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(generated from captions) will
or 27. The swell will polls in, it metres
will build into one and a half bill
metres tomorrow. You can see that tide
bill due those light winds. Low is
tide is only at 8:05 AM. High tide PM.
is at 8:05 AM. High tide is at 1:55 will
PM. Taking a look ahead, Canberra towards
will be dry with weather warming up the
towards the weekend. We will see nothing
the low 30s unfold. Virtually Tablelands.
nothing on offer as we go to the them
Tablelands. It is similar story for we
them in Aero, which will warm up as quite
we go through the week, it will be heading
quite warm there but Colburn is change
heading towards 30 I had a little chance
change will come through on. A inland.
chance of shower for that is small coast,
inland. Not much on offer on the shower
coast, a slight chance of a little in
shower on Friday. That is for one temperatures
in the surrounds. Cooler winds
temperatures with those onshore warmth
winds continuing, a little bit of latter
warmth as we move into what the latter part of

for this Wednesday.
And that's Nine News with 'A Current Affair'.
Standby now for Tracy Enjoy your evening.
I'm Vanessa O'Hanlon. Goodnight. ai-media.tv
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Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw.

Welcome to A Current Affair.

the Irish traveller mothers
First -

in their food
accused of planting broken glass

to get free meals.

Emi and Marie
It's cost restaurant owners

hundreds of dollars

the only business
and theirs is not

that's been taken for a ride. with peoples wages.
Those people are walking out

worst nightmare.
That's every restauranteur's

up to no good...
Irish travellers

Travellers, pikies. Very strong Irish accent.

near you.
..and coming to a venue it's as simple as that.
They're just out to scam, I knew something was up
At the time,

at you...
but when people are screaming

thought they were in the wrong.
These restaurant owners

the latest
But now it appears they are

of a cunning plot.
in a long line of victims

out of restaurant.
In the end, I had to scream them

Emi and Marie
You might recognised

as the winners of

'Hot Plate'...
the Channel Nine cooking series

of the hot plate.
You're the winner (APPLAUSE)

..and they are making headlines

of a brazen scam
after becoming victims

Irish travellers.
by a group believed to be

somewhere between 20 and 30,
They were three ladies had a lot of heavy make up,
They were quite... not wearing much clothing.
really made up hair,

the end of the meals
Marie says it was

turned nasty.
that her customers screaming out
One of them started glass in her food.
that she had found

to their table,
I went straight over the food
the other lady had spat out into one of our napkins.

this piece of glass in her meal.
The woman claimed she found

but suspicious.
Marie was shocked, to see the piece of glass,
I then said I would really like and I said,
please hand it over to me this hasn't come from us."
"I'm pretty certain

Emi is Marie's business partner. a small business,
Because we're such really ruin our reputation.
small things like that can where the glass had come from,
They didn't want to know magicical words,
they just wanted me to say "Your lunch is free".

remained at the restaurant
Marie says the rogue customers

more free drinks.
and insisted on having They were in there,

running around,
the kids were all out there smoking.
the ladies were

the Irish group out.
Eventually Marie turfed The bill was $180. into consideration
However, when you take and gave them extra rounds,
I repoured their wines, it would be up to $250.
I reckon altogether,

A week later, Marie learnt

this photo of the group online.
after someone else posted As soon as I saw it, of these ladies,
they had taken a photo as I thought, a scam.
I knew it was 100%,

into her own hands
Marie decided to take matters

that's now gone viral.
and her own post

on CCTV at a nearby venue.
This is the group captured

called O'Malley's,
Ironically, it was an Irish pub

James Ryan, was onto them.
and Irish pub manager three, four males,
We got a crowd of maybe

about seven children
four females and come through the doors. food and drinks.
They proceeded to order a couple of times
I had to approach them were unsupervised.
because the kids

his pub is a prepaid venue,
Luckily for Jason,

could demand a free meal.
so there was no way the group

keeping a close eye.
But that didn't stop Jason

back in Ireland
Well, working in hospitality previous to me coming out here, as being problematic,
they definitely had a label there's no doubt about that.

of this brazen scam
The people accused

at this apartment complex -
are rumoured to be staying

of other accommodation.
that's after being kicked out

Police are investigating

have been pulling these tricks
whether the same group

at other restaurants. you know,
I'm just worried because and there's children around.
if there's glass

the Creole Soul Kitchen
Mark runs

of Spring Hill.
in the Brisbane suburb

to $300 in good faith
He waived a bill of close

the glass trick on him.
when the group played

to the health department,
He says he reported the incident

from them
and was relieved to hear back

the victim of a scam.
that he was likely to find out once again,
It's a great relief when you've been vilified, my restaurant.
that yes, this did not come from

any restaurant owners
Queensland Police have asked

has come to their business
who suspect this group

to contact them immediately.

on 1800 333 000.
Or you call Crimestoppers

has connected the world.
Social media But it's also meant

is speaking out
This brave family

their 16-year-old daughter
after losing

who suffered years of abuse.

One message from a boy kill herself, he would kill her.
told her that if she didn't

with what they have done.
They've got to live They know they have done wrong. her body was never found.
Slit her throat and make sure

admitted to police
One of her main bullies that they were in the wrong - for her death.
they feel responsible

She has got to sleep every night beautiful like Breeannah
knowing she took someone off this earth.

heartbreaking story
This is a truly

of a teenager whose parents

psychologically and physically
say she was bullied

for nine years

so crippled by it all
until finally she became

at the age of 16.
that she takes her own life

I am convinced the bullying over the edge at the end of it.
is what pushed Breeannah

and mum Joanne
Breeannah's dad Michael

bullies are to blame.
have no doubt

put up with just verbal abuse,
Breeannah didn't she was taunted at work,
she was physically abused, up the street,
she was harassed walking

in front of vehicles.
she was thrown you know, just constant.
She was...

she seemed to have it all -
As a teenager,

big dreams of becoming a model.
a small town girl with bright, funny, very humorous.
Very happy-go-lucky, bubbly,

Just loved life.

Breeannah is only 14,
Looking at this photo

it's hard to believe? contributed to her bullying.
That's what I believe

Breeannah's aunt Sharon

in her modelling portfolio.
took many of the photos used on Facebook,
When she uploaded those photos

of negative comments
there was a lot saying that she loved herself, on her Facebook page.
just really nasty comments of her body because of it.
She was actually really ashamed

was that Breeannah was bullied?
So girls, why do you think it Jealousy. to do in their lives.
People who have nothing

Isabella and Michaela.
Breeannah's sisters, because of the way she walked,
People would bully her in a certain way for modelling
because you have to walk she was young
and she's been doing it since she started walking
and it's just how for it.
and people would bully her

do you think, Joanne?
When did the bullying start, in the school yard.
Back in Grade 2, it just started

was always a bit different
Joanne Piva says her daughter

wanted to play with
befriending the kids no-one else

and she paid the price. of the bullies.
We spoke to other parents We spoke to the principal. that it wouldn't happen,
He assured us in the school.
there was a no bullying policy continued till Grade 5,
It continued, continued, second day of school,

flushed down the toilet.
she had her head

By high school,

says things just got worse.
Breeannah's aunt Sharon to stop.
where she was asking them begging them to stop
She was in tears continuously laugh in her face
and they would just even more.
and ramp up the bullying

about this case
What's staggering

took place here at school.
is that much of the bullying

This is an incident report

Freedom Of Information,
obtained under

and in it,

complained to school authorities
it shows that Breeannah

about being bullied.
24 times in 3 years

And as bad as this is,

her parents say it's nothing

outside the schoolyard.
to what she experienced

on numerous occasions.
She was chased home from school on one occasion
Had to ring 000 from Coles

that had followed her
to report the kids and chased her into Coles. at home when she did get home
She would hide in a garage

so that they wouldn't find her.

the family says she suffered.
And when they did find her, three, four occasions I recall
At least

to emergency.
that I took Breeannah

Over the years,

everything they could
Breeannah's parents say they did

to protect their daughter.

to another
They moved her from one school

it's hard to escape.
but in a small town,

to school authorities
They complained

to the police,
and they complained

but at the end of the day,

the bullies.
they say nothing would stop to the police.
I reported every incident they got photos of her,
I took Breeannah there, I got photos of her. a person
They could never charge under the age of 17.
because they were always All you hear coming back is, the wrist because of their age".
"They'll just get a slap on accountable.
Well, people have to be held

was let down by the system
It does seem here that Breeannah of the bullies.
because of the ages

If the law let Breeannah down,

from Shine Lawyers
solicitor Sarah Sarinas

failed her big time.
says Breeannah's high school

She was struggling to cope. for help and support
She was reaching out and time again by the school.
and she was let down time and they didn't fix it.
They were aware of the problem

has refused to comment
Queensland Education

her own life,
but a year before she took

the bullies had won.
Breeannah Piva's family say

It got to the stage time in her room.
where she spent more and more She wasn't having fun she used to have fun doing.
doing the things

Social media plays a big part. her account down
She had to close and then re-open them
three or four times but her main bullying was done

in the school yards.
face-to-face with her.
I was the last person and we were talking
We were laying in bed prank calling her.
and then people started they kept calling her (BLEEP)
The kids kept saying like,

and stuff.
and telling her to kill herself

on Breeannah's case
Police refused to comment

is now before the coroner
telling us the matter

this happens.
but just two weeks ago,

are being targeted by bullies.
Now Breeannah's sisters

thinking about suicide.
Kids that age shouldn't be

being bullied,
They shouldn't be thinking about it's just terrible. To lose a child is bad enough must be unbearable.
but to lose a child to suicide Yeah. Why... as a parent you think, not want to be here?"
"How could your child her that life is worth living.
How have we failed to show

Yeah, that's hard. is worth fighting for
My daughters life she is gone or not.
regardless of whether

As tough as it is,

Joanne and Michael Piva

against the bullies -
have decided to fight back

the 'Do it for Bree Foundation'
they have set up

against the school
and they are taking legal action

they say failed to protect her.

a duty of care
The school owed Breeannah to provide a safe environment from physical and emotional harm
that was reasonably free

failed to do that.
and we say that they absolutely

Shine Lawyer's Sarah Sarinas

written by Breeannah
says school incident reports

prove nothing was done. of incident reports there
There's a pile all the more shocking,
and that's what makes this case that nothing was done devastating
and it has led to such for this family.
and tragic consequences

of school bullying
And the consequences

across the nation.
are being felt

attack two boys
Here, a group of bullies

in a Gold Coast schoolyard.

on social media.
It's videoed and posted had lost consciousness,
They told me that my son by up to 15 boys.
he'd been attacked

Nevanka Olsob wants to know

when this was going on.
where teachers were You protect your kids. protecting your children.
That's what this is all about - school and they really aren't.
They're meant to be safe at This is a shared responsibility really need to step up here.
and schools their anti-bullying policies.
They need to improve

As a result of this bullying,

four students were expelled

every school principal
has written to

urging them to stamp out

Breeannah Piva's family
For their part,

program for schools
has developed an anti-bullying

a difference.
they hope will make They will be free resources, to our website
they will be able to go and download those resources attend workshops
and we will also around schools as well. and she will be remembered
So our voice will be heard

and why shouldn't she be?

Sharon and Breeannah's parents
Two years ago,

the Queensland government

who bully other kids.
to introduce penalties for kids

supported the petition.
5,000 people If you have broken the law, because of your actions,
if someone has committed suicide for them
you should be held accountable regardless of what age you are.

to bully someone,
You are old enough charged accordingly.
you should be saying that there is enough
However we got a letter back laws and legislations, in place
punishable laws and legislations

to amend anything.
that they don't need

of 14-year-old Dolly Everett
Then came the death

bullied online.
after she was apparently

Dolly had modelled as a child
Like Breeannah,

and Breeannah's parents

for anti-bullying laws
are angry their calls

were not taken seriously. for everyone to wake up.
It took someone like Dolly

listened to you two years ago,
Do you believe if people had

would have been saved?
that more lives Definitely.
Absolutely. going to save every life
like Michael said, you are not

that you do save,
but for every life that's a blessing. gets to live longer than today.
That's one life that have to go through what we are.
That's one family that doesn't

needs help,
If you or someone you know

there is support available.

on 13 11 14.
Contact Lifeline

That's 13 11 14.

the horror stories
We've all heard

to steal your information.
of fake emails being used

credit card company
Well, a major

into a spin
has sent customers

all the hallmarks of a scam.
after sending a message with

It's not fair.

for a Coles Mastercard
Ann Brown first registered

two years ago. that would be good for me,
I thought, oh, to have a few bob in the bank to my car.
just in case something happens

of Coles credit card customers,
But like thousands

an email this week
the 72-year-old received

to confirm her details
stating that she needed

the online service centre.
in order to continue accessing

What's going on?

for her credit card number,
When she was asked

alarm bells went off.
CVV number and pin code though, It was ridiculous! I just couldn't believe...

we see it on TV all the time - personal information!
don't give out your

Ross Greenwood.
Nine Network finance editor the fact that Citi and Coles
Look, it's really unusual

are asking people for their pins goes completely against would ask you to do.

several years ago
Coles first launched the card

through GE Money,

recently switched to Citibank.
however the company

of customers
The change meant thousands

their online accounts.
needed to re-register

that's pretty obvious,
It's not a scam, smart administration
but it's not the normal security protocol
to go against what is that people are told.

numerous complaints
A Current Affair has received

to social media.
with customers also taking

In a statement,

was designed to
Coles told us that the email

the transition."
"to help customers through

They went on to say that

is securely encrypted
"their centre

is protected."
and this information to cut up my card.
I am prepared now

from Coles and Citibank
You can read the full statement

on our website.

No one gets takeaway any more.

the food comes to you.
These days

are better than others,
But some delivery services

so we've done the homework.

a long day at work,
You've just finished

be bothered cooking.
and you can't

in almost every suburb now,
The good news is,

food they like,
family can order basically any

their mobile phones.
just by using

Within around half an hour,

to your door -
that meal should delivered

thank you, mate.

and the apps are easy to use.
The delivery fees, they're small

of companies
Clearly there are plenty

who offer this service -

thank you, mate.

and your family?
But which one is best for you


food delivery services -
we road-test the big

A Current Affair 'Hunger Games'!
think of it is a kind of

Hang on a sec, hang on, hang on. Order rejected. we wanted to eat.
We were all hungry, So it didn't all go so well

First, where the main players

into the suburbs.
Uber Eats is rapidly expanding

In Brisbane, the service

more than 500 restaurants.
has partnered with

in Sydney
Uber Eats has the biggest reach

and Cronulla.
as Blacktown, Liverpool,

drivers operating
Melbourne has Uber Eats delivery

and Dandenong.
from Bundoora, to Ringwood,

Menulog has the greatest reach

the food delivery services.
of any of

EatNow isn't far behind -

outer suburbs.
both covering capital cities'

And that's where we are now

of Oakleigh South.
in the south eastern suburb Hi Reid, how are you?

Come on in.
I'm good, how are you? Let's go.

to the Thomas-Sam family.
Let's introduce you

any food delivery services
They've never tried

Uber Eats, EatNow and Menulog.
and tonight, they'll test

And it's got the rating.

They'll judge everything from

the service
how long it takes to deliver,

and the presentation.

But first,

Nika and Barry
we let mum and dad

a spin.
give the companies' phone apps on my phone,
Having a look at Menulog

it looks very similar to EatNow. proved to be the favourite.
Uber Eats' application on that one, it's got more.
The picture looks great

on each app
We order the same kind of meal

from different restaurants

the same distance
which are all around

from the Thomas-Sam home.

in the basket,
Ok we've got our items

all at the same time.
let's check out,

goes off without a hitch.
Barry's Uber Eats order

an expected arrival of 7:46pm.
Placed at 7:24pm with

she needed to buy one more item,
Nika's EatNow order said

to reach a minimum spend of $30.

She ordered at 7:24pm as well,

of 7:50pm.
with an expected delivery

difficult to work out.
But Menulog was a little more

Wonder why this is not working?

Having real problems there.
I'm still not able to. to check out
Yeah, I'm still not able

on this Menulog app. I know, I'm going to go hungry.
We'll be eating, you won't.

So I think I worked this out.

but I wasn't aware of,
There was a $30 minimum

worked that out myself.

through with Menulog at 7:32pm
Our order eventually went

of 8:00pm.
with an expected delivery

Now it's delivery time -

Uber Eats arrived first,

arrival time.
exactly at the estimated Got it!

Despite a delay in the order,

the Menulog meal arrived next -

than its ETA.
nine minutes earlier

Coming in last, EatNow.

delivery time.
It arrived after it's estimated OK, you're a little bit late?

There was no snazzy packaging

there was with Uber Eats one,
on the EatNow delivery, like

bag like Menulog's.
and there wasn't even a plastic

After the break,

another big player - Deliveroo
we'll introduce

the others, with a new family.
and road test it against

the final results
We'll also have

the delivery service
and tell you

which comes out on top, overall.

The Nine News app is here. we'll alert you.
When news happens near you, The free Nine News app -

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I'm still feeling it.

I'm still feeling it. Toyota value just keeps on giving. RAV4 GXL two-wheel drive from $36,990 drive-away, with everything you need to just get in and go. Search 'Toyota value'. Oh, what a feeling! Toyota.

Welcome back.

services to the test.
We're putting food delivery

Which one is the fastest?

closer to the city,
The Carrol family live a little

of Camberwell,
in the Melbourne suburb

to Deliveroo.
so they have access

Uber Eats, and Menulog.
They'll also be testing

When ordering,

Deliveroo's interface
mum Simone thought

was difficult to navigate. or pressed for time,
If I was time poor categories to come up quickly.
I'd be wanting the main

was confused by the Menulog app.
And 16-year-old son, Will complicated to order.
Mine seems really

Like the Thomas-Sam family,

to order the same kind of meal
the Carrol's are planning

from each delivery service,

from different restaurants,

distance from their home.
which are around the same OK I'm loading.
Ready, set, go.

go through without a hitch.
The Uber Eats and Menulog order

at the same time,
Simone ordered her Deliveroo

a few minutes afterwards.
but received a text message, Hang on a sec, hang on, hang on. was unable...
Cafe Short Black Camberwell Order rejected.

from Deliveroo,
She has to reorder

won't come either.
but is worried this one Order was rejected.
I'm now an insecure orderer.

Uber Eats arrives first,

its estimated arrival time.
six minutes earlier than

are nowhere to be seen
But Menulog and Deliveroo

starting to get hungry.
and everyone's for the children to wait.
It's a long time Let's eat!

the Menulog order arrives.
Then, 20 minutes later,

Finally Deliveroo comes,

got that second order through.
more than half an hour after we

of high-delivery drama
But, in a moment

at the kitchen bench,

their heads
the family is left scratching delivered in an Uber Eats bag.
as they realise it's been

let's try 'Deliveruberoo'.
OK, alright guys,

Alright - the verdict. Deliveroo performed the worst,

test it once.
although we did only

in our first test,
EatNow was late

so takes out the bronze.

its estimated arrival time
Menulog came before

in both tests,

with the phone app's interface
but our reviewers weren't happy

Coming out on top - Uber Eats.

with its photos,
Both families loved the app,

food categories,
and easy-to-read

was spot-on,
they thought the packaging

both times.
and it arrived first,

Up next on A Current Affair -

of interest in six murders
we confront the person

who says he knows nothing. two lie detector tests.
Sir, you failed No, I didn't. Yes, you did.

Your favourite Coco Pops treat -

now also available
in Cookies & Cream flavour.

There are thousands of businesses in the workforce
behind the defence force and opportunities to get involved
are growing by the day. The Australian Government
is investing $200 billion in our defence capability, opening up opportunities
both here and in exports for Australian businesses
and innovators including those in technology,
logistics, IT and trades. Find opportunities for your business in the workforce
behind the defence force. Visit DefenceIndustry.gov.au.

Tomorrow night -

to find a murderer.
a multi-million-dollar reward

Person of interest.

We confront the man

about six murders.
who says he knows nothing

I had nothing to do with it.

6 million reasons
Why police are offering

to find the serial killer.

bro code bombshell.
Plus, 'Married's

Why Charlene won't stand for it. It's just super shallow.

Those reports tomorrow.

That's our program.

Good night. ai-media.tv
Live captioning by Ai-Media Previously...

Girls' night in da club.

Our brides and grooms
let off some steam.

I said, "Bullshit."

..at boys' and girls' nights.

Would you swap right now?

But the blokes took it too far...

I said Carly.

How do you feel about that?

I'd pick Ash.

How about Tracey, guys? She's hot.

PATRICK: It's the true colours
of what the guys are thinking.

It is disappointing to see.

..forcing Patrick to choose sides.

No-one needs to know my shit.
I don't need to know your shit.

You guys, you've made your own beds.

Tonight it's dinner party time.

When we sit down at that table,
shit will hit the fan.

And Charlene is about to
unleash hell.

Shall we talk about the boring
boys' night?

Oh, here we go.

She has the boys club
squarely in her sights.

Speaking on behalf of all women,
I wouldn't be comfortable

if someone was offering my wife
to the rest of the men at the table.

Excuse me?

It's all just exploded tonight.

Screw you, Charlene.

NARRATOR: So, how will Dean talk
his way out of this one?

I don't apologise for being a man.

Wow. You really are an arsehole.

Don't even...

Once again I'm the bad guy.

"I'm always the bad guy."

Well, why do you think you are,
you douchebag?



NARRATOR: After a big night at
the boys' and girls' nights

the couples are preparing
for tonight's dinner party.

Over at Tracey and Dean's,

Dean is looking to show Tracey

that he hasn't forgotten about
her big day.

Today is Tracy's birthday

and I wanted to do something
special for her.

And just try to make a nice little
birthday party for my wife.

Hey, Tracey!


Can you come out here
for a second, please?


Oh, thanks, babe.

That's so sweet. My goodness.

You know how it's been your
birthday week all week

and you've been milking it?

I really have.

I had no idea Dean had gone to
so much trouble.

He'd got me a birthday cake
and beautiful gifts.

And I feel so special and lucky.

"To my dearest wife,

"Our journey together so far has
been passionate, chaotic, emotional,

but most of all loving.

"And although there are a few things
I would do differently

"if I had our time over again..."

You're going to make me cry.
Oh, my god!

"..I wouldn't change a thing
about what we have now."


You know, it has really summed
up our journey

through this whole
experiment together.

And yeah, it brought
a tear to my eye

because we are in such a good place.

"Today is your special day and
I look forward to celebrating

"and partying with my
very special woman.

Happy birthday. Love, Dean."

Love? Oh, babe. That's really sweet.

but this just is the icing
on the cake.

It's the icing on
the birthday cake, really.

Now eat some cake.

Yeah. I'm still feeling
the effects of last night.

I think I had one too many
gin and tonics.

Yeah, I think everyone had
one too many last night.

I'm hoping you behaved yourself.


It was a boys' night so you know,
stuff got talked about.

Things get loose.

Things got a bit loose.

I told Tracey a little bit about
what happened at boys' night.

Look, there was chat about
who would swap

and who's like, your number two
choice among all the girls

and yeah, there was quite
a bit of talk about that

and no, I did not tell Tracey
about that

'cause that's boys' night talk

and we don't have to
tell everyone everything.

I never give away details.

I'm not the one that has to worry
about that kind of stuff.

I was worried about you
giving away details.

What kind of details?
What do you mean?

Like, sex details.


we should be able to talk about
anything we want to talk about

and not have any repercussions.

A lot of stuff was said.

I'm sure I didn't say anything
offensive or rude.

Justin's turn.
Are you attracted to Tracey?

Great question.

Tracy is attractive but I'm more

attracted to people -
to girls like Ash.

What about Tracey, guys? She's hot.

Someone just say
they want to bang Tracey. Please!

He is offering his wife about
freely. Oh, Jesus.

So, don't you worry.

Like, a boys' night's a boys' night

but it's nice to know that Dean
is respectful about me.

I just feel really lucky right now.

After everything that we've
been through,

finally I feel like I can breathe

and just let us be and let us grow
and all those trust issues

and those doubts like,
every day they're just going away.

NARRATOR: While Dean has
Tracey's trust,

the other men from the boys' night
are carefully weighing up

exactly how much to tell their wives
about last night.

ASH: So, what's the goss
from the boys' night?

I don't think there really
was too much.

Oh, so, it was boring.

It was not up to what I was
expecting, that's for sure. Yeah.

I was expecting something outrageous
like confessions abound,

but the guys held their cards
so close to their chest.

Oh, that sucks.
Yeah, it was boring.

Start. I want to know what
the boys' night was like last night.