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Major investigation exposes well-connected dr -

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PETER CAVE: A major investigation led by the Australian Crime Commission has exposed an
international drug smuggling syndicate with links to an outlaw bikie gang, Chinese Triads and
corrupt Australian officials. The two-year operation is detailed in a joint Four Corners-Fairfax
investigation which airs tonight.

One of the syndicate's big earners is reputed to a 32-year-old Sydney businessman who likes to
boast about his world travels and his wealth on his Facebook site.

Brendan Trembath reports.

(Musical Excerpt: Trouble Maker - Akon)

BRENDAN TREMBATH: One of the video clips posted by the Sydney businessman Hakan Ayik who likes to
show off on his Facebook site. He's seen at a Formula One race, enjoying a helicopter ride and
firing a semi-automatic pistol at a shooting range.

(Musical Excerpt: Trouble Maker - Akon)

But perhaps the most telling clip shows him travelling to Hong Kong with the sergeant-at-arms of
the Sydney chapter of the Comancheros. On that trip same trip Hakan Ayik has a photo taken with a
Triad-linked Chinese gangster who served a prison stint in Australia in 2001 for heroin

Tonight's Four Corners program reveals that Hakan Ayik is alleged to be the local manager for an
international drug syndicate. Its activities have been uncovered by one of Australia's biggest
investigations into organised crime. The two-year Operation Hoffman has led to major drug busts in
Melbourne, Sydney and Perth worth over $100 million.

But despite such results a senior law enforcement insider tells Four Corners that the operation did
not have the resources to reach its full potential. He says that the criminal network it targeted
"will reform very, very quickly".

The Labor Senator Steve Hutchins chairs the Australian Crime Commission committee and he's been
briefed by senior police. He says significant drug seizures do not have an impact on the supply or
price of drugs.

STEVE HUTCHINS: The fact that no matter how many hauls are conducted, successful hauls by the
authorities that the street price doesn't go down then clearly we are not winning that war.

BRENDAN TREMBATH: His view is supported by the former detective inspector who headed Victoria's
Purana gangland murder task force, Jim O'Brien.

JIM O'BRIEN: You'd have to be kidding yourself if you thought you were getting any more than
probably 10 or 15 per cent off the street.

BRENDAN TREMBATH: Drug trafficking has allegedly made Sydney businessman Hakan Ayik a wealthy man -
and also a wanted man. New South Wales police recently issued an arrest warrant for him. He's
believed to be on the run.

PETER CAVE: Brendan Trembath reporting. The Four Corners program airs tonight on ABC 1.