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(generated from captions) his terrorism warning is a con. The Prime Minister denies The traffic nightmare continues of a Sydney tunnel collapse. as engineers still assess the site

with Chris Bath. This is Seven's Morning News Good morning. this morning There has been disturbing news There has been disturbing news

Nguyen Tuong Van in the case of Melbourne man in Singapore for drug smuggling. who has been sentenced to death has rejected appeals for clemency The Singapore Government the Australian Government and has advised that his execution will go ahead. made the announcement in Canberra Foreign Minister Alexander Downer a short time ago.

Last night I received a letter

saying that the Singapore

government understand that the

Australian government and all of

these arguments had been considered

these arguments had been considered

by the cabinet and they would not

change their minds and they were going to proceed with the execution. is set to be hanged within weeks Nguyen Tuong Van nearly 400 grams of heroin in 2002. after being found guilty of smuggling to Canberra today Australian senators are flying back urgently recalled Parliament. after the Prime Minister

to approve a legislative change Mr Howard says he needs them a new and specific threat of terror. to deal with the nature of the threat The Prime Minister won't detail the nature of the threat The Prime Minister won't detail to national security. I do think the public understands the detail of intelligence that if you start talking being brought to account. you wreck the capacity of bad people the threat was domestic I did indicate and there is speculation this morning

in both Sydney and Melbourne. it relates to threats Let me put it this way

the concerns we have that are distant from Australia. are not totally related to matters are not totally related to matters

j INTERNATIONAL NEWS PAGE 150 j he's conning the Australian people. Mr Howard denies some giant manipulative conspiracy This idea that this is is ridiculous. deeply cynical about his motives But some Opposition MPs remain for recalling the Senate

a minor legislative amendment. to urgently pass what is seen as

Democrats Leader Lyn Allison the Attorney-General's office. has been briefed by I've been told there is a threat about what that threat is. but I have no details this change to the legislation What I do know is that capacity to respond to that threat. does not alter the government's

is the Greens Bob Brown. Another critic He's got on side Kim Beazley. What more does he need?

revealing this latest terror threat By design or otherwise the effect of has swamped the introduction industrial relations in 100 years. of the biggest overhaul of warning of has been proved true Unions say everything they've been and more... It encourages exploitation. It doesn't encourage enterprise.

objections from Australia Indonesia is expected to ignore of the 27 convicted Bali bombers. and reduce the jail terms across the country A number of inmates today to mark the end of Ramadan. will have their prison sentences cut Abu Bakar Bashir It's likely JI spiritual leader taken off his term. will have a further 30 days That would mean his Jakarta prison cell in May. the Muslim cleric will leave shortened by four months. His sentence has already been to secure the foundations Emergency crews have been working to secure the foundations

of a block of units in Sydney. Part of the building collapsed gave way. when the Lane Cove Tunnel Project Reporter Simon Reeve. For the latest we cross to Sunrise Commissioner Mark Goodwin. He's with Assistant Police Good morning, Simon. this morning? How is the situation looking

Chris, good morning to you. I think

all the media are getting building

watching syndrome at the moment.

Not much has happened overnight

which is good news. There was

concrete poured here since 6.30.

The only thij that was dropped in

the hole was that floor which we

saw last night. The commissioner is

with us. What can you

with us. What can you tell us about

this independent engineer's

assessment that is taking place

today. What we will be doing

throughout the day the concrete

pour is almost complete I am

informed and we will be talking to

the engineers of the company

involved as well as independent

engineers from the department of

commerce. The shift will move

across to the stability of the building and more

building and more importantly the

repat yaigs of the residents and

most particularly some of the very

important possessions that are

within I suppose the residents are

keen to get in and recover those

possessions as soon as possible. Is

that likely today or emergency

service workers go in first? We

don't know at

don't know at this stage. As you

can see the focus has been on the

stable saigs sation. Once we have

that stabilised we will look at the

building and we will look at it in

terms of risk assessment and we

will talk to the super intend ent

will talk to the super intend ent

who has done an absolutely fabulous

job in response to the situation

and it has been nothing short of

outstanding Superintendent can you

tell us how the concrete filling is

going? It should be completed by midday today.

midday today. I am not good on

sizes other than to say it is huge

and they have just about completed

the fill Are we likely to see those

lanes open for the freeway? We had

discussed that but at this stage it

depends on how safe the building is

and is there any likelihood it will

collapse. If it collapses, we are collapse. If it collapses, we are

concerned for passing motorists

however we do feel it will be open

this afternoon by 4 or 4.30 And

that decision after lunch? Yes, we

will send out a warning to everyone

to let them know the road is open

Chris, we got wind, flies, ear

pieces falling out, everything. At

quite good the moment the building is looking

quite good and the concrete pouring

is looking good. And good luck next week. Melbourne police say they won't charge a man who fought back against two home invaders and seriously injuring the other. killing one the intruders on Tuesday night, Police say the resident confronted allegedly attacking them allegedly attacking them with their own samurai sword as they tried to run away. The injured man is under police guard in hospital. The search for two South Australian fishermen missing in the Great Australian Bight has resumed this morning. Rescue workers are scouring an area about 30 nautical miles off Eucla on the West Australian side of the border. Police found an esky, believed to be from the men's 8-metre boat, during an extended search last night. Bad weather is hampering efforts. Parents and teenagers Parents and teenagers are being warned about the dangers of overdosing on a common drug. Kids Help Line say depressed teenagers

are swallowing dozens of paracetamol tablets at a time

risking liver failure and painful death. When Jess Hamilton is stressed now she buys a packet of tic tacs, but as a troubled teenager she turned to paracetamol. Taking up to 15-16 a day and on occasions when something really bad would happen I'd take 20 or 30 whatever I'd get my hands on. It started when she was abused. She wanted the paracetamol to dull her emotional pain. Just taking 15 I felt sick and better for being sick and I felt better because I knew I was actually hurting myself. The side effects of paracetamol use which can be nausea and vomiting that actually feeds into a cycle of guilt and self-worthlessness. Can you tell me how many tablets you've taken tonight? Brisbane's Kids Helps Line is taking hundreds of calls from people like Jess. They are abusing the drug to escape bullying, the pain of relationship breakdown, and stress. Counsellors explain the risk of overdosing on paracetamol. It would probably be one of the worst ways to die as it takes several days and one by one your organs shut down and it is too late for treatment. The doctors can't do anything to treat them.

Jess says

teenagers turn to paracetamol because its easily accessible. It can be found in every home. Plus it can be bought at supermarkets by the box. There's no monitoring like there is in an actual pharmacy They can refuse and say, "No, you need one packet of 100." Kids Help Line stresses parents need to talk to their children. Stay in touch with their teenagers trying to keep the lines of communication open so that they are aware when their children are feeling distress by things that are going on in their life. One day you're going to look back and say, "Why did I waste so much of my life, or money, and make myself sick." Jess is now training to be a nurse. Next in Seven's Morning News, our business and finance report. Then a lukewarm response to Charles and Camilla's American tour.

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The Pakistani Government has increased the official death toll from last month's devastating earthquake to more than 73,000. Pakistan's federal relief commissioner says the toll has escalated because relief crews clearing debris have discovered more bodies. The United Nations has warned the toll will continue to rise with 69,000 people injured and 41 remote villages still waiting for emergency aid. Relief agencies are appealing for more tents, medicines and blankets

for the 3.8 million people left homeless. To the US now where Prince Charles and Camilla are on the second day of their first overseas tour as a royal couple. With an update we're joined by Seven's US correspondent Mike Amor. Mike, the couple has already dined at the White House?

We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. How interested are the Americans in the royals? They aren't interested at all.

This is a very important trip for This is a very important trip for

the new royal couple It is one more

step in the long slow process of

gaining respect in Britain and here

because the American audience is

very important to the British Four

people dedicated to dressing

Camilla apparently she has Camilla apparently she has brought

along 50 outfits for a trip that

lasts a week. She is worst than my

wife A moving farewell to the

woman who started the woman's civil

rights movement Yes, Rosa Parks and

few Americans will have a bigger

impact. 4,000 people turned up impact. 4,000 people turned up for

her funeral. She died last week at

the age of 92. She started the

civil rights movement by simply

refusing to give her up seat in the

deep south. At that time blacks had

to give up their seats pour white

people. The world knows of people. The world knows of Rosa

Parks because of a single simple

act of dignity and courage that

struck a lethal blow to the

foundations of legal bigotry Few

Americans will have a bigger impact on this country. The International Space Station today celebrates its fifth birthday. It's hosted more than 100 astronauts from America, Russia and Asia since November 2000. Three space tourists have also paid a visit despite still being under construction. The ISS has cost 16 nations involved in its design and building more than $100 billion. To business and finance news. Joining us is Glenn Mumford from ABN AMRO Morgans. Good morning, Glenn.

How's the local market looking so far after a strong performance on Wall Street overnight?

Good performance today. We are up

another 45 points, over 4 % from

the lows we saw about a week and a

half ago. It looks like it is set

for a return in the next couple of

weeks A bit of a bungle from

Westpac but a good result from them.

Yes, they inad vent Yes, they inad vent ertly released

their results two days early. The

results certainly was a very good

one in a $700 million buy back How

is gold and oil looking? Oil was

off a little bit last night which

is a good sign for the broader economy.


Gold is up $4 and we see some are

well bid. Up $3. Next in Seven News, the latest in sport as the ladies get ready to doll up for Oaks Day.


Bow. Wave. Shy.

Drop. Reverse. Stop. Spin. Roll over. Good dog! New Drontal Allwormer Chewable in liver flavour. Even smart dogs think it's a treat.

It's Ladies' Day at Flemington where the Fashions on the Field almost eclipse the runners in the VRC Oaks. Seven Reporter Michael Felgate is about to head out to the track but not before talking to us. Firstly to the serious stuff, can Lee Freedman's amazing Spring Carnival run continue?

It has been a phenomenal run for Lee

Lee Freedman. If he wins today he

will equal the 70-year record where

the trainer has won the Cox Plate

the Melbourne Cup and Oaks Day.

Mummify broke down 50 metres before

the post. He could add the Oaks Day

and today he saddles up sairpbnaid rose -

rose - Serenade Rose so he could

take out the four majors I know

because it is ladies day

weather-wise. You don't want to

frock up and get rained on so what

is the weather like in Melbourne?

We had a fair few showers overnight.

It is clearing. We will have a It is clearing. We will have a

fairly balmy day and a lot of rain

overnight. I think on Oaks Day for

the women less is always best but

take a match fing umbrella and with

the open toed shoes will get wet

feet today Will it have much affect

on the fashions? The ladies love

dressing up. No matter dressing up. No matter what the

weather will be they will be out in

their finest. If they stick with

the Freedmans Serenade Rose is the

favourite and you might have to

have some on em press lily as well. You can catch coverage of the VRC Oaks

right here on Seven after the news.

Australian batsmen Michael Clarke says he can bat his way into form when the first cricket Test starts against the West Indies

at the Gabba today. Clarke hasn't made a century since the corresponding match last year. He is confident his recent high scores for New South Wales can be transferred into the Test arena. Today's match is the 100th Test match between the two nations. Australia's oldest-living cricketer Bill Brown will hand debutant Mike Hussey his baggy green cap

before today's first Test against the Windies at the Gabba. Hussey becomes the 393rd player to play Test cricket for Australia and is the fourth player to make debut in 13 months. In overnight NBL action. The Kings thrashed the Perth Wildcats 124-91 in Sydney. Captain Jason Smith was the star with 22 points while Rolan Roberts scored 21. The win keeps the Kings on top of the league ladder.

Australian basketballer Andrew Bogut is enjoying major success. He's played his first game in America's NBA. The seven-foot tall basketballer is tipped to become the sport's next superstar. It was quite a welcome.

Flashy fanfare and a full stadium in Philadelphia but no opening night nerves for this Melbourne boy.

The expectations almost match his 213cm frame. The 20-year-old quickly showing for the Milwaukee Bucks. why he was the No.1 draft pick for the Milwaukee Bucks. I think it'll take him a year to get into the swing of things but he'll turn out pretty good. He's going to be a rising star. this year. He's going to be pretty good his own way... Although he didn't have it all Webber dunks it over Bogut. COMMENTATOR: not intimidated ..the rookie was clearly by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Score sing five points in an

impress victory. That led to a

stunning season-starting win. I

didn't think anything would happen

in that last minute. If you keep in that last minute. If you keep playing hard it will happen. Regardless of how Bogut plays this season, he's already well on his way to becoming Australia's richest sportsman. Most believe he's now on his way to a career earnings of a $100 million.

I am thankful I am in the NBA and get on that 13th spot. Stay with us here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with the weather after this break.

Let's take a look at the weather now. A trough will trigger rain and storms across the interior and south-east. A deep low will cause strong winds and heavy rain across Tasmania. Onshore winds will push isolated showers onto parts of the Queensland coast.

Thousands of Muslims have gathered in Sydney to celebrate the end of Ramadan. Today marks the end of the month-long fast Ramadan is traditionally a time with everyday worries when Muslims dispense to concentrate on their faith. the importance of this time. Let us reflect again upon foundations of Islamic faith It reminds us of the and humanity. and its emphasis on peace holiday where gifts are exchanged Today is the start of a three-day feast together. and friends and family That's Seven's Morning News to now. throughout the day We will keep you up to date at 4.30 and 6.00. and in our bulletins I'm Chris Bath Have a great day. Thanks for your company. Email - captions@seven.com.au Captioned by Seven Network Captioned by Seven Network