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(generated from captions) This morning - This program is captioned live.

to start her 90-day sentence. Lindsay Lohan heads to jail make room for TV's real stars. Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott for the senseless crime to stop. And a glassing attack victim pleads

with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. has begun her latest stint in jail. US actress Lindsay Lohan to 90 days behind bars She's been sentenced early this morning our time and her court appearance has sparked world-wide attention. of freedom for Lindsay Lohan. The last few moments MAN: I love you! (SHOUTING)

A fan showered her with confetti to the Beverly Hills court. as she surrendered Lindsay Lohan. JUDGE: The matter of people versus It was the starlet's final taste,

to serve 90 days in jail. the judge quickly ordered her to serve her sentence. She'll be remanded Lohan being placed in handcuffs Cameras were stopped from showing and led away as a prisoner. of celebrities Lindsay Lohan now joins a long list anything they've done in Hollywood. more famous for going to jail than

she's resolute and she's doing it. She's scared as anyone would be, as she was driven to prison. She sat in the back of a police car one of these vehicles. REPORTER: We think she's in followed every metre A swarm of helicopters of the hour-long journey. Any time the car stopped trying to snap a photo. paparazzi surrounded it, MAN: Oh, my God! at Lynwood Women's Jail. Finally she arrived

facility to begin her sentence. Ms Lindsay Lohan was booked into our and everything is going smoothly. She has been extremely co-operative in a cell like this Lohan will be kept isolated the orange prison jumpsuit but it's likely she'll only wear for 23 days. is at the women's prison Seven's Angela Cox

where Lohan is locked up. arrived there this morning? Ange, what happened when Lohan

Yes, good morning, Nat, Lohan was

processed here about two hours ago.

Prison officials say she is

undergoing a medical examination.

They wouldn't give too much away as

to what the day entails for her butiest speaking

butiest speaking to an inmate

has been released they said butiest speaking to an inmate who

prisoners are the subject of a strip

search and cavity search and would

be given a prison uniform. But she

wouldn't be given a toothbrush or hair wouldn't be given a toothbrush or

hair brush for at least two days.

What sort of treatment will she get?

Prison officials

Prison officials say she won't be

given special treatment but she will

be kept separate from other inmates

as it is normal protocol for high

profile or violent prisoners. She

will be in the hole, spending 23

hours a day in there, allowed out

and phone only to have a shower, have exercise

and phone calls. 90 days but we are

hearing this morning only 23 days

she may serve? Why is that? Yes, her

official release date hasn't been

finalised. We may learn it later

today. We think she will serve

per cent of the sentence, 23 days, today. We think she will serve 25

it is tipkling here. Los Angeles

it is tipkling here. Los Angeles has

a population problem with the

prisons here. Thank you. will face off Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott of the election campaign at the only live debate this Sunday night. an hour earlier The debate will be held with popular prime-time TV. so it doesn't clash in Melbourne last night Julia Gillard was among friends trade union president Sharan Burrow. as she farewelled out-going (APPLAUSE)

to hammer Tony Abbott. The Prime Minister used her speech not to bring back WorkChoices Tony Abbott's promises are worth nothing more from Neil Mitchell's studio. than the scrap of paper he took continue campaigning Today both leaders televised debate this Sunday night. and preparing for their only with TV's real stars To ensure they aren't competing

an hour earlier the great debate will be held

at 6:30 Eastern Time live on Seven. it's a great country Australians, you know,

and one of the great things about it what you want to watch on TV. is you get to pick Three debates. promised at the last election That's what the Labor Party that there would be three debates. After two days of stumbles, the focus to the economy Tony Abbott's hoping to shift $1.2 billion from the budget. with his plan to slash

is expected back in the spotlight And former prime minister Kevin Rudd in Brisbane today. when he begins campaigning starts at 6:30 in the eastern states Sunday night's live debate an hour later than usual, at 7:30. followed by 'Dancing with the Stars' in Adelaide. You can watch the debate at 7:30 followed by Seven News. And 5:00 in Perth,

after a violent home invasion Police are searching for two men in Sydney's west.

the door of their Doonside home A man and his mother answered after 7:00 last night their way inside. when two men forced the man with a replica gun They demanded cash before hitting and bashing him with a golf club. and made off with cash. The men ransacked the house They're described

Strait Islander appearance. as being of Aboriginal or Torres should contact Crime Stoppers. Anyone with information of a glassing attack A 19-year-old Perth victim a glass shoved in his face is recovering after having during a nightclub assault. he's called for specific laws In his first interview, to deal with the attacks. his scars will fade Daniel Paindelli hopes

will haunt him for life. but says the memory of being glassed You'll never forget it. just going to have to live with. It's just something I am regain sight in his left eye. Daniel doesn't know if he'll fully luckily, it's just skimmed it. In the attack, I probably wouldn't have any vision. If it was a millimetre any other way Daniel Paindelli doesn't remember being repeatedly glassed in the face, just the moments before,

when he says he tried to protect a girlfriend who was under attack. You never think something like this would happen to me but it has The rage just went through me when I saw what had happened to him. And it's not something he did to himself, it's something someone had done to him. Daniel and his family want tougher laws, specifically to cover attacks with glass. In WA, attacks using weapons - glasses, knives or even guns are covered by a charge of grievous bodily harm. There are no specific laws to cover attacks using weapons.

Queensland now has new laws to stamp out glassing attacks. There, pubs and clubs can be banned from serving bottle or glasses if they have a history of violence. A 25-year-old man has been charged with acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm. That carries a maximum of 20 years in jail. Daniel Paindelli says his attacker deserves jail time. It will ruin his life but it's ruined my life.

Nine men have turned themselves in to police after we showed you security pictures yesterday morning

of a violent brawl at a central Melbourne train station. Some of the young men weren't keen to again appear on camera after leaving police headquarters. Their ages range from 16 to 20. They've been charged with affray and will appear in court in September.

A rat plague at Sydney's world-famous Circular Quay is threatening to scare off international tourists. The rodents have been spotted during the day in numbers not seen for a century. Not many tourists arrive in Sydney these days expecting to see kangaroos in George Street but they don't count on this either. It's become worse over the last few years, unfortunately. The rats are running riot at Circular Quay and The Rocks

in numbers rarely seen since the early 1900s. Hundreds of the bloody things down the other end, all night - rats, mice, the whole lot.

It's feared Sydney's world famous gateway is about to become an international embarrassment. To have a sewer system generating big rodents as we have here is not a good advertisement around the world for tourism. We'd prefer the kangaroos back.

This letter from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority refers to the need to eradicate the vermin: Normally, you can see them running in and out of the restaurants. There's a lot of garbage around the place that needs to be looked after. This park at Circular Quay is a favourite spot for tourists taking in what appears to be Sydney's postcard perfection but what they don't know is that under the ground here is the site of a major rat infestation.

The last thing we want is our tourists to be nibbled at or chased around Circular Quay by large rodents. The tourists are there with their feet up on the benches. And homeless people sleeping rough at the Quay have one eye open. He came in underneath me blanket, I nearly... ..poor old Pommy nearly had a heart attack. (INAUDIBLE) Baits are proving ineffective - many rats are just too big for the traps.

Hollywood heart-throb Ashton Kutcher has thrilled fans in Melbourne overnight at the premiere of his new movie, 'Killers'. The star says he's loving his time in Australia. There's great places to go, there's great things to do and, you know, amazing food but the people are spectacular. In 'Killers' Kutcher plays an assassin who finds love and domestic bliss until he becomes a target.

Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather. The chance of a brief shower for Hobart. Fine, sunny and windy again in Darwin.

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - Aussie singer Vanessa Amorosi chats to Molly Meldrum. But next on Seven Early News, the YouTube fight that's caused outrage in the States. And the next Billy Elliot discovered in the UK.


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A video posted on YouTube showing two girls fighting has sparked outrage in the United States. The disturbing video

of a 13-year-old bashing an 11-year-old girl is made even more shocking after revelations the older girl's mother watched the brawl.

WOMAN: It's very, very heartbreaking to see another mother watching children fight like this and basically, is like, this is OK to do. This is not OK to do. The mother eventually broke up the fight. Afghan President Hamid Karzai says his country will have total control of its security in four years time. He made the forecast during Afghanistan's first international conference since the war started.

I remained determined that our Afghan security forces will be responsible for for all military and law enforcement operations throughout our country by 2014. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says American troops will begin pulling out within a year. A British 9-year-old boy has become a real life Billy Elliot after beating more than 2,000 dancers

for a spot to train with the British Royal Ballet. The problem is, his parents can't afford the $220,000 tuition. And it's like... And it makes me feel good in myself. I just don't think it's fair that just because you haven't got money that you're not... Can't live your dream.

The proud father now has a second job to help raise funds for the exclusive boarding school. Your first finance this Early News:

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the team takes a look at election ads and whether they really work. But next on Seven Early News, the race to sign Melbourne superstar Greg Inglis hots up.

And Lance Armstrong chases one last stage win at his final Tour de France.

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The stories we're following on the Early News - US actress Lindsay Lohan has started her 90-day stint in jail, sparking a media frenzy. But she may be out in just a quarter of that time. Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott hit the campaign trail again today ahead of their head-to-head debate live on Sunday night. And police in Sydney are searching for two men after a violent home invasion in the city's west.

Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport. Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Richmond midfielder Trent Cotchin will be out of action for four weeks after failing to have a charging ban downgraded at the AFL Tribunal overnight. The 20-year-old rolled the dice in a bid to have the suspension reduced, but came up empty. Richmond's Trent Cotchin risked missing a month of footy by taking his case to the AFL Tribunal, and paid the price.

Yeah, obviously, very disappointed with the outcome. Cotchin's hit on Sam Wright was ruled to be high, of high impact and reckless, rubbing the 20-year-old out for four weeks. It's not all bad for the Tigers, with Coleman Medal leader Jack Riewoldt pledging his loyalty to the club.

I'm happy Tiger and for life, I reckon. Things aren't as rosy at Essendon

but under-siege coach Matthew Knights insists he's not in the firing line.

I'm not here to engage in any nonce

sns about whether -- nonsense about

whether I will be coaching or not

coaching, it is out of my control. Questions are also being asked of Brisbane mentor Michael Voss. The Lions have won just once in three months and skipper Jonathan Brown has challenged his side to salvage some lost pride.

We need to be able

We need to be able to have that

trust and respect in each other, at

the ends of the six weeks and to

know that each other, we have all

got each other's back out in the field. There's no let-up for the Lions, who tackle Geelong at Skilled Stadium on Saturday. The Gold Coast is set to make a play for Melbourne superstar Greg Inglis

with the help of Queensland's former Origin greats. The Broncos are banking on a third-party deal funded by the FOGs, to sign Inglis.

But FOGs boss Gene Miles says the same deal is available

to all Queensland-based NRL clubs. While Brisbane remains favourite to recruit Inglis, the coach is ignoring the hype. If it happens, it'll be a positive. If not we're happy with where we're heading. At Cronulla, Ricky Stuart's successor, Shane Flanagan, has put his underperforming players on notice.

The new head coach will use the next seven weeks to decide who he wants to keep for next year.

Wallabies fly-half Quade Cooper is bracing for a fiery initiation when he makes his first run-on appearance in a Tri-Nations match on Saturday night against South Africa. The Springboks are certain to target the Wallabies playmaker and Cooper is fully prepared for a tough night in front of his home fans at Suncorp Stadium. Especially

Especially having a big, fast and

physical background, I am sure I

have to bring my shoulder pads this weekend. Prop Ben Robinson, lock Nathan Sharp and half-back Will Genia are all back from injury for the Wallabies.

Lance Armstrong has been denied a fairytale stage win overnight in his final Tour de France. Armstrong was one of the first riders to attack during stage 16 and was always among the leading riders.

The American loomed to win but was denied

by Frenchman Pierrick Fedrigo.

Lance Armstrong in the last sprint

he will compete in the Tour de

France is trying to win the day

France is trying to win the day but Pierrick Fedrigo is heading for the

third, the stage of the Tour de

France, he won the cap, he won the

toss and now he wins the pro. Alberto Contador was again booed while receiving the leader's yellow jersey He's eight seconds ahead of Andy Schleck.

Cruiserweight world champion Danny Green has promised to punish Paul Briggs after the challenger weighed in heavy for tonight's title fight in Perth. Briggs came in more than 3kg above the agreed 84kg weight limit. Green could have called the fight off but instead plans to vent his frustrations in the ring. It's very unprofessional. It's very disrespectful. Tomorrow night, I'm going to punish Paul Briggs - punish him bad. Injured WA footy stars Michael Barlow and Mark Nicoski

were interested onlookers at yesterday's weigh-in.

There is some fighting word to start

the day, Nat, more sport in Sunrise later. Thanks, Beretts

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Time for a weather check now - southerly winds will bring a few brief showers to Victoria and coastal New South Wales but a large high over the Bight will bring generally fine conditions across the rest of the country. Around the capitals - Brisbane will be fine with some high cloud.

Isolated showers will continue in Sydney. More isolated showers for Melbourne. The chance of a brief shower for Hobart. Adelaide, mostly fine and partly cloudy.

Fine, sunny and windy again in Darwin. Finally, three Norwegian daredevils have taken the plunge, BASE-jumping off a mountain in Norway. The daring leap was recorded by helmet-mounted cameras,

showing just how close they came to the jagged rocks. It was all a warm-up for an almost 2km high jump in Greenland. This time their cameras pointed backwards, to see each other's jump. And that's Seven Early News for this Wednesday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'.

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