Chris Judd secures second Brownlow Medal


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Chris Judd secures second Brownlow Medal -

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Chris Judd secures second Brownlow Medal

Kellie Lazzaro reported this story on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 08:26:00

TONY EASTLEY: Carlton captain, Chris Judd, has become the fourth player in the history of
Australian Rules Football to win the league's top honour with two separate clubs.

The midfielder polled 30 votes to snatch the Brownlow Medal from last year's medallist, Gary Ablett
of Geelong.

Judd, who won his first Brownlow with the West Coast Eagles, used his acceptance speech last night
to recognise one of his childhood heroes, former champion, Jim Stynes, who's battling cancer.

Kellie Lazzaro reports.

ANDREW DEMETRIOU: I declare the winner of the 2010 Brownlow Medal: Chris Judd, from the Carlton
Football Club.


KELLIE LAZZARO: It was an unexpected and history-making win for the Carlton captain, Chris Judd.

He's become the only player to poll three Brownlow Medal votes for best on ground in five
successive games.

CHRIS JUDD: After the first five three vote games, I thought, you know, I'm a silly chance, and
then I went to the toilet in one of the ad breaks and came back in, and Kade Simpson said "you've
just polled another six votes", and I thought, "this is amazing".

And it turns out they'd just had a segment on the 1970 grand final and I hadn't polled any votes.
So, I thought then that I needed to just relax but it's certainly a huge honour and very exciting.

KELLIE LAZZARO: And the 27-year-old midfielder is now just one of four players in the history of
the game to win the AFL's fairest and best at two separate clubs.

CHRIS JUDD: First one I was 20, or I just think I turned 21, at that age you're still sort of, just
wondering if you're a bone fide AFL player, so that was a bit of a spin out. And then this year, I
was pretty happy with my year but I didn't think it was Brownlow contention so it was a real spin

KELLIE LAZZARO: Judd managed to notch up 30 umpire's votes despite missing the first three matches
of the season due to a suspension carried over from 2009.

Carlton's coach, Brett Ratten says Chris Judd is a great leader and deserving of the win.

BRETT RATTEN: I thought he'd get a lot of votes: I think he's been the dominant player in our team,
and I think, you know, justified the votes.

(AFL commentary on Judd and cheering)

KELLIE LAZZARO: Judd has played 198 AFL games since his debut with the West Coast Eagles in 2002.
Since then, the five time all-Australian has won a premiership, a Norm Smith Medal, and two
Brownlow Medals.

But he's been a reluctant role model - and used his acceptance speech last night to recognise
someone he considers more worthy of adulation.

CHRIS JUDD: I think footballers get put up on pedestals, if you like, but when you see someone like
Jim Stynes and what he's doing in the real world, I think, you know, football, if you like, is sort
of make believe.

It's like a self-indulgent pastime where you go out each week and you announce to the football
public the type of person you and your mates are. It's not real. Whereas people like Jim, and
plenty of other, you know, ordinary Australians with lower profiles than Jim, are the real heroes
in our society.

You know, I was a Melbourne fan growing up, and Jimmy and Gary Lyon were my two favourite players,
and it was an inspiration, what he did on the football field, but certainly what he's done, you
know, his public battle with cancer in the last couple of years is, is even more of an inspiration.

KELLIE LAZZARO: Last year's winner, Gary Ablett of Geelong, was runner up with 26 votes. The
pre-count favourite, Collingwood's Dane Swan polled third with 24 votes.

Judd is the first Carlton player to win a Brownlow Medal since Greg Williams in 1994.

TONY EASTLEY: Kellie Lazzaro, reporting from Melbourne.