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Hello, I'm Frank Coletta. Welcome

to Ten News. Tonight - airline

terror - a man with links to al-

Qaeda tries to blow up a passenger

plane. A strong start to the Boxing

Day sales, with big crowds battling

for a bargain. And they're away -

the Sydney to Hobart fleet faces a

rough ride down the coast. A man

who tried to light an explosive

aboard a passenger plane as it

landed in Detroit on a flight from

Amsterdam has told investigators

he's affiliated with al-Qaeda. CNN

says the man told investigators he

acquired the explosive in Yemen,

along with instructions on its use.

Federal officials say the flight

was just 20 minutes from the

landing when a man tried to light

and explosives. We heard a loud pop

end then saw some smoke and flames.

There was a fire in the plane. It

was very scary. Witnesses say one

passenger acted heroically and may

have prevented the explosives from

detonating. The suspect was brought

to the front of the plane.

Witnesses say his pants were cut

off and his legs were burnt. He did

not show any reaction. Once the

plane and its 278 passengers landed

safely, eight bomb squad went to

work and a authorities arrested the

man from Nigeria. He has told law

enforcement officials and Hokkaido

asked him to detonate the plane

over United States territory.

Officials have confirmed he is on

the terror or watch list. They are

looking into how he got on the

flight. President Barack Obama is

calling it an attempted act of

terrorism and is asking for

airports to increase their security.

A grandfather has been shot dead by

police on the NSW Central Coast.

Two officers opened fire late

Christmas afternoon, shooting the

40-year-old three times, when he

allegedly threatened them with a

knife. It is understood the man was

shot inside the house in front of

his relatives. Police used a range

of tactics - they tried negotiation

but were forced to use a baton and but were forced to use a baton and

subsequently their firearms.

None of the three officers were

equipped with Tasers. Much of the

nation has experienced a very soggy

Boxing Day, with showers causing

flooding and crashes. And according

to the bureau, this could be just

the start of it. This is the gift

that keeps on giving. Max Armstong,

of Gilgandra in NSW, hasn't seen

rain like this. In three decades.

Well, it's absolutely wonderful. Well, it's absolutely wonderful.

After a very dry spring, it seems

now the skies are compensating.

Just days ago, this catchment was

dry. Now locals are making the most

of it. Max looks after sheep,

cattle and wheat at this Gilgandra

property, and while the rain is so property, and while the rain is so

far not drought-breaking, it's far not drought-breaking, it's

enough. It's a very big help and

it's a good start, it's the best

soaking rain we've had for years.

Rain is drenching much of the

nation. Our rainfall has rapidly

picked up, so any thunderstorms now,

you'll get, um, a tremendous amount of rain.

The worst of it has hit country NSW,

where they're on flood watch. If

the Castlereagh River does start to

get a little bit more rainfall in

its catchment area, we'll certainly

start to see some rises there. start to see some rises there.

The SES deployed 100 extra

volunteers to Dubbo, where it's

been raining non-stop. There are

reports of up to 200mm over the

past couple of days. The downpour is

is due to the ex cyclone tracking

from the west. The rain caused

dramas on the roads in Brisbane. A

young boy was taken to hospital. We

implore people to drive safely and

slower because these wet roads and

conditions make it much more difficult to drive.

And the rain is set to keep coming.

While there may be glimpses of

sunshine, it might be worth keeping

the brolly handy. The bureau says

the heaviest rain could be yet to come.

Many parts of NSW, Queensland and

Victoria will see rain continue

over the next three days, at least.

And Max will be savouring every

drop. Two inches of beautiful rain.

Jessica Turner, Ten News. Those

with spare change left after with spare change left after

Christmas have been spending big at

the Boxing Day sales. Across the

country thousands set their alarms

to snap up an early bargain.

Lining- up before dawn to take home

what didn't arrive in Santa's sack,

giveaways and gift cards making it

worth getting out of bed for. (All


Big names added glamour to the

early start, but when the doors early start, but when the doors

opened. They were running for cover.

That was scary, I was really scared

for a second there.

30% of all retail sales are made

over the Christmas/New Year period,

and by all indications, this year

will be no different. We're

projecting, we hope, somewhere in

the vicinity of $14.7 billion to

spent between now and January 15.

We're going to scour every floor,

we're going to get the best

bargains we can.

Topping the must-have list -

homewares, Manchester, electronics

and home entertainment, as

consumers cut back, spending more

time at home. I'm going home and

Boxing Day Test. I'm going to start watching the

And with discounts across all

departments, there's something for

everyone. Not showing off too much,

just the good stuff at the back.

Trading did slow briefly at one

Melbourne Myer store, when a glitch

shut down EFTPOS facilities for 20

minutes. But if you can't make it

to the stores today, the savings

will continue well into the New

Year, leaving plenty of time to bag

a bargain. Next weekend people will

get a whole new lot of offers that

they haven't seen today, and that will keep getting reintroduced throughout the four weeks.

Kate Creedon, Ten News. Thousands

of people have lined Sydney Harbour of people have lined Sydney Harbour

for the start of the nation's for the start of the nation's

premier yacht race. Ten's Adam

Thompson watched the action. And

Adam, it was a bit of a shaky start

for some? Yes, that low pressure

system that promise to do some

issues to the fleet has not

disappointed. The race has already

seen two retirements including

Eddie had Stadium. Their skipper Eddie had Stadium. Their skipper

said the ship was producing some

problems before they left the shop.

That's strong sun will be working

its way up the East Coast has race

officials expecting more scalps

before It cost 'Etihad Stadium' $500,000 for a last-minute

replacement mast - but any hopes of

line honours went up in the smoke

of the starting gun. They now have

some sort of gear problem, perhaps

below decks.

A winch problem stalled the maxi on

the starting line - too big a risk

for the rough oceans past Sydney

Heads. The rest of the 100-strong fleet enjoyed perfect spinnaker fleet enjoyed perfect spinnaker

conditions as they turned round the

coast. British 100-footer 'ICAP

Leopard' was setting the pace.

Skipper Mike Slade hopes it's the

year Australia's iconic ocean race

is finally seized by the foreigners.

Let's break the mould, let's do

something different. Let a Pom go

and win, for God's sake!

Skippers this morning were warned

of rough sailing en route to Bass

Strait. But there's nothing like a

cheer squad to erase any departure

nerves. Go, Merryn!

There was a kiss for good luck. See

you later, little buddy. But others

are just in it for fun. The crew on

board 'Holy Cow' have made sure

they'll still be noticed out at sea.

So when I pass anyone, this is the

sound they get.

This is one of the biggest events

on Sydney Harbour's calendar, but

being the first wet Boxing Day in

seven years, the number of pleasure

craft seems unusually low, while on

the shoreline compared to previous

years it feels almost deserted. years it feels almost deserted.

Packed - you wouldn't even have

room to put your chair up. It's usually full.

It won't be so quiet on the ocean

tonight. And up to 70,000 cricket

fans are indulging in another post-

Christmas tradition - the Boxing

Day Test. The faithful have flocked

the MCG for day one of the 5-day

Test against Pakistan. Go Aussie!

Wooh! Pakistan! Pakistan!

Police warn unruly fans will be

kicked out and slapped with on-the-

spot fines. Still ahead - thousands

stranded as a fierce snowstorm

sweeps across the United States. And why experts are warning people

to be wary of one of this year's hottest Christmas presents.

A Melbourne family has suffered a

Christmas tragedy, with one of

their five children unable to

escape an early morning house fire.

The 12-year-old had spent the day

opening presents with his family,

who're now struggling to come to

terms with his loss. For this

family, Christmas will forever be a

reminder of the last hours they

spent with 12-year-old Tim. The

keen angler and computer buff was

asleep when fire broke out around

3am. An aggressive fire attack took

place within the first few minutes

to try and rescue the person but

unfortunately when the person was

found, the person was actually deceased.

Family members say Tim's parents

had yesterday been forced to put on

a brave face for their children

after his dad Marty lost his job at

Bunning's on Christmas Eve. But

nothing could compare to this

tragedy. Josh the eldest son tried

to help Tim, so did the father -

tried to get back in but the flames

were too much.

Tim's mother was brought here to

Casey Hospital where she was

treated for shock and smoke

inhalation. It hits home knowing

that someone's not going to have

the same privilege of what I had

this morning of cuddling my child

when he woke up.

The arson squad doesn't believe the

fire was suspicious, but an exact

cause won't be known for some time.

Presents would be all fire-damaged,

smoke-damaged or water-damaged -

they've lost all that. They've got

nowhere to live.

The tragedy taking place on the

same day Kidsafe was preparing to

warn families of the importance of

having a fire evacuation plan in

place. Kidsafe sympathies go to the

family of that young boy and it's a

tragedy, but everyone now needs to

pay heed to this and have a fire

plan in place, thereby protecting themselves and their children.

Alicia McMillan Ten News. NSW

Police are investigating the

suspicious death of an elderly

woman in Sydney. Relatives

delivering gifts discovered the 73- year-old's body inside her

Greenwich home on Christmas morning. Dozens of homicide detectives searched the property and

surrounding streets well into the

night. The exact cause of death

isn't yet known. A Brisbane family

has been rudely awoken by a car

that crashed into their living room.

It hit the front wall of the

Medland's house, just after

midnight. There was an almighty

bang and the house shuddered.

The young couple inside the car

suffered only minor injuries - the

house wasn't so lucky. A Melbourne

driver has somehow walked from his

car unscathed after crashing

through two properties and flipping

the vehicle onto its roof. Locals

say they heard a giant bang when

the Commodore lost control this

afternoon. No-one was injured. The

Pope has delivered his Christmas

day blessing, hours after being

attacked at mass. The Pontiff was a

little unsteady, but delivered his

greetings before tens of thousands

of pilgrims. (Speaks Latin)

The woman who lunged at the Pope

has been identified as a 25-year-

old Swiss-Italian national. The

Vatican confirmed she tried a

similar attack last year but was

stopped by security. She has been

taken to a psychiatric clinic for

treatment. The Vatican says it will

review its security procedures.

A fierce snow storm has swept

across America's mid-west, leaving

thousands stranded. Highways and

airports were closed, as officials

warned travellers to stay home.

Thousands of people in Texas and

Oklahoma spend Christmas morning in

cars. A huge snowstorm buried

motorists near Oklahoma City

forcing people to leave their cars.

This snowplough got stuck. Once the

road reopened, it was slow going,

making many late for their holiday

lunch except for the local wildlife.

Dell has had its first white

Christmas in 80 years. It was a

nightmare travelling between Dallas

and Abilene. Parts of Highway 20

were shut down all night. In the

Mid-West, on planes, so I has been

falling all day. And I Omaha,

Nebraska, so I put this four-wheel-

drive in a ditch. In Minnesota,

children took advantage of a white

Christmas for. It is good for

snowballs. The many adults spend

the day cleaning up. Snowed storms

stopped planes getting to holiday destinations.

Actor Charlie Sheen spends

Christmas behind bars after being arrested. The details next.

And five years on - services to

remember the devastating Asian tsunami.

It's been a tough road, it's been

five years and there's been a lot

of ups and downs. Automatic Insect Control System.

This program is captioned live.

A hot air balloon with seventeen

people aboard has crashed after

clipping power lines on the Gold Coast this morning.

Four of the passengers were taken

to hospital with minor injuries after crew crashlanded the balloon

in a paddock in the Gold Coast Hinterland.

Locals say the balloons fly far too

low and it's only a matter of time

before there is a tragedy.

Once one came down so low and at

such speed, if there had have been

a bus or a truck, whammo!

The crew refused to comment.

You right, mate?

Workplace Health and Safety are investigating.

If you received an iPhone for

Christmas then listen up.

IT experts are dubbing the phone

one of the finest creations of the

21st century. But it could also

land you in a lot of debt. It is

one of the most popular Christmas

gifts for 2009. Thousands of by

fines being purchased in the last

week. It is the most popular fine

ever made. If you are not careful

it could be the gift that keeps on

giving. P Bull have shown up with

bills of thousands of dollars from

one month's used. It is called a

bill shock because it is more of a

hand-held computer, allowing you to

access the Internet we have a year

ago. Even with a pre-paid account,

if you go over your download them

up, you could end up in a lot of

debt. Unita monitored or use with

various tours provided. So you do

not go into the limit. They can

always upgrade the plan, but they

cannot downgrade. What you start

with, you stay on. He is a tip to

save cash. They also work with

local y five. You do not have to

use the mobile phone network. The

best advice is to know your

contract before dialling up a debt

which could leave you with an unwelcome Christmas turnover.

Services are being held across Asia

today to mark five years since the

devastating 2004 tsunami. More than

a quarter of a million people were

killed when the waves struck with

little warning. Now the question is

being asked, has enough been done

to prevent a similar tragedy? It

took just 32 minutes for the water

to reach and any share. In the next

six hours, Thailand, Sri Lanka,

India Burma and Sri Lanka and

Bangladesh were all hit. For those

caught in the path, there was no

warning. I had no idea what a sue

army was. At the time, I remember I

thought it was terrorism. The ocean

may have been bombed. 2004 was a

very rare, unusual event. It was a

big earthquake, the systems were

not in place for monitoring for

that kind of threat. Treasure and

try were on the honeymoon when

disaster stuck. She survived but

her husband did not. He was an AFL

player. I ran to the highest ground,

on a bungalow. It has been a tough

road, it has been a tough year neck.

I have lots of ups and downs. This

year is the strongest I have been.

She is returning to Thailand for

the anniversary, but she is not

afraid to go back. Now, there are

sue army warning systems. Hopefully

now, the spell of a disaster would

not be as big. In Australia, a

joint horror came warning system

has been in place. Around the clock,

the centre monitors sea levels and

seismic activity, sharing

information with neighbouring

countries. He uses deep-sea boys to

detect changes in sea levels of

less than 1 millimetres. We have

implemented the systems now, we can

let people live there is no threat

or a lower amount of threat. Or at

the threat once more turns deadly.

And you can follow Trisha

Broadbridge's journey back to

Thailand on the 7pm Project from January the 4th.

Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen has

been arrested over claims of domestic violence.

The actor spent Christmas Day

behind bars in the Colorado resort

town of Aspen.

The alleged victim hasn't been

named but is believed to be his

third wife, real estate investor Brooke Mueller.

But celebrity website TMZ has

reported Sheen may have been acting

in self defence.

Sheen has been released on bail and

will face court in February.

A Chinese woman has received

The weather's next and then it's

Sports Tonight with Victoria Murphy,

and Tory it's been an dramatic

opening day in the Boxing Day test.

Yes, it has been Frank - there's

been dropped catches from Pakistan

and can you believe it? Shane

Watson again fell short of his

maiden Test century. 'Etihad

Stadium' makes the start line but

forced to withdraw from the Sydney

to Hobart.

This program is captioned live.

Looking around the nation - and

it's been a dull day for many parts

of the country with showers down

much of the east coast. Adelaide

and Perth were mostly sunny. A

trough over Eastern and then will

bring widespread showers and the

South Wales and Queensland. Showers

and Brisbane, on the gold and

Sunshine Coast. Rainfall Sydney and

the nation's capital. Sunny for

Melbourne, and Hobart. Sonny boy

Adelaide, mostly sunny and Port

Lincoln. Mostly sunny in Perth and

broom. broom. Lincoln. Mostly sunny in Perth and

Don't go anywhere, though, because

Victoria has all the day's action

coming up in Sports Tonight. I'm

Frank Coletta. Good evening.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.