoher was put down. The Democrats are hoping to retake control of the House of Representatives while Republicans are seeking to tighten their grip on the Senate. Democratic gains could have a long lasting impact on elections.Traditionally higher voter turnout usually benefits the Democrats and Democrats usually also see higher turnout in early voting compared to Republicans who tend to vote more on the day of elections. You do see a fairly large surge here and voting for mostly on the democratic side early on. That said you have seen historic amounts of Republicans voting early on. The turnout seems to have risen all boats but slightly more so for Democrats. Statistically speaking it's very hard for the Republicans to maintain the House at this point. So many seats are either lean Democratic or safe Democratic. A lot have retired. It has opened up an opportunity for Democrats that you didn't see coming just after the 2016 election. Those retirements have meant the difference for Democrats, the cycle. We'll see if they can fully capitalise on it. Given the amount of fundraising they have, the quality of the candidates they've recruited, it looks like the Democrats are heavily weighted to win the house. It means that Trump is not going to be able to pass a huge amount of He would have to get the cooperation of a Democratic house. But also even worse, the Democrats would then have subpoena power to investigate the President and his cabinet and his presidency moving forward. You can be sure the Democrats will use that quite a lot and investigate a lot of aspects of the Trump presidency, whether anything from the Robert Mueller investigation, into whether the interior secretary has sort of defrauded the Department of Interior of a lut of money. But I think there is a real sense in America today and you see that in the voter turnout numbers that this is an important election and it is a referendum on the President and his policies that have been so polarising in his first two years in office. People believe if they can effectively elect a check on him, one chamber or at least not two that this could have an impact not only on his presidency but remember that this coming up 2020 is a redistributing year. If you have Democrats coming into a position of power and redistricting year they can have a decade-long impact on these elections. Having this referendum beyond Trump for them is a positive and they believe they can effect change in the short-term and long-term here. Australia is this week joining countries across the world in commemorating 100 years since the end of World War I. The BBC reflects on how Britain's understanding of the war and its consequences has been transformed over the past century. No war in history had demanded so much, mobilised so many or killed in such numbers. When it was over, the men who fought it began asking questions that have never gone away. What was it for? Was it worth it? We remember them now with public reverence but the way we think about the war they fought has changed dramatically in the 100 years since it ended. This is in the Scottish borders where Britain's military commander is buried. Hague's reputation has risen and fallen over the century as each new generation reinterprets the First World War in the light of its own values. By the 1960s Hague wasn't a national hero anymore. He was a public villain. The butcher of the Somme who had sent hundreds to their deaths. In 1917 the war poets met here in Edinburgh. But it went until the 1960s the age of emerging youth culture, Vietnam and anti-war sentiment that their depiction of the horror and pity of the war gained widespread popular traction. It timed well both in terms of the cultural narrative but the political scene in that time. All of those things have been coming together and the message of futility is really strong in people's narrative at that time.The Britain that emerged from the armistice would never be the same. The war had a powerful democratising effect. For the men who fought it came home to a new place in society. -- demand a new place in society for the common citizen.We were promised land and houses to live in. When we came home we found nothing.There was no cheering. No singing. We were drained of all emotion. That's what it amounted to.They started marching round the camp, singing out, "We want food. We want money." The government was obviously very concerned about what would happen when the guys came back particularly because the Labour Party had grown and the Russian Revolution in 1917. So they were really scared there would bea socialist uprising. The term citizenship comes into use in the 1920s and 1930s which had never been before because the British were subjects of the Crown, not citizens. They thought they had fought the war that would end all wars. They had not. But the Britten we inherit today, its citizen's democracy grew out of their extraordinary sacrifice.

Global racing powerhouse Godolphin has finally broken through for its first Melbourne Cup win with Cross Counter taking out the great race. The European-trained thee-year-old stormed to the front in a thrilling final few hundred metres at Flemington.

It's the first win for the Dubai-based Godolphin team in more than 20 attempts at the Cup. Kerrin McEvoy confirmed his third victory. A huge thank and it gives me great pleasure to win this race today. It means a lot to myself and my family. And it means a hell of a lot to Godolphin themself. They've been striving to win this ris for a long time. As I said to my lovely wife each year, I said I know they're going to win it one year and I've got to be in their camp. It gives me a great thrill to do it.The Australian women's captain says her team will need to remain focused in order to win a fourth World T20 title. Australia will be the favourite when the tournament gets under way this weekend. The Southern Stars are coming off clean sweeps in T20 series against New Zealand and Pakistan. But there will be no complacency.You can't afford to let your guard down for even 15-20 minutes or could find yourself dropping a game you can't afford to do. That's the exciting thing about World Cup formats and tournament play is that you need to be on all the time.Australia will play its opening game of the tournament against Pakistan on Saturday morning. 100 marathons in 100 days is the mission, starting in New York. She's aiming to raise awareness of global border scarce -- scarcity. For most of us, myself included, the thought of a morning run can be pretty daunting but someone who is putting all of those fears to the side, not even worrying about them, chose about to run 100 marathons in 100 days. It is for a very, very good cause, but first of all just tell us the most obvious question - why?Thank you. It's really great to be here. And also to be here in this amazing city of Melbourne training to run 100 marathons in 100 days. I can't believe I'm doing it. I'm doing it for one reason and that's to raise awareness about the water crisis. Most people don't know by 2030 there will bea 40% greatder mand for water than the supply of water available. Why marathons? Why did you make that connection in how to raise awareness for this?I wanted to do something that made an impact and something that drew attention to the problem. I wanted to do something that was so outside my comfort zone that I would show people just how much we can achieve when we persevere.I know you've done a number of runs in the past, working towards that goal. Did you think, though, that maybe you could set yourself something a little bit shorter? Why 100?I often think to myself why am I doing this? I've had pretty dark times when I've been out running in different parts of the world. I've met people. I've seen things that have been harrowing. I have pushed myself to my own limits. And that's been really hard. In those moments what drives me to continue is actually thinking about the next generation. I want them to-a planet where they have enough water forever. I want a planet where they have enough water to achieve their dreams. I want a planet where water doesn't even factor into their consideration about their daily lives. I want to create a planet where you don't have to be anyone to be someone. Where these kids can fulfil all their dreams. Not just for their generation, but for generations to come. We need to make saving water famous and I need to do whatever it takes to get there.Where are these marathons going to take you? You're going all across the world?I'm going to start in the US. Then I'll run through Europe. And through Uzbekistan. Then India. Hong Kong. China. The Middle East. I'm running from Israel, Palestine and Jordan, through Ethiopia, down to South Africa, Australia, C hi, ile, Bolivia, Peru. It sounds crazy when I say it like this. Across America to finish.What are some of your tips for people who might be on fitness journeys and trying to get into running? What would you recommend?I think there are a couple of things that helped me. The first one is I used to think they had to go out there and break all the speed records and run really fast and completely die. The reality is if you go out and take it gently and slowly and smell the roses or go out with your friends and make it fun and pleasant it actually is not bad.Thank you for joining us on News Breakfast. Good luck with everything. We'll be following your progress as you go throughout the world, hopefully raising a lot of awareness for a very, very worthy cause. Thank you.Thanks.It's time for the weather now. A few warnings about for the south-east states.A lut of it is related to the potential heavy rainfall, severe thunderstorms and cold air that's set to into Tasmania and Victoria as we move into tomorrow. A trough triggering the we move into tomorrow. A trough
triggering the thunderstorms in South Australia, down into Victoria. Heavy falls with those possibly. Another trough in New South Wales bringing the potential of damaging winds at the moment. There's the frontal system sitting well to the west of Tasmania. We'll start to see heavier falls in Victoria clearing. It will see abound of rain, a thunderibound of rain developing in New South Wales. Fairly widespread, moderate to localised heavy falls in association with that. Here are the damaging winds, through to the Hunter and the Mid North Coast. We're likely to see showers and thunderstorms developing in Queensland torm. An upper level disturbance move towards these troughs, through Queensland and swills. That will see abound of thundery rain developing. That's what's going to produce fairly widespread decent rainfall through New South Wales and southern parts of Queensland. Thunderstorms then extending back further north. Very cold air sweeping in behind the system. Maximum temperatures substantially lower across the south-eastern states.

Very hot air across much of the north of the continent. Through the south-east substantially colder temperatures persisting. The shower activity will begin Tooheys off and we'll start to see the temperatures rising as we'll start to see the temperatures
rising as we move into Friday.Thank you. We'll have plans to introduce 24 hour shopping to Sydney's CB Stay with us. -- CBD. Stay with us.

Why do I love the ABC? Ah...
Um... Eh...
Um... Um...
I don't know how to describe it. The words that spring to mind are... I think of...
Quality. ..integrity.
Iconic. Diversity. Individual voices. Fairness...
Indigenous voices. ..accuracy. For Australians by Australians. The ABC is cool. No commercials. The ABC is a very unique beast. They're not afraid to explore. There's a great honesty to the ABC. It does its job really well. It feels like it's part of
the fabric of my life. What it means to be Australian. My fondest memory of the ABC, is...is Play School. Mr Squiggle.
Charlie Pickering... I love watching Landline. You Can't Ask That.
Kath and Kim. Rage.
Triple J. All the news that I'm after, all
the current affairs that I'm after. The ABC has always been there. I drive in the car
and only have the ABC on. It's incredibly important that we
have one source that we can rely on. It's a recognisable place. It's a place that's been there
since my childhood. I think what's essentially
important about the ABC is the drive to allow everybody
in this country to tell their story. It's just the place
you keep coming back to.

The ABC is for everyone. # We are Australian. #



This program is live captioned by Red Bee Media. Today: British horse Cross Counter takes out the 158th Melbourne Cup. Also ahead - tourists warned to stay out of the water, after a fatal shark attack in the Whitsundays. A judge denies a Daily Telegraph application to add a new witness to the Geoffrey Rush case. And - Americans prepare to go to the polls in crucial mid-term elections.

Hello, and welcome to ABC News. I'm Gemma Veness. English horse Cross Counter has claimed a drought-breaking win in the Melbourne Cup. The 4-year-old is the first British horse to win the race, and it's also delivered the much-vaunted Godolphin stable its maiden Cup triumph. But the victory was soured by the death of Irish