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(generated from captions) Black.
Stop the clock, that is wrong. Do you know it?
Red. Is wrong. Correct answer is white. Four required.
Your time starts again...now. What is used to play the game
Rouge et Noir? Erm...Cards.
Correct. Eddie the Head is the mascot
of what heavy metal band? (TIME'S UP BUZZER)
We're out of time. We're out of time.

Whoa...I tell you what,
three push-backs. You did it. You said, Jono, the push-backs
would do it and you've done it. Congratulations. Well played. Aidan, how do you feel?
Over the moon.I bet, I bet. Jono?Top of the world. I can't
believe it, cannot believe it. Absolutely.Megan?I can't...
I don't even know what to say! I'll talk for her. She's happy. Congratulations, team.
Take your money with you. Megan, Jono and Aidan,
you have not been caught. You've outrun The Chaser.
Congratulations. Whoo... that was
always going to be close. So, The Chaser not quick enough
in The Final Chase. Are they slowing up?
Could you take money off them? Come and have a go
if you think you can handle them. We'll see you next time
on The Chase. Goodbye. Captions edited by Ai-Media

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This is Seven News with Sally Bauerle.

Good afternoon.
It's 4:00pm. And these are the stories
making headlines right now - one cut cable and chaos - 000 calls go unanswered after lightning strikes
a Telstra line. The telco issued
with a please-explain. One man dead, another in custody, after a suspected murder
at Villawood. She refused to stand
for a judge - now the wife of an
Islamic State recruiter has been found guilty
in a landmark ruling. And cheaper beer - no that's not just for attention. It could actually be happening thanks to a tax cut
in the Federal Budget. First at 4:00pm - lightning is being blamed for bringing Australia's
000 emergency network to its knees. It caused a fire
at a property near Orange in the state's central west, cutting
a key communicaitons cable. There were knock-on effects
across the country, prompting an apology
from Telstra and a "please explain"
from the government. Well, for the second time
in a week, we have yet another apology
from Telstra. After an event that would have previously been thought
impossible to imagine, outside a small country town, a single incident that brought
Australia's entire 000 network to its knees. That's exactly what happened
after 2:00 this morning, we were told,
just outside Orange. In a humble cable pitch, there was a fire
caused by a lightning strike, and that brought our 000 network
undone, with callers unable
to get through at all, or facing extensive delays. And for that,
I deeply apologise. Obviously, we are all very
concerned to ensure that the emergency services system
works. The fact that the calls
weren't going through, so some people weren't able
to get through on the 000 number. We don't have any information that there's been
any adverse event as a result
of what's gone wrong. That prompted a please explain
from the federal government. I have spoken to the CEO
of Telstra, Andy Penn, about this earlier today, and I'll be talking to him
through the course of the day, and getting further up dates. By early afternoon,
the problem was finally resolved, Telstra blaming
a previously unknown fault in one of its backup systems. A man is facing court
this afternoon, charged with the murder
of his Villawood neighbour. 41-year-old Brett Nicholls was
bashed to death inside his unit despite a friend's attempts
to intervene. Natasha Squarey reports. Brett Nicholls is being
remembered as a quiet, gentle, and decent man. So friends and police
have no idea why he was targeted. The 41-year-old
was bashed to death inside his Villawood unit
last night. His neighbour, 31-year-old
Dick Pesamino, is allegedly responsible.

He will be missed because he had a lot of friends here. Everyone talked to him. He was good.

Police say Mr Pesamino
repeatedly punched Mr Nicholls, after storming into his unit. Mr Nicholls's best mate
heard the screaming and tried to step in. But the alleged killer
could not be stopped, and Greg McDougal
was assaulted too. I said "Leave him alone". And I was trying to get inside, and he slammed the door
on my head and my arm. Mr Pesamino was arrested
on a nearby street, and police say he was so violent that they were forced
to sedate him. He spent the night
in Liverpool Hospital before his court appearance
this morning. But when he was due to face
the magistrate, he was again escorted to hospital
when he fell ill. As soon as he is well enough,
he will face Bankstown Court. After being shamed
at the Banking Royal Commission, AMP has just announced
its new chairman. He's former Commonwealth Bank
boss David Murray, who also led the government's
financial system inquiry and Future fund. Today, AMP also hit back at
the royal commission's findings. More from Network Finance
Reporter, Gemma Acton. In its first official response to the banking royal commission
hearings, AMP today said
it strenuously denied allegations it may have committed
a criminal offense. The financial services giant
said there was no basis for counsel
assisting the commission to have suggested its former CEO
and former chairman had acted inappropriately in relation to the preparation of
a supposedly independent report that sought to explain
to regulator ASIC AMP's position in the
fees-for-no-service scandal. The company did, however,
acknowledge it did charge
nearly 16,000 customers fees while providing no advice and that it has lied to the
regulator on multiple occasions. Despite a brutal few weeks which saw the company lose
its CEO Craig Meller, chairman Catherine Brenner
and general counsel Brian Salter, as well as billions wiped off
its share market value, AMP's troubles
are far from finished. Ahead of next week's
general meeting, key shareholder groups said
more change is needed.

The culture is the problem, and also the lack of urgency. There are a lot of reports being called for but no action taken.

Three directors
stand for re-election at next Thursday's meeting, and despite AMP saying today
the entire board cannot be blamed for its role in the report, they face a tought battle
to hold onto their positions. Beer drinkers are this afternoon
toasting the Treasurer after he revealed boutique brews
are in for a tax cut. The Budget move could mean
a schooner will soon cost less - a decision praised as a big win
for small business. A hard day's work
for the Treasurer... Cheers...
jobs and growth! ..to sell a budget measure
that's already a crowd-pleaser. He's announced tax relief
for craft brewers whose beer is taxed 40% higher
than mass-produced beer.

That will be lowered to bring
the two tax rates into line. While their 60% rebate
up to $30,000 a year will be raised to $100,000. Why are we doing this? Because it is an impediment
to small business growth. This is a great day
for people power. Labor's Anthony Albanese claims
it was his idea. Perhaps the only time I am going to get
to be able to have a beer at a press conference. While the tax cut
will help producers, there's no guarantee
consumers will pay less. Will be able to invest
more in equipment and hire a lot more people. It's not the only sweetener
in next week's budget - there'll be new incentives
for Hollywood producers to shoot their next blockbuster
in Australia to support the local
film industry. More jobs for talented,
skilled Australians. The tax rebate will nearly double for film productions
like Thor: Ragnarok on the Gold Coast, boosting the economy,
and promoting Australian stars. A Luke Bracy or a Margot Robbie
on the screen. Chris Hemsworth.
Oh, how could I forget him? (LAUGHTER)
Oh, how could I forget? Police divers have been searching
the Parramatta River for clues into the murder of mining executive
Cecilia Haddad. Today's search site
was near Hunters Hill, close to where the 38-year-old's
body was found on Sunday morning. Her ex-partner
Mario Marcelo Santoro is a person of interest after leaving the country
sooner than he'd planned. He's flown back
to Rio De Janeiro. A special service for Ms Haddad
will be held in Brazil tomorrow. Let's take a look at Sydney's
weather now with Angie Asimus. Angie, it's been a warm one
today. Good afternoon.
Indeed it has. Maximums have been well above
the long-term May average. That's largely due to
warm north-westerlies affecting much of
eastern New South Wales. Right now it's still 24 degrees
in the city. South of the border - residents woke to a
very different scene. Snow flakes started to fall
at Mount Hotham in Victoria early this morning - a wintry surprise
for residents there. The falls are likely to continue throughout the rest
of today and tomorrow. The maximum there was
just 1 degrees today. Much warmer in
our part of the world. This is the scene right now
at Bondi Icebergs, where it is 24 degrees. Although it feels closer to 16. Now on the radar today - you can see the passage of
a cold front over our state. That's brought strong winds,
rain and storms to southern New South Wales. Within that system,
probably the lighting strike responsible for damaging
that Telstra cable we've heard so much about today. Centres ahead of that system

recorded above average
temperatures today. 27 degrees the top
at Wollongong and Newcastle. That's all been fuelled
by warm north-westeries. Strong enough to prompt
wind warnings for much of the coasltine. Closer in - temperatures around Sydney were
about 7 up on normal. We reached 29 at the airport. 27 at Manly. Tonight, winds will swing back
around to the south-west. So, expect temperatures
to plummet. The full weekend forecast
is coming up a little later, Sal. Still to come in Sydney's
Afternoon News on Seven - Donald Trump's
spectacular backflip in the Stormy Daniels affair. Dust and rain lash
unsuspecting communites, claiming dozens of lives. And the mystery
driving police mad - who left a car
dangling from a bridge?

You're watching
Seven's 4pm Sydney News, and this was how your Friday
looked at Manly - a bit of cloud about. Right now it's 24 degrees. If you've just joined us,
our top story this afternoon is the Telstra outage
that affected the 000 emergency line. A lightning strike cut a cable, calls in several states
going unanswered. A man has been arrested after
a stabbing in western Sydney. Police were called to a home
in Auburn following reports
of an argument last night. It's believed a 55-year-old
struck a man in the head with a kettle and stabbed him in the hand
with a knife. The victim was taken to hospital
in a stable condition. The suspect is being questioned. At least 125 people are dead
and many more injured after dust and rain storms
in India. The powerful storm swept through
the country's north and west. Many of the dead were sleeping
when their houses collapsed after being struck by lightning. Falling trees and walls
also killed many, as winds reached
more than 120km/h. The rainstorm
caught people by surprise because the monsoon season is
still more than six weeks away. After months of denials, Donald Trump
has changed his story about what he knew
about a hush money payment to American porn star
Stormy Daniels. The president now admits
paying $130,000 to his lawyer, but insists he didn't break
any campaign rules. US correspondent Mark Mooney
reports. For months, Donald Trump has denied
any knowledge of the hush money paid to former
adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep her quiet
about their alleged affair. Today, though, a major backflip. The President confirming
what his lawyer, former New York mayor
Rudy Giuliani, revealed live on TV last night. They funnelled it
through a law firm. Funnelled through a law firm
and the President repaid it. In a series of tweets
this morning, the President said he paid
his personal lawyer Michael Cohen a monthly retainer, but insisted it had nothing to do
with the election campaign. He claims the agreement
with Stormy Daniels was made to stop her false
and extortionist accusations about their alleged affair. But his admission
flies in the face of what he's been
telling the media as recently as last month.

Today, he refused
to answer questions

about why his story has changed. Instead, leaving his staff
to do the explaining. As Mayor Giuliani stated and I'll refer you
back to his comments, this was information that the President
didn't know at the time but eventually learned. We give the very
best information that we have at the time. I do that every single day
and will continue to do that, every day I'm in this position. It's also been revealed the FBI
tapped Michael Cohen's phones, intercepting at least one call
between he and the White House. At this stage, it's unclear if Donald Trump was on the other end
of that phone line. The wife of disgraced comedian,
Bill Cosby, has broken her silence, following her husband's
sexual assault conviction. Camille Cosby lashed out
at the media for what she called the "frenzied, relentless
demonisation of Cosby" and "unquestioning acceptance"
of the allegations against him. It comes as The Academy of
Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voted to expel the TV-star, along with director
Roman Polanski, as members of the organisation. Polanski fled to France
after pleading guilty to unlawful sex with a minor
in the late 1970s. Crowds at a Jewish festival
in London ran for cover when a bonfire exploded. Ten people were hurt
when the fireball erupted at the annual celebration. Panicked screams rang out as people rushed
to get clear of the flames. Victims were treated
for facial burns but were not seriously injured. Police in the Canada
are trying to solve a baffling mid-air mystery. Officers initially thought
this burnt-out car, dangling from a cable from one of
Toronto's busiest overpasses, was part of a movie set, but it quickly became clear
it was a prank and the car was cut down. Police are looking
for those resposnible. We're live to CommSec
for the latest on your money, next. The new social media
security scare - z warning for 300 million users. And in sport with Jim Wilson, the Bulldogs coach off the leash, venting his frustrations
at the referees.

Tonight on Seven News with Michael Usher.

Cold comfort for every age.

A holiday to the Gold Coast
didn't end well today

when an expensive rental car
was crushed by an automatic gate at the Hilton Hotel
in Surfers Paradise. Four tourists from Hong Kong
were in the car when the gate came down on the front of
the luxury BMW four-wheel drive. I'm just in shock. What the hell?
Where's that gate normally? A small crane was brought in
to lift the gate, while what's left of the car
was reversed out and put on the back
of a tow truck.

Hope they had insurance.

Twitter is urging
its 330 million users to change their passwords. The company recently identified
a glitch which resulted in some of them
stored in plain text on its internal computer system. Usually,
the passwords are encrypted to maintain security. An investigation did not find
the exposed data had been misused or stolen, but every user is being advised
to take precautions. Checking finance now
with Steven Daghlian at CommSec. Steven, how did the Australian
share market end the week?

It wasn't the ideal and. Shares fell back a touch by a little more than 0.5%. We started off higher, but we could not

than 0.5%. We started off higher,
but we could not hang on. What held the market back was the banks. The good news is that this is the first four in six days. This is the best day we've had since March last year. We will see shares near this level is here as well. McQuarrie at some of the best levels. Telstra have also lifted, despite news of the outages. In the mining space, South 32 was hit quite hard because of aluminium prices. That's what makes it 40% of its money.

Rates were kept on hold
again this week, is there any chance
of a hike this year?

Is not overly likely. The reserve bank is upbeat about the economy. They still think it will grow healthily. But inflation is a little higher-than-expected. Prices will be on hold for all of 2018. We may not see it until the start of next year. Generally stable rates mean stable track higher Aussie dollar.

Steven Daghlian from CommSec,
thank you. Time for sport with Jim Wilson, and the Bulldogs back home
and still fuming. The NRL is weighing up whether
to fine Bulldogs coach Dean Pay for savaging the referees after his side's agonising loss
to the Broncos. Canterbury led by eight points
at the break before Brisbane clawed back
to draw level at 20-20. With the game seemingly
headed for golden point, Moses Mbye
was controversially sin-binned for a professional foul. The Broncos kicked
a final-minute penalty goal to win by 2. I've got a group of blokes
in there that busted their arse tonight, and to be decided like that,
it's ridiculous.

The slippery
Suncorp Stadium surface came in for heavy criticism. Jack Bird suffered a quad injury
after falling in the dying minutes but is expected
to play next week. Parramatta coach Brad Arthur says improved discipline
is the key reason behind his side's mini-revival. After starting the season
with six straight losses, the Eels have the chance
to string three wins together on Saturday night
against the Sharks. Discipline. Discipline's been the key
for us. Those first six rounds,
our possession was terrible. And coming up
in Seven News at 6:00 - our league expert Brett Kimmorley
reports on a special day to honour the legends
of the Dragons.

The read the absolutely flying right now.

Melbourne Victory say their big game experience
will give them the edge in tomorrow night's
A-League Grand Final in Newcastle. The Victory will play
their third decider in four years while Besart Berisha
has contested 5 of the last 7. Experience is really important
in these big games. Everybody's feeling good because they know
in the back of their mind that they've played many
of the grand finals and they feel good. So, I hope it will help us. The Jets, in contrast, haven't played in
an A-League decider since 2008. Arsene Wenger's hopes of a
title-winning farewell at Arsenal are over, after the Gunners were dumped
out of the Europa League by Atletico Madrid. COMMENTATOR:
Looking for Diego Costa, who's in and scores. Big goal, Atletico. Atletico won
this morning's return leg 1-0 to clinch the semi-final tie
2-1 on aggregate. Tennis great Rafael Nadal's
presence in the crowd caused a stir when he was shown wearing
an Atletico scarf, despite being a supporter of
their fierce rivals Real Madrid. Ben Simmons is experiencing
the negative side of the intense scrutiny that accompanies life
in the NBA spotlight after Philadelphia fell 2-nil
behind in their Playoff series
against Boston. Simmons scored just one point,
had five turnovers, and spent plenty of time
on the bench in the 76ers' five-point loss
in game two. First of all, you can't ignore
what Ben Simmons didn't. So, I mean,
why bother to show up? I mean, that was just
a disgraceful performance. To attempt 2 shots
in 30 minutes, that's just disgraceful. I don't even know
why he showed up.

Tell us what you really feel Steve.

LeBron James led Cleveland
to another vital road win in their second round series
against Toronto. King James scored 43-points
as the Cavs took a 2-0 lead.

More great sport coming your way. The Brett Lee Molly special is coming up at 6 o'clock. I look forward to your many all Saturday. You and my mum. I love your support.

We'll have more of this
afternoon's top stories next, including Daniel Morecombe's
killer attacked again in jail. Also, triple zero outage - the cut cable that caused chaos. Refusing to rise for a judge - the landmark ruling
in a Sydney court. And what happened
to little Katrice? A new search decades on.

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Thank you so much...

VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News
with Sally Bowrey. It's 4:30. Welcome back
to our Martin Place headquarters. These are our top stories
on Seven - 000 calls go unanswered after
lightning strikes a Telstra line, the telco issued
with a "please explain". One man dead,
another in custody after a suspected murder
at Villawood. Cheaper craft beer on the way after the government announces
tax cuts for independent breweries in next week's Budget. And still to come - what happened to little Katrice? A new search decades on
to end a family's misery. Calls to triple zero
have gone unanswered and banking systems affected after a Telstra cable was hit
by a lightning strike. The telco has come under fire
over the widepread disruptions, promping a please explain
from the Federal Government. Blake Johnson explains. The Telstra Chief Executive
has apologised for this morning's outage that saw emergency 000 calls go
unanswered, EFTPOS and ATMs not working, Qantas unable to print
boarding passes at the airport, and traffic lights out in capital
cities around the country. The CEO blames a lightning strike
near the town of Orange, 250km west of Sydney,
for destroying a fibre cable. Crews arrived at the site
this morning to find a significant fire damage as a result of a fire
in the cable pit. Obviously we're all
very concerned to ensure that the emergency
services system works, and is there for the community. It relies, obviously,
on the underlying infrastructure and there has been some damage
caused to the structure overnight. The damage happened
at around 2:00 this morning, the Telstra Chief Executive says the lightning strike
destroyed the cable, when the backup systems
kicked in, a fault in a router
somewhere else was detected. Telstra says that it is working
with the US manufacturer for a patch to fix that router. There is redundancy
and resiliency built in to the system, but the sequence of events
has been that it has had an impact
on some services. Telstra was unable to say how many emergency calls
went unanswered, or how many businesses
were affected as a result of phone line
outages, but they say that they are
confident that all services
have now been restored. In a landmark ruling, the wife of a terrorist recruiter
has been found guilty of disrespectful behaviour
in court. Moutiaa El-Zahed repeatedly
refused to stand for a judge, arguing religious grounds - and today she did it again
as the judgement was handed down. Leonie Ryan reports. Good afternoon. Well, Moutia El-Zahed is the first person
in the state's history to be charged and convicted
for failing to stand a judge based on a religious reasons. Whilst leaving court today, she didn't say anything
to the media. Instead,
her supporter lashed out. (BLEEP) off, you cockroach.
(BLEEP) Do you want to say a few words? No, I don't want to say
anything to you rats. It was in 2016 when she failed to stand
on nine occasions during civil proceedings when her family tried to sue
Federal Police for a raid that was carried out
on their home, claiming assault
and false imprisonment, which they ultimately lost. Her husband, Hamdi Alqudsi,
is currently serving jail for helping recruit Australians
to fight for Islamic State. El-Zahed claimed
she could not stand for the judge when she entered
and left the courtroom because she didn't stand
for anyone but Allah. Standing
is standard court practice and is considered
a sign of respect to the person
sitting on the bench. The magistrate was today critical
of her behaviour, saying she was satisfied
El-Zahed knew exactly what she was doing and she showed a lack of respect not only for the court
but the judge. After the marathon judgement
was handed down, El-Zahed again refused to stand, this time as the magistrate
left the courtroom. Now, sentencing proceedings
were adjourned until June 15 and El-Zahed faces a maximum
14 days' jail and an $1,100 fine for each of the nine offences
she was convicted of. Daniel Morcombe's killer has been
attacked by another prisoner. Brett Cowan was stabbed
in the neck and the ear, suffering minor injuries. It's the second time he's been
targeted by a fellow inmate. The first time, he had boiling water
poured over him. The attack has been referred
to corrective services. The New South Wales
Education Minister is calling for NAPLAN testing
to be scrapped as a matter of urgency. Rob Stokes wants the tests
to be replaced with more regular
low-key assessments and is appealing to other states
to support the move. State political reporter
Sean Berry is our Sydney newsroom. Sean, what's been the response
from the other states? It's been met with caution,
Sally. NAPLAN testing is linked to federal government funding
for schools and the tests
could only be dumped if the Federal Education Minister
agreed, and he's said he doesn't. There is agreement
among some states that, at the very least,
the system should be tweaked. NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes
wants NAPLAN dumped and replaced with a system that
could be used to help children, teachers and the school. Recommendation 11
of David Gonski's report points clearly to better ways
of doing assessment, which is more about testing
the teaching than teaching to the test, which is the trap that
we have fallen into currently with NAPLAN. The State Opposition agrees
something should be done. Today, the shadow education minister
suggested the results
should not be made public, which would stop
the unfair comparisons on the so-called "school tables",
Sally. Sean Berry
in our Sydney newsroom, The New South Wales
Education Minister Police are trying to track down
the person who leaked a naked video
of retired AFL star Dane Swan. He's made a formal complaint, saying he never consented for the
video to be taken or circulated. If caught,
the culprit could face jail time. More from Nathan Templeton. A devastated Dane Swan
has gone to police who are now investigating
how this vision was distributed. It's a short video,
running about six seconds, and appears to have filmed by a woman
who is in bed with Dane Swan. He is naked,
they're kissing and laughing. When he realises
he is being filmed, Swan shies away from the camera and that is when she pans down,
revealing his body. The video has been doing
the rounds on social media for a couple of days. Initially, Dane Swan was directly tweeting to people
asking them to take it down. When it became circulated
more widely, that is when he went to police. Swan has released a statement
claiming that this video was taken
a long time ago and he says:

Swan's close friend
and fellow AFL great Sam Newman has also weighed in on the issue. It's a disgrace and the people responsible
for distributing this video should face the full force
of the legal system. It is not acceptable
and it is disgraceful. Swan became embroiled in
similar controversy back in 2016 when naked selfies that he texted
to someone became public. On this occasion, it is unclear whether the person
distributing it was the woman who took the video or whether it fell into the hands
of a third party who then tried to shop it around
to the media. No outlets purchased the video. Whoever is responsible
for distributing the video could face up to two years' jail
under Victoria's sexting laws. 36 years after a British toddler
went missing in Germany, a new investigation has been
launched into her disappearance. Authorities are excavating
a river bank in the hope of finding out
what happened to two-year-old Katrice Lee. On the banks of the River Alma
in Paderborn, military police
and forensic experts are slowly, methodically sifting
through tons of soil, shovel by shovel,
box by box. They're looking for clues to explain what happened
to Katrice Lee. The toddler went missing
on her second birthday in 1981 from a NAAFI
in nearby Schloss Neuhaus. Her father Richard
was a staff sergeant posted here with the British Army
at the time. He has always believed
she was abducted, a theory he says is only now
being investigated properly. I am bitterly angry. I don't blame this team
who are doing their job. They weren't there 36 years ago. However, I was asked a question
by the Royal Military Police - can I forgive them? And my answer
is I will never forgive them. Last year, military police
released an e-fit image of a man who had been seen at the time
Katrice disappeared and a review
of eyewitness evidence led police to the conclusion
that they should search the site. We released a Photofit of a man
seen at the NAAFI on November 28, 1981. He was seen holding a child
similar to Katrice and getting into
a green salon car. A green car was also seen
on the River Alma, back where we are here today, the following day. The Royal Military Police
and Katrice Lee's family are hoping for two very different
outcomes to this excavation. The RMP are looking for clothing or any evidence to indicate
what happened to Katrice. Her family, however,
are hoping they find nothing because they believe Katrice, who had
a hereditary eye condition, and may now look like this, is still alive. But this five-week search
will eliminate another line of enquiry. Dozens of determined women
are on a two-day walk to tackle a rare disease and brighten
a brave little girl's future. The Walk for Chloe
is a 100km mission. Estelle Griepink checked in
on the trek. On a cold and windy day
like today, one of the last things you want
to be doing is a 100km walk. But for the family and friends
of Chloe Saxby, they have a very important cause. Nine-year-old Chloe has an extremely rare
and terminal brain disease, called vanishing white matter
disease. Those who have it
are slowly paralysed, and robbed of the ability
to talk, see, hear, or eat. It is why Chloe's family
and friends are determined to complete a walk from Sorrento
to Alexandra Gardens in a city, to raise awareness
and much-needed funds. I feel very blessed,
because she is a loving, a beautiful loving little child. At the same time, I have got to
watch her deteriorate in front of my eyes. This is hard for us,
but it is nothing compared to what the Saxbys
are going through every day. We are just going to
put our heads down and push through this wind, and hope that tomorrow
it leaves us alone and we will have a smooth
day into Melbourne. The Saving Chloe Saxby campaign
has already had plenty of success they have raised more than
$1 million to date. And their tireless activism
has led to the first ever research
project into the disease. She is incredible,
she has a kind of heart, she is the sweetest little girl. Once you meet her, you know
that you have got to help her. The 55 women on this walk are hoping to make
Alexandra Gardens in the city by 6pm tomorrow, and are hoping to improve
the life of Chloe and other people like her. Next in Seven's Afternoon News,
Hollywood in Australia - the new plan to woo
more blockbusters down under. May the fourth be with you - the unique way to celebrate
Star Wars day. And it's 23 degrees in Penrith. Angie has your weekend forecast


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May the fourth be with you! That's right, today it was
all things Star Wars, as fans celebrated their love
of a galaxy far, far away. These fans took part
in a lightsaber fight underwater at the Melbourne aquarium. Star Wars day is celebrated
by fans around the world. The Australian film industry has finally received
the funding boost it's being crying out for. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
has confirmed million of dollars'
worth of incentives to lure blockbusters
from Hollywood. Tamra Bow reports. Today's announcement is
great news for the film industry making it far more attractive
for big blockbuster films to come here to Australia. Places like Village Roadshows
here on the Gold Coast are set to reap the rewards
of the $140 million funding boost for film in Tuesday's
Federal Budget. A leading hub for
production already Australia will continue to attract locally-filmed
blockbusters like 'Thor,' 'Aquaman'
and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. To have as much productions
coming herefrom all over telling a bunch
of different stories and that'll boost the Australian stories
getting made as well. With the new location incentive
to be rolled out over a four-year period
from July next year. We don't want to see studios
like this empty, we want to see them
full of activity, full of Australians working and that's what this will do. The early Budget sweetener is said to lift the government's
existing 16.5% incentive to 30% - essentially putting Australia
on a level playing field with the rest of the world. We do have some current
spend requirements for the current off-sets. But where does Netflix and the streaming video
on-demand land in all this because, at the moment,
they're not eligible, and that's a big part of
the work moving forward. It's hoped this incentive will
create jobs in our own backyard, ensuring the country's $3 billion
film industry continues to grow. The children at Westmead Hospital
were treated to a special space party today to celebrate
Starlight Foundation Day. The Starlight Express Room
was full of games and arts and craft. There was even
a special performance from
the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. (MUSIC) The foundation,
now in its 30th year, is urgently trying
to raise $1.3 million to help sick kids
and their families across the country. Sydney's 6:00pm news is coming up
with Michael Usher. Hi, Michael. What are you working on
in the newsroom? Hello, Sally. Here's what we've got for you
tonight. The pressure's on Telstra
to explain how one fried cable
outside of Orange, likely burnt
by a lightning strike, was responsible
for nationwide telephone outages. The consequences were widespread, from emergency services
and unanswered 000 calls to small businesses
and broken down eftpos machines. A magistrate has made
a Sydney Muslim woman the first person in the state to be in contempt of court
on religious grounds. The 50-year-old refused to stand
before a judge, claiming the only person
she stands before is Allah. Homicide detectives have set up
a crime scene inside a Villawood apartment
in Western Sydney after a man's body was found. His alleged attacker
was arrested in a street nearby. And the cold and flu season
is just around the corner. Tonight, Seven News reveals
a world-first treatment which has proven to cut
the duration of the common cold. Sal, we will have all of that
and plenty more for you in Sydney's Seven News
at 6:00. It's 4:48.

The world of cars
and auto-mechanics

is still largely dominated by men but a high school program
in the United States is hoping to change that. It's teaching girls new skills, taking them from the classroom
to the race track. This is a lemon's race,
a two-day conker competition. It's the exhaust
that's coming down. A fan favourite is
the high school team with women in the pit crew
and behind the wheel. It's just where sophomore
Liz Montgomery wants to be. It's so amazing,
it's such a cool experience, I'm so excited that
I have the chance to do it. It began in Charlotte with the first-ever
girls auto mechanics course at Myers Park High. The girls now working
with the boys and racing with enthusiasm. When you hear people say,
"This is just for the boys..." It's 2018, and women can do
exactly what men can do. Even better, honestly. Getting dirty doesn't matter. Whether or not they going to get into this industry
as a career, they'll at least have knowledge
of their own vehicle. I want to know how to
change a tire without a guy to help me. I want to know
how to do it myself. Ladies, tell me something
you do on the car. An inspection.
Changing a tire Oil changes.
Body work. Back at the race,
Hannah Cranford is in the pit. If you put time and effort
into it, you learn anyone can do it. Girls fixing cars,
building confidence, and driven to succeed. A hungry snake has picked
the wrong possum for dinner. These pictures were taken
in a Queensland backyard, a mother possum taking on
the carpet python after it grabbed her baby
off her back. She was having none of it, and despite the snake wrapping
itself around its intended meal, the mother succeeded
in wrestling it free. Next in Seven's afternoon news, Angie with your
weekend weather forecast.

Angie Asimus is back now
with the weekend forecast. Angie,
it's about to get a lot cooler? Sal, good afternoon. Yes, we'll notice
a big difference tomorrow morning when minimums dip
into single digits for parts of Sydney. Right now it's 23 degrees. Winds have been warm all day, running in a
north-westerly direction. They'll swing around
to the south-west tonight bringing that cooler change.

From the satellite - Those unseasonably warm
northerly winds have affected northern
and eastern New South Wales, while a trough and cold front are bringing strong winds, rain,
and a few storms to central and southern regions. Tomorrow - winds change direction, bringing a much cooler day
to our state. Skies will also be clear
as that front moves offshore. Tomorrow's capitals - Brisbane,
partly cloudy and 26 degrees. Sunny and 19 for Canberra. Staying fine in Melbourne,
20 the forecast top. A couple of passing showers
in Hobart and Adelade. Warming up again in Perth,
fine and 28. For the metro region - minimums will dip into
the single digits. 4 degrees to start the day
at Katoomba. 6 for Richmond. Maximums will be cooler too,
around the low 20s In the city,
a range of 12 to 22 degrees, pretty close to average, and the cloud cover clears
overnight making way for big blue skies. The week ahead
is looking very settled. Plenty of sunshine. Cooler temperatures
than what we've been used to, with a couple of showers
developing on Thursday and Friday. Sal, more weather details
coming up in our bulletin at 6pm. And that's Sydney's 4pm News
for this Friday. I'm Sally Bowrey. Stay with Seven now
for 'The Chase Australia', and I'll see you tomorrow
for 'Weekend Sunrise'. Hope you have a great night. Live captioning by Ai-Media

These four strangers must work as
a team to win thousands of dollars. But standing in their way is one of the sharpest minds
in Australia - the Chaser. The chase is on! (THEME MUSIC) (APPLAUSE AND CHEERS)

Welcome to The Chase Australia. Good to have your company,
as always. Hope you're comfy. Now, the four people I have just met all have a lovely diverse range
of interests between them, and within them. Let's meet the team. Hi, I'm Richard,
I'm a project co-ordinator, and I play for three soccer teams. Hi, I'm Michelle,
I'm a mum to three beautiful girls, and I'd love to holiday
in the Philippines. Hey, I'm Clint,
I'm a PE teacher, and a massive Kiss fan. Hey, I'm Sonia,
I'm a bus driver, and I have twin boys
who are driving me crazy. That's my team. But hunting them all the way
will be the Chaser. If they get caught,
they lose the money and go home. Make it through to the bank though, could share
in a great team cash prize. Now, everyone must face the Chaser. Tonight, Richard's first. (THEME MUSIC) (APPLAUSE AND CHEERS) Welcome to the show, Richard. Thank you. So you're a former immigration lawyer
who now works in a fun lab! I love it. Was immigration law
not fun enough for you? It wasn't, really. My personality's a bit more
eccentric, I suppose, and I like to get involved
with fun things. But you worked in the UK
in the law, right? That's right, yeah. Sued Theresa May
on behalf of clients. Yeah, about 200 times.
(LAUGHS) 200 times? Bit of a claim to fame
now she's prime minister. (LAUGHS) She must've got sick
of the sight of you. What does the fun lab do? So, it's like a company
that works with trampoline parks, bowling bars, like a crazy golf bar. So, they run all those
sort of things and we manage that, basically. Right. Fantastic. Now, what I was here for today, Rich? What do we want to do with some cash? Me and my partner have only been
to the UK before, and we met in Australia. So he wants to go to Japan
and go skiing together. Oh, very nice. One minute on the clock, Richard. Best of luck. And your time starts now. Colloquially,
to verbally scold someone is to give them a piece of your what? Erm. Pass.
Mind. In the Disney film 'Sleeping Beauty', what wakes the princess
from her deep sleep? Is it a thorn?
A kiss. In which Chinese city
is the legislative building, the Great Hall of the People? Beijing.
Correct. Red and Yellow are mascots
of which public confectionary? M&M.
Correct. A hit song by Australian band
'The Choirboys' is 'Boys will be WHAT'? Boys.
Correct. For which prestigious art prize was the Tracey Emin work
'My Bed' shortlisted? Turner Prize.
Correct. Which capital city's ring road is
known as the Boulevard Peripherique? Paris.
Correct. How many legs does a numbat
typically have? Two.
Four. Which major league baseball team was
once called the New York Highlanders? The Yankees.
Correct. Vincent Price stars in the classic
horror film 'House on Haunted WHAT'? Hill.
Correct. In Cockney rhyming slang, which member of royalty
is called Baked Bean? The queen.
Correct. A dramatic event causing someone...
(ALARM) Ah, nice to come home on a
Cockney rhyming slang question, hey? (LAUGHS) It was. $16,000, Richard. (APPLAUSE) Nice cash builder to start with. We've gotta get this past the Chaser. Do you have any particular fancies
vis-a-vis Chaser? Probably the Beast. He's obviously
one of my countrymen, as well. I've watched him for many years,
so I'd love to play him. Let's hope so. He's a man who knows a thing or two
about baked beans, I can tell you. We'll find out for sure
right after the break.


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