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Rudd speaks to Un in New York -

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Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has been in New York all day holding a number of meetings
with key UN officials. He addressed the UN General Assembly on the flood crisis in Pakistan and
held meetings with Ban Ki-moon.

TONY EASTLEY: The Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has been in New York all day holding a number of
meetings with key UN officials. A short time ago he addressed the UN General Assembly on the flood
crisis in Pakistan. Here's a little of what he had to say.

KEVIN RUDD: Australia has been a friend of Pakistan's since the birth of the modern Pakistani state
and when friends are in trouble the responsibility of all of us is to help and as demonstrated by
the attendance here in today's meeting, Pakistan has many friends across the world.

Australia has now increased its assistance to the flood effort to some $75 million which across the
world makes us, I believe, the fifth largest donor country.

TONY EASTLEY: Australia's Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd speaking there.

Also in New York is our correspondent Kim Landers. Kim, good morning. I must say Mr Rudd was one of
many people addressing the UN today.

KIM LANDERS: I think he was about the 12th person on the speaker's list, Tony. Many people are
lining up to say something about that disaster in Pakistan. Millions of people affected by the
terrible flooding. The line that the Foreign Minister took was that he is very concerned about some
water-borne diseases in Pakistan.

As you know he has just been there in the Punjab region. He says in the field hospitals run by
Australians, they are seeing increasing cases of malaria and that is something that he definitely
wanted to sound the warning bell about here.

The United Nations has decided to try to raise $2 billion to assist the Pakistani flood victims.
Previously they had aimed for about $400 million. They were well on their way to getting that but
they have decided today to increase that to $2 billion.

TONY EASTLEY: Now the former prime minister, now Foreign Minister of course, is no stranger to New
York. Did he give the impression he was enjoying himself?

KIM LANDERS: It certainly looked like he was. He has had quite a few high-level meetings today
first of all with the UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon who welcomed him back and made a comment
that Mr Rudd was very popular.

He has also joined this high-level UN panel on climate change. This was a job that Ban Ki-moon
personally offered him after Kevin Rudd was removed as prime minister and so he has a meeting of
that and then we have seen him rubbing shoulders with people like the US secretary of state and
again the UN secretary general at this meeting about the Pakistan floods.

TONY EASTLEY: Yes, he has been given quite an entree to the Obama administration.

KIM LANDERS: Sure has. I mean the welcome mat is definitely out for him. He had that brief meeting
with the president in Washington a couple of days ago, a long meeting with the US secretary of
state, Hillary Clinton.

Certainly Kevin Rudd knows his way around the world stage here and the United States, Washington
and New York are very familiar territory for him. Of course, the big difference is though that this
time he is doing his tour as Foreign Minister and not the prime minister of Australia.

TONY EASTLEY: Kim Landers in New York, thank you.