Broome divided over gas proposal


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Broome divided over gas proposal -

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Broome divided over gas proposal

Tony Eastley reported this story on Thursday, August 18, 2011 08:00:00

TONY EASTLEY: Good Morning this is AM. I'm Tony Eastley and we're broadcasting this morning from

The one time pearling town, a coastal idyll and a magnet for overseas and Australian tourists is
struggling to keep its laid-back reputation.

Its community is divided over plans to build a $30 billion production plant to handle the gas
coming from the offshore Browse Basin project.

The proposal to build a huge industrial site at James Price Point on the coast has split friends
and families, both black and white, and set the community here on edge.

MALE 1: I respect the rights of people to protest. But there's been some unfair tactics being used.
Those who support the project are being victimised. This is a bit like environmental terrorism that
is being practised in Broome.

MALE 2: No-one's saying no to the gas. There's other options you know. We can keep the Kimberley
for tourism for many generations. And there's options of piping it down south, there's floating
platforms. So no-one's saying no to the gas. So everyone's a winner.

MALE 3: During the summer months Broome is a very hot, monsoonal environment and that's when the
tourism industry struggles. There are aren't people visiting Broome.

But what you'll have is people coming through, staying in hotels, going to restaurants because of
the oil and gas development.

MALE 4: Our concern is not only for the town of Broome and the district but what we call, it's the
thin edge of the wedge. And that's something that the people out there need to realise, that this
is Colin Barnett's northern port. It's not just Woodside's gas precinct. Barnett wants to push this
hard so he's got a northern port in order for him as he has stated many times to open up the north

TONY EASTLEY: Some of the voices for and against the big project near Broome.