Big Alexandria protest planned against Mubara


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Big Alexandria protest planned against Mubara -

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TONY EASTLEY: Well let's go to Alexandria where Peter Cave is in the coastal city of Alexandria.

Pete good morning. Are big protests planned there?

PETER CAVE: Yes they're planning to have an even bigger protest than the protest on Tuesday when
they turned out somewhere over 100,000 people.

They've been going around the mosques, putting out the message, saying it's got to be a massive
demonstration and all indications are that it will be.

They're planning to start the demonstration after prayers at the mosques on Friday. It will
converge on the centre of Alexandria.

And they're calling it, you know, the day to get rid of the president.

TONY EASTLEY: On a wider scale Peter Cave are there still regional ructions going on?

PETER CAVE: There are. There were quite large demonstrations going on in Yemen today, peaceful

Also there are demonstrations planned in Jordan tomorrow where the king has already sacked the
government. But the demonstrators are determined that they don't like the replacement prime minster
so there will be demonstrations in Jordan.

And there's an internet campaign been going on, trying to organise marchers in Syria as well. And
those indeed could go ahead after prayers in Syria tomorrow.

TONY EASTLEY: Do you get the impression there in Alexandria Peter Cave that the demonstrators are
not going to let this issue go in Egypt?

PETER CAVE: They're not here. I mean the government has been able to turn out quite an impressive
show by pro-Mubarak forces in Cairo in a very limited area of that square where most of the
demonstrators are contained.

Here they're not so strong. They managed to turn out some fairly minor demonstrations by
pro-Mubarak demonstrators yesterday. They were allowed to go ahead.

But today the Muslim Brotherhood staged a demonstration, just a prequel as it were to tomorrow's
demonstration. They turned out about 2,500 people - well organised, focused. And certainly there
was absolutely no sign of the pro-Mubarak demonstrators on the streets today. They would have been

TONY EASTLEY: Foreign affairs editor Peter Cave in Alexandria.