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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - not to fund a carbon tax ad blitz. Julia Gillard under more pressure to return to politics. Pauline Hanson makes a bid disturbing new online rant. And Charlie Sheen's with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. is warning the Prime Minister Independent MP Tony Windsor advertising blitz not to launch a taxpayer-funded to sell her new carbon tax. to a new low Labor's popularity has slumped to put a price on pollution. since the government announced plans campaign would make things worse Mr Windsor says any advertising because the plan is too vague. for the government I think it would be silly

of taxpayer-funded arrangement to engage on some sort in terms of the scheme. where there is no detail predicts Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is on the cards an advertising campaign refuses to rule it out. and the Prime Minister On government advertising, get necessary information to people. from time to time we advertise to push ahead with a carbon price Ms Gillard insists Australia will even if the US does not. And the Prime Minister has met Hillary Clinton with US Secretary of State during her visit to Washington. and helped celebrate The pair held talks of International Women's Day. the 100th anniversary are friends by choice, The United States and Australia partners, allies, of the 21st century together committed to meeting the challenges of the past. as we have met the challenges on International Women's Day It's fantastic to be here and I'm very much looking forward with Secretary Clinton. to my discussions of Congress tomorrow. Gillard will address a joint sitting Three people have been shot in Sydney's inner-west. during a home invasion forced their way Up to five men, wearing balaclavas, of the Petersham home, through the back door before fleeing. shooting the occupants in hospital One man is in a critical condition after being shot in the upper body. are in a stable condition A woman and another man with gunshot wounds to their legs.

A crime scene has been established residents. and police are interviewing her political career Pauline Hanson will try to resurrect New South Wales election. at this month's has nominated The former One Nation leader

as an Independent. for a seat in the Upper House

Fairfax is reporting this morning the rising cost of living. that her campaign platform will be be giving her any preferences. Labor has already indicated it won't Ms Hanson failed in her last attempt Parliament in 2003. to enter the New South Wales in Far North Queensland Parts of Cardwell are being evacuated again was devastated by Cyclone Yasi. just five weeks after the town 200mm on the coastal region Heavy rain has dumped more than in just 24 hours, between Townsville and Cairns causing severe flooding. Water is waist deep

have been inundated. and dozens of homes in Cardwell north and south of the town. The Bruce Highway is cut the wheels aren't turning. You can't move, you can't get home, in Far North Queensland Our hearts go out to the people rapidly rising floodwaters. who are now facing also resemble an inland sea. Parts of Queensland's far west The rain is set to continue and flood warnings are in place and Cooktown in the Far North. for rivers between Townsville air strikes Colonel Gaddafi is unleashing fresh on the Libyan oil port of Ras Lanuf, the frontline which is rapidly becoming

and the Libyan army. for fighting between rebels Gaddafi has rejected reports with the rebels to flee Libya, he had been trying to broker a deal stepping up the military effort instead, to crush his people's uprising. In chaotic scenes, of anti-aircraft and small-arms fire rebel fighters send volleys into the skies above Ras Lanuf.

They can hear a government warplane. Some say they've seen it.

their motley assortment of weapons It's highly unlikely to a jet fighter would pose much of threat the town they've taken. but they're determined to defend this rebel shouts. "Gaddafi, go out!", today said But the leader's spokesman preparing to step down reports that he was were absolute nonsense. Down, down, Gaddafi. Today and tonight. that Gaddafi had agreed to go There had been suggestions out of the country in return for safe passage like many before them, but those reports,

appear unreliable. and bloody civil war Facing the prospect of a drawn out

arming these rebels. America is now considering Desperate to avoid being caught of a Libyan civil war, in the crossfire has crossed the border into Tunisia. another wave of migrant workers from Ghana and Bangladesh - This time it's predominantly workers to escape Libya many who've walked for days to complete their journey's home. now they await liberation flights murder trial The jury in Judy Moran's to come up with a verdict. has been given more time of her brother-in-law Des Moran Moran is charged with the murder who was gunned down in 2009. until late yesterday afternoon The jury was given to make a decision but the foreman told the court

reaching a unanimous verdict. they were having trouble a seventh day later this morning. They'll resume deliberations for Facebook users Criminals are targeting to cheat people out of their money. in a disturbing new trend are warning people Fraud squad detectives not to respond to the online scam. It certainly gets your attention, that's what it's supposed to do. but then again,

but looks can be deceiving. It certainly looks promising This is the beginning of a litany of heartache. Someone calling themselves 'Mrs Rose Walker' who is apparently from the 'Facebook Award Promo Team' sends a message, explaining you're 1 of 10 monthly winners. At this stage, you're probably feeling relatively excited.

As with all scams there's always a 'but'. In this case there's a 'request' that the winner keeps their newfound fortune top secret.

Not a snowflake's chance in hell will anyone win out of this. But they'll try, at your expense. These scammers aren't asking for bank details yet. Detectives say they're trying to build a profile of you by asking seemingly innocent questions. Before you know it, you've surrendered your details to a network of organised criminals. The cunning crooks want your name, address, nationality and phone number. You can expect to be approached in the future and have your identity and details exploited. 1 in 20 Queenslanders will be scammed in some way, this year. I think they should be extremely concerned. 'John' should know. Two years ago his computer was hacked. $88,000 vanished from his bank account. Social networking sites have made it so much easier for them. A growing trend that's pushing all the wrong buttons. Australian designer Collette Dinnigan

has shown off her latest collection at Paris Fashion Week. The designer says she's embraced an Argentinean equestrian theme. Her 100-piece collection features plenty of beading and embellishments.

I drew inspiration from Frida Kahlo and Argentina

and I love the equestrian feel that gives a woman strength and power. It's the 16th year the designer's clothes have hit the runway at the Paris event. Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the latest on Queensland's new floods. But next on Seven Early News,

Charlie Sheen's online meltdown gets worse. And, the down-to-earth royal couple prove they're pretty handy in the kitchen. The $5 Jackpot Lottery has jackpotted to over $9 million!

Wow! It's really going off up here! Over $9 million!

You ought to buy yourself a lottery ticket! Charlie Sheen has broadcast his most disturbing internet video yet

after being fired yesterday by the makers of his TV show. A chain-smoking, and seemingly agitated, Sheen blames trolls for a bad phone system

and talks about the name of a book he wants to publish. 'Apocalypse Me, the Jaws of Life.'

People need to hear my gold as it rolls out. Not as it's, like, disappearing,

disappearing like so many freaking magician's rabbits. As I was saying, because people are calling I need to change my number to get rid of these friggin' interruptive trolls. While Sheen is out of work, he may not be short on money. Representatives for the actor say a clause in his contract means he'll still get paid

if production on 'Two and a Half Men' resumes.

New video has surfaced of the September 11 attacks in New York. It was shot by police onboard a rescue helicopter minutes after the attack. The police had been dispatched in the hope of saving any survivors from the twin towers. MAN: Holy crap! It knocked the whole friggin' thing down. Only police choppers were allowed into the airspace near the skyscrapers after the attack. The pictures were released under a Freedom of Information request. Prince William and Kate Middleton have shown off their cooking skills while on their first official trip to Northern Ireland. The royal couple are seven weeks away from walking down the aisle. In Belfast the crowds were, well, few in number but the mayor was there to greet them and as for all royal tours, Kate received a posy of flowers. (APPLAUSE) The poignant moment got lost on the little girl. Kate's ease and confidence on these tours is growing. Beneath photos of her future royal family, her composure is obvious. Even during official business the couple managed to share a joke. "My handwriting's got to get better", William says. Outside, the crowd had swelled somewhat as hundreds jostled for a glimpse of the future princess.

Then it was William's turn to impress. Not to be upstaged, Kate showed off her sporting prowess. Those who came to welcome them weren't disappointed. Well, I said to her, "You're a very lucky lady and I'm very jealous". She says, "I am a very lucky lady". Tens of thousands of tourists and locals

have descended on Bourbon Street in New Orleans. Fat Tuesday is the last day of almost two weeks of Mardi Gras celebrations in the famous jazz city. The streets have been lined with revellers dressed in costumes and sporting customary beads. The party will be shut down later tonight for the start of Lent. Your first finance this Early News:

OPEC is considering boosting oil outple put. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - rocker Jimmy Barnes drops in. But next on Seven Early News, an injury scare for Brisbane Roar ahead of the A-League decider. And AFL bad boy Brendan Fevola back doing what he does best. VOICEOVER: One perfect bean. SONG: # Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh... # One full-flavoured cup. # Ooh, ooh, ooh... # One irresistible aroma. # When the morning comes # Ooh, ooh... # One smooth taste. One ingredient for quality coffee - the arabica bean. Nescafe Gold. 100% arabica beans. Nothing else. The stories we're following on the Early News - the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, has again refused to rule out a carbon tax advertising campaign. Key independent Tony Windsor says he doesn't think an ad blitz is a good idea. Former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is making a move back to politics, this time as an Independent. She's in the running for a seat in the New South Wales Upper House. And a tired and chain-smoking Charlie Sheen has posted another rant online in the wake of TV bosses sacking him from his TV show.

Sheen's representatives say his

contract mean he will still get paid

if the show goes head without him. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport.

Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Brendan Fevola plans to use an anti-alcohol drug for the rest of his career which will render him virtually unconscious if he drinks. The sacked Brisbane Lion trained with VFL side the Casey Scorpions last night. Seven's Tom Browne was 1 of around 200 people who attended the session. I'm here at Casey Football Club where tonight sacked Lion and sacked Blue, Brendan Fevola, has commenced his long and unlikely road back into the AFL. It's been a tumultuous few days for Fevola. After being discharged from rehab in Brisbane he settled with the Brisbane for a reported $1.5 million plus. He came back to Melbourne on Monday evening, he arrived for training just after 5:00pm after keeping low today. There was a strong media presence and Fevola didn't have much to say. WOMAN: Brendan, do you want to make any comment? Hope I train well. After a lengthy stint in rehab and it being his first session back Fevola is visibly unfit. He was expected to train tonight for just 30 minutes however after getting ready in the clubrooms behind me and stepping out in pretty bright, white boots he trained for almost an hour, albeit with a short break and it must be said, back with his future team-mates Fevola looked perfectly at home. MAN: Did you enjoy training tonight, Brendan? You must've enjoyed it - must've been pretty good being back out with your mates. Will you be back here again on Thursday, Brendan?

Moving forward, Fevola will train with Casey again on Thursday night. His management say the relationship with this stage is an engagement and not a marriage because they haven't finalised the deal. However, Casey, I understand, is his preference as evidenced by the fact that he is here tonight. He'll also go overseas. The move to Casey is controversial, however, because Casey's parent club, the AFL club Melbourne, don't support their decision to have him onboard here at Casey. Just to give you also an idea of how big a hurdle he faces getting back to the AFL, Fevola's on an alcohol-dependency drug that if he drinks, could render him immediately unconscious so he's got a long road back. Back to you. Collingwood's Mick Malthouse will be back in the coach's box for Friday night's NAB Cup Grand Final against Essendon. Malthouse is taking the reins for the first time this year after letting his assistants guide the team through the early pre-season. Injured Magpies skipper Nick Maxwell won't be there but he's confident the club has enough depth to get the job done.

There's some guys there whom people

haven't seen before who we know have

got a lot of talent and can have a

big impact for us this year. The Bombers welcome back veteran defender Dustin Fletcher along with ruckman David Hill. Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens. is adamant Benji Marshall won't be a liability

in Monday night's NRL clash against the Bulldogs. The classy five-eighth intends to fight an assault charge stemming from a weekend altercation. But Sheens is confident Marshall's mind will be fully focused when he runs out against the Bulldogs.

The Monday's probably an advantage

for us so give us a few more days to sort ourselves out. I've got every confidence he'll be in good shape both physically and mentally for the game. Manly bosses are fuming Marshall has been cleared to play after Sea Eagles full-back Brett Stewart copped a 4-game ban following a boozy season launch two years ago. Cricket legend Ian Chappell is worried Australia's path to the World Cup knockout phase is proving too easy. Last weekend's wash-out against Sri Lanka

robbed the team of a vital competitive match-up and it's unlikely they'll be seriously tested in Sunday's game against Kenya.

I suppose that's the disappointing

thing about the last game that it

got washed out. It would have been a

really big challenge, no doubt and

that's what you want, you want to

test yourselves, I guess, against the best. Overnight, a brutal unbeaten century from Ross Taylor powered New Zealand to a 110-run win over Pakistan. The Kiwis may have paid a high price though, with skipper Daniel Vettori suffering a knee injury. Ticket sales have passed the 40,000 mark for Sunday's A-League Grand Final between Brisbane Roar and the Central Coast Mariners. Brazilian import Enrique sent a scare through the Roar camp at training yesterday limping off late in the session. But the club insists he's in no doubt for the decider.

Felt a bit of a twinge in his quad,

I think it was, but just

precautionary, just, don't want to

take any risks. Mariners defender Pedj Bojic is bracing for a hostile reception at Suncorp Stadium after sparking a melee during the major semifinal. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Coming up next on Seven Early News, we'll take a look at today's weather around the country. Right now Honda is engineering great deals, like the versatile CR-V Sport or Luxury with over $2,500 worth of free extras, including a DVD player. And the stylish Civic five-door hatch with free extended warranty and five-year premium roadside assist.

But it's for a limited time only so take a test drive today. So much value, so little time. What's next? Now for a closer look at

how the weather's shaping up around the country. The monsoon trough will continue to bring heavy showers and storms across northern Australia. A severe weather warning for heavy rain and flash flooding is in place for Far North Queensland's coast.

Some areas have received 140mm in 48 hours. A trough on the country's west coast will drag hot, easterly winds across much of Western Australia. And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'.

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