Opposition accuses Govt and Greens of conspir


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Opposition accuses Govt and Greens of conspir -

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Opposition accuses Govt and Greens of conspiring to scuttle mining tax

Alexandra Kirk reported this story on Tuesday, March 29, 2011 08:06:00

TONY EASTLEY: As we heard earlier, the Greens leader Bob Brown doesn't fancy the idea of giving
mining firms a company tax cut to soften the impost of the resources rent tax.

He says the Greens will oppose the measure.

While the Government says it's determined to push ahead with the tax cut the Opposition says that
the Greens are in cahoots with the Government to scuttle the mining resource rent tax.

Finance spokesman Andrew Robb spoke to Alexandra Kirk a short time ago.

ANDREW ROBB: It's got all the look of the Greens in cahoots with Labor to give them a get out of
jail free card to cover their gross mismanagement of the budget and the mess they've made of the
mining tax.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: Why would the Government welcome it?

ANDREW ROBB: Well it's- there is speculation that the Government has severely overestimated its-
the mining tax revenue.

And secondly they're looking for every avenue to minimise promises that they've made or to remove
promises- be forced into removing promises by the Greens, on this occasion.

It's- you'd have to be cynical about the cooperation that's going on between Labor and the Greens
to minimise the commitments that they've made to the budget.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: The Greens say that they won't support the tax cuts for big business associated
with the proposed mining resource rent tax.

Would the Coalition step into the breach to support a one per cent cut to the company tax rate?

ANDREW ROBB: Well, we would have delivered corporate tax cuts fully funded out of the budget.

But we don't and we haven't and we don't support the mining tax.

ALEXANDRA KIRK: But given the opportunity to support a one per cent cut to the company tax rate as
a separate piece of legislation, would you support it?

ANDREW ROBB: We went to the election supporting a tax cut for all of business.

We don't support the mining tax and we will not support initiatives out of the mining tax.

TONY EASTLEY: The Opposition's finance spokesman Andrew Robb speaking with Alexandra Kirk.